Peter: "It was never... never about the Triskelion. They took it. They took it while I was blinded..."
Stiles: "Took what?"
Peter: "Bonds-- bearer bonds. And they took them all."
Stiles: "Bearer bonds? Hold on... Are you saying you got robbed?"
Peter: "This was a heist! Somebody planned this."
Lydia: "How much did they take?"
Peter: "117..."
Stiles: "Thousand?"
Peter: "Million."
Peter Hale, Stiles Stilinski, and Lydia Martin about Peter's inheritance in the Hale Vault

117 is the second episode of Season 4 and the fiftieth episode of Teen Wolf.


Scott is anxious to end Kate's plan, but first, the pack must team up with an unlikely ally.


In flashbacks, young Peter tries to help young Derek to learn to control his werewolf abilities before a basketball game on a full moon. In the present day, Kate is at a gas station restroom trying to fight her shift, but when the manger hears her and refuses to leave, Kate mauls him to death in her Werejaguar form. Scott and his friends take the de-aged Derek to Deaton who is baffled by Derek's regression. Lydia stays with Derek while the others leave. In the morning, Deaton finds out that Derek is healing much more rapidly than usual. Later, as they begin another experiment, Derek attacks Deaton and disappears.

He is later found by Deputy Parrish and Deputy Haigh near his destroyed house. At the gas station, Lydia and Kira find the body of the person Kate mauled to death. Scott teams up with an unlikely source - Peter - in the hopes of putting an end to Kate's evil plan, which involved Kate using Derek to get into their family vault. Peter's plan leads Scott, Malia, and Kira to re-encounter the creatures that attacked them in Mexico, which Peter identifies as Berserkers. Derek reverts to his normal age, but his Werewolf eyes are gold instead of their usual blue. Peter explains to Stiles and Lydia that the whole thing was a heist and that 117 million dollars worth of bearer bonds were stolen from the vault.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast



Body Count

Gas Station Attendant - mauled to death; killed by Kate Argent



  • "Happy With Me" by Holychild
    • Stiles and Scott talk about Stiles' budding relationship with Malia at school
  • "Make a Shadow" by Meg Myers
    • Lydia and Kira pull into the gas station and talk about Kira's budding relationship with Scott