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[The cold open begins in FLASHBACK to some nights prior to the events of this episode and then progress to the present day. In the first FLASHBACK, Parrish is sleeping fitfully on his couch in his living room, dressed only in boxers and covered up with a thin sheet. He tosses and turns on the couch as his voice is heard in voiceover in a conversation with Chris Argent at some point prior to the present]

PARRISH: [voiceover] It happens every night. I don't know when, and I don't know what triggers it... But, at some point every night, I leave.

[In FLASHBACK, the scene glitches so that Parrish goes from sleeping on the couch to awake and standing in front of it in the blink of an eye. After a brief time-jump, Parrish has returned to the apartment. On the floor of the bathroom are the charred remains of his jacket, and he's covered in soot as he leans against the sink, leaving black smudges where his hands touch the porcelain]

PARRISH: [voiceover] When I come back, I find burned clothes and blood. If I didn't know certain things, I'd call it sleepwalking.

[Still in FLASHBACK, the scene cuts to a following night, where Parrish is once again walking from the couch to the front door in his boxers]

PARRISH: [voiceover] But, I'm not wandering out the door. I'm heading out with purpose. I'm searching for something. That's why I need you to follow me.

[The scene cuts to the PRESENT DAY, where Parrish is sleeping fitfully on his couch, covered up with a sheet as usual. However, this time, Argent, who has his right hand gripped tightly around his trusted 50AE Desert Eagle, is sitting in a chair in the corner, where he watches Parrish thrash around in concern]

PARRISH: [voiceover] I need to know where I'm going, and what I'm doing.

[Argent, obscured by shadows, continues to watch Parrish as he grips the sheets tightly in his closed fists, his eyes rapidly moving back and forth under his eyelids]

PARRISH: [voiceover] If people are getting hurt because of me... If I'm adding to the body count... I have to know. When I wake up at night... When it takes over... I want you to follow me. And, if you have to... I want you to stop me.

[Argent anxiously squeezes the gun in his hand just as Parrish's eyes fly open. Argent seems unsure of what the Hellhound will do and stares at him intensely as he instantly sits up. He then stands to his feet, still clad only in the gym shorts he fell asleep in, and walks to the door as his irises start to blaze reddish-orange. Argent picks up his phone, which already has a text for Scott pre-typed-- "On the move." Once Argent hits send, he stands to his feet to follow his friend and ally]

[Meanwhile, Scott, Liam, and Stiles are driving down a dark road in Stiles' Jeep when Scott gets the text message from Argent, and it's clear by his lack of surprise that the three knew this was coming]

SCOTT: He's headed to the school.
LIAM: [confused] Why's Parrish headed to the school?
SCOTT: [warily] It's not Parrish... At least, not right now.
LIAM: Okay, why's a Hellhound going to the school?
STILES: [sarcastically] 'Cause he's got a yearning for higher education?

[Liam gives him a look, and Stiles sighs in exasperation]

STILES: Liam, the Hellhound's at the school, so we're going to the school. Okay?

[Stiles presses down the gas pedal as they speed toward the high school]


[Argent has just arrived to the front of the school, where he's walking up the stone steps leading to the entrance. He stops at the sight of a burning banner for the charity lacrosse game still smoldering on the steps in front of him, and his entire body tenses as he slowly makes his way up toward the school, his senses all on high alert]

[Moments later, the boys arrive to the school in the Jeep, where they all pile out into the parking lot and walk toward the school as well. Since Liam was in the backseat, he's the last one out, and he accidentally slams the door closed too hard, startling the others with the loud banging noise it creates. Scott and Stiles turn back to look at Liam-- Scott simply looks exasperated, while Stiles is giving Liam a dirty look as if to say, "No hurting the Jeep!" Liam looks embarrassed and makes a face]

LIAM: Sorry.

[The boys walk toward the school under the catwalk, where they eventually find Argent walking toward them, his gun in hand at his side. Argent looks around anxiously as the boys rush toward him to see what is going on]

SCOTT: Where's Parrish?
ARGENT: [sighs] I lost him. He's moving too fast.

[Scott and Stiles look disappointed by this remark, and Liam, who looks uncomfortable, looks around. His eyes widen in alarm when he sees something in the distance under the catwalk]

LIAM: [worriedly] Scott...? That guy's not moving at all...

[All the men turn to see what Liam is looking at and find that a man's body is laying in a puddle of blood several meters away under the catwalk. Argent, Scott, and Liam all reflexively start to walk toward it, but Stiles grabs Scott by the elbow and makes a face as if to say, "Are you kidding me?" Scott jerks his head toward the body as he looks at his best friend, and Stiles reluctantly follows after them. When they finally make it to the body, they all look horrified when they see that the victim's chest and abdomen has been completely torn to shreds by large claws]

[Looking slightly ill, the men slowly step around the large puddle of blood to follow the carnage out from under the catwalk, where they find another body laying several meters away, near the bus bay, that has been just as badly mauled as the first. As they move closer, Liam notices that the bus next to the body has opened back doors that reveal dozens of mauled people inside, and he jerks his head toward the bus as well]

LIAM: Look.

[Argent, Scott, and Stiles squint and look equally horrified when they see just how many people were brutally ripped to shreds and sprawled across the floor and hanging over the seats. To all of their surprise, one of the people in the bus, a young blond man, is still alive, and coughs before reaching out toward them as he weakly pleads for help]

MALE VICTIM: Help... me...

[Scott, who cannot bear to see anyone hurting, takes a step toward him in an attempt to help. However, he's stopped in his tracks by the appearance of Parrish, whose eyes are glowing with fire, his fangs and claws out, and the veins of what looks like magma crackling through the soot-covered skin on his chest and back, making it obvious that the Hellhound is currently in charge. The Hellhound's voice has a very deep undertone as he speaks]

CERBERUS: It's a trap.

[Scott and the others look conflicted as the victim continues to plead with them]

MALE VICTIM: Please...

[Parrish/the Hellhound looks back at Scott as he once again walks toward the bus to help and stops him with a stern voice]

CERBERUS: You can't help him.

[Just then, a terrifying roar is heard just before the body of the victim is ripped in half and thrown onto the ground in front of the bus, his internal organs spilling out onto the pavement, which makes the men overwhelmed by disgust and horror. A shadowy figure then makes its way closer to the open back doors of the bus, revealing that the Beast is in the bus and confirming that he was responsible for mauling all the students. Scott's eyes widen as he gulps nervously, and Stiles, who hasn't seen the Beast in person before, looks absolutely terrified]

STILES: That's big... No one said it was that big!
LIAM: [groans] I did.

[The Beast roars menacingly at the group, and Parrish/the Hellhound flicks out his claws and bursts into flames before roaring back. The Beast then stomps down the aisle of the bus, leaping through the windshield and running into the woods at high-speed while the Hellhound chases after him; they run so quickly that they quickly vanish into the tree line before the others can even process what has happened. Scott and the others look completely overwhelmed]

SCOTT: [stunned] What the hell is happening?

[Argent sighs in anticipation of the fight ahead of them]

ARGENT: It's getting smarter.



[Braeden and Malia are sitting at the dining room table at the McCall House as Melissa, dressed in scrubs for work, prepares to leave]

MELISSA: I'm headed in for my shift. You guys think you'll be okay for the night?

[Braeden smirks and cocks her gun in a silent response to the question, but Malia just sighs in exasperation]

MALIA: Do we really need to do this? Deaton said the Desert Wolf can't get her power back unless she comes for me on a full moon.

[Braeden gives Malia a stern look in response]

BRAEDEN: Just because there are rules to taking power doesn't mean she plans to follow them.

[Melissa seems to agree with Braeden, and steps over the threshold of the back door before turning back to them and digging around in her purse]

MELISSA: Yeah, well, I've come up with a rule of my own...

[She finally finds what she's looking for in her purse and pulls out a large jar full of mountain ash, which she opens so she can pour a thick line of the ash across the threshold to complete the circle of rowan wood built into the baseboards of the house]

MELISSA: Never be too careful.

[Melissa gives them one last look before leaving for work, and Malia sighs in defeat as she looks over at Braeden]


[Scott and Kira are sprawled out on Kira's bed, where they're taking turns between making out and talking about their upcoming events. Scott is shirtless and wearing only his khaki pants, while Kira is wearing a simple tshirt and cotton pajama shorts with navy blue knee socks]

KIRA: I can't believe we're supposed to play a lacrosse game tomorrow.

[Scott chuckles quietly as he kisses her softly, and they make out for a moment before pulling away to continue their conversation]

SCOTT: I actually forgot until I saw the banner.
KIRA: We're totally out of practice.
SCOTT: [smiles] I know.
KIRA: [sighs] We're probably going to lose.
SCOTT: [determinedly] We're not going to lose.

[Kira smiles and leans forward to kiss him for a long moment before removing her shirt, revealing a pale pink bra underneath. The two begin to make out even more passionately, and Scott gently pushes Kira down on the bed, pinning her down with his weight. Kira giggles happily as she wraps her legs around him so they can have sex]

[The next morning, Scott is seemingly asleep in Kira's bed when she wakes up and quietly stands to her feet, opening the blinds on her window to let in the sunshine. She then walks over to her dresser, where a replica katana is resting in a holder. She seems to be missing her sword, because she picks up the replica and begins to swing it around like a professional, instinctively twirling and swiping with the sword until finally, her eyes flash orange, indicating that her inner Fox spirit is gaining more control over her. Unbeknownst to Kira, Scott is actually awake, and is watching her worriedly through his drooping eyelids]


[Still early morning, Mason and Corey are at the high school's locker room, where Corey is packing up his gym bag with the contents of his locker. Mason looks disappointed upon learning Corey's plans]

MASON: So you're just going to leave?

[Corey ignores him and zips up his bag]

MASON: What about your parents?
COREY: [sighs] They barely noticed when I died the first time.

[When Mason gives Corey a sad look, Corey sighs again and grabs the hem of his shirt]

COREY: Look at this...

[Corey takes off his shirt, revealing the still-healing burns on his shoulders, back, chest, and abdomen from his encounter with Parrish/the Hellhound in the previous episode. Mason's eyes widen in shock when he sees the extent of his injuries]

COREY: This is life in Beacon Hills. This is what happens.

[Mason takes a step closer to him so he can see the burns better, and Corey takes Mason's hand and places it on the burns over his heart]

COREY: It doesn't hurt. It's just taking forever to heal.
MASON: But you are healing. Maybe it's taking longer because of how bad you were hurt, but it's happening.

[Corey doesn't seem convinced, so Mason continues to try to reason with him about leaving]

MASON: I mean, look at you. You can make yourself invisible. You're fast. You're strong. People like me need people like you to save our asses. I need you.

[Corey looks at Mason with a saddened expression]

COREY: No, you don't. You're too smart to need anyone... And it's the smart ones who always survive.
MASON: Then survive with me!

[Corey gives him a look that seems to say, "We've had this talk before," but Mason is not deterred]

MASON: Look, Scott's going to have a plan. They always do. A couple weeks ago, he brought Hayden in here with cell phone jammers to block the frequency of the Dread Doctors...

[Mason's eyes widen in shock when he suddenly gets a dawning realization, and he looks up at Corey with an excited expression]

MASON: Follow me.

[Corey looks confused as Mason rushes out of the locker room, but reluctantly picks up his gym bag and lacrosse stick before following him outside. They end up out in front of the school under the catwalk, where they head toward the bus bay as Mason explains his recent discovery]

MASON: It's frequency. Every time the Beast shows up...

[Mason's thoughts seem to be running quicker than his mouth, and he trails off before continuing with a different train of thought]

MASON: Liam and Hayden saw it at the transmission towers. The attack downtown happened right near the Radio-Astronomy Observatory. Uh, Deaton was attacked by the Beast at an Army base, which has huge radar arrays...

[Corey frowns in confusion]

COREY: Still not getting it...
MASON: [anxiously] The Beast always shows up near a transmission source. What if that's how the Dread Doctors are doing it? By broadcasting a high-frequency transmission?
COREY: [confused] So, we should be looking for some sort of transmission...?

[Mason suddenly notices something behind Corey and frowns]

MASON: We don't have to look.

[Corey follows Mason's line of sight and finally sees what he's talking about-- a van for a news broadcasting channel has arrived at the school, equipped with a satellite dish on top. A news broadcaster and several camera men who drove there in the van have gathered around to interview Brett Talbot, who is dressed in his Devenford Prep school uniform and is looking pretty smug as he's being filmed]

JOURNALIST: While tonight's game is a charity event, we hear Devenford Prep and Beacon Hills have a long-standing rivalry.
BRETT: [chuckles] Devenford always plays to win, but especially when it's for charity.
JOURNALIST: And especially when 100% of the proceeds go to the winning team, isn't that right?
BRETT: [smiles] Which is why we'll be 100% kicking Beacon Hills' ass!

[The interviewer turns to face the camera to finish up her segment]

JOURNALIST: Tickets still available for purchase. This is Kathleen Cassidy for KQNB.

[Back at the front of the school, Mason looks at Corey with an alarmed expression]

MASON: The local news always covers the game. There could be two, maybe three vans-- all of them transmitting.
COREY: [worriedly] Are you saying that thing's going to be out there tonight?
MASON: [sighs] I'm saying... people are going to die. A lot of people.


[Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Liam are sitting at a table in the library, where they're discussing what they've just learned between their encounter with the Beast and the Hellhound the previous night and what Mason has discovered about the frequencies]

LIAM: Mason said it's not just to transmit frequency. It's high-powered-- like, it has to be a really strong signal.
LYDIA: And that's causing it to shift?

[Scott shakes his head and interjects]

SCOTT: No, I don't think it's just that. Last night, Argent said that it's getting smarter. What if the Dread Doctors are trying to make the Beast grow faster?
STILES: [confused] With frequencies?
SCOTT: No, by shifting. The frequency is just the trigger. The important part is when it shifts into the werewolf.

[Lydia's eyes widen when she realizes where Scott is going with this and follows his train of thought]

LYDIA: Like Peter.
SCOTT: Right! Yeah, when Peter was an Alpha, he got stronger every full moon. Eventually, the burns healed, and he was back to normal.

[Liam nods in understanding as he puts the pieces together]

LIAM: So, the Dread Doctors don't want to wait for the full moon.
SCOTT: They want want the Beast to be as strong as possible, as fast as possible.
LIAM: Because of Parrish.
LYDIA: So, if this is happening tonight, what are we going to do?

[Stiles reaches into his backpack, which is sitting next to him on the table, and pulls out a crime scene photo, sliding it across the table so the others can see it]

STILES: Uh, we've got one clue to go on. This came from the hospital-- whoever's lurking inside the Beast is wearing a size-10 of indeterminate make.

[Lydia rolls her eyes and looks at Stiles skeptically]

LYDIA: Indeterminate?

[Stiles gives her a look]

STILES: It means it's a partial print. Basically, it was all we were able to get considering all the fire, blood, and carnage...

[Scott looks anxious at the sound of this news]

SCOTT: How many size-10s are out there?
STILES: [shrugs] Only one with Parrish's blood on the sole.

[Liam also looks anxious as he glances back and forth between Scott, Lydia, and Stiles]

LIAM: So, are we going to try to get the game cancelled?
STILES: [sarcastically] No. No, we're going to play, but we're just going to hope really hard that it doesn't turn into a blood-soaked massacre.
LIAM: Okay, but, umm... Aren't we kind of missing out on a chance to catch this thing? We don't have the "who," but we have the "where" and the "when."

[Scott considers this idea for a moment, seemingly open to the concept, before grimacing in frustration when he thinks it through]

SCOTT: There's too many people.

[Lydia pipes up in a hopeful voice, but it's clear by the look on her face that she's not really convinced by her own words]

LYDIA: And we still don't actually know if it's going to happen.

[The boys all give her a skeptical look as she continues]

LYDIA: It just might end up being a regular lacrosse game. It's possible... right?

[Stiles' tone is disbelieving when he replies]

STILES: That's absolutely possible...

[However, Stiles gives her a look that makes it obvious that he thinks it's unlikely, which causes Liam to bring up his original point]

LIAM: So, we're still getting the game cancelled?

[They all stand to their feet and gather up their things as Scott gives them a determined look]

SCOTT: We're getting the game cancelled.

[They all leave for their respective classes, but Lydia hangs back. She stops in her tracks after a moment and frowns in confusion, visibly overwhelmed by a banshee premonition of some sort. She sighs when she realizes something is wrong, but doesn't seem to know what it is until she hears a familiar male voice calling out to her]

PARRISH: Lydia...

[Lydia, concerned by this development, follows the sound of his voice to an aisle between two of the far bookshelves, where a naked, soot-covered, and bloodied Parrish is hiding, trying to maintain his modesty by tucking his legs under him. Lydia looks horrified by the giant, still-healing claw gashes on his face, chest, and shoulders as she tries to figure out how to help him]


[The scene cuts to the Sheriff's station, where Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski are in the middle of a heated, though quiet, debate while they walk through the bullpen toward Stilinski's office]

STILINSKI: [exasperated] Stiles, I'm... I'm not sure I actually have that authority.

[Stiles gapes at Stilinski in frustration]

STILES: You're the County Sheriff! You can't cancel a high school lacrosse game?
STILINSKI: It's a charity game, which generates tens of thousands of dollars. I'd have to go to the school board with evidence of a credible threat.

[Stiles, clearly at the end of his rope, scoffs loudly and gestures dramatically with his hands to emphasize his point, though he keeps his voice low so the other deputies can't hear]

STILES: A giant werewolf might rampage across the field killing people! That's an incredible threat!

[Stilinski, also frustrated by the stressful events currently happening in Beacon Hills, stops walking and sighs as he looks Stiles in the eyes]

STILINSKI: Look, we're going to have a presence at the game already. I'll double it. I'll triple it.

[Stiles gasps in frustration, and looks at his father as though he thinks he's crazy]

STILES: Triple...? Dad, quadruple it. Octuple it!

[Stilinski sighs again, but after a moment, he seems to get an idea]

STILINSKI: There's always a person who could forfeit the game...

[Stiles narrows his eyes in confusion before Stilinski continues]

STILINSKI: The coach.
STILES: Not when you're stuck with a substitute who's strictly by the book.
STILINSKI: [confused] What about Finstock?
STILES: Rehab for the last seven months.
STILINSKI: [shrugs] Maybe it's time to check on his progress.


[Scott and Stiles have just arrived to Coach Finstock's rehabilitation center, where they are alarmed to see him staring off into space on the couch in the lobby. He's wearing pajamas and a bathrobe and is completely silent and motionless as Stiles rolls his eyes and pushes the front door open]

STILES: Oh my g--

[The boys, looking concerned, rush toward him and each sit on either side of him on the couch as they try to rouse him into awareness]

SCOTT: Hey, Coach? It's Scott and Stiles...

[Scott waves his hand in front of Coach's face, and Stiles once again rolls his eyes in annoyance]

STILES: Coach, you're in rehab. You didn't have a lobotomy.
SCOTT: Coach?

[Stiles sighs and turns away, where he notices a checkerboard on the table and is about to pick up one of the pieces when Coach finally moves, instantly reaching out and grabbing Stiles roughly by the wrist, thereby proving that he was just messing with them this whole time]

COACH: [sternly] Don't you touch that.

[The boys turn and look at Coach in alarm and confusion as Coach sits up straight and smirks smugly]

COACH: I've got Nurse Gonzalez by the balls in the last three moves, and she knows it.

[Coach starts to chuckle in amusement, and Scott sighs and looks over at Stiles, who has lost all patience with him]

STILES: Let it go. You're checking out of this place now.

[Coach shushes him, barely even paying attention to what he's saying]

COACH: Shhh. Not a chance.

[Scott, who is, as usual, playing the "good cop" to Stiles' "bad cop," patiently tries to reason with him]

SCOTT: Okay, Coach... but we know you're fine.

[Coach anxiously shushes him again and lowers his voice]

COACH: Shhh! I have a--

[Coach emphasizes his point by miming the motion of drinking alcohol with his hands]

COACH: --debilitating disease.

[Coach lowers his voice to a whisper, though it's clear by his tone of voice that he, too, is losing his patience]

COACH: It's called, "I'm not going to take another arrow to my stomach"-phobia. Look it up!
SCOTT: [quickly] Nobody's shooting arrows at anyone, okay? We just need you to coach the charity game.

[Stiles attempts to calm him down by patting him gently on the shoulder]


[Coach bursts out laughing for a moment, but when he realizes that the boys are serious, he scoffs loudly]

COACH: Charity? Not. A. Chance.

[Stiles groans impatiently and changes the subject]

STILES: How exactly have you been conning them into letting you stay here?

[Coach looks nervously around the room to make sure none of the staff is listening before he responds]

COACH: I, uh... I have relapses. It's... It's serious. I've had seven of them.

[Scott makes a face at him]

SCOTT: So... once a month?
COACH: Yeah! You see, uh, every time they are just about to discharge me...

[Coach clicks his tongue nervously and shrugs]

COACH: ...I relapse...

[Stiles looks at him incredulously]

STILES: And no one's noticed that pattern?
COACH: [irritably] I have phenomenal health insurance. So, why don't you guys get the hell out of here? I hate charity games. They're meaningless.
STILES: I don't think the charities would agree...
COACH: [sighs] What's it for this year?

[Scott, who is starting to lose his patience, gives him a look as he replies]

SCOTT: Cancer.
COACH: [mockingly] For or against?

[Stiles scoffs and looks at Coach in exasperation]

STILES: Against, Coach. Deeply against!
COACH: [rolls his eyes] Yeah, okay. Well, I'm deeply not interested.

[Coach whistles and gestures toward the door with his thumbs in a clear order for the boys to get out and leave him alone, but Scott and Stiles don't budge]

SCOTT: Coach, we need you.
COACH: [firmly] I will never coach there again.
STILES: That's okay! Because we don't actually need you to coach the game...

[Scott nods and stares Coach in the eyes to show that he's serious]

SCOTT: We need you to forfeit.

[Coach makes a face and looks at them like they're crazy]


[Lydia has brought Parrish to the Argent Bunker in the underground tunnels, where they're meeting with Argent and Gerard. Argent has just finished examining the now-scabby claw gashes across Parrish's face and chest]

ARGENT: Ah, he's healing. Slowly.

[Gerard looks at Parrish with intense curiosity]

GERARD: Can you tell us what you remember?

[Parrish looks dazed as he thinks about it for a moment and tries to stir up his memories]

PARRISH: Just bits and pieces. Moments when I caught up with it.

[In FLASHBACK to the previous night, Parrish and the Beast are in the BEACON HILLS PRESERVE, where they are fighting after having fled the scene of the school bus massacre where Scott, Stiles, Liam, and Argent found them. The Beast roars loudly as it swipes Parrish's face with its claws, causing him to spit up a small amount of blood before he recovers enough to fight back. In the next flash of memory, Parrish uses both of his forearms to block the Beast's next blow and growls with his fangs bared as he swipes the Beast across the face with his own claws, though Parrish once again gets punched in the jaw in response]

[Back in the PRESENT DAY, Argent and Gerard look concerned by what they're hearing]

ARGENT: What else do you remember?
PARRISH: [weakly] I was losing...

[Argent and Gerard share a concerned look, and Lydia glares at them both intensely]

LYDIA: You said you could help him.

[Argent takes a deep breath and sighs as he shrugs, and Gerard smirks weakly]

GERARD: We have an idea or two.

[Both Lydia and Parrish look confused and slightly suspicious of this vague answer, so Argent interjects to clarify]

ARGENT: We've been wondering if resolving this internal conflict you're having could help resolve the external one you're losing against the Beast.

[Gerard's smirk only becomes more smug as he looks at Parrish with interest]

GERARD: Deputy--

[Gerard gestures toward the back room of the armory before heading back there himself, continuing to talk while Argent, Lydia, and Parrish follow him inside]

GERARD: It's time you and your alter-ego had a proper introduction.
LYDIA: [frowns] How are you going to do that?
ARGENT: With this.

[Argent pushes open a wrought-iron screen door, revealing a large, matte-gray-colored machine with a small glass window in the front. There are a large amount of wires twisting from the outside to the inside, and it looks somewhat like a weirdly-shaped freezer. Parrish and Lydia seem wary about what the Argents are planning]


[Scott and Liam, each holding their lacrosse bags in their hands, are walking silently toward the lacrosse field, both looking extremely nervous about the possibility of danger that night. As they walk, they see three or four news broadcast vans raising the satellite dishes on the top of the vans in preparation for covering the game, which does nothing to ease their tension. Behind the van is the Devenford Prep school bus, where Brett Talbot is leading the team out and toward the field, already dressed in their lacrosse uniforms. Liam stops walking, rolls his eyes, and turns toward Scott, who gives him a look that is meant to calm him down. However, before they can react further, they're both startled by a snapping noise as the large lights on the lacrosse field are turned on, one after another, until the entire field is illuminated. Scott and Liam then share an anxious look]


[Argent, Gerard, Lydia, and Parrish, whose painful-looking claw wounds are still healing, continue to stand around the cooling chamber, where the Hunters are explaining what they plan to do]

ARGENT: It'll bring your body temperature down to a level that would kill a normal human being.
PARRISH: [confused] Why down and not up?
ARGENT: Something happens to someone like you when the body cools to extreme temperatures. Everything slows down... the heart, the mind... It lets you consciously access a part of you that's usually unconscious.
GERARD: The supernatural part.

[Lydia rolls her eyes at Gerard's remark and gives him an unimpressed look]

LYDIA: But that's dangerous, isn't it?

[Gerard gives her a look in return]

GERARD: Well, it's far less dangerous than if the Deputy can't evolve to face the Beast.

[Parrish does not seem at all comforted by this statement]

PARRISH: Evolve?

[Argent's face is grim as he explains their current theory]

ARGENT: Well, the Beast is not just getting smarter. Imagine it this way: each night, the teenage Chimera--

[Lydia interjects and cuts him off]

LYDIA: The success?

[Argent gives Lydia a look before nodding in agreement and continuing on]

ARGENT: This teenager goes out into the night and transforms. Whether it's a young man or young woman, they become a werewolf-- a very large, very powerful werewolf the people of Gévaudan called The Beast. Every night it transforms, it remembers a little more of who it used to be.
GERARD: It yearns for its identity. Its name. Not just the Beast of Gévaudan, but the Man.

[Parrish looks extremely concerned as he glances over at Lydia, who seems equally frightened by this theory]

ARGENT: The Man of Gévaudan... Who wants to live, too. He wants to exist. So, imagine that one night, the teenager goes out and transforms again. But, when the Beast transforms back, the Man of Gévaudan stands there instead.
GERARD: Fully realized. Alive once again.

[Lydia's eyes widen in shock when she realizes puts their story together with what she already knows]

LYDIA: That's what Valack meant. He said when the Beast remembers, the teenager would be gone.

[Parrish seems completely overwhelmed by all of this information and looks at the three of them incredulously]

PARRISH: Gone? Like, no longer exists? How is that even possible?

[Gerard, Argent, and Lydia all give Parrish the same look at the same time, and Parrish rolls his eyes in exasperation with a sigh]

PARRISH: Forget I asked.

[Argent sighs as well before walking over to the machine and opening the door, revealing that there is a metal bench built into the back wall, leaving just enough space for a grown man to sit inside. Parrish takes a deep breath and walks inside, sitting down and exhaling nervously as Argent shuts the door behind him and seals it closed]

[Lydia alone stands in front of the glass window, and watches anxiously as Parrish sits inside and stares at her while Argent turns a dial on the outside of the machine. Parrish turns his head and looks around the inside of the machine as it begins to fill with a freezing-cold fog. They all continue to watch as the fog fills the space, obscuring Parrish from being seen as his body temperature starts to drop. A beeping noise is heard as the machine hits its peak low temperature, and once it stops, Lydia, Gerard, and Argent are startled to see Parrish's hand smack against the glass window in panic. Lydia, worried about Parrish, rushes toward the machine, only for Gerard to grab her by the elbow and yank her backward, much to Lydia's annoyance. Finally, Parrish's hand is slowly pulled back, and the fog clears enough to see his shadowy face as his eyes glow reddish-orange with flames, indicating that the Hellhound is now in control]


[The McCall Pack (consisting of Scott, Kira, Malia, Stiles, Liam, and Mason) have gathered in the empty science laboratory, where they're going over their plan for the evening one last time. Scott, Stiles, Kira, and Liam are dressed in their lacrosse uniforms in preparation for the charity game]

SCOTT: Mason, you know your part?
MASON: [nods] Corey and I break into the Devenford bus and search their shoes.
MALIA: I take out the TV vans.
STILES: Right before the whistle, Coach forfeits the game. The rest of us are looking for a size 10 with a bloody sole.

[They all look at each other for a moment before Malia nervously speaks up]

MALIA: Just out of curiosity... What if it doesn't work? What if we have to go up against this thing? I mean, I hate to bring up bad memories, but Scott's still healing from what Theo did to him...

[The others all seem to be worried about this except for Kira and Scott, and Kira interjects to ease their minds]

KIRA: No, he's not.

[When the pack looks confused, Scott nods in agreement]

SCOTT: She's right.

[Scott lifts up the hem of his lacrosse jersey so that he can show them his chest, which is just a smooth, blemish-free expanse of skin with no gaping wound to be found. He smiles shyly as he explains what happened]

SCOTT: It happened the night we got Lydia out of Eichen House. I healed... when we were all together again. When we were a pack.

[Liam smiles, clearly hopeful about their chances]

LIAM: The Beast doesn't have a pack.
SCOTT: [nods] Not like us.

[Scott looks around at the others to give one last motivating statement before they split up for their various tasks]

SCOTT: We can do this, guys. No one dies tonight.

[The members of the pack all look at each other and smile, much more optimistic now than they were before they gathered in the laboratory]


[The scene cuts to the lacrosse field, where the charity game is about to start. Hayden has just walked up the steps of the bleachers and sits down next to Sydney, giving her a friendly smile that the senior returns]


[On the sidelines, players from both Devenford Prep and Beacon Hills High are putting on their helmets and pads in preparation to start the match before they head out onto the field to do warm-ups]

[Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles are sitting on the bench, visibly nervous about the potential dangers of the night. They share an anxious look before they both glance over at Coach Finstock, who is dressed in his usual hoodie and jeans and is standing on the sidelines as he watches the players get warmed up. Stiles looks back in the opposite direction as he adjust his pads, taking note of all of the news broadcast vehicles getting ready to transmit to their news station, before sighing and standing to his feet. He then walks over to Coach Finstock, who keeps his eyes trained on the field]

STILES: Hey, Coach? Now is the, uh, time to forfeit the game...

[Coach keeps his eyes on the field and completely ignores Stiles' presence entirely, which causes Stiles to become even more anxious]

STILES: Now's the perfect time to forfeit the game...

[Coach picks invisible dust from his whistle before crossing his arms, making it clear that he's not at all interested in listening to Stiles, as usual]

STILES: You gotta...

[When Stiles finally realizes that Coach is purposely ignoring him, his voice becomes uncertain]

STILES: ...Coach?

[Coach still chooses to not even look at Stiles, though he does finally respond to his requests with a smug smirk]

COACH: Stilinski... I've never forfeited a game. And I never will.

[Stiles looks appalled, which amuses Coach to the point that he chuckles]

COACH: Get on the field!

[Coach blows his whistle to signal that the game is about to start, and the crowd in the bleachers starts to cheer excitedly. Stiles looks exasperated as he glances over at Scott, who looks speechless after having eavesdropped on Stiles and Coach's conversation as he stands to his feet. He watches anxiously as the Devenford Prep team cheers and rushes onto the field]

[After the break, both teams are on the field and getting ready to start the game, and the crowd is cheering excitedly]

FAN: Go Cyclones!

[Scott has caught up with Liam on the field to update him on their change of plans now that they failed to get the game canceled]

SCOTT: Okay, it's fine. Malia's still going to take out the wiring on the TV vans.
LIAM: And then we have an hour and a half to find someone with blood on their shoes.

[Scott sighs, clearly overwhelmed by the daunting task ahead of them]

SCOTT: One person out of four hundred.

[Meanwhile, Stiles has met up with Sheriff Stilinski in the parking lot, where they're standing next to Stilinski's cruiser and trying to come up with a new plan to protect all of the innocent bystanders at the game]

STILES: [anxiously] Okay, what if we call in a bomb threat?
STILINSKI: [sighs] You remember the bomb threat at the airport three weeks ago?
STILES: [scoffs] Yeah, of course I do. It was all over the news.

[Stilinski gives Stiles a knowing look, and Stiles nods in understanding]

STILES: ...I see your point.

[The crowd starts to cheer loudly, and Stiles and Stilinski look over to see that Scott and Brett are in the middle of the field getting ready to fight for the ball. The referee stands by to call it]

BRETT: [whispers] My sister's got the bleacher's covered.

[Scott nods appreciatively in response, just as the camera cuts to the bleachers, where Brett's sister Lorilee is under the bleachers, ducking under the seats to check the bottom of the shoes of everyone in the stands in search for any with Parrish's blood on the soles]

[The camera cuts back to the field just as the referee blows the whistle to start the game. Brett manages to get the ball first and speeds away, causing Scott to scramble to catch up with him at human speed to maintain pretenses]

[The scene cuts back to the parking lot, where Mason is keeping watch while Corey works on breaking open the locked door of the Devenford Prep bus]

MASON: Okay, let's just try to do it quiet--

[Before Mason can finish his sentence, Corey wrenches the door open with a loud clang as he rips it off its hinges]

MASON: --ly...

[Mason's eyes widen in alarm as he spins to face Corey, who looks embarrassed and smiles weakly at him]

MASON: Okay, come on.

[Mason rushes into the bus, followed by Corey, who walks over to the nearest overhead storage bin and opens it. He pulls out a duffle bag and opens it to find a pair of sneakers, but when he flips them over, he's disappointed to see that the soles are clean]

COREY: No blood.

[Mason, who has a team roster pulled up on his phone, looks at the bag anxiously]

MASON: You see a name on the bag?

[Corey finds the tag and reads it off for Mason]

COREY: Uh, Martinez, B.

[Mason finds the name on the list on his phone and uses his finger to draw a red X over the photo next to "Martinez, B" while Corey puts the bag back in the overhead storage and reaches for the next one]

[Back on the field, the news crews are filming on the sidelines as the players run around the field. The camera men and television journalists have their backs turned to their van, so they don't see Malia climb up onto the roof of one of the vans and use her super-strength to rip the cords out from the back of the satellite dishes, which cause a small spark of electricity]

[Meanwhile, Kira has the ball and has just brutally tackled one of the Devenford players before she rushes toward the goal. Though Devenford's goalie prepares to catch the ball, Kira throws it so hard that it flies past him faster than he can react and hits the net hard, causing Beacon Hills High to get the first goal of the game. When the camera cuts back to the field, Scott and Stiles are seen running across the field, where at least a half-dozen Devenford characters are still laying on the ground and groaning from how hard she hit them. Scott looks horrified, and Stiles looks exasperated]

STILES: You think Kira's playing a tad aggressive?

[Scott watches wide-eyed as Kira starts to swing her lacrosse stick around like she did with her replica katana earlier, and he becomes even more worried when he sees her irises flash Kitsune-orange for a brief moment. Scott sighs, even more overwhelmed by this development in addition to the pre-existing problems]

SCOTT: We might have a problem...


[Parrish, whose eyes are still glowing reddish-orange, continues to sit quietly inside of the cooling chamber while the Hellhound remains in control. Lydia looks worried as she glances back at Argent and Gerard]

LYDIA: Is he okay?

[Argent gestures toward the machine with a jerk of his head]

ARGENT: Talk to him. This part is for you, Lydia. You're the one who can reach him.

[Lydia hesitantly walks toward the machine, looking nervously through the window in an attempt to see Parrish before she quietly speaks to him]

LYDIA: Jordan...?

[There is a long pause before Parrish (or rather, the Hellhound possessing him) replies in a deep, inhuman voice]


[This response visibly worries and confuses Lydia, and she looks anxiously at the Argent men for a moment before she continues]

LYDIA: Okay... Who am I talking to?
CERBERUS: Cerberus. Garmr. Black Shuck. I've had many names.

[Lydia takes a deep breath, unnerved by the almost robotic tone of Parrish's voice]

LYDIA: What about Jordan Parrish?

[The Hellhound doesn't reply, and after a long moment, Lydia changes the subject to an easier question]

LYDIA: Do you know who I am?
CERBERUS: The Banshee.
LYDIA: [sighs] What about Jordan Parrish? Why is it you and not him?

[Once again, the Hellhound remains silent, and Lydia becomes more anxious as she restates the question in a firm voice]

LYDIA: What happened to Parrish?

[The Hellhound pauses dramatically before he finally replies]

CERBERUS: Jordan Parrish died. There is no Jordan Parrish.

[Lydia's eyes widen as she gasps while Argent and Gerard share a worried look]


[Kira has a fierce look on her face as she runs down the field as quickly as she can, forcefully tackling two Devenford players in quick succession before the referee blows the whistle, causing Kira to groan in annoyance. On the sidelines, Coach is wincing as he watches the players Kira tackled writhing on the ground]

COACH: That girl is damn serious about charity.

[Back on the field, Scott has just rushed over to Kira with a worried look and gently tries to reason with her]

SCOTT: Kira, maybe you should ease up on the other players...
KIRA: [irritably] I'm trying to win.
SCOTT: [frowns] But you didn't even have the ball...

[Kira looks around and takes notice of the half-dozen or so Devenford still laying flat on their backs in the grass and shrugs it off before giving Scott a hard look, her voice taking a distorted tone that indicates her inner Fox is in control as her eyes flash gold]

KIRA: Stay out of my way.

[Kira shoulder-checks Scott as she pushes past him, and Scott stares in horror as Liam rushes over to him, whistling under his breath at the sight of all the players that Kira knocked down]

LIAM: Whew... Go with the back-up plan?

[Scott nods anxiously]

SCOTT: Go with the back-up plan.

[Scott puts his helmet back on as the referee blows the whistle to start the play again. Liam and Brett face off to determine which team gets the ball, and they meet each other's eyes as Liam nods at him to indicate the back-up plan is in play, leading Brett to nod in understanding]

REFEREE: Down.... set!

[Brett once again gets the ball first and rushes down the field toward the goal. Kira sees him and makes a bee-line for him, but Brett is prepared for it and hits back at her so hard that she's knocked backward onto the ground. Her face is tense with rage as she gets back to her feet and glares at Brett, who channels his inner bully and smirks at her]

BRETT: Not so tough now, are you?

[Kira angrily scrambles to her feet and wastes no time rushing toward him, swinging her lacrosse stick at him so hard that she hits him on the side of his head and causes his helmet to fly across the field as Brett collapses on the ground. The referee immediately blows his whistle at her and rushes toward her]

REFEREE: You! You're done! Get off the field.

[Kira looks furious, and only becomes more so when she sees Scott staring at her nearby and realizes he set her up on purpose. She seems to consider fighting back before ultimately walking off the field as instructed as Liam rushes over to check on Brett, who seems to be seeing stars due to his head injury]

LIAM: That was perfect! Thanks, dude!

[Liam rushes off, and Brett, still in a daze, looks around for a moment before falling back against the grass again. Meanwhile, Kira is walking off the field toward the sidelines, where Lorilee is standing and watching the game, while Scott follows behind her to check on her as well. After a moment, Kira mutters in Japanese under her breath, which Lorilee can hear and seemingly understand]

KIRA: Dono yōna nibui gēmu no. ["What a dull game."]

[When Scott hears Kira speaking Japanese, he skids to a halt and looks even more concerned. Lorilee sees where Kira is headed before looking back at Scott, who understands what she's silently trying to communicate to him and nods before she nods back and follows Kira]

[Meanwhile, Malia is still working on disabling the frequency transmitters on the news broadcast vans by cutting the wires to the satellite dishes. She stands on the roof of the second van she has tampered with and gets ready to use her supernatural agility to leap onto the last van. However, just as she's about to land on the roof of the van, a hand reaches out and grabs her by the ankle before yanking her backward, causing her to slam her forehead against the metal rooftop before she falls face-first in a heap on the grass below]

[She groans loudly in pain as she rolls onto her back, her vision blurry as she recovers from the head trauma. However, when she looks up, her vision starts to clear enough that she sees her mother, the Desert Wolf, standing in front of her with a smug smirk. This does nothing to please Malia, who sneers at her mother and curses at her under her breath as she pushes herself into a seated position]

MALIA: Ugh... Bitch.

[The Desert Wolf looks amused and simply smirks wider]

DESERT WOLF: I prefer "Mom."


[Lorilee has followed Kira, who is carrying her lacrosse stick and gym bag, into the high school, where she finally catches up to her in the entrance hall just outside of the locker room]

LORILEE: Daijōbudesuka? ["Are you okay?"]

[Kira, now fully ruled by her Kitsune spirit, stops walking, but doesn't immediately turn to face Lorilee when she responds in Japanese as well]

KIRA: Anata wa watashi ni nihongo o hanasu shiyou to shite imasu ka? Sono akusento to wa? ["Are you trying to speak Japanese to me? With that accent?"]

[Kira finally turns to face Lorilee with an aggressive expression as she drops her gym bag onto the floor next to her before backhanding her viciously across the face. Lorilee does not look happy as she turns to face Kira, growling like a wolf under her breath before slapping her across the face in turn, causing slight scratches along Kira's cheek that heal within moments. Kira seems pleased to be fighting someone who will fight back as she spins on her heel and swings her lacrosse stick toward Lori's head, but she ducks before it can hit her]

[Lorilee grabs the stick and pins Kira to the wall in an attempt to wrestle it from her, and the young women spin around before Lorilee throws Kira and her stick across the hall and into the trophy case, knocking many of the trophies onto the floor as Kira lands on her stomach. Kira looks furious as she glances up at Lorilee, who looks worried and puts her hands up in a non-threatening position as she watches Kira rise to her feet]

LORILEE: [nervously] Okay, Kira... maybe we could just talk this out?

[Lorilee backs away from Kira, who has her lacrosse stick in hand, and who wastes no time lunging toward Lori and kicking her hard in the stomach with her cleat-clad foot, causing the younger girl to be shoved through the girls' locker room door and nearly run into a row of lockers. Lorilee falls onto the floor, scrambling backward away from Kira as the Kitsune grabs the doorknob and slams the locker room door shut behind them]


[Malia and the Desert Wolf are still in a standoff by the news broadcast vans outside, where Malia is glaring at her mother in annoyance]

MALIA: To be honest, I'm totally up for killing you right now. But I've got other priorities.
DESERT WOLF: [patronizingly] I can see that. Got something against the local news? Somebody put out a broadcast you didn't like?
MALIA: [impatiently] Somebody's about to. And, since I know you're not going to try to kill me until there's a full moon, get out of my way.

[Malia goes to walk past the Desert Wolf toward the last news van, but Desert side-steps her and blocks her path, which only makes Malia more frustrated and annoyed]

MALIA: People are going to die.
DESERT WOLF: [scoffs] People die every day, sweetheart.

[Malia angrily glares at the Desert Wolf]

MALIA: Stop calling me that! You don't get to call me "sweetheart."

[The Desert Wolf considers this reaction for a moment before she speaks]

DESERT WOLF: All right. What if there's a compromise? What if you come with me? We can try to solve our little predicament, and maybe I start calling you "daughter."

[Malia sees right through this ploy and only becomes more aggressive toward her mother]

MALIA: I'm going to kill you.

[The Desert Wolf smirks in amusement at Malia's reaction toward her]

DESERT WOLF: You're definitely my daughter.


[Melissa is on duty at the HOSPITAL, where she's standing in the nurse's station while she talks to Sheriff Stilinski (who is still in the parking lot of the HIGH SCHOOL) on the phone. They're in the middle of a conversation when Melissa frowns in confusion and responds to something Stilinski has just said]

MELISSA: I thought we had exhausted all of the possibilities?
STILINSKI: [sighs] According to Lydia, Valack said there's got to be another.

[Melissa looks extremely concerned by this news as she turns away from the nearby nurses and lowers her voice so as to not be overheard]

MELISSA: Specifically another genetic chimera? Someone with two sets of DNA?
STILINSKI: Someone we overlooked. Someone with blood on a size-10 shoe.

[Meanwhile, back in the parking lot of the HIGH SCHOOL, Mason has just put a red X over the last photo on the roster of Devenford Prep lacrosse players on his phone when Corey sighs in disappointment]

COREY: Twenty-five pairs of shoes-- no blood.

[Corey has just returned the last pair of shoes to the overhead storage space where he found them when they suddenly hear the door open with a loud creaking sound. Mason and Corey look terrified as a Devenford player walks up the stairs, but thanks to Corey's quick thinking, they're able to both be rendered invisible by Corey's camouflage power when Corey wraps his right arm around Mason's waist and grips the nearby chair with his left hand. The briefly stops to look around, but doesn't seem to notice anything is amiss, as he simply reaches up in the overhead storage to grab his bag before leaving the bus to return to the field]

[Once he's gone, Corey lets go of the chair so they can become visible again, though he keeps his arm around Mason, who looks incredibly impressed by Corey's supernatural ability for a moment before looking nervous at their close proximity]

MASON: ...We should go.

[Corey turns to look at Mason and seems overwhelmed by how close his face is to his own. He stares at Mason's lips for a long moment before the two begin to passionately make out. After a long moment, however, Corey seems to sense something wrong and pulls away, looking shocked and mildly scared. Mason becomes concerned by the panicked look on Corey's face]

MASON: What's wrong?

[It's clear that something is bothering Corey, but he quickly conceals his worry and shakes his head in the negatory]

COREY: Nothing. I'm okay.

[Corey turns to leave the bus and beckons Mason to follow him]

COREY: Come on.


[The game is still underway on the lacrosse field, where Liam has just snagged the ball and is running toward the goal when he's suddenly tackled hard by a Devenford player. Liam flips over the players shoulder and lands with a loud thud on his back, his left arm landing awkwardly underneath the rest of his body with a sickening crunching sound just as the Devenford player scores a goal. The camera cuts to the scoreboard, where it is BHHS 1, DP 5, with 4:35 left in the quarter]

LIAM: [groans] AHHHHH!

[In the stands, Hayden hears Liam's arm breaking and his subsequent moan of pain and winces, looking concerned about her boyfriend as Scott rushes over to him to help him to his feet]

LIAM: AHHHH! Uhh... ughhh...

[Once Liam is standing, still cradling his injured arm in his healthy one, he and Scott start to talk, and Hayden tucks a lock of hair behind her ear so she can eavesdrop on their conversation]

LIAM: We're getting crushed.
SCOTT: [sympathetically] It's okay. All we need to do is give the others enough time. Like I said-- no one's getting hurt.

[Liam sighs and gives Scott a look that screams, "Really? No one?", and Scott gives Liam an apologetic smile as he sighs in response]

SCOTT: ...Except for us.

[Hayden smiles slightly at this remark, seemingly impressed by Scott's resolve. However, Scott's own enhanced hearing starts to pick up the sound of Kira and Lorilee groaning and struggling against each other from inside the school and immediately looks horrified]

SCOTT: Kira...

[Without another word, Scott rushes off of the field to investigate]


[Inside the girls' locker room, Kira has just shoved Lorilee face-first against a row of lockers by the back of the neck, but Lorilee uses all her strength to hit Kira in the gut with the end of the lacrosse stick she picked up in the struggle, causing Kira to stumble backward far enough that Lorilee can turn around to defend herself. Once Kira has recovered from the blow, she removes the net from the end of her lacrosse stick so that only the aluminum bar remains to use as a staff, and Lorilee holds up her own stick to use to fight against her]

[Lori starts to swing the end of her stick at Kira, who manages to dodge the blows easily by ducking and jumping out of the way before jumping in the air and kicking the younger girl hard in the temple. Dazed, Lorilee stumbles backwards toward another row of lockers, and Kira tries to pin her against them with her stick, only for Lorilee to put up her own to block it. When Kira's eyes start to glow bright orange, Lorilee's own eyes glow Beta-gold, and she lets out her fangs before roaring at Kira and shoving her backward]

[Kira rushes back toward Lori, who is back in her human form, and smacks her stick against Lori's so hard that her stick snaps in half, causing her eyes to widen in shock. However, her broken weapon doesn't seem to hamper her fighting much, as she uses the now-shorter sticks to trap the end of Kira's and force Kira to spin away with it. Kira's stick ends up getting stuck in the wire fence near the coat rack, and she struggles to pull it out; as soon as she does, Lori backhands her hard across the face with her sticks with such force that Kira pirouettes away. Once again, Kira's cheek was injured by the blow, but it heals before our eyes as she flips her hair out of her face]

[Lori holds up both of her sticks (which are more like batons at this point) in preparation to defend herself, leading Kira to break her own stick in half over her knee so she can use hers as batons as well. Lori cracks her neck, looking uneasy about this fight, and Kira smiles in satisfaction at the girl's fear. When they start to fight again with such fluidity with their kicks and spins that it looks like modern dance, Lori loses one of her batons and gets thrown onto her bottom on the floor. She tries to scoot backward away from Kira while still defending herself with her single baton, but it's clear Kira has gained the upper-hand. However, Lori manages to get back on her feet and kicks Kira's batons out of her hands, leading the two young women to begin to fight with only their fists until Kira headbutts Lori so hard that they both fly backward into Coach's office, with Lori's back hitting his desk and causing her to flip over it as Kira tackles her]

[The camera cuts to the hallway, where Kira and Lori are each gripping the others' arms in a wrestling match of sorts that leads them to fall out into the entrance hall, where they're eventually found by Scott, who looks horrified and appalled by what he's seeing, especially once Kira shoves Lori onto the floor and causes her to slide several feet down the hallway. He rushes forward and grabs Kira by the arm before she can lunge for Lorilee again]

SCOTT: Hey, Kira! Stop! What are you doing?

[Without another word, Kira grabs Scott by the front of the jersey and throws him down the hallway as well, where he slides across the floor and lands right next to where Lori, who now has a bloody lip, is still recovering from the fight. Scott is clearly shocked at Kira's behavior and looks wildly over at Lorilee, who seems just as overwhelmed]

LORILEE: Friend of yours?
SCOTT: Girlfriend.
LORILEE: [nods] Oh!

[They both scoot backward away from Kira as they rise to their feet, watching Kira slowly stalk toward them as though she's in a daze, and Scott puts his hands up in a non-threatening gesture while he tries to talk Kira down]

SCOTT: Kira...

[Kira continues to stalk toward him, and Scott starts to become exasperated and frustrated by her behavior]

SCOTT: Stop. Kira!

[Kira's eyes glow bright orange as she swings at him with her right hand, leading Scott to block it by grabbing her right wrist, repeating the gesture with her left arm when Kira attempts to hit him again. Scott tries to hold onto her arms as she struggles against him, eventually pushing him backward into the chemistry laboratory. Scott as he holds onto her arms, and his grip only becomes tighter when her fiery Kitsune aura starts to blaze around her as she growls at him, forcing Scott to practically Alpha roar at her to stop. All the while, Lorilee, who is watching in shock at the sight of Kira's Kitsune aura, stands in the doorway]


[Something in Kira's mind seems to click, and she blinks hard as though in a daze, her Kitsune aura vanishing into thin air as her eyes return to their normal dark brown. Suddenly, she snaps back into her real self, and it's clear by the horrified look in her eyes that she's stunned and embarrassed by what has just happened, especially when she sees the scared and overwhelmed look on Scott's face as he takes a deep breath to recover from the shock. Just then, Kira sees Lorilee's bloody lip and realizes that she caused it, which only becomes more horrified]

KIRA: Oh, my God...

[Lorilee suddenly realizes that her busted lip is bleeding and dabs at it with her thumb as Kira looks at Scott with a guilty expression]

KIRA: What did I do?

[Scott, who is still recovering from the shock of what happened and seems genuinely concerned about Kira's current situation, is at a loss for words as he looks back at Lorilee]


[When #61 on the Beacon Hills High team gets into a violent altercation with Brett on the field, Devenford's coach blows his whistle]

D.P. COACH: Time out!

[Brett takes off his helmet and sighs in frustration as he heads toward his team's bench, only for Liam to quickly catch up to him with a panicked expression]

LIAM: We need more time. You've got to stop scoring.
BRETT: [scoffs] You don't think I've been trying? You guys suck so bad it's impossible to lose against you.
LIAM: [frustrated] So what are we supposed to do?
BRETT: [impatiently] Try not sucking.

[Liam sighs in exasperation as Brett leaves to join his team, and Liam has just sat down on the Beacon Hills High bench when Hayden shyly walks up behind him and gently squeezes his shoulder. Liam seems both happy and confused to see her as he stands back to his feet so he can see her face-to-face]

LIAM: Hey.

[Hayden looks slightly awkward as she decides to just get to the point]

HAYDEN: I'm with you.
LIAM: [confused] ...What?
HAYDEN: [smiles] I'm with you. All of you.

[Liam seems genuinely happy about this decision, but still seems slightly puzzled as to why she's doing it]

LIAM: Why?
HAYDEN: Because you're right about Scott. Whatever happens next... I want to be with you.

[Liam smiles in response to her answer, and the two begin to make out passionately on the sidelines until a whistle blows behind them as the players start to psych themselves up for the play]


[Liam gives Hayden a rueful smile, which she returns as she watches Liam run out onto the field, where he joins an anxious-looking Stiles, who seems to be concerned as he stares at the news broadcast vans]

STILES: [quietly] Something's wrong. I don't think Malia's got all the vans.

[Liam, still in his afterglow from Hayden's pledge of loyalty to their relationship and to the McCall Pack, considers this for a moment while the crowd cheers from the stands]

LIAM: Then we'll get her more time.

[Stiles frowns skeptically at this response]

STILES: How the hell are we going to do that?
LIAM: We'll even up the score.

[Stiles only becomes more exasperated by this answer]

STILES: Once again... How the hell are we going to do that?

[Liam gives Stiles a determined look as he puts on his lacrosse helmet]

LIAM: Just get me the ball.

[Liam runs out into the middle of the field to get ready to match up with a Devenford player to fight for the ball. The referee walks up toward them and stands at their side]


[When the referee blows the whistle, Liam easily scoops up the ball and runs full-speed down the field as the BHHS fans cheer loudly from the bleachers]

[Meanwhile, Malia is still looking worriedly at the last van she needs to disable as the Desert Wolf looks at her with condescending amusement]

DESERT WOLF: You really think you're going to make a difference, don't you?

[Malia glares silently at the Desert Wolf, who continues to mock her]

DESERT WOLF: Who are you trying to save out here? A bunch of random people? Your little high school friends?

[The crowd cheers as Liam manages to score a goal, and the scoreboard shows BHHS 2, DP 5. Stiles, realizing that Liam has the game handled, decides to leave the field in favor of taking over for Lori with regards to checking the soles of the shoes of the people in the stands. On the field, Liam and another Devenford Prep player are about to fight for the ball again as the referee prepares to blow the whistle]


[The ref blows the whistle, and Liam once again snags the ball first before running toward the goal, expertly dodging the opposing players and scoring yet another goal as the crowd, including Hayden and Sydney, stand to their feet and cheer excitedly. It's BHHS 3, DP 5, and Coach Finstock looks pretty pleased on the sidelines as their score starts to turn around]

COACH: This is a good start!

[Under the bleachers, Stiles sees that Sydney is wearing a pair of black Converse sneakers that look to be about the size they're looking for and tries to look at the soles. However, her feet are resting flat on the bleacher steps, and every time Stiles tries to lift up her foot, she just squirms out of his way, not knowing what is going on. Finally, Sydney gets weirded-out enough that she jerks out of his grip and accidentally kicks him hard in the head. Stiles, looking dazed, moves aside just as Sydney attempts to look at who was grabbing her ankle, rubbing his forehead as he groans in pain under his breath. Moments later, Stiles' eyes flutter into the back of his head and he passes out on the ground]


[Back at the bunker, the scene returns to the aftermath of the Hellhound's revelation that Parrish is technically dead. Lydia looks absolutely horrified by the thought as she tearfully demands answers from him while Argent and Gerard watch silently from behind her]

LYDIA: What are you talking about? How is Parrish dead?

[The Hellhound continues to speak in his deep, distorted, nearly robotic-sounding voice as he answers her questions]

CERBERUS: He's a body. A means to an end. I am beyond life and death-- I am infinite. I have no use for your Deputy.

[Lydia's eyes look watery, and her voice is thick with emotion when she speaks]

LYDIA: But we do. We need him.
CERBERUS: Your Deputy won't kill the Beast.
LYDIA: [determinedly] Neither will you. I'm a harbinger of death, too. I know people are going to die. And if you do not let Parrish in, he will die, too.

[When the Hellhound doesn't respond to her, Lydia's voice becomes angrier and higher-pitched as she slaps the door to the machine for emphasis]

LYDIA: You'll die!

[The Hellhound continues to remain silent, and Lydia attempts to reason with him]

LYDIA: You have a chance with Parrish. You need him.

[After a moment, Argent seems to get an idea]

ARGENT: Lydia, tell him to remember.

[Lydia turns to face him and looks confused]

LYDIA: What?
GERARD: Tell him to remember the moment Parrish died.

[Lydia, desperate for any chance to keep Parrish alive, turns back toward the machine]

LYDIA: When did he die?
CERBERUS: When I was born.

[The Hellhound is transported back into a FLASHBACK to the events of Alpha Pact (in late September/early October 2011), where Parrish, who was on deployment in Afghanistan where he served as an EOD technician, is in the middle of defusing a bomb. Sweat is beaded all over his face, and he looks nervous as he reaches forward with his wire cutters and snaps a wire that causes the bomb to explode in an enormous burst of fire and light. The flashback cuts to Beacon Hills, where Scott, Stiles, and Allison are shoved into ice baths by Deaton, Lydia, and Isaac, respectively and are drowned as part of the surrogate sacrifice ritual. The flashback cuts back to Afghanistan, where Parrish's skin is glowing orange underneath as the Hellhound spirit is reborn and infused within Parrish's body. His burns begin to heal, and he walks back to the camp covered in soot and wearing the burned remains of his uniform]

[In the PRESENT DAY, the Hellhound screams at the top of his lungs as he has a FLASHBACK to his precognitive dream from Condition Terminal, where Parrish/the Hellhound bursts into flames while sitting on the stump of the Nemeton while dozens and dozens of bodies burn around him]

[The scene finally returns to the PRESENT DAY for good, where Parrish screams a little longer as Lydia worriedly backs up away from the machine. Argent protectively grabs her by the arm just as Parrish stops screaming and manages to open the door of the machine from the inside. He's weak from the freezing conditions and slumps onto the floor as Lydia rushes over to help him]

LYDIA: [worriedly] Are you all right?

[Parrish pants for breath for a long moment before he finally responds]

PARRISH: I know who I am. I know what I have to do. I have to leave.

[Lydia does not seem at all happy to hear this last statement and looks at him in shock and horror. Parrish's expression is grim as he stares at her]


[Liam has just managed to score yet another goal by leaping into the air and throwing the ball against the net, causing the scoreboard to change to BHHS 5, DP 5 as he falls hard onto the ground and groans. The crowd stands and cheers excitedly as the referee blows the whistle as Liam rolls over and smiles when he sees the clock on the scoreboard hit zero]

REFEREE: That's overtime!

[Liam is still laying in the grass when Coach rushes over and yells at him exasperatedly]

COACH: Get up, idiot! We could win this thing!

[Meanwhile, over by the news broadcast vans, Malia sneers at the Desert Wolf in annoyance]

MALIA: You want to do this now? Fine.

[Malia flicks out her claws menacingly, but the Desert Wolf doesn't even flinch, because she's too distracted by something over Malia's shoulder]

DESERT WOLF: [smirks] That's him, isn't it?

[Malia looks over her shoulder and follows her mother's line of sight until she sees what she's looking at-- Stiles, who is hobbling over to the bench with an ice pack on his head from where Sydney kicked him earlier. Malia looks horrified when she realizes that the Desert Wolf now has an excellent piece of leverage over her]

DESERT WOLF: That's the one.

[Malia, prepared for a fight, turns around to make the first move when she realizes with horror that the Desert Wolf has vanished. Slightly relieved, Malia gets back to the task at hand and jumps onto the last van so she can disable the cable. However, she doesn't realize that the other two have been fixed while Malia was distracted with talking to her mother. One of the television journalists is pacing around when one of the camera men call out to her]

CAMERA MAN: We're back up!
JOURNALIST: [relieved] Perfect. This thing's a nail-biter! Let's roll tape.

[The journalist looks down at her microphone as she reaches for a switch on the side. When she flicks it on, everyone is suddenly overwhelmed by the loud, high-pitched microphone feedback they hear in response. Everyone in the stands, on the field, and on the sidelines immediately cover their eyes and groan in pain, especially those with enhanced hearing like Hayden, Liam, and Scott. On the sidelines, Coach is looking terrified and frazzled by what has just happened]

COACH: I should've stayed in rehab...

[In the stands, Sydney and Hayden have finally uncovered their ears after the feedback stopped, and Sydney looks at Hayden in confusion]

SYDNEY: Oh God, what was that?

[Hayden looks horrified when she realizes that their plan has failed]

HAYDEN: [quietly] Something bad... Very bad.

[On the field, Liam has just removed his helmet and is looking around in confusion as the other players on the team frantically run past him. He's not sure what is going on at first, but after a moment, he focuses his hearing and picks up the sound of growling from quite far away. Stiles near the bleachers, frowning in concern as he looks around as well for the source of the noise. When the growling is heard closer this time, Liam's eyes glow gold as he heads for the parking lot next to the school buses, and Stiles doesn't realize what he's doing until it's too late to stop him]

STILES: Liam! Liam, wait!

[Liam ignores him and runs in slow-motion toward the school buses, where the Beast has just jumped on the roof of the nearest one and roars menacingly at him as Liam leaps up into the air with his claws out]


[The Beast's roars can still be heard as a stampede of absolutely terrified students flood into the school as the scene erupts into chaos. Scott, Kira, and Lorilee are still in the chemistry laboratory when they hear all of the stomping footsteps and frightened screams approaching them. Lorilee steps out into the hallway to see what is going on, but when Scott recognizes the second roar as being from the Beast, he rushes in front of her, grabs the doorknob, and closes the door behind them. Only a moment after he shuts the door, thunderous footsteps are heard just before they see the Beast run at top-speed down the hallway after the students with such ferocity that all three of them leap backward away from the doorway. Kira is panting out of fear when she finally speaks]

KIRA: Whoa, what was that?

[Scott looks very frightened himself as he slowly opens the door. It is completely silent now, as if everyone has either been chased away or are trying not to draw the Beast's attention, and Scott's eyes widen in horror when he sees four parallel claw gashes that run from the tile wall across the wooden door on the other side, which are so deep that the door is nearly cut through-and-through]