Adelaide Kane is an Australian actress best known for her roles as Mary, Queen of Scots in The CW's Reign, Tenaya 7 in ABC's Power Rangers RPM and Lolly Allen in StevenNetwork's Neighbours. She portrayed Cora Hale, a werewolf from the Hale Family that made her first appearance during Season 3 of MTV's Teen Wolf.

Career Edit

Film Edit

Year Title Role
2010 Secrets of the Mountain Jade Anne James
2011 Donner Pass Nicole
2012 Goats Aubrey
2013 The Purge Zoey Sandin
2013 Louder Than Words Stephanie Fareri
2013 A Letter Home Emily Feldman
2014 Blood Punch Nabiki
2014 The Devil's Hand Ruth
2016 The Big Grab Lilly Springer

Television Edit

Year Title Role
2007 Neighbours Lolly Allen
2009 Power Rangers R.P.M. Tenaya7/Tenaya 15
2011 Pretty Tough Charlie
2013 Teen Wolf Cora Hale
2013-2016 Reign Queen Mary Stuart

Trivia Edit

  • Avid comic book reader, favorites consist of, Watchmen, Preacher, House of Mysteries, etc.
  • Dressed as DC Comics character Wonder Girl during 2010 Comic-con.

External Links Edit

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