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Scott: "Okay, so what happens to a person who has a near-death experience and comes out of it seeing things?"
Stiles: "And is unable to tell what's real or not?"
Allison: "And is being haunted by demonic visions of dead relatives?"
Isaac: "They're all locked up because they're insane."
Stiles: "Ha, ha. Can you at least try to be helpful?"
Scott, Stiles, and Allison to Isaac Lahey and Lydia Martin about the side-effects of the Surrogate Sacrifice Ritual in Anchors

The relationship between Human Huntress Allison Argent, True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall, and Human Stiles Stilinski.

Allison, Scott, and Stiles are a trio of friends who met in January 2011 after Allison and her family moved to Beacon Hills, and who were the original basis for what would ultimately become the McCall Pack. Though the three immediately grew to be close friends, Allison was initially kept in the dark about Scott's supernatural identity after he was bitten and turned into a Beta Werewolf by the Alpha, who, unbeknownst to Allison, was being hunted by her father, Chris Argent, her mother Victoria Argent, and her aunt Kate Argent. However, Scott and Stiles' strange behavior made Allison suspicious, putting a strain on their relationships until Scott was forced to transform in front of Allison at the Winter Formal. Shortly afterward, Allison, Scott, and Stiles, with help from Chris and Jackson Whittemore, were able to slay the Alpha Peter Hale, though they were all shocked when Derek Hale made the killing blow and stole his Alpha powers for himself.

In the second season, Allison, now "in the know" about the supernatural world, became an even closer friend to Scott and Stiles while resuming her romantic relationship with the former. Their attention was then turned toward several different problems; namely, the fact that Lydia had survived Peter's Bite while seemingly not being turned into a shapeshifter, the fact that Derek was building a pack, and the arrival of a new kind of shapeshifter known as a Kanima who was being controlled by someone who was forcing him to kill, not to mention that the trio were also trying to protect their innocent friends from the Argent Hunters who were flooding the town under the leadership of Allison's grandfather Gerard Argent. All the while, Scott continued to learn to control his transformations, Stiles did his best to assist his father, Sheriff Noah Stilinski, investigate the string of murders in Beacon Hills, and Allison began her Hunter training, keeping them all incredibly busy.

Unfortunately, the growing strife between the Hunters and the Werewolves began to come to a head, straining Allison's relationships with Scott and Stiles, and this strain was made even worse by the death of Allison's mother, Victoria, who had accidentally been bitten during a battle with Derek Hale and had killed herself as per the Hunter Code. Blaming Derek for the loss of her mother and being manipulated by Gerard into hating nearly all Werewolves as a result led to the temporary break-up of the trio. After Gerard was defeated and Jackson Whittemore, the Kanima, was turned into the Werewolf he was meant to be, Allison broke up with Scott (albeit on mutual terms) before she and her father went to France to visit their extended family for the summer.

However, the third season proved that, even despite the fact that Allison and Scott were no longer in a romantic relationship, their friendship with each other and with Stiles remained a strong constant throughout all of the ups and downs that came with being involved in the supernatural world. Their trio also expanded to include Lydia Martin, who was now "in the know" as well and who was trying to figure out her own supernatural identity. Allison, Scott, and Stiles went on to form an alliance with the Hale Pack in order to fight the threat of the Alpha Pack, who wanted Derek and Scott to join their ranks, and the Darach, a Dark Druid who was committing human sacrifices in threes in order to gain the power necessary to defeat the Alpha Pack once and for all.

When Allison's father, Chris Argent, Scott's mother Melissa McCall, and Stiles' father, Noah Stilinski, were all captured by the Darach to be her final sacrifice of "guardians," the three decided to perform the dangerous Surrogate Sacrifice Ritual to locate and save them by temporarily dying in their parents places before being resurrected shortly afterward. While the ritual was successful in helping them locate the Nemeton, where Chris, Melissa and Noah were being kept, Allison, Scott and Stiles were left with the consequences-- not only had they reawakened the Nemeton, an act that would draw the supernatural toward it like a beacon (which itself would have serious consequences), but they had developed a darkness around their hearts that they would carry for the rest of their lives.

This darkness resulted in a variety of adverse symptoms, such as nightmares and hallucinations, and though they overcame these side-effects after closing the doors in their minds, they soon began battling a new enemy, the Nogitsune who had taken possession of Stiles' body in order to cause and feed on chaos, strife, and pain, as well as the Oni demons who had been summoned by their new friend Kira Yukimura's mother, Noshiko Yukimura to kill the Nogitsune by killing its host.

Determined to vanquish the Nogitsune while also saving Stiles' life, Scott and Allison, with help from Kira, Lydia, and Isaac Lahey, made plans to exorcise the Nogitsune by changing the host. While they were ultimately successful due to Allison's silver arrowheads, which allowed them to kill the Oni, Allison herself was killed in battle after she was stabbed in the chest with an Oni's ninjato. Devastated by this tragedy, Scott, Stiles and the rest of the pack carried on her memory and legacy by adhering to the Code she had created after becoming the Argent Family matriarch, "We protect those who cannot protect themselves." Despite her absence, Allison continues to have a profound effect on their lives.

Throughout Teen Wolf

In The Dark Moon, Allison and her death were referenced by Araya Calavera after Scott and Stiles, along with Lydia, Kira, and Malia, sneaked into the nightclub inside of the compound where the Calavera Family of Hunters lived. When Araya asked why a group of teenagers who experienced the loss of their beloved Allison would put everything at risk for someone such as Derek Hale, Stiles insisted it was because they didn't like to lose, demonstrating that Scott and Stiles were still very much in grief.

As the group was driving to La Iglesia, Scott and Stiles explained that Derek Hale's captor, the recently-revealed Werejaguar Kate Argent, is Allison's aunt. Upon seeing the grief on their faces at the mention of Allison, Kira assured them that they didn't need to tell them anything about her, but when Malia insisted that they needed to know what they were up against, Scott and Stiles picked up where they left out and explained Kate's relation to Allison so that they could speculate on what it was she was trying to achieve by taking Derek.

In I.E.D., Scott and Stiles went to talk to Sheriff Stilinski about the most recent string of murders in Beacon Hills. After explaining that the victims were all on a hit-list of supernatural creatures that they were calling "the Deadpool," they went on to inform him that the list was being circulated in the form of a computer code, which would reveal all of the names and values of the targets in three separate password-protected sections. When the Sheriff asked them if they knew what the passwords were, Scot admitted that the first section they were able to unlock had the password "ALLISON, indicating that Allison's death was significant to the list's creators.


  • Until Season 4, Scott, Allison, and Stiles were the main leads of Teen Wolf.
  • Allison and Stiles were long considered to be Scott's pack, even when he was only a recently-turned Omega in Season 1. This was first suggested by Scott in the Season 1 episode Night School, and later in Season 2's Venomous, Derek Hale stated that he had figured out why Scott kept declining his offer to join the Hale Pack-- because he was already the Alpha of his own pack. The trio's makeshift pack became official in Season 3B after Scott successfully ascended to True Alpha status.
  • In an interesting twist, Allison, Scott, and Stiles' "in the know" parents are also now a trio of very close friends, and this trio shares a number of similarities with the relationships between Allison, Scott, and Stiles:
    • Each trio has one female-- Allison Argent in the younger generation, and Melissa McCall in the older one.
    • Each trio has one Hunter-- Allison Argent in the younger generation, and Chris Argent in the older one.
    • Each trio has two members who have or have had romantic feelings for each other-- Allison and Scott in the younger generation, and Chris and Melissa, who appear to be falling for each other in the older generation.
    • Both trios' relationships with one another grew stronger in the aftermath of traumatic events. For example, Allison, Scott, and Stiles literally died for sixteen hours before being resurrected in a ritual that would allow them to become surrogate sacrifices, essentially dying in place of their parents, who had been chosen to act as the final trio of sacrifices (the "guardians") in Jennifer Blake's Five-Fold Knot Sacrifice Ritual.