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Allison: "Okay, um... Can you describe this thing?"
Stiles: "Uh, it's probably like a book-- old, worn."
Allison: "Like, bound in leather?"
Stiles: "Yes. [...] You know, drug dealers have been using disposable cell phones pretty successfully for years."
Allison: "My parents check every call, email, and text message I send. Trust me, they'd find it."
Allison Argent and Stiles Stilinski about the Bestiary and Allison's inability to contact Scott McCall in Abomination

The relationship between Hunter Allison Argent and Human Stiles Stilinski

Though the relationship between Allison and Stiles was not shown as much as the other relationships in the series, the two had a close friendship and worked together with Scott McCall as the foundation for the McCall Pack, acting as allies when confronted with the numerous supernatural events that occur in Beacon Hills.

They first became friends through Allison's romantic relationship with Scott McCall and her friendship with Lydia Martin, on whom Stiles had harbored a crush for years. As time passed and Allison became aware of the supernatural world (both as a result of her family's legacy as Hunters of supernatural creatures and as the girlfriend of a Werewolf), Stiles and Allison worked closely with each other and Scott in order to protect their town from all the threats against it.

In Season 3A, after Allison and her father Chris returned to hunting as members of the pack, Allison and Stiles were instrumental in figuring out that the Darach, Jennifer Blake, was committing human sacrifices and helping the slowly-growing pack fight against the Alpha Pack. In Season 3B, after Stiles was possessed by a Void Kitsune known as the Nogitsune, Allison worked hard to try to save him from its influence, from investigating clues to buying the rest of the pack enough time to exorcise the Nogitsune from its body. She ultimately lost her life in the penultimate fight against the Nogitsune and his stolen Oni demons, as one of the Oni stabbed her in the chest after she successfully killed one with a silver-tipped arrow. Afterward, Stiles felt immense guilt regarding her death, blaming himself for the fact that it happened and deciding that he would rather die than allow the Nogitsune to harm anyone else.

In the seasons following Allison's death, her presence has continued to linger among the members of the pack, including Stiles, who adamantly believes that she is still with them in spirit and who even believes that it was Scott's memories of Allison that ultimately saved the pack and the town from the Beast of Gevaudan, Sebastien Valet, as his sister was identical to Allison and was the progenitor of the Argent bloodline of Werewolf Hunters.

Allison and Stiles are known as Stallison by fans.

Throughout Teen Wolf


  • They are the best friends of Lydia Martin and Scott McCall, respectively.
  • They are two of the four primary members of what would eventually become the basis of the McCall Pack.