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[Night has fallen, and on the various ROADS IN BEACON HILLS, many members of the Beacon County Sheriff's Department, including Sheriff Stilinski himself, Deputy Valerie Clarke (acting as Unit 5) and several others, are involved in a chase after receiving numerous calls about strange sightings. Meanwhile, Stiles and Scott are in the Jeep, where they're listening to the conversation on Stiles' police radio while they follow Sheriff. Dialogue in italics indicates only their voice is heard over radio, while regular font means they are on-screen]

CLARKE: Unit 5 heading northwest on Crescent, reporting an incredibly large... something.
UNIT 9: [over radio] Unit 9 to Dispatch, I think I've got eyes on the same thing. Some kind of rabid animal.
CLARKE: [grimly] Unit 5 to 9... Trust me, that's no animal.
UNIT 6: [over radio] Unit 6 to Dispatch? We have a situation downtown. Multiple fatalities.
DISPATCHER: [over radio] Copy. Medics on the way. Do you have a perp in sight, Unit 6?
UNIT 6: Negative. Looks like a 10-91E. Animal attack.
DISPATCHER: [over radio] 10-4. Can you say what kind of animal?

[The sound of police sirens wail around them as Scott and Stiles share an anxious look in the Jeep before Stiles reaches forward and grabs the microphone attachment to his police radio to add his own warning]

STILES: All units stay back. Do not engage. I repeat, do not engage.

[Suddenly, the sound of Sheriff Stilinski's annoyed and frustrated voice is heard in response]

SHERIFF: [over radio] Stiles, get off the radio!

[The camera cuts to Sheriff driving in his cruiser, and he sighs before reluctantly repeating Stiles' earlier order]

SHERIFF: All unit alert-- wait for backup. Repeat-- no one goes near this thing.

[The camera cuts to Valerie Clarke in her own cruiser]

CLARKE: Unit 5 reporting a sighting on Hill Road southbound...
UNIT 9: [over radio] Unit 9, I've got it turning off Oakridge, southbound on Beachwood.
DISPATCHER: [over radio] All units, this is Dispatch-- we've got a 911 calll with additional sighting on Mitchell.

[Back in the Jeep, Stiles' eyes widen in alarm when he recognizes the street names]

STILES: Wait a second... Beachwood to Mitchell? It's headed back for the hospital.

[Stiles once again grabs the microphone so he can get a warning out to the other officers]

STILES: Dad...

[Sheriff's tone is irritable, making it clear that this situation is severely stressing him out]

SHERIFF: [over radio] Stiles, get off this channel!
STILES: [desperately] Dad, just listen to me, okay? It's headed for the hospital, all right? He's headed for Beacon Memorial. You hear me? Its headed for the hospital.

[Stiles, who, along with Scott, is visibly panicked, shifts gears before hitting the gas pedal and speeding even faster toward the hospital]


[Melissa is on duty at work at BEACON HILLS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL and has apparently just received word from Sheriff Stilinski about the current threat, because she is currently standing behind the nurse's station as she loudly gives instructions through the PA system for the employees and patients frantically bustling through the halls]

MELISSA: [shouts] Again, this is a Code White-- a full hospital evacuation. All critical patients will be taken by ambulance to Hill Valley.

[Suddenly, the ground starts to shake beneath their feet as a loud thumping noise is heard several floors below them, affecting the electrical system to the point where the lights flicker above them as the people in the halls scream in fright and run faster toward the exits. Melissa's eyes widen in alarm, but she forces herself to stay calm as she walks toward the elevator as the hallways clear out. When she hears a loud, creaking noise coming from the elevator as it slowly makes its way up to Melissa's floor, Melissa becomes panicked and runs in the opposite direction just as the elevator doors start to open and a loud growling noise echoes through the hall]

[Meanwhile, Sheriff is still on his way to the hospital while he continues to talk on his radio]

SHERIFF: Unit 5? Clarke, I need eyes on Parrish. Does anyone have Parrish's 20?
DISPATCHER: [on the radio] All Units, we have a 911 emergency call reporting a man on fire running into Beacon Memorial...

[Sheriff, realizing that the dispatcher is talking about Parrish, rolls his eyes and sighs before replying]

SHERIFF: Clarke, disregard.

[Back at THE HOSPITAL, Scott and Stiles have just arrived and are walking through the hospital's entrance when they suddenly hear a gun cocking behind them. They frantically turn around, but are relieved to find Sheriff behind them, who has just put his finger to his lips to shush them]

SHERIFF: Shhhh...

[The three slowly make their way down the hallway when they suddenly hear loud snarling noises overhead, and the Stilinski men look at Scott expectantly as he focuses his hearing on the battle upstairs]

SCOTT: [quietly] Fourth floor.

[The men have just made him up the staircases to the fourth floor, where they find the hallway in shambles-- medical equipment has been toppled over, papers are scattered all over the floor, and segments of the walls, floors, wheelchairs, and medication cabinets are burning with bluish-orange flames. Just then, they stop dead in their tracks when they see a flaming Parrish flying backward down the hallway like a comet, slamming his back against the wall at the end and bouncing off before landing in a heap on the floor. Sheriff immediately rushes over to him to check on him as Parrish sits up in a seated position and puts his hand over his wounds, which are smoking as they start to heal. His eyes are still glowing reddish-orange, indicating that the Hellhound is still in control as Sheriff kneels next to him]

SHERIFF: Parrish? You okay?

[Parrish remains silent and stares off into space as though in a daze, his eyes still glowing with Hellhound fire. Sheriff takes note of the large claw-gashes across Parrish's bare chest before raising his voice to break him out of his trance]

SHERIFF: Deputy!

[Parrish gasps and blinks, his eyes returning to their usual pale green, and he looks at Sheriff in surprise before looking around, clearly confused as to how he got there and why he's covered in soot and injuries as Sheriff comfortingly rubs his bare shoulder]

SHERIFF: Okay, okay...

[Meanwhile, Scott has just noticed the Beast's bloody pawprints leading away from them down the hallway, and he follows them for a short distance before realizing that the pawprints eventually turn into bloody sneaker-prints, which visibly confuses him and Stiles]



[Scott and Stiles have just met up with the newly-recovered Deaton in the exam room of the animal clinic, where he is holding a manila envelope in his hands]

DEATON: What I'm about to show you isn't supposed to exist.

[Deaton opens the envelope and pulls out a large stack of Polaroid photographs that seem to vary in age, based on how some of them are starting to turn yellow. He puts the photos down on the table one at a time for the boys to see while he continues to talk]

DEATON: This is the only surviving evidence of Dr. Valack's time as Chief Medical Officer of Eichen House.

[Stiles and Scott's eyes widen in horror when they see the subjects of the photographs-- they are each of dozens of different supernatural creatures, including what appears to be Werewolves, Kanimas, and Wendigos, all of whom have had holes drilled into their skulls, and all of whom appear to either be in excruciating pain or dead]

DEATON: To call it human experimentation would be... charitable.

[Stiles and Scott both are so horrified that their eyes start to fill with tears. Scott's attention is caught by one photo in particular, which he picks up to look at more closely. The photo is of a recently-deceased woman with a hole drilled into her forehead, who is clutching the sides of her head, her mouth open in a silent scream. When Deaton sees what Scott is looking at, his face becomes even more grim]

DEATON: A Banshee. She died screaming.
STILES: So, he drilled holes into their heads? All of them?
DEATON: That was the experimentation part. He did it to Werewolves, Banshees, Wendigos... Any creature he could get his hands on. And Valack found that trephination would initially heighten their powers, but to levels that couldn't be contained.
SCOTT: So, he wants to make Lydia more powerful?
STILES: Yeah, except she's going to end up like them.

[Stiles points at the photo of the Banshee, which Scott has set back down on the table, but its obvious by the look on Deaton's face that he has more bad news]

DEATON: [grimly] Worse, actually. Lydia's abilities were already pretty exceptional to begin with. Putting a hole in her head... will be like causing a leak in a nuclear reactor. She'll hear everything-- every death, every dying scream, all at once.
SCOTT: [worriedly] Thats's going to kill her.
DEATON: Not only that. Her own dying scream could be so powerful that it might kill everyone around her as well.

[Scott and Stiles look panicked as Stiles picks up another photo of a Banshee screaming due to the trephination and examines it closely]


[The next morning, Stiles has just arrived at the Sheriff's station to update his father on what he learned from Deaton and to figure out what they can do to help Lydia. The two Stilinskis have just walked into Sheriff's office to talk privately]

SHERIFF: I'm doing everything I can, but her mom is her legal guardian. She's the only person who can check her out of Eichen House.
STILES: [frustratedly] Can't we get a court order or something?
SHERIFF: Technically, trephination is still considered a medical procedure.

[Stiles rolls his eyes in exasperation at this statement]

SHERIFF: A judge would have to declare Natalie unfit, which isn't likely. It could all take months.
STILES: [appalled] So, you're saying there's nothing we can do?

[Sheriff gives Stiles a knowing look]

SHERIFF: I'm saying there's nothing we can do... legally.


[Stiles has just met up with Scott, Kira, Malia, and Liam at the McCalls' house, where they have gathered around the island so that Scott and Stiles can inform them of their plan to break Lydia out of Eichen House. Stiles has his MacBook on the table, along with blueprints of the building as well as a map of the electrical system]

STILES: There's four steps-- we get into Eichen, we get into the closed unit, we get Lydia, we get out.
SCOTT: And we have to do all of this while getting past orderlies, guards, electric door locks, and a mountain ash barrier.

[Malia, Kira, and Liam are all looking at Scott and Stiles as though they're crazy]

MALIA: You have a plan for all that?

[Stiles reaches into his pocket and pulls out an RFID key card]

STILES: I stole this last night off an orderly... But, it's useless, 'cause they reset the codes each night.
KIRA: [confused] So, why'd you take it?
STILES: I'm getting to that.
SCOTT: The only way to get Lydia out of Eichen is to make that key card work again.

[Liam squints, not understanding where Scott and Stiles are going with this]

LIAM: How are you going to do that?
STILES: [sighs] We're getting to that, okay? Just listen--

[Stiles turns his MacBook around so everyone can see the screen, which seems to have a log of some kind on it]

STILES: I pulled all the history off the key card. Two weeks ago, there was a brownout and the security system rebooted. During a reboot, all of the key cards revert back to a default code. So, if we trigger a reboot...

[Liam nods in understanding and finishes his sentence for him]

LIAM: The card goes back to the default code. It works again.

[Liam smirks happily as the scene cuts to a vision of what the break-out is supposed to look like-- at EICHEN HOUSE, Stiles approaches the door to the closed unit and slides the card through the card reader, which causes the digital lock to beep before the door pops open, allowing Stiles to slip through the door and shut it behind him]

[In the REAL WORLD, Kira looks uneasy about this plan]

KIRA: How are we going to cause a brownout?
SCOTT: That's your part. You're going to draw power from the main line-- but only enough to cause the brownout.
STILES: Not a blackout. Do that, and you send Eichen into lockdown, which would be bad. Very, very bad.

[Scott looks down at the map of Eichen House's electrical system and points at a spot on it]

SCOTT: There's an electrical room behind the reception counter. The main power line goes into two breakers that run power to all of Eichen.

[Once again, the scene cuts to a vision of what the breakout should look like at EICHEN HOUSE-- Kira stands in front of two large copper wires in the electrical breaker box, and she takes a deep breath before she grabs with her bare hands in order to siphon electricity from them. Small bolts of foxfire spark from the palms of her hands prior to making contact with the wires]

[In the REAL WORLD, Kira is looking overwhelmed and panicked by the prospect of this part of the plan]

KIRA: Okay, slight problem-- I don't know how to do that.

[Scott looks at her with a reassuring smile]

SCOTT: That's okay! You have time to practice.

[Malia still doesn't look convinced about this plan]

MALIA: Let's say this goes perfectly. How does a brownout get us into the closed unit of Eichen?
STILES: The system takes five minutes to reboot. In that five minutes, all the alarms will be turned off. The key card should work.

[Scott turns to address Liam]

SCOTT: Liam, you and I get Stiles to the gate of the closed unit.

[The scene cuts to a vision of how the breakout should go at EICHEN HOUSE, with Scott and Liam accompanying Stiles to the front gate just as Scott described. Stiles runs the stolen key through the key reader, causing it to beep before opening the door. Stiles looks at Scott and Liam nervously, and Scott nods at him in encouragement before Stiles walks through the door, leaving them alone in the hallway while Scott continues to explain the plan in voiceover]

SCOTT: [voiceover] But after that, he has to go on his own. We can't get past the mountain ash barrier.

[The scene cuts to Lydia's room, where she is awake and alert, without a hole drilled into her head. Stiles helps Lydia to her feet, putting his arm around her shoulders to help support her so they can leave the building together]

[Back in the REAL WORLD, the pack finishes up their discussion about the plan]

SCOTT: And, when we're gone, all anyone's going to think is that there was a reboot of the security system caused by a brownout.

[Stiles nods in agreement before gesturing to the others, though its clear by the tone of his voice that he's nervous]

STILES: Uh, any questions?

[Kira, Malia, and Liam waste no time responding to this question]

LIAM: How do we get into Eichen House in the first place?
MALIA: What's our worst case scenario?
KIRA: [anxiously] What if I can't do it?

[Stiles sighs, knowing that they have a point, and shrugs]

STILES: Okay, admittedly, a lot could go wrong.

[Liam gives Stiles an exasperated look]

LIAM: Everything could go wrong!

[Scott, knowing that the pack needs more encouragement, addresses them with a grim expression]

SCOTT: Guys, if we don't do this, we lose Lydia. She's going to die in there tonight... And she might take a lot of innocent people with her.

[All five of them exchange nervous looks, but nod, knowing that they need to do this for the sake of their best friend and the innocent civilians who could be harmed]


[Dr. Valack and Nurse Cross are walking down the wet sewer tunnels to a room in the basement, where he leads her through a set of metal double doors and into a room in the basement. Inside the room is a cabinet, which Valack opens to reveal what appears to be a Dread Doctor mask. He grabs it and pulls it out, and Nurse Cross looks morbidly curious at the sight of it]

NURSE CROSS: Have you ever actually put that thing on someone?
VALACK: Not in years. Close the doors, would you?

[Nurse Cross walks back to close the doors as she's asked, mistakenly turning her back to him as she continues to talk]

NURSE CROSS: How do you know it still works?
VALACK: I don't.

[Valack smirks as he walks toward Nurse Cross while she works on locking the doors]

VALACK: I suppose we should give it a try...

[Before she can react, Valack shoves the Dread Doctor mask over her head, and a mechanical clacking sound makes it appear as though it is forcefully tightening itself around her head as she screams in agony. Her fingers claw at the mask in a futile attempt to wrench it off, but she ultimately collapses onto the floor and goes limp after several moments]


[At school, Kira and Malia are in the empty chemistry classroom, presumably during lunch or a free period, where they are standing in front of a machine that involves an electrical box connected to two copper wires, which run into another box that has a light bulb socket. A light bulb has been screwed into it, and Malia looks at Kira expectantly, much to her confusion]

KIRA: What?

[Malia gestures toward the electrical set-up in front of them]

MALIA: Do it. Do your thing!

[Kira looks frustrated and insecure about her abilities]

KIRA: What thing? I don't have a thing.
MALIA: You did it before. You had to learn how, right?

[Kira gives Malia a sheepish shrug]

KIRA: ...Actually, no. It just happened.

[Malia thinks about this for a moment before she continues]

MALIA: Well, how'd you learn to fight with a sword?

[Kira shifts uncomfortably from foot to foot]

KIRA: ...That just kind of happened, too.

[Malia gives Kira an exasperated look]

MALIA: So, you've never worked for anything, and basically, you're a cheater?

[Kira only becomes more frustrated and overwhelmed by the pressure she's under to perform]

KIRA: This wasn't my idea! How are we even getting past the front gate?

[Malia smirks at this question before she replies]

MALIA: I have a guy on the inside.

[Kira frowns in confusion, and when Malia realizes that Kira is trying to distract her, she gives her a look]

MALIA: And stop changing the subject!

[She gestures to the light fixture once again]

MALIA: Do your thing!

[Kira sighs, taking another deep breath before she reaches forward and grabs the two wires with her bare hands. The light bulb starts to glow brightly, and Malia, who has never seen Kira use her electrokinesis before, looks shocked as the voltage meter goes from 0 to 100 in less than a second. However, Kira gets spooked by this result and goes too far, causing the light bulb to explode. Kira sighs in disappointment and looks down at the floor]

KIRA: It didn't work.

[Kira looks up at Malia, and her eyes widen in alarm, shock, and guilt when she sees that a piece of broken light bulb has embedded into Malia's forehead, causing a dribble of blood to drip down her forehead. Malia rolls her eyes before reaching up and plucking the glass out, wincing slightly before the wound starts to heal]

MALIA: [grumpily] No, it didn't.

[Kira gives her an embarrassed and apologetic smile, and Malia sighs before reaching for a fresh light bulb and handing it to her]


[Liam and Scott have just went to the hospital, where they have met up with Melissa in the morgue. She picks up a stack of body bags and walks over with them, but when Liam reaches out to take them from her, she purposely turns away from him and hands them to Scott instead. She looks at her son with a serious and worried expression]

MELISSA: Just promise me you're not coming back in one of these.

[Scott looks at her with determination]

SCOTT: We're coming back with Lydia.

[Melissa is still visibly nervous, but she trusts Scott, so she nods before turning back to grab another stack of body bags as Scott and Liam quietly talk]

LIAM: We still don't know who's actually doing this-- who the Beast is.
SCOTT: [nods] We'll find out.
LIAM: You think it's someone we know?
SCOTT: [sighs] I hope not.
LIAM: You think he even knows he's doing it?

[Melissa returns to the boys with the body bags and roughly shoves the stack into Liam's arms and replies to his question in a snarky tone of voice]

MELISSA: How are you so sure it's a he?

[Liam gives Melissa a guilty and apologetic expression]

LIAM: Are you still mad at me?

[Melissa shakes her head in the negatory]


[Liam looks slightly relieved until Melissa continues her response]

MELISSA: But, if you try to kill my son again, I'll put you in one of these myself.

[Melissa turns and walks away, and Liam looks at Scott sheepishly before whispering to him]

LIAM: She's still mad...

[Scott shrugs for a moment, trying to make him feel better, before making a face and nodding as if to say, "Okay, maybe a little"]


[Stiles is at the Sheriff's station, where he has just slid a set of keys across the reception desk toward Parrish, who is looking at Stiles as though he thinks he's insane]

PARRISH: That's the worst plan I've ever heard.

[Stiles looks mildly offended by this remark as Parrish slides the keys back to him]

STILES: Okay, the plan is perfect, and it'll work perfectly, especially if you agree to drive the van!

[Stiles once again slides the keys back to Parrish, who continues to look at him in exasperation]

PARRISH: Is the Sheriff on board with this?

[Stiles scoffs and gives Parrish a look that indicates he's offended by what he's insinuating]

STILES: How do you think I got the keys?

[Parrish gives Stiles an incredulous look]

PARRISH: I thought you stole them.

[Stiles nods and shrugs as if to say, "Fair point"]

STILES: While that's a perfectly reasonable assumption, I did not steal them. And, we need you because all of the Eichen guards know all of the Sheriff's deputies, okay? We need a real deputy, and one who won't ask questions.

[Parrish sighs, knowing that breaking Lydia out of Eichen House is important, but it's obvious that he's afraid about what will happen as he lowers his voice to respond]

PARRISH: It's not safe to bring me along. I'm dangerous.
STILES: So is the giant murdering werewolf that's killed over thirty people, but somehow didn't kill you...

[Stiles once again slides the keys across the table to Parrish, only this time, Parrish finally nods in agreement]


[Kira and Malia are still in the empty chemistry room, where things do not seem to be going well-- they're surrounded by a large amount of broken light bulbs, and Malia is seated several feet away and wearing safety goggles to protect herself from more injuries caused by exploding glass. After a moment, Kira sighs in frustration and looks up at her friend, who is looking both bored and impatient]

KIRA: Can I ask you a question?
MALIA: [sighs] No.

[Kira ignores Malia and asks the question anyway]

KIRA: Did your mother really try to kill you??

[Malia gives Kira a frustrated look]

MALIA: Did your mother really try to leave you in the desert with Skinwalkers?

[Kira continues to ignore Malia in favor of asking more questions]

KIRA: Are you really going to try to kill her first?

[Malia sighs and stands up, looking at Kira for a long moment before taking off her goggles and smoothing down her hair. She walks toward Kira with a determined expression, but Kira just looks nervous]

KIRA: Why'd you take off the goggles?
MALIA: Because this time, you're gonna do it, and it's gonna work. Because this is the only way we're getting Lydia out of Eichen House.

[Kira's eyes are wet with tears, both from the pressure of her assignment and the fear of what could happen to Lydia if she doesn't successfully cause a brownout. She takes a deep breath and looks down at the wires before wrapping her fingers around them once again. She closes her eyes and concentrates, only this time, instead of making the light glow brighter, it begins to dim. This excites Malia, who smiles and continues to verbally encourage her best friend]

MALIA: Kira, it's working!

[Kira opens her eyes, giggling in excitement, which ends up causing her to get out of control. Unfortunately, this is an even bigger mistake than before, because instead of simply causing the light bulb in the machine to explode, she also causes the overhead fluorescent lights to blow up in a shower of sparks as well, plunging the room into darkness. Malia and Kira share a panicked look before Malia grabs Kira by the hand]

MALIA: We should go.
KIRA: Yeah.

[Kira and Malia rush out of the room before anyone can figure out that Kira caused the blackout. However, they're too distracted to notice that Corey was standing against the chalkboard in invisible-mode and had watched their entire practice session, as well as overheard all of their conversations. He smirks in satisfaction at what he had learned from spying on the girls]

[Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles have just met back up with each other in the school library, where they're discussing their encounter with the Beast the night before]

STILES: Okay, my dad's got the lab working on the shoe prints, but, uh, we're all kind of mystified about how giant clawed werewolf feet turned back into a pair of sneakers.
SCOTT: [shrugs] Argent said it wouldn't be like anything we've ever seen before...
STILES: [sarcastically] Did he say it was going to defy the laws of physics?

[Just then, both boys stop dead in their tracks when they see Theo reading a book in between two bookshelves, and they share an incredulous look before they confront him]

SCOTT: [coldly] What are you doing here?
THEO: I still need to graduate.
STILES: [appalled] No. No, what you need is to be beaten. Severely. With a lead pipe wrapped in barbed wire--

[Theo interrupts Stiles before he can continue]

THEO: Okay, I admit, mistakes were made.
STILES: [scoffs] Murders. Some murders were made!

[Theo rolls his eyes at Stiles' aggressive comments]

THEO: You know how the Soviets helped us win World War II? They knew how to make it through a Russian winter.
STILES: [sighs] That it? Okay. Thank you, Theo. Very informative.
THEO: If you're planning to break Lydia out of Eichen House, you still need to get past the mountain ash. We can make it through. You can't, Scott.

[Scott narrows his eyes at Theo suspiciously]

SCOTT: What do you really want?
THEO: I know you saw the fresco. Two seriously pissed off creatures, the Hellhound and the Beast, fighting over a pile of dead bodies? I don't want to be one of the bodies. It's that simple.

[Scott and Stiles continue to stare at Theo silently, and its clear by the looks on their faces that there's more than what he's telling them]

THEO: I can get you to Lydia. Or, we can see who gets to her first.

[Theo closes the book in his hands and puts it back on the shelf before walking away, and Stiles and Scott wait until he's out of earshot before they start to talk about what just happened]

STILES: There's no way he knows what Valack's doing. Why's he so interested in her?
SCOTT: [sighs] He probably thinks what we're all thinking-- that Lydia's got something bigger to do with this. That maybe she's the only one who can actually save us.

[The scene cuts to the guidance office, where Sheriff has just arrived with a police file in his hands in an attempt to reason with Natalie Martin, who does not seem at all happy to see him]

NATALIE: I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, but if you don't mind, I have recommendations to write.

[Natalie returns to her work and scribbles something on a form on her desk as Sheriff, who is getting frustrated, continues to argue his side]

SHERIFF: Natalie, you know what's going on. You know about the closed unit in Eichen House. And you know what's down there.

[Natalie sighs, sets down her pen, and stands to her feet so she can look Sheriff in the eyes]

NATALIE: I know how to survive in Beacon Hills-- that's what I know.
SHERIFF: Then just check on her! What if I'm right?
NATALIE: You know, my mother-in-law, Lorraine, predicted her wife's death. And when I was in college, I was overcome with this feeling that something terrible was happening to my sister. When I called her, she was in the hospital with a burst appendix. These moments happen for everyone. And you know what they're called?

[Sheriff makes a face in a very Stiles-like manner before responding in a sarcastic tone]

SHERIFF: Undeniable proof of the supernatural?

[Natalie gives him a serious look]

NATALIE: Coincidence.

[She sits back down and attempts to get back to work, and Sheriff, at a loss for options, sets the police file down on the desk in front of her before walking toward the door]

SHERIFF: Take a look at this. It might expand your definition of, uh... coincidence.

[Sheriff leaves, and Natalie rolls her eyes in annoyance before reluctantly opening the file. However, when she sees the photographs that Deaton showed Scott and Stiles earlier in the episode, her eyes widen in alarm, and she gasps, looking absolutely horrified by what is in front of her]


[School has ended, and the pack has reconvened at Scott's house to prepare for their plan, where Malia and Kira have just informed them of the results of Kira's trial-runs. Scott looks shocked by their news as he addresses Malia, while Kira looks sheepishly at the floor]

SCOTT: She took out the whole school?
MALIA: She took out the whole grid.

[Kira, still looking embarrassed and disappointed, finally looks up at Scott]

KIRA: Look, I failed every single practice try. This isn't going to work.

[There is an awkward silence while the others consider this for a moment]

LIAM: How far can we get without the brownout?
STILES: [frustratedly] The front door...

[Stiles doesn't look optimistic, but Scott's expression changes to intense determination as he prepares to pep talk the pack]

SCOTT: We're going.

[Kira looks at her boyfriend incredulously]

KIRA: Scott, we went through boxes of light bulbs.

[Scott stares Kira in the eyes and shakes his head]

SCOTT: It doesn't matter. You can do this!
KIRA: [sighs] The key card won't work unless there's a reboot, and there's no reboot without a brownout.

[Scott is not deterred from their plan and reiterates his earlier point]

SCOTT: I know you can do this.

[Scott looks around at Liam, Stiles, and Malia, whose facial expressions are each varying states of skepticism]

SCOTT: Anyone here think she can't?

[There's another awkward silence for a moment before Liam pipes up in a confident voice]

LIAM: Not me!

[Liam and Scott look over at Stiles, who turns to give Kira a mildly reassuring expression]

STILES: I'm the one who put you in the plan!

[Stiles, Liam, and Scott turn to Malia, who stares at them blankly for a moment before she finally speaks in an exasperated tone]

MALIA: What?

[Stiles lowers his voice to a whisper and mimes bumping her on the arm with his knuckles]

STILES: "I believe in you, too, Kira..."
MALIA: [overwhelmed] I'm the one who's going to be locked in an electrical room with her!

[The boys give Malia a look that says, "Seriously? You're not helping," and she finally sighs before turning toward Kira, who doesn't seem comforted by this conversation]

MALIA: [unconvincingly] Y-you can do it...

[Scott smiles at Kira as though Malia and the others have just proven his point, though both Stiles and Liam give Malia a look that indicates they think she could have done better. Kira stares at them all incredulously for a moment before she scoffs]

KIRA: You guys are all crazy. We're gonna die.


[Kira and Malia are gathered outside the FRONT GATES OF EICHEN HOUSE, along with around a half-dozen other people who are visiting friends and family who are admitted to the facility. After a moment, an orderly named Travers comes out and opens the gate, shouting instructions to the crowd as he leads them into the building]

TRAVERS: Please remember to follow visitor procedure! Eichen House has a wide range of patients, and we cannot guarantee the safety of those who deviate from the rules.

[Kira and Malia share a nervous look as they walk through the gate, and once everyone has made it onto the walkway and are heading up the steps, Travers shuts and locks the doors behind them. In Eichen's LOBBY, the crowd forms a queue in front of the reception desk, where a bored Schrader is leaning against the desktop. The girls wait until Schrader and Travers are preoccupied with the other visitors before quickly rushing around the reception desk wall and pushing themselves in the corner to stay out of sight until they get the signal to move into the hallway next to the reception desk]

[At the SOUTH GATE OUTSIDE EICHEN HOUSE, Parrish has just pulled up to the toll booth in his SUV cruiser in order to gain entry from the guard. It's obvious as Parrish rolls down his window that he's nervous about how this plan will end up working]

PARRISH: Delivery to the morgue?

[The guard frowns as he checks the clipboard on his desk]

GUARD: I don't see you on the list.
PARRISH: You heard about the animal attacks, right? The hospital ran out of refrigerated drawers, and Eichen's got the only other up-to-code morgue in the county.

[The guard sighs in annoyance before stepping out of his booth]

GUARD: Let's have a look.

[Panic flashes across Parrish's face for a moment before he tries to argue his way out of it]

PARRISH: I don't think you want to do that-- the stench back there almost made me pass out while driving.

[The guard gives Parrish a hard look before impatiently repeating his earlier request]

GUARD: Open the back of the van, please.

[Parrish sighs and puts the cruiser in park before getting out and walking around to the trunk, opening the door to reveal at least a half-dozen full body bags on the floor of the trunk]

GUARD: I'll need to log the names off the toe tags.

[Parrish scoffs at him in annoyance and frustration]

PARRISH: There's significant decomp. They were found in the county tunnels way past rigor.

[The guard once again looks at Parrish suspiciously and repeats his demand]

GUARD: Open them up, please.

[Parrish sighs and reaches toward one of the body bags, gingerly pulling the zipper and opening it to reveal a badly decomposing body. It apparently smells as badly as Parrish described, because the guard gags in an attempt to swallow the bile that has risen up his throat. After the guard gets the name on the toe tag, he goes to open the next one, only for him to stop him and wave him off, still trying to prevent himself from vomiting from the smell]

GUARD: No. No. Go. Just go.

[Parrish sighs in relief and gets back into his car to drive the bodies into Eichen House]

[Meanwhile, INSIDE EICHEN HOUSE, Malia and Kira are still hiding in the corner, where Kira is taking deep breaths to calm herself down from the anxiety she's feeling about her part of the plan. Suddenly, one of the patients, Malia's old friend Nelson, walks into the lobby completely naked, causing the visitors to gasp and giggle under their breath before Schrader notices]

SCHRADER: Not again, Nelson!

[Schrader rushes out of the reception office and into the lobby, too distracted by Nelson to notice Malia and Kira standing on either side of it, so he can chase the naked young man with his cattle-prod taser, allowing Kira and Malia to quickly slip into the same door to head down the hallway toward the electrical room]

NELSON: [giggles] It's natural!
SCHRADER: So is 50,000 volts!

[Malia and Kira are just about to run into the electrical room when they hear a loud zapping noise, indicating that Schrader has just tased Nelson several times in order to incapacitate him. They both look as though their first instinct is to help Nelson, but then they remember the task at hand and force themselves to ignore it and head inside]

[Meanwhile, downstairs in the EICHEN HOUSE MORGUE, three full body bags are laying on the three autopsy tables in the room where Parrish has deposited them. After a moment, the bag on the right side starts to move from the inside as fingers poke at the zipper until it opens, revealing that Scott was inside. He gasps for breath and sits up as soon as he's free, which seems to be a cue that Liam and Stiles, who are in the other two bags, can open theirs as well. The three boys look at each other for a moment as Stiles makes a face]

STILES: Oh, my God! Never. Again.

[Scott nods at him in agreement before pulling his phone out of his pocket and looking at the timer he has set on it, which reads 7:45:15 PM. He looks up at Liam and Stiles with a serious expression]

SCOTT: Fifteen minutes starting now.

[Scott and Liam each quietly extricate themselves from their body bags without issue, while Stiles, who sat up on the table in order to make it easier on himself, flails too hard in his attempt to get out that he falls off of the table and onto the floor. Scott and Liam then give Stiles an exasperated look as he groans from the impact on the floor]


[Malia and Kira have just made it into the electrical room behind the reception desk, and when Malia locks the door behind them to make it harder for anyone to walk in on them, Kira pumps her fist in triumph]

KIRA: We're in! We did it!
MALIA: [sighs] Don't get too excited-- getting out is the hard part.

[She pulls out her phone and looks at her own timer before looking back up at Kira]

MALIA: Twelve minutes.

[After the break, Malia walks over to the box with the electrical breakers on the wall, using her super strength to break the lid off in order to reveal the wires behind it. She then steps backward to allow Kira room to figure out what she's doing before voicing her encouragement]

MALIA: Okay, Kira. You can do this.

[Malia checks her phone for the time]

MALIA: Eleven minutes.

[OUTSIDE EICHEN HOUSE, Parrish is in the driver's seat of his cruiser, which is parked just outside the south gate tollbooth. He looks at his phone for the time, which is currently at 07:50:36PM (19:50:36 in military time). Suddenly, he sees a flash of bright white light and reflexively ducks down in his seat, looking out the passenger window to see several guards looking around outside his cruiser]

[In EICHEN HOUSE'S MORGUE, Scott has pressed his ear to the door so he can hear better, listening closely to the footsteps leading down the hall away from them. Once he's determined that the hallway has been abandoned, he looks back at the anxious Stiles and Liam before opening the door so the three can quietly slip out of the room]

[In the ELECTRICAL ROOM, Kira has just pulled out the map of the electrical system from her pocket and examines it closely before looking for the wires she needs in the open breaker box. Her line of sight eventually settles on two thick black cables that are running through the middle of the box]

KIRA: I think it's these... But they're covered in rubber.

[Kira folds up the map and puts it in her back pocket before reaching for the wires to look at them more closely, while Malia looks around the room. She eventually finds a pair of silver scissors on a nearby desk, but when she walks over to the box and prepares to use them to cut the rubber off of the wires, Kira grabs her quickly by the elbow and pulls her back]

KIRA: [exasperatedly] You want to electrocute yourself?

[Malia shrugs as though this is a stupid question]

MALIA: I'll heal!

[Kira scoffs and snatches the scissors out of Malia's hands]

KIRA: Not if you die.

[Malia rolls her eyes and and pouts for a moment before getting an idea. When she flicks out her claws, Kira makes a face that indicates she doesn't seem to think this is a much better plan, but she's unable to stop Malia from swiping at the main electrical lines to cut the rubber insulation off of them. When her claws make contact with the wires, sparks shoot out and cause a small amount of smoke, and Malia groans in shock]

MALIA: Mmmm.

[When Malia pulls away, her claws and the tips of her fingers are blackened, but she's otherwise unharmed. Kira gives her a look as if to say, "Are you crazy?" but Malia just shrugs once again]

MALIA: I didn't die!

[Malia checks her phone once again to see the time, which reads 07:56:10PM/19:56:10, and frowns anxiously]

MALIA: Four minutes.

[Kira clenches her shaking hands into fists and looks at the still-smoking wires running through the center of the breaker box]

[Upstairs, Scott, Liam, and Stiles are sneaking through the general unit toward one of the gates to the closed unit, but when they turn the corner, they see two orderlies standing outside an office door and are forced to backtrack and hide in the adjacent hallway. Scott whispers to Stiles in a panicked voice]

SCOTT: What are they doing there?
STILES: I don't know. Their rounds should've ended five minutes ago.

[The three shift anxiously from foot to foot while they think about their options for a moment. Finally, Liam speaks up in a quiet voice]

LIAM: I can take them.

[Scott and Stiles both make the same face as they turn to look at Liam, who seems to be convinced that this is a reasonable idea]

SCOTT: No one's taking anyone.
STILES: [whispers] How much time?

[Scott checks his phone and sighs, frowning nervously with a sigh]

SCOTT: Three minutes.

[Liam looks at them as though they need to act immediately]

LIAM: I'll just knock them out and hide the bodies!

[Stiles rolls his eyes in exasperation and gives Liam a look]

STILES: Oh, my God-- please, stop.

[This entire time, the three boys have been so preoccupied with their plan that they didn't notice the young man locked in a cell in front of them, who is now becoming incredibly agitated as he pounds his fist against the bulletproof glass. The sound startles the boys so much that they all three instinctively jump backward away from the sound]

PATIENT: Did you take the doctor??

[Scott, Liam, and Stiles all look horrified by this development. Down the hallway, the orderlies are starting to get suspicious of the patient's shouting]

LIAM: [whispers] What?
PATIENT: Did you take the doctor? I haven't had my medication. I need ten milligrams at 8AM, fifteen milligrams at 1PM, and no more than twenty at dinner.

[Scott, who is only becoming more panicked as the orderlies down the hall start to look in their direction, attempts to calm the patient down so as to not blow their cover]

SCOTT: [quietly] We'll get the doctor...
PATIENT: [anxiously] Dr. Fenris. Dr. Fenris.

[The patient breaks down in sobs, much to the boys' horror]

PATIENT: He took Dr. Fenris!

[Back in the ELECTRICAL ROOM, Kira is taking deep breaths and trying to prepare to cause the brownout with her electrokinetic powers while Malia paces anxiously behind her. Kira's face looks absolutely panicked and desperate as she tries to stop her hands from shaking]

MALIA: I can smell how nervous you are.
KIRA: [groans] Not helping.

[Kira continues to stare at the wires in the breaker box, and Malia walks up next to her to reassure her, though her tone isn't very convincing]

MALIA: Okay. You can do this.

[Kira gives her a look that makes it clear she doesn't believe her, and Malia tries again]

MALIA: It's just like we practiced.
KIRA: [scoffs] You mean, like... when I caused a major blackout?
MALIA: [sighs] Not like that, no.

[Malia checks her phone for the time and starts to count down how much time they have before they need to trigger the brownout. The clock reads 07:59:50PM/19:59:50 as Kira holds out her hands just inches away from the wires]

MALIA: Ten seconds. Nine. Eight.

[Kira once again groans in frustration]

KIRA: Please stop counting.

[Kira takes a deep breath and finally reaches for the two main wires, wrapping her hands around each one. However, nothing happens when she makes contact with them, and Malia frowns in concern]

MALIA: Why isn't it working?
KIRA: [sighs] Because I have no idea what I'm doing.


[Back outside the CLOSED UNIT, Scott, Stiles, and Liam continue to hide behind a corner from the two orderlies standing outside the gate while a manic and anxious patient continues to pound on the glass of his cell and anxiously ramble to them]

PATIENT: I haven't had my medication! I need to see the doctor! He took Dr. Fenris!

[The boys look panicked, and Stiles looks at Scott and Liam with a frantic and annoyed expression]

STILES: Hey, somebody shut him up!

[Scott's face is scrunched up as he tries to think of what to do, and its clear that they are all panicked that something bad is going to happen as the guards look around and start heading toward where the boys are hiding]

PATIENT: I need to see the doctor!
STILES: [impatiently] Shut him up!

[Scott scrunches up his face more before extending his fangs, making his eyes glow bright crimson as he growls ferociously at the patient, who immediately becomes silent and backs away from the glass of his cell in fear. The orderlies, hearing no more rambling from the patient, assume that he was just talking to himself and walk through a side door, allowing Scott, Liam, and Stiles to continue on with their mission]

SCOTT: Come on.

[The boys turn the corner and walk toward the gate to the closed unit]

[Back in the ELECTRICAL ROOM, Kira is continuing to clutch onto the wires, but her powers still aren't working, which is only making her more anxious. Malia paces impatiently for a moment before she finally speaks up]

MALIA: Kira, nothing's happening...
KIRA: [irritably] I'm aware of that. I don't want to lose control, because I'm scared I might fry the entire system.

[Kira, visibly frustrated, lets go of the wires with a disappointed expression. Malia, knowing that she needs to motivate Kira to be confident in her Kitsune powers, walks over to Kira and looks her straight in the eyes]

MALIA: Stop worrying about what you might do. This isn't about you, or me-- it's about Lydia. We're here to save Lydia. We're here to save our friend.

[Kira, knowing that Malia is right, nods before closing her eyes and taking a steadying breath before reaching out and grabbing the wires. Her hands glow blue for a moment before her ice-blue foxfire starts to crackle around them, causing her eyes to glow their orange-gold hue to indicate that she's accessing her Kitsune powers to siphon the electricity from the wires. Malia looks around at the sound of machines powering down on the upper floors, and she smiles in relief when the lights go out]

MALIA: Kira, it's working!

[The nearby computer beeps suddenly, and Malia walks over it to see that the screen reads "KEYCARD SYSTEM REBOOT INITIATED"]

MALIA: Keep going!

[Kira focuses all of her attention on the task at hand, a small smile forming on her face as the electricity flashes across it. For a moment, the light flickers, and it looks as though Kira is an X-ray, with her skull and teeth visible through the darkness]

[Upstairs, Scott, Liam, and Stiles are nervously walking down the hallway when the lights briefly go out, only to be replaced by the back-up generator lights, causing them all to sigh in relief]

LIAM: [excitedly] She did it! Kira did it!
SCOTT: Five minutes to get to Lydia.

[They walk up to the gate to the closed unit, where Stiles pulls out the keycard he stole from the orderly in the previous episode before raising it to swipe it through the digital lock. However, he soon finds that there is no such lock to be found, and Stiles immediately begins to panic]

STILES: Where's the card reader?

[The three boys all start to look around the entire gate in hopes that it has simply just been moved]

STILES: It should be here. It has to be here.

[Scott looks worried when he realizes what has probably happened]

SCOTT: They must have taken it out when the Dread Doctors got through.
STILES: [anxiously] Are you telling me that we came all the way down here, just to be stopped by an ordinary key? Are you kidding me?

[After a brief moment, Liam speaks up in a determined voice]

LIAM: We don't need a key.

[Scott and Stiles look at Liam questioningly, not knowing what he's talking about]

LIAM: Not if we can break it down.

[Scott looks at Stiles, who shrugs as if to say, "Well, its worth a shot," leading Scott and Liam to both grab the wire fence gate with their fingers and start pulling it as hard as they can]

[Meanwhile, at the front gate, one of the guards is walking up the steps to the entrance while he gets an update from another guard on his walkie-talkie]

GUARD: [on the radio] South gate clear. Over.

[Before the guard can respond, he hears the front gate creak open, and turns to find that it's been pulled off its hinges and is dripping a familiar, clear, viscous substance. Just as the guard is about to report it over the radio, a transformed Tracy hisses and lunges toward the guard with her venom-coated claws]


[Deucalion is still sitting in the corner with the large IV drip of wolfsbane solution as a nervous-looking Hayden, who appears to be "babysitting" him, paces around the room]

DEUCALION: Do I make you nervous?

[Hayden stops pacing and looks at him with a snide expression]

HAYDEN: Shouldn't you already know the answer to that?
DEUCALION: [shrugs] Well, I thought it would be more polite to ask. But, yes, a girl your age shouldn't have a resting heart rate of 110 beats per minute. How about you unshackle me from this... thing, and we'll both be a little more at ease?

[Hayden gives him a scathing look]

HAYDEN: How stupid do you think I am?
DEUCALION: [sighs] Since I highly doubt you want me to answer that question honestly, let me propose an alternative-- you set me free, and I'll tell you a secret about those talons sitting in that jar over there.

[Hayden frowns in confusion as she looks over at the table, where the jar of Belasko's talons that Theo gained from the Desert Wolf are sitting]

DEUCALION: I may be blind, but my other senses paint a very detailed picture. I know the talons were created by the Dread Doctors.
HAYDEN: [scoffs] So, what?
DEUCALION: So, Theo believes he can fit them onto his own claws like a couple of press-on nails? Use them to siphon the power from the Beast?

[Deucalion chuckles in amusement]

DEUCALION: Good luck with that.

[Hayden begins to look concerned about what Deucalion is suggesting]

HAYDEN: What do you mean?
DEUCALION: The Dread Doctors would have designed those talons with a specific frequency... for a specific person. As a genetic chimera yourself, I would've thought you'd understand how often the body rejects an organ. Especially from an outside donor.

[Hayden's eyes widen in shock when she realizes what this means for Theo]

HAYDEN: If he puts them on, then...
DEUCALION: [smirks] Yes, Hayden-- they'll kill him.


[Outside the FRONT ENTRANCE, one of the guards is patrolling when he notices that his two-way radio is emitting loud static, and he pulls it out of his holster to fiddle with the channels. Just then, he hears footsteps approaching him and whips out his cattle-prod taser in anticipation of a fight. Unfortunately for him, his attacker is Josh, whose purple eyes glow brightly as he grabs the taser stick with his bare hands and absorbs its energy, turning the electrical current back on the guard as he roars in his face]

[Outside the CLOSED UNIT, Scott and Liam are grunting and groaning as they put all of their strength and focus into breaking open the gate, while Stiles watches anxiously and pulls an imaginary lever, as though he can will his strength to his friends to help them out. After a moment, Stiles finally speaks up]

STILES: Guys, we're running out of time...

[Scott, who is panting and clearly getting exhausted, takes a step away from the door and shakes his head with a frown]

SCOTT: We can't... The mountain ash... It's too much.

[Scott, Liam, and Stiles all look overwhelmed and disappointed at the prospect of letting Lydia down, and after a moment, Liam gets a determined look on his face as he turns to address Scott]

LIAM: Hit me.

[Scott scoffs and makes a face, which Stiles echoes]

SCOTT: What?
LIAM: Hit me! I'll get angry, then I'll get stronger.

[Scott continues to look at Liam as though he's insane, but Stiles seems wholeheartedly in support of this plan]

STILES: Hit him. Hit him!

[Liam, encouraged by Stiles' comments, tries to piss Scott off enough to do what he's asking]

LIAM: I tried to take your powers. I tried to kill you. Hit me!

[Scott continues to look at him with a flabbergasted expression, and Liam looks at Stiles for assistance]

STILES: He also left you for dead.

[Liam nods in agreement]

LIAM: I wanted you dead!

[Scott tries to resist his anger, but finally gives in and punches Liam in the face hard enough that he's briefly knocked off-balance]

LIAM: Do it again!

[Scott winces sympathetically before punching Liam in the face again, knocking him to his knees]

STILES: It's gotta be harder than that.
LIAM: Do it! Do it!

[Scott sighs and punches Liam one last time, and they both grunt under their breath from the exertion as Stiles cheers them on]


[Scott, tried to keep his werewolf powers under control, looks at Liam, who is slumped against the gate]

SCOTT: [growls] You angry?

[Liam turns to face Scott, his eyes glowing gold and his fangs out as he growls menacingly]

SCOTT: Me too.

[Scott nods toward the door, and both werewolves grab the gate and use their newly-heightened super strength to pull on the door. It takes a few moments before Scott and Liam are able to wrench the door off its hinges and shove it past the mountain ash barrier]

SCOTT: Stiles, go!

[Stiles looks back at Scott and Liam for a brief moment before passing through the doorway, leaving them to pat each other on the back as they anxiously wait for Stiles and Lydia to return]

SCOTT: Two minutes.

[Stiles walks through the halls, using the keycard to get through a second gate that leads into another hallway as he nervously looks around to make sure he isn't being followed by guards or other Eichen employees. He peeks into the various rooms until he finally finds Lydia's and opens the door to slip inside. However, when he sees the very weak and pale Lydia laying silently on the bed, her wrists and ankles strapped to the bed frame and Valack's bloody drill laying on the table next to her, he stops right in his tracks and stares in horror, especially when he sees the bloody wound on the left side of her head above her ear. When Lydia sees him, she looks both relieved and terrified]

LYDIA: Stiles...?

[The sound of Lydia's voice spurs Stiles into action, and he finally rushes toward the bed, where he examines her wound more closely. Lydia, however, only becomes more panicked as she weakly pleads with him]

LYDIA: You can't be here.

[Stiles' eyes glance from Lydia's trephination wound and her bloody, sweat-soaked pillow to the leather straps binding her wrists to the bed as Lydia uses all her strength to slightly lift her head up, her eyes widening in fear]

LYDIA: You'll die if you stay. All of you.

[In the ELECTRICAL ROOM, Malia and Kira are still anxiously waiting around for the signal to leave as Schrader walks past the door to the room on his way back to the front desk. The girls open the door a crack so they can peek out toward the front entrance to see what is going on and are both surprised and concerned when they see two guards with grim expressions walking into the building with their taser wands out. Malia frowns and whispers to Kira, who looks very anxious]

MALIA: Those guards shouldn't be there.
KIRA: [quietly] We could get past them...
MALIA: We could, but we don't want to set off any alarm until Lydia is out.

[They're both startled when the guards, who seemed to be checking in with Schrader, get a message through their radios]

GUARD: [on the radio] Perimeter security, check in, please. Perimeter, do you copy?

[The guards immediately rush off to deal with their security issue when they realize that one of their fellow guards isn't responding (likely because Tracy and Josh incapacitated them), and Malia and Kira quickly shut the door and lock it in hopes that no one realizes that they're inside the room]

[Meanwhile, in LYDIA'S ROOM, Stiles is frantically trying to undo Lydia's restraints so he can get her out of there, but Lydia is begging Stiles to leave her and run away]

LYDIA: Stiles, he's coming...
STILES: [anxiously] Lydia, I'm not leaving you here!
LYDIA: [frantically] You have to!

[A beeping noise indicates that someone has just entered the closed unit, and Lydia's eyes are wild with fear as she stares at Stiles intensely]

LYDIA: Stiles, go! Please!

[Stiles, hating what is happening, reluctantly does as Lydia has instructed and leaves, hiding around a corner leading to an adjacent hall just as Valack heads into Lydia's room from the opposite direction. He looks at Lydia-- who looks back at him with a blank expression-- and does not seem to sense that Stiles was just in the room. Outside one of the gates to the closed unit, Stiles is ducked behind the corner so he can listen to what Valack has to say in hopes that it can help their escape plan]


[Kira and Malia are leaning against the locked door of the ELECTRICAL ROOM where they are surprised and concerned to hear Schrader's bored-sounding voice call out to someone at the front desk]

SCHRADER: [sighs] Visiting hours are well past over.

[Out in the LOBBY, Tracy, whose skin is partially scaled, and whose Kanima eyes and her werewolf fangs and claws are out, approaches the front desk with a smirk. She is followed by Josh and Theo, just as Corey appears against the back wall, revealing that he had been invisible and keeping watch on everything this whole time]

TRACY: We're not here to visit.
THEO: [smirks] We're here for Lydia Martin.

[Schrader's eyes widen in fear at the sight of them, and he gulps nervously before backing away to call for help. However, before he can get far, Theo reaches through the window in front of the desk and grabs Schrader by the front of the shirt before pulling him through it and throwing him onto the floor]

[Meanwhile, outside the SOUTH GATE outside of the building, Parrish was dozing off when suddenly, his eyes open with the characteristic rattling noise that indicates the Hellhound is in control as his irises blaze bright reddish-orange]

[After the break, the scene cuts to outside the FRONT GATE, where Natalie Martin is desperately hitting the intercom button, though she gets no response from anyone inside. After a moment, she tries to call out for them]

NATALIE: Hello? Hello! This is Natalie Martin. I need to see my daughter immediately!

[Natalie hits the button several more times before sighing and walking away from the intercom box as she mutters under her breath]

NATALIE: Open the gate...

[She walks over to the gate and is surprised when she finds that the gate has already been broken open. She opens the door and slips inside, letting the door slam behind her as she walks toward the front steps. However, she immediately freezes in horror when she sees one of the security guards laying face down on the stone steps, his back bleeding from where Tracy mauled him earlier, and his taser laying several feet away from his hands. Instead of tending to the man, she rushes past him toward the front door in an attempt to get into the building]

[In the LOBBY, Malia and Kira have just left the electrical room, where they found Schrader unconscious on the floor. Malia slaps him in the face to wake him up, to no avail, and is surprised to hear the crackling of electricity behind her. When she turns around, she sees ice-blue foxfire sparking around Kira's body, and Kira looks at her hands in horror as she tries her best to keep it contained]

KIRA: [panicked] It's started.

[Malia stands to her feet and immediately starts coming up with a plan]

MALIA: We need to get you out of here.
KIRA: What about the others?
MALIA: They should already be back at the morgue. Let's go!

[Malia gestures toward Kira to follow after her, and Kira quickly hops over Schrader's body just as the man starts to regain consciousness before she and Malia make it through the door toward the morgue]

[Over in LYDIA'S ROOM, Valack is sitting at Lydia's bedside, where he has grabbed a cotton ball and uses it to blot at the bleeding trephination wound on Lydia's head. The contact makes Lydia wince and flinch away from him, but Valack continues to speak with her in a soothing voice]

VALACK: Stay focused, Lydia.
LYDIA: [weakly] What did you do to me?
VALACK: I've amplified your abilities-- something that might just save the lives of your friends.

[Out in the ADJACENT HALLWAY, Stiles is still hiding around the corner, and he scowls mutinously as he listens to Valack talk to Lydia after what he's done to her. Back in LYDIA'S ROOM, Lydia is using her new extrasensory perception powers to tell Valack what she has learned]

LYDIA: Theo and Hayden... They found it. They were looking for Noah, but they found a symbol. A circle inside of another circle, carved into a wall... the symbol of Scott's pack.

[Valack seems intrigued and slightly nervous about this information, as does Stiles, who moves closer to the gate so he can hear better]

VALACK: It was more than a symbol, wasn't it? It was a promise to reunite them.
LYDIA: [weakly] Yes.
VALACK: But has Scott done it yet? Will he be coming for you?

[Lydia, who is staring at the ceiling as if in a daze, replies in a quiet, raspy voice]

LYDIA: Someone's coming...

[The buzzer to the far gate to the closed unit buzzes loudly, indicating to Valack and Stiles that someone is heading toward Lydia's room]

LYDIA: ...But it's not Scott.

[The gate to the closed unit on the opposite end of the hall from where Stiles is hiding opens, just as Theo, Tracy, Josh, and Corey walk through it and head toward Lydia's room]

[Back in the GENERAL UNIT just outside the gate into the closed unit, Scott and Liam are desperately using all of the strength they can muster to try to break through the mountain ash barrier so they can help Stiles get Lydia, as they're nervous about the fact that Stiles hasn't returned with her yet. After a long moment, the barrier throws them back a step, and they both double over to catch their breath, visibly exhausted from their effort. Scott's expression becomes discouraged as he looks at the open gate]

SCOTT: [pants] We're never going to get through.
LIAM: You've gotten through it before, though-- right?
SCOTT: Uh... it was a life or death situation.
LIAM: [exasperatedly] And this isn't?
SCOTT: This isn't just a circle. There's mountain ash in half the building.

[Scott suddenly winces and pulls up the front of his shirt, revealing that the effort to break through the mountain ash has caused the wounds inflicted upon him by Theo when he killed him in Status Asthmaticus have reopened and are starting to bleed again. Liam looks both guilty and horrified at the sight of how vicious the wounds look, and Scott sighs defeatedly as he lowers his shirt again. Liam, too, looks just as discouraged]

LIAM: Stiles and Lydia had five minutes to get in and out. It's been almost ten. The reboot's over.
SCOTT: [sighs] And the keycard doesn't work anymore.

[Liam suddenly sees something over Scott's shoulder that causes his eyes to widen in shock]

LIAM: And then there's the four security guards...

[Scott frowns at him in confusion]

SCOTT: What guards?

[Liam makes a face that is part-scared, part-exasperated, and part-exhausted as he points down the hallway behind him]

LIAM: Those guards.

[Scott turns around, his eyes widening in horror as he sees the four guards Liam warned him about as they slowly stalk toward them. The guards are sneering at the two werewolves, almost growling under their breath as they pull out their taser wands and prepare to attack them]

[Back outside LYDIA'S ROOM, Stiles is still hiding around the corner and eavesdropping on the confrontation currently underway-- Tracy has Valack pinned in a choke-hold against the wall in the hallway as Theo, noting the trephination hole in Lydia's skull, scoffs incredulously]

THEO: I can't believe this is actually a medical establishment.

[Despite being in a choke-hold, Valack looks at Theo curiously]

VALACK: Now, what would a pack of Chimeras want with a Banshee?

[Theo smirks at Valack, clearly enjoying that he seemingly has the upper-hand in this scenario]

THEO: I don't want a Banshee. I'm looking for a Hellhound.

[Stiles' eyes widen in shock when a loud, rumbling roar is heard through the hallway, just as Parrish, in full Hellhound-mode, appears behind the gate that the Chimera Pack had walked through several minutes earlier and uses his clawed hands and Hellhound fire to melt the metal gate, causing it to glow as brightly as the fire around his body as it collapses into a twisted pile on the floor. Valack looks somewhat satisfied by this development as he turns to address Theo, who is whose eyes are wide in surprise]

VALACK: You wanted a Hellhound? I think you found one.

[Theo continues to stare curiously at Parrish, who bursts into flames and roars threateningly at the Chimeras before walking through the now-destroyed gate toward Lydia's room. Corey and Josh, who have just heard all of the commotion, walk out into the hallway and gape in shock at Parrish as he continues to walk toward them. Stiles, who is seeing Parrish's full Hellhound form for the first time, seems to be unsure of what his arrival means for their plan]


[Outside at the FRONT ENTRANCE, Natalie has just finally arrived to the front doors. She's visibly unnerved by how quiet it is as she looks around for a guard or someone who can let her know what is going on]

[Meanwhile, inside the building, Malia and Kira are attempting to get out before Kira loses all control over her foxfire. They have just made it inside the MORGUE, and are about to run out the second door toward the south gate when an alarm suddenly sounds and makes them freeze for a moment. Even more panicked now, Malia instinctively grabs the handle to the door in hopes of fleeing the room before they're caught, but the door has been electrified, shocking Malia upon contact with such force that Malia flies backward and hits Kira as well, sending them both flying backward before they land on the floor. When the girls stand up, they look devastated upon realizing what is happening]

MALIA: Lockdown.

[Throughout the entire Eichen House facility, doors are automatically closing, locking, and becoming electrified through the powerful telluric current convergence upon which the building stands. Emergency lights are also turned on to illuminate the halls and exterior entrances. Meanwhile, outside the FRONT ENTRANCE, Natalie jumps backward in fright as every window and door is covered by sliding corrugated metal covers, preventing anyone from entering or exiting the building in any way as the lockdown takes effect. Natalie shrieks in fear and covers her mouth with her hands for a moment before somewhat calming herself and rushing away to figure out another plan to get inside]

[In the GENERAL UNIT just outside the gate to the closed unit, the four security guards have closed in on Scott and Liam. One of them backhands Liam in the face with his taser wand, knocking him backward into a corner and disorienting him so much that he's unable to prevent the guard from tasing him in the chest]


[Scott is fighting against two guards, but he's still weak from trying to break through the mountain ash and the fact that his wounds reopened, making it easy for the two guards to shock him at the same time with their own tasers, hitting him in the back and the shoulder. Scott roars in pain as he falls face-down onto the floor]


[Another guard joins in so that Scott is being tased by three guards simultaneously while the fourth deals with Liam, who, like Scott, is now face-down on the floor in front of him. Liam is tased once again, and he roars in agony as his muscles all begin to spasm]


[Scott is on his knees and elbows as he tries to get up, but the three guards each have their taser wands pointed at the same spot in his spine as they shoot continuous electrical currents through his body. In his typical fashion, Scott is more concerned with Liam and his injuries than he is his own, and he looks at Liam with horror and guilt as his Beta continues to be tortured by the guard. While the two guards continue to shoot continuous currents through Scott's body, the third has begun to hit Scott in the back with the butt of his wand in hopes of incapacitating him]

[When Scott sees Liam getting tased once again and crying out in agony as his eyes roll back in his head, he gets a determined look on his face and musters up all the energy he has left as the guard prepares to hit him in the back with the butt of his wand once again. Suddenly, Scott's eyes blaze crimson as his fangs extend into claws and he Alpha-roars at the top of his lungs, which is so loud that it echoes throughout the building. Stiles hears it first from his hiding spot in the corner and looks both relieved and concerned to hear it. Next to hear it are Kira, who still has blue foxfire crackling around her body, and Malia, which causes Malia's eyes to glow bright blue as she smiles in relief in the morgue]

[Back upstairs, Scott, who is still on his knees and elbows, screws up his face in a snarl as he roars a second time and launches himself into a standing position, hitting two of the three guards in the face with his fists so hard that they're knocked out. The roar seems to rejuvenate Liam, whose eyes glow gold as his teeth extend into fangs, and he growls loudly as he pushes himself off the ground, fighting through the taser that is currently shocking him so he can shove the guard against the wall, knocking him out before he falls to the floor. Scott, who has just defeated the last remaining guard, turns to Liam, who is trying to catch his breath after using most of his energy in the fight, as his fangs recede and the red fades from his eyes. Scott jerks his head toward the hallway from where the guards came to attack them]

SCOTT: Come on.

[Scott turns and walks down the hallway away from the closed unit as Liam follows after him]

SCOTT: We're getting Lydia out of here.


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