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[Chris is driving his SUV down a back road while Gerard, holding The Surgeon's sword-cane, sits in the passenger seat and looks smug. Chris gives him a look]

CHRIS: You knew, didn't you?
GERARD: [smiles] I wasn't certain, but I suspected. Although, it makes sense that Marie-Jeanne's pike would be reforged into something that could appear as innocuous as a cane.
CHRIS: But will it kill him?
GERARD: You're damn right it will.


[Stiles has just brought Mason's medical chart, obtained from Melissa in the previous episode, to Deaton in hopes that he can share some insight]

DEATON: Vanishing twin syndrome...?
STILES: [hopefully] This is part of your expertise, right?
DEATON: [warily] Not particularly, no.

[Stiles frowns in disappointment as Deaton studies the chart. Just then, a loud noise is heard as Liam and Scott appear in the doorway, holding up The Surgeon, who is gravely injured]

SCOTT: He's still alive!


[Tracy has just brought the seriously-injured Theo back to the operating theater following his defeat against the Dread Doctors. She gently sets him down on the ground and looks concerned when he groans in pain]

TRACY: This looks bad, Theo...
THEO: I'll be fine.

[Suddenly, Theo smiles softly and caresses her face with his hand, and they stare at each other for a long moment before they start to make out. Theo pulls her closer to him, so she's straddling his hips, but it's not long before the pain gets to him and he groans. Tracy looks worried as she pulls away]

TRACY: Maybe we need to stop...

[Theo sighs, visibly upset by how poorly his plans have worked]

TRACY: Or figure out another plan. Just take a couple more days to think about it.

[Theo looks at her incredulously and scoffs]

THEO: Days? You want me to wait days?
TRACY: You're hurt. You need time to heal.

[Tracy starts to look self-conscious]

TRACY: And I'm not like the others. I can't take your pain.
THEO: [smiles weakly] I know. And that's okay... because you can do something else for me.

[Theo leans forward and pulls her closer to him as though he's about to kiss her again, but instead, he jams his claws into her back]

THEO: You can give me your power.

[Tracy's eyes widen, and she groans in pain when she realizes that he's about to kill her like he killed Josh. She struggles against his hold, eventually extending her claws and fangs in hopes of fighting back]

TRACY: Theo!

[Tracy claws him back, but looks horrified when she realizes her Kanima venom no longer works on him]

TRACY: Theo, stop!

[She slowly becomes weaker and weaker, until her grunting, snarling, and struggling stops completely. Once she's dead, Theo gasps for breath and momentarily becomes so overwhelmed by the power rush that both he and Tracy's body fall sideways. Just then, Deucalion enters the room with his cane and gives Theo an exasperated look]

DEUCALION: And then there were none.



[The Beast has just shifted back into Sebastien, who leaves an injured and unconscious Parrish behind as he walks toward the deputy's car. He's initially overwhelmed by the technology inside of it, but after a moment, he closes his eyes and allows himself to see visions of Mason's memories. After watching Mason turn the key to start his car's ignition and adjust the rear-view mirrors, Sebastien smiles in satisfaction and repeats the action, allowing him to use Mason's knowledge to drive away]


[Braeden is outside the front door of the McCall House, peeking around the doorway inside where the Desert Wolf is lurking downstairs. Up in the hallway, Malia is dialing a number into her phone when her mother shouts up to her]

DESERT WOLF: Who are you calling, Malia?

[Malia immediately stops typing, looking concerned]

DESERT WOLF: Is it Stiles, your boyfriend? Tell him to come. Bring all your friends, if you want.

[Malia hesitates, clearly torn between her desire to call for backup and her unwillingness to put her friends in more danger]

DESERT WOLF: Go ahead, Malia. You tell me how many people I'm going to have to kill tonight.


[The Surgeon is laying on the exam table while Stiles, Deaton, Scott, and Liam surround him, looking concerned]

SCOTT: Can you keep him alive?
DEATON: I'm not sure he technically is alive.
LIAM: [scoffs] Screw keeping him alive! How do we get him to talk?
STILES: Personally, I don't think we utilize torture nearly enough...

[Deaton gives Stiles a look, just as a loud whispering is heard]


[Liam frowns and looks at the others]

LIAM: Did you hear that?

[Scott frowns and focuses his hearing as the voice calls out again]

SEBASTIEN: Come to me... To me...

[Suddenly, The Surgeon bolts upright and causes an ear-splittingly loud noise to ring loudly throughout the room, which forces Deaton, Scott, Liam, and Stiles to cover their ears with their hands. While they're distracted, The Surgeon stands and gets ready to leave. Liam growls and lunges toward him before Scott can stop him]

SCOTT: Liam, wait!

[The Surgeon turns and causes an electromagnetic concussive blast that shoves Liam backward into the wall behind him before he crashes to the floor. The Surgeon walks out the door and raises his hand before he walks into the parking lot, which causes all of the metal furniture to fly toward the door to the exam room. Liam gets to his feet, rubbing his sore neck, but when he and Scott start to chase after The Surgeon, Deaton stops them]

DEATON: Stop. It's electrified.

[Scott's eyes widen in shock, and he gently holds out his hand to feel the static electricity coming off of the furniture]

[Meanwhile, The Surgeon has just made it outside, and after using his powers to knock out all of the lights, he falls to his knees. Sebastien approaches him and gives him a hard look before he takes The Surgeon's mask off, revealing a withered old man underneath with sparse white hair and blood pouring out of his mouth. It's Marcel, the friend who covered for Sebastien in the 18th century flashbacks in Maid of Gévaudan, and his friend looks horrified by his appearance]

SEBASTIEN: Marcel... if this is what immortality looks like, I think you might have been misled.
MARCEL/THE SURGEON: For you... All for you...
SEBASTIEN: What did you do with it, Marcel? Where's the pike?

[Inside, Scott's eyes widen in shock when he realizes what they're talking about]

SCOTT: The Argents... The cane!
LIAM: [defeatedly] But they took it. They took the cane.


[Parrish has just stopped running and is catching his breath as Gerard and Chris approach him]

PARRISH: I lost him.
CHRIS: Sebastien's going to know we have the pike. And, if he doesn't, he's going to figure it out soon enough.
PARRISH: Then what do we do?

[Gerard smirks and holds up the cane]

GERARD: We stop chasing him... and make him come to us.


[Braeden has her rifle aimed inside the house while she takes cover next to the front doorway. She trains her laser sights as close to the Desert Wolf as she can and takes a shot, which just barely misses her when she ducks into the dining room. The Desert Wolf smirks in amusement]

DESERT WOLF: Almost, Braeden... But not quite. You'll get another chance. But you better make sure it's a headshot.

[Malia, still upstairs, walks toward the staircase, and when the floorboards creak, the Desert Wolf smiles and walks toward the staircase as well]

DESERT WOLF: Coming down, Malia?

[Outside, Braeden looks scared]

BRAEDEN: Malia, don't move!

[Malia does as she's told and freezes upstairs in the hallway]


[Deaton, Scott, Stiles, and Liam are gathered around the table in the exam room, where Scott is flipping through the pages of Mason's chart]

SCOTT: Maybe there's something in here? Something about how he was a genetic chimera. Mason had a vanishing twin...
STILES: Now we've got a vanishing Mason.
LIAM: [confused] What does that have to do with him turning into a 250-year-old French guy? How does that even happen?

[Suddenly, Deaton gets an idea]

DEATON: Hold on... Scott might have something. Mason's twin wasn't entirely gone-- that's what made him a genetic chimera. The DNA was still there. Metaphorically speaking, the DNA of Mason could still be inside Sebastien as well.
DEATON: Life is energy. Energy doesn't just disappear. The Dread Doctors may have found a way to break the rules of the supernatural world, but there are some rules that simply won't break.

[Liam's expression becomes hopeful at this news]

LIAM: So, Mason just can't be gone?
DEATON: Somewhere in Sebastien, he has to still exist in some form. A spark of energy, a flicker of memory...
STILES: Hang on... Liam, you said Mason said something right before he turned.
LIAM: He said... "That's not my name."
SCOTT: [shocked] He finally remembered his name.
STILES: Damnatio memoriae.
SCOTT: That's what they wanted. They wanted Sebastien to remember his name.
DEATON: [smiles] Scott, you know the myth of what happens when you call a werewolf by its given name?
SCOTT: [stunned] It turns back to human...
LIAM: [confused] What does that mean? Someone can just walk up to the Beast, yell Mason's name, and turn him back?
SCOTT: Not someone...
STILES: Lydia.


[Sebastien has just walked up to the front desk at the station, where Valerie Clarke is working]

CLARKE: Who did you say you were looking for?
SEBASTIEN: The man's name is Argent.

[Just then, Sheriff appears in the doorway of his office]

SHERIFF: Did you say "Argent?"

[The scene cuts to inside Sheriff's office, where Sebastien is sitting in a chair in front of the desk. Sheriff's phone buzzes, and he glances at the screen to read his texts]

SHERIFF: Sorry, my son likes to leave--

[His phone buzzes again, and Sheriff looks momentarily concerned at whatever the message from Stiles says, suggesting that Stiles warned him about Sebastien. However, Sheriff quickly puts on his poker face to hide this revelation]

SHERIFF: --Incredibly long and incredibly confusing messages.

[Sebastien looks at him curiously, and Sheriff gulps nervously before sitting behind his desk]

SHERIFF: Maybe I should just turn the damn thing...

[Sheriff shuts off his phone and sets it down on the desk before finally addressing him]

SHERIFF: So... You're looking for one of the Argents?

[Sebastien concentrates on the sound of Sheriff's heartbeat, which is quick enough that he can tell Sheriff is anxious. He smiles in satisfaction]

SEBASTIEN: You seem to know who I am. That means you know what I'm capable of.

[Sheriff takes his sidearm out of the holster on his hip and sets it down on the desk with a glare]

SHERIFF: I've got some experience.
SEBASTIEN: [amused] Your weapons may be more sophisticated than the arrows and the bullets of my time, but they still won't kill me.
SHERIFF: [scoffs] I'm pretty sure a 9mm Beretta will do more damage than an 18th century musket.
SEBASTIEN: [challengingly] Are you certain? I can walk out of this place with my hands clean... or, I can walk out with them drenched in blood. Your choice.

[Sheriff sighs and looks torn for a long moment. The scene cuts to the bullpen, where Clarke watches as Sheriff leads Sebastien out]

CLARKE: [confused] Sir?

[When she sees the gun in Sheriff's hands, she immediately goes into defense mode, pulling out her own gun and aiming it at Sebastien. Sheriff looks horrified and immediately tries to stop her]

SHERIFF: Clarke, don't!
CLARKE: [to Sebastien] Stop where you are.
SHERIFF: [panicked] Let him go.

[Sebastien's fangs and claws come out, and his eyes begin to glow bright blue as he turns to lunge toward Clarke. Sheriff aims his gun at Sebastien and shouts at him]


[Clarke and Sheriff both start shooting at Sebastien as he rushes toward Clarke. Though the bullets do slow him down somewhat, they don't stop him, and he presumably knocks both of them out. A moment later, Hayden walks into the station to see her sister and is horrified by the sight of an injured Sheriff crawling toward where he dropped his gun several feet away. Lydia has just come into the bullpen and is staring wide-eyed at Sebastien as he stalks toward her]

[He wraps his clawed hand around Lydia's throat and rears back his other arm to claw out her chest when Lydia suddenly Banshee-wails in his face, thrusting her hands forward and using the force of her voice to throw him backward toward the Sheriff's office. Hayden looks shocked at seeing Lydia's powers in action and concerned as Lydia wraps her hands around her seriously bleeding throat and falls to her knees. Sebastien slowly gets to his feet and looks over at Hayden, who is beginning to panic. When he closes his eyes, he sees Mason's memories of Hayden and ascertains her identity]

SEBASTIEN: Hayden. Your name is Hayden.

[Hayden's eyes widen in fear as Sebastien lunges toward her]


[Sheriff has Lydia in a bridal carry as he rushes through the front doors to the emergency room. Lydia is still applying pressure to her bleeding neck wounds and is becoming weaker by the moment]



[Braeden is still ducked down on the back porch and trying to use her laser sights to get a shot at the Desert Wolf, who is still hiding behind the wall next to the staircase with her gun raised while Malia hesitates at the top of the steps]

DESERT WOLF: Malia... Come down.
BRAEDEN: Don't listen to her!
DESERT WOLF: I'm not going to stop, Malia. I'm taking back what you stole from me.

[Malia looks furious as she mutters under her breath]

MALIA: I didn't steal anything.
DESERT WOLF: But you did.

[The Desert Wolf starts to walk closer to the staircase with her gun raised]

DESERT WOLF: And I don't care if you're a willing participant or not. Talia Hale spent nine months trying to convince me of the miracle of childbirth. You know what it really felt like? A parasite. Talia said it was a gift, that the coyote passes down part of her power to her daughter. She called it "beautiful." I call it "theft."

[Malia slowly makes her way down the steps, and when the Desert Wolf hears the creaking stairs under her feet, she comes out into the open to shoot at her. Malia ducks out of the way just as Braeden takes a shot at her from the porch. One of the shots hits the Desert Wolf, but not in a critical area, and others shatter some of the windows. Meanwhile, when the Desert Wolf shoots at Braeden, she gets hit in the side with a bullet and turns to take cover as she applies pressure to her wound and groans]


[Sebastien has just brought a slightly injured Hayden into the DREAD DOCTORS' OPERATING THEATER. Hayden notices Tracy's dead body laying on the ground next to the large syringe filled with her Kanima venom, but Sebastien is too preoccupied with finding the pike]

SEBASTIEN: Where is it?
HAYDEN: I brought you here like you wanted. How about letting me go now?

[Hayden kneels next to Tracy's body and gently closes her eyelids as Sebastien stops and stares at the fresco on the wall. Hayden looks over at the syringe next to her and picks it up before slowly walking so she's standing next to him but somewhat in his blind spot. He studies the painting for another moment before pointing at it]

SEBASTIEN: This demon on the left-- what is he?
HAYDEN: He's called a Hellhound.

[Sebastien closes his eyes to look through Mason's memories for a moment]

SEBASTIEN: Parrish... His name is Parrish, isn't it?

[Hayden looks nervous as she continues to keep the syringe out of his sight]

SEBASTIEN: And the Argents will try to put the pike in his hands.

[He looks over at Hayden, who sees her opportunity to take out the syringe and try to inject him in the neck with it. However, Sebastien easily sees this coming and grabs her by the arm, twisting it backward so hard that her arm breaks and she drops the syringe onto the ground]

SEBASTIEN: [sneers] When did young people become so confident?

[Sebastien shoves Hayden backward until her back is flat against the wall before plunging his clawed hand into her stomach, causing her to moan in agony]

[Elsewhere in the UNDERGROUND TUNNELS/SEWERS, Theo and Deucalion are walking through a hallway when they suddenly stop at the sound of a high-pitched screeching noise]

THEO: I know that sound. It's the Argents, isn't it?
DEUCALION: [nods] Drawing the Beast to them. Corralling it. You'll need to be back at full capacity.
THEO: [shrugs] Let's find out.

[Theo breaks a pipe off of the wall, exposing the electrical wires running through it, before he grabs onto it in the same manner that Josh used to. He then extends his free hand toward Deucalion, which releases a bolt of electricity that shocks him so much that he falls onto the ground. Theo smiles smugly before he walks toward Deucalion as he struggles to recover]

THEO: Looks like it worked!
DEUCALION: [exasperatedly] You know, Theo, someday, your willingness to stab anyone and everyone in the back might turn out to be your downfall.
THEO: [laughs] Don't worry! You can still have Scott's eyes. I'll just be bringing them to you.

[Theo walks away, leaving Deucalion on the ground to recover from the electricity]


[Stiles is in Lydia's room, where she is sleeping soundly in her bed, her neck bandaged up where Sebastien clawed her. Stiles takes her hand in his own and squeezes it affectionately, which causes her to stir awake. Stiles sighs in relief]

STILES: Hey, you all right?

[When Lydia speaks, her voice is a weak rasp due to her vocal cords being affected by her injury]

LYDIA: Did... Did you find something? A solution?

[Stiles takes a deep breath and looks at her with a saddened expression]

STILES: Yeah... It was you. It was you, Lydia.

[Lydia looks devastated by this news]


[Parrish is in the tunnels, having just read a text message on his phone, when Chris, who had been searching the tunnels, catches up with him. Parrish looks at him with concern]

PARRISH: Lydia's been hurt. Badly.

[The Beast's growls are heard, indicating that he's rapidly approaching them. Chris is clearly concerned by this news, but forces him to stay on task]

CHRIS: It doesn't change anything.
PARRISH: [incredulously] What if she's dying?
CHRIS: If we don't stop Sebastien, she will die. He's not just coming for the pike-- he's coming for anything that stands in his way. Right now, that's all of us.

[The growling and stomping noises get louder as the Beast closes in on them, and Chris gets into position as Parrish looks at him in confusion]

PARRISH: What are you doing?
CHRIS: You saved my life once. Now, I'm going to save yours.

[Parrish makes a concerned and confused face]

PARRISH: I'm not sure I'm getting the strategy here...
CHRIS: You're the strategy, Parrish. You're the one in the fresco-- put there as a reminder that the Beast isn't unstoppable. Whoever painted it, they didn't see a guy with a gun facing down the Beast. They saw you. They saw the Hellhound.

[Parrish looks torn, but is seemingly motivated by Chris' pep talk, because his eyes begin to glow reddish-orange as he bursts into flames, preparing to fight the Beast when he finds them]


[A saddened Liam is sitting out in the hallway when Scott walks out of Lydia's room to join him]

LIAM: Is she okay?
SCOTT: [nods weakly] She's gonna be fine, but... she can't really talk.

[Liam's expression goes from sad to defeated, and his shoulders slump as he sighs]

LIAM: Then its over, isn't it? There's nothing we can do to save him.

[Scott looks heartbroken, both for Liam and for his own feelings over losing Mason. Just then, his phone buzzes, and he sees that he has two missed voicemails]

SCOTT: Give me a second.

[Scott walks a short distance down the hall to listen to the voicemails that Kira left him in the previous episode]

KIRA: [in voiceover] Hey, it's me. Oh, God, I wish you'd just picked up. I hate leaving messages. I always ramble, I always say stupid things, and when I finally get to the super important thing that I'm supposed to say, the voicemail cuts me off, and--

[The voicemail beeps and cuts off, and Scott huffs a breath that is part laugh, part exasperated sigh. He clicks on the second voicemail message and listens to it]

KIRA: [in voiceover] Me again. I have to leave. But I'm coming back to help, I promise. Because you're right, Scott... if anyone's going to save Mason, it's you. It's us.

[The voicemail cuts off, and Scott, now with renewed spirit after Kira's motivational voicemail, turns and walks back over to Liam with a determined smile]

SCOTT: Get up.
LIAM: [confused] Why?
SCOTT: Because I've got an idea... And because this isn't over.

[The scene cuts to inside Lydia's room, where Scott, Liam, and Stiles have gathered around her bed. After a moment, Melissa walks in, looking nervous and with a syringe concealed discretely in her hand]

MELISSA: Lydia, this is gonna have to be just between us, since I can get fired for it.

[Lydia nods in agreement, though it's clear by the expression on her face when she turns toward Scott that she's both confused and concerned and wants an explanation]

SCOTT: It's a cortisone shot. It's gonna bring the inflammation down.

[Lydia nods and holds out her arm, thinking that the injection will go there, but Melissa shakes her head]

MELISSA: Not there.

[Melissa reaches up and gently peels half of the bandage over her throat away so she can see the claw wounds. Lydia groans in pain, clearly not excited about the prospect of getting a shot in her open wound, and both Stiles and Liam start to look woozy]

STILES: Uh, yeah, okay, I'm gonna need to leave--

[Melissa cuts him off as he starts to walk toward the door]

MELISSA: You're not going anywhere. Hold her hand.

[Stiles sighs and walks back to Lydia's bedside and takes her hand]

STILES: Okay, fine. I'm not leaving... But I still might faint.

[Melissa takes a deep breath and uncaps the syringe before aiming the needle for her claw wound]

MELISSA: Okay, here we go.

[Lydia braces herself, but before Melissa can do anything, Liam's eyes roll back into his head and he faints, collapsing onto the ground in a heap. Scott rushes over to check on him, and Melissa rolls her eyes before turning back to Lydia]

MELISSA: Okay, Lydia, this is gonna hurt like a bitch...

[Melissa pushes the needle into Lydia's neck, and she gasps in pain and whimpers as she is injected with the cortisone]

[The scene cuts to the ground floor, where Scott, Liam, Stiles, and a properly-dressed Lydia have just walked out of the elevator. Stiles is helping Lydia stay on her feet as they exit the elevator, but then lets go when they start to split up, leaving Liam to help hold her up in his stead]

STILES: Okay, I'll get Malia. Text me when you find Parrish.
SCOTT: Hold on--

[Stiles stops and turns around as Scott pulls out a cylinder-shaped object wrapped in brown paper out of his jacket pocket and hands it to him]

STILES: What is this?
SCOTT: Something I've been working on for a while. Just make sure Malia gets it.
STILES: [confused] Is it Plan B?
SCOTT: It was Plan A...

[Stiles gives Scott a wary look]

STILES: Plan A never works.
SCOTT: [determinedly] This one will.


[Deaton is in the exam room when he hears the front door open. He's about to walk out to see who it is when Hayden, clutching her bleeding abdomen, stumbles through the doorway. Deaton looks at her with surprise and concern]

DEATON: Hayden?
HAYDEN: [weakly] They said that you can help us when we get hurt?

[Hayden groans in pain and struggles to stay upright, nearly falling over]

HAYDEN: Well, I think I'm pretty hurt...

[She takes a step toward him and her knees buckle, and Deaton just barely manages to catch her in his arms before she falls to the floor]


[Malia and the Desert Wolf are standing so that they're back to back, with only the wall separating the foyer from the living room keeping them apart. Malia's fangs and claws come out, and she growls menacingly as the Desert Wolf smirks and quickly moves to fight her. However, before they can battle, the front door opens, and both women turn their heads toward it to find Stiles, wearing a backpack, standing in the doorway. When Stiles sees the Desert Wolf's gun aimed at him, he gulps nervously and sighs at the fact that he once again has a gun pointed at his face]

STILES: Oh, damn--

[Before he can be hurt by the Desert Wolf, Malia grabs him and throws him into the other room to protect him before she and her mother begin to struggle. They wrestle with each other until they fall into the living room and land on top of the glass coffee table, which collapses and shatters into a million pieces underneath them while Stiles hides behind the couch]


[Scott, Liam, and Lydia are walking through the tunnels in search of the Beast when they hear yelling and grunting nearby where the Beast and Parrish are fighting. The sound of electricity crackling worries Liam even more, who turns back to Scott]

LIAM: [whispers] Scott? You hear that?
LYDIA: I heard that.
SCOTT: Lydia, save your voice.

[Liam looks down at his feet, and when he realizes that they're walking through standing water, his eyes widen in shock as he quickly lifts Lydia off the ground]

LIAM: Hey... Lydia, get out of the water!

[Lydia frantically grabs the pipes running along the walls and pulls herself up so her feet are no longer in the puddle, but Liam and Scott aren't able to get away fast enough before they're both electrocuted so badly that they collapse onto the floor. Theo appears behind them, revealing that he is the one who electrocuted them, before he grabs Lydia by the shoulders]

THEO: Sorry, Lydia.

[Lydia whimpers in fear as Theo throws her over an open grate a few feet away. She starts to fall down the hole into the space below, but is saved just in time by Scott, who is able to grab her by the wrist. However, when he tries to pull her up, Theo kneels behind him and stabs his claws into Scott's back, causing him to groan in pain]

THEO: Feel that, Scott? Kanima venom.

[Scott and Lydia's eyes widen in horror when they realize that Theo has Tracy's power and that the Kanima venom means it's only a matter of time before Scott is unable to hold on]

THEO: Just let it happen. Let it go. Let everything go.

[Scott yells in horror and struggles with all of his might to hang onto Lydia, but his hands are eventually paralyzed, and Lydia screams when she falls through his grip and lands onto the cement below her]


[Meanwhile, elsewhere in the tunnels, Parrish, who is fighting against the Beast, hears Lydia's scream and immediately turns his head toward the sound, causing him to be so distracted that the Beast can easily punch him in the face before shifting back into Sebastien and walking toward the sound of the commotion]


[The Desert Wolf and Malia are still fighting in the living room when Stiles finally manages to crawl onto his knees and peek over the top of the couch. When he sees Malia laying on the floor where her mother has just kicked her down, he growls under his breath and jumps over the couch to attack the Desert Wolf. He tries to punch her in the face, but she wastes no time throwing him down on the floor, where he lands in a heap on the pile of broken glass from where the women had fallen through the coffee table. Stiles rolls onto his back, revealing that a large shard of glass has impaled him through the shoulder, and when Malia sees that he's hurt, she gets up and looks worried]

MALIA: Stiles...?

[Stiles flops backward and pants, clearly panicking about his wound]


[Liam and Scott are still recovering on the ground from the Kanima venom that Theo injected into their system, and Theo smirks devilishly when he hears the sound of the Beast approaching]

THEO: You hear that? That's the sound of real power.

[Theo wolfs-out and walks around the corner toward Sebastien, who has overheard Theo's earlier comment and is both amused and offended by it]

SEBASTIEN: Another arrogant youth. A contender to steal my name? You think you can take it from me?
THEO: I just want your power.

[Theo lunges forward, and though Sebastien grabs one of Theo's wrists, Theo uses his free hand to stab his claws into his gut in hopes of paralyzing him with Kanima venom. However, Sebastien just looks at him, both smug and amused, and Theo starts to panic when the venom does nothing to incapacitate him. Sebastien closes his eyes, and when he opens them, they glow bright blue as he starts to transform into the Beast. Dark veins appear on Theo's face as he tries to take Sebastien's pain, life, and power, but the Beast simply throws him against the wall before turning and walking away as he shifts back. He hears the ultrasonic emitters and starts to follow the noise while Theo pleads with him]

THEO: No! No!

[Theo starts to crawl away, but he turns back when he hears footsteps approaching. It's Deucalion, followed closely by Scott and Liam. Theo's eyes widen in shock when he realizes he's just been played]

THEO: You lied to me. You and Scott...

[Deucalion, looking very satisfied, crouches down so he can look Theo in the eyes while Scott glares at him]

DEUCALION: That's right, Theo. The whole time.

[Deucalion removes his sunglasses and closes his eyes. When he opens them again, his eyes are back to their normal, healthy state, revealing that he had been lying the entire time about being re-blinded after Jennifer's magic wore off. Theo looks devastated by this revelation]

THEO: It would've never worked...
DEUCALION: [shrugs] It could have worked... with Belasko's talons.

[Before Theo can react further, Deucalion grabs him by the throat and snaps his neck, and though Scott flinches and looks uncomfortable, he doesn't attempt to intervene. Liam doesn't seem at all upset about Deucalion's actions either]

[Meanwhile, down below them, Lydia is in an enclosed room with a locked door right where she fell after Theo threw her in the open sewer grate, and she is desperately trying to break it open so she can escape. When this fails, she starts to hyperventilate as she rubs her injured neck]

[Back above them, Theo is paralyzed and laying on the ground, looking at Deucalion, Scott, and Liam furiously]

THEO: You broke my neck!

[Deucalion rolls his eyes as he stands to his feet]

DEUCALION: And good luck with that.

[He turns to Scott and Liam, ignoring Theo completely]

DEUCALION: There's an access grate that leads to the sub-level. I think we can get to Lydia there.
LIAM: [worriedly] What about Mason?
DEUCALION: [reassuringly] We can still save your friend.
SCOTT: Let's go.

[The three turn to leave, but before they can make it far, Gerard and Chris turn the corner. Gerard wastes no time shooting Deucalion in the abdomen, and he clutches his bleeding wound as he slides down the wall onto the floor]

DEUCALION: [gasps] This just isn't my day...

[Gerard is smiling cruelly as he walks toward them with his gun aimed at Scott, but Scott doesn't seem at all concerned by it. Meanwhile, Chris looks unhappy with Gerard's actions]

GERARD: This is a surprising alliance, Scott! You and Deucalion? How long have you been planning this clever little double-cross?

[Chris walks over so that he's standing between Gerard and Scott]

CHRIS: About as long as he and I have been planning this one.

[Chris tosses Scott the sword-cane/pike before he raises his gun and aims it at Gerard, just as Gerard does the same to his son, looking betrayed]

GERARD: What are you doing?
CHRIS: [sighs] I knew when I brought you back, it would never be about saving lives. Only about immortalizing your own.

[Keeping his gun trained at his father, Chris turns to Scott and Liam, who both look surprised]

CHRIS: Scott, go.

[Scott turns to leave with Liam, but he looks hesitant as he turns back to Chris, whose voice is firmer this time]

CHRIS: Go, now!

[Liam and Scott turn and leave without another word, but as soon as they turn the corner, a gunshot is heard, rattling them both]


[Malia, still on the ground of the McCalls' living room, desperately crawls across the floor to grab the Desert Wolf's gun, but her mother is too quick and grabs it first after she jumps over the couch. Malia gets to her feet just as the Desert Wolf shoots her in the shoulder, and Malia backs away from her as she doubles over in pain. The Desert Wolf smirks in satisfaction as Malia groans and continues to stumble backwards away from her mother, but when she turns around to rush away, the Desert Wolf shoots her again in the back, and Malia moans once again as the bullet pierces through her other shoulder]

DESERT WOLF: It's not the full moon, Malia... but you know what? It's close enough.
MALIA: [gasps for breath] Stop...

[The Desert Wolf shoots her one last time in the stomach before cornering Malia at the end of the hallway, flicking out her claws to finish the job. Before the Desert Wolf reaches her, Stiles, who has just crawled across the floor, taking care not to further injure the shoulder that still has glass embedded in it, calls out her name and tosses her the jar of Belasko's talons, which Scott gave him earlier at the hospital]

STILES: Malia!

[The talons glow as soon as Malia catches the jar, and the Desert Wolf sneers as she stalks toward her daughter, her blue eyes flashing as she shoves her clawed fingers into Malia's stomach and twists her wrist]

DESERT WOLF: I want my power back!
MALIA: [groans] AHHH!

[The shock of the attack causes Malia to drop the jar, which shatters upon contact with the floor. However, she had just enough time to affix Belasko's talons onto her own claws, and stabs her mother in the stomach with them, causing her to gasp in shock and pain]

MALIA: I want my family back.

[The Desert Wolf gasps in shock, and she looks to be getting weaker as Malia absorbs her power, and eventually the Desert Wolf's eyes go back to their normal brown, while Malia's eyes become so blue that her pupils are almost covered by the glow. Knowing that her mother is now likely just a human, Malia rips her hand out of her mother's stomach, just as Braeden, who is still wincing in pain from her own gunshot wound, knocks the Desert Wolf out with the butt of her rifle. Braeden walks over to Malia and gives her a look as each of them continue to apply pressure to their respective wounds. Just then, Stiles, still laying flat on his back on the floor of the living room, stablizes the shard of glass in his shoulder as he calls out to them]

STILES: Can someone please come and take this gigantic shard of glass out of my chest? Please?

[Braeden and Malia give each other a slightly amused look]


[Scott, who still has the cane in hand, is walking with Liam as they try to find the Beast. After a moment, Liam sighs and stops walking]

LIAM: I'll do it.

[Scott stops walking as well and gives him a sympathetic look]

SCOTT: Liam...

[Liam tries his best to remain unemotional about their current situation]

LIAM: It should be me. If you get me close enough, I'll do it.

[Liam reaches for the cane in Scott's right hand, but Scott quickly tosses it into his left and out of Liam's reach before looking him in the eyes]

SCOTT: We're not killing your best friend.

[Suddenly, Sebastien appears at the other end of the hallway]

SEBASTIEN: That belongs to me.

[Scott and Liam look surprised and slightly terrified as they turn to face him]

SEBASTIEN: It's a family heirloom. I'd like it back, please.
SCOTT: [shrugs] It's all yours. Just give us Mason.
SEBASTIEN: [sighs] Unfortunately, I would not know where to begin. And, while I've benefited from his memories, I don't have much use for an alter-ego.

[Scott, who is clearly furious at him, looks over at the equally-angry Liam, who nods before they both wolf-out and snarl at Sebastien]

SCOTT: You want it? Come and get it!

[They both lunge for Sebastien as his eyes glow bright blue]

[Meanwhile, Lydia is still desperately trying to break out of the room she's locked into when a familiar perforated katana blade pierces itself through the crack between the door and the doorframe. Lydia gasps in surprise and immediately backs up as the sword cuts through the hinges of the door and is kicked inside the room. When Lydia looks up, she sees Kira, magical katana-belt in hand, standing in the now-open doorway, looking apologetic]

KIRA: Sorry I'm late!

[Back in the deepest part of the sewers, the sword-cane clatters as it falls onto the floor while Scott and Liam fight Sebastien, in Beast-mode together. The Beast punches Liam in the face before engaging in a fist fight with Scott, which causes Scott to be tossed several feet backward. Eventually, both Scott and Liam end up in a heap on the floor, and they quickly hop to a crouching position before roaring and lunging for the Beast at the same time. However, the Beast raises his arms above his head before slamming them down on the ground, causing a concussive blast that throws Scott and Liam against the pipe-lined walls. They groan in pain and writhe on the ground as they recover from this blow, just as the Beast, who has shifted back into a partially-transformed Sebastien, walks over to Scott and grabs him in a choke-hold]

SEBASTIEN: You're strong-- there's no doubt in that. But neither of you fight with a killer instinct. Let me show you how to go for the throat...

[Sebastien's long and sharp claws extend from his nail beds as he grips Scott tighter in a choke-hold, and Liam, seeing the sword-cane laying nearby, gets up and grabs it before he unsheaths it. Sebastien hears this and turns around, still strangling Scott, and turns to Liam as Scott desperately tries to stop him]

SCOTT: Liam, wait! We can still save Mason!
LIAM: [panicked] Well, who's going to save you?

[Sebastien looks at them both with confusion and frowns]

SEBASTIEN: What kind of werewolves are you?

[Despite Scott's warning, Liam roars and lunges for Sebastien with the sword in hand]


[Sebastien easily shoves Liam backward before he turns back to Scott, gripping his neck tighter while Liam groans and watches in horror. However, when his claws stab the back of Scott's neck, he starts to see a flood of memories in Scott's mind, all of which are about Allison: when she saved Derek and Scott's packs from the Alpha Pack in Frayed, when Allison was trying to re-learn how to shoot with a bow and arrows in the woods with Lydia in Anchors, when Scott and Allison cuddled together in Allison's car while guarding Jackson in Frenemy, when Scott and Allison were riding back to Beacon Hills on the bus at the end of Motel California, when Scott first got to know Allison when she brought the dog she hit with her car into the animal clinic in Wolf Moon, and finally, when Scott cradled her dying body in Insatiable. Sebastien frowns in horror and confusion when he sees these memories and reflexively lets go of Scott's neck]

SEBASTIEN: Marie-Jeanne?

[Scott immediately smacks Sebastien's hands away from him and scampers backward to put some space between them, just as Lydia and Kira finally arrive to finish their plan]

LYDIA: [frantically] Mason...

[Sebastien turns toward her and scoffs as he stalks toward them, and Kira looks alarmed as she turns to Lydia]

KIRA: I think you're gonna need to try it a little louder...

[Sebastien's eyes glow blue as he approaches them, and Lydia takes a deep breath before she bellows at Sebastien as loud as she can while he transforms into the Beast]


[The force of Lydia's voice is so strong that it hits the Beast in waves, and both Scott and Liam look shocked as they see Lydia's new powers in action for the first time. The Beast raises his hands to cover his face from the force of Lydia's scream when suddenly, he bursts into a cloud of shadows from which Mason stumbles out. Corey, who has been pressed against the wall the entire time to watch the plan go down, makes himself visible and rushes forward to catch Mason before he falls. Mason looks around in confusion as the shadow-cloud that is Sebastien's life essence floats around without a corporeal body. Kira, Lydia, Scott, and Mason all smile in relief that their plan actually worked until the Beast's spirit screeches and heads toward them. Before they can react, Parrish appears and wraps his arms around it, somehow able to touch him without him having a physical body. Parrish then looks over at Scott as he struggles to hold on]


[Scott rushes over, picks up the unsheathed sword, and tosses it toward the Beast like a javelin, which goes through its chest and causes it to disappear in a burst of black shadow and blue light. They all breath a disbelieving sigh of relief and look around at each other]

SCOTT: Is everyone okay?

[Suddenly, Theo's voice is heard as he approaches them]

THEO: Not everyone!

[They turn to see him standing at the end of the adjacent hallway, electricity crackling around him as he glares at them furiously. Kira stares at him in horror for a moment until something clicks in her mind, and she rushes to the front of the group just as Theo shoots a bolt of electricity at them, which hits the blade of Kira's katana and passes harmlessly through her body. Kira smiles smugly at him as her Kitsune eyes come out]

KIRA: The Skinwalkers have a message for you, Theo...

[Theo looks horrified and stops shooting electricity at her for a moment]

KIRA: Your sister wants to see you.

[Theo looks around helplessly as Kira takes her katana, whose blade is glowing bright blue, into the stone floor in front of her, causing a crack in the ground that breaks into a medium-sized sinkhole right next to where Theo is standing. Just then, Theo's sister crawls out and glares at him as she grabs him by the legs and pulls him underground with her. Theo struggles to stay up and begins hysterically pleading with the others, who are just gaping in shock]

THEO: Scott, help me! No! No!

[Scott moves forward a step as though he might help him, but Kira is standing in front of him, ultimately keeping him where he is as Theo is dragged down even further]

THEO: Scott! Help me! Scott! No, Scott! Help me!

[He's finally pulled down into the sink hole, which magically seals itself back up like it was never there in the first place. The McCall Pack and its allies look around at each other, still rattled by the events of the last few days but happy to have finally dealt with their issues]



[Chris has just finished bandaging up Gerard, who he apparently shot in the forearm in their standoff earlier, down in the armory in his apartment. Gerard groans in pain as he finishes tying up the bandage, but Chris just smirks before walking away. The notice about the Beast from 18th century France that was seen in the flashbacks in Maid of Gévaudan is laying on the table beside them]


[Scott and Liam are gathered around the exam table at the clinic, where Hayden is laying, having had her wounds bandaged up by Deaton, who looks at her with concern]

DEATON: Hayden, I've managed to stabilize the injury. But, considering you're a Chimera, I don't know how, or if, you'll heal...

[Hayden looks over at Scott and Liam with worry]

SCOTT: We can still take you to the hospital.
HAYDEN: I already died there once.
LIAM: [anxiously] It's your choice.
HAYDEN: I know.

[She looks over at Scott and gives him a significant look, and Scott takes a deep breath before extending his fangs and growling a little, preparing to give her the bite]


[A full moon is seen overhead as Liam sits on the edge of the cliff. He hears footsteps approaching and turns to see Hayden, whose eyes flash gold as she smiles and rushes over to him, revealing that she has successfully been turned into a real Beta werewolf. Liam's eyes flash gold as well as he wraps his arms around his girlfriend and begins to kiss her passionately]


[Stiles is sitting in his dad's office while Sheriff recaps the events of the last few days]

SHERIFF: You saved their lives. Mason, Malia, half the population of Beacon Hills... That's got to feel pretty good.
STILES: It did... for a while.

[Sheriff sees the frown on Stiles' face and nods in understanding]

SHERIFF: But it's something you want to feel again.
STILES: [nods] Yeah... Yeah, I think so.
SHERIFF: [smiles] Welcome to your future career in law enforcement.


[Lydia pulls into the parking lot in her car to find Malia studying while she sits on the hood of her own car. Lydia joins her good friend, and they both smile at each other before Lydia links her arm through Malia's and leads them into the school]


[Scott has just dropped Kira off in the desert, and they kiss for a long moment before he pulls away and looks at her with concern]

SCOTT: You don't have to do this.
KIRA: I made a deal with them. And I need to. It's not for my parents. It's not for you. It's for me.
SCOTT: How long is it going to take?
KIRA: [sighs] As long as it takes.

[Kira pulls out her obsidian Kitsune tail and places it in Scott's open hand]

KIRA: Keep it for me. Keep it safe.

[Scott gives her a sad smile before they begin to kiss passionately again. When they break away, the Skinwalkers appear in a cloud of sand and dust, and Kira gives Scott one last look before walking over to join them. Scott watches as the dust envelopes them, and a moment later, all four of them vanish]


[Stiles and Lydia are walking down the hallway together and are talking about Kira]

LYDIA: But she'll be back. She still has to graduate.
STILES: That's the thing, though, I don't know... When we started this school year, I was so stressed about everyone ending up in the same place after we graduate. But, I don't think it matters. We always seem to find each other anyway. Even Allison.

[The sound of Allison's name causes Lydia to stop in her tracks and look at Stiles with wide eyes]

STILES: He didn't tell you?

[Stiles continues the story in voiceover as the scene cuts to the library, where Scott has just arrived]

STILES: [voiceover] It was in the tunnels, when Sebastien had his hands around Scott's throat. The guy probably didn't even know what he was doing.

[Scott looks over at an aisle of bookshelves, where Mason and Corey are in deep conversation, before he takes off his backpack and sets it on a chair at one of the tables]

STILES: [voiceover] His claws got into Scott's neck. He was going to kill him, but then he stopped, and he said a name.

[Scott looks up at a row of bookshelves on the upper floor of the library and walks toward it while Stiles finishes the story in the hallway]

STILES: Marie-Jeanne.
LYDIA: [gasps] He saw Scott's memories.
STILES: [nods] He saw Allison.

[Stiles and Lydia continue their conversation in voiceover as Scott walks up to the bookshelf and moves a stack of books so he can see the initials he wrote on the shelf in marker in Creatures of the Night-- S.M. and A.A., along with the initials L.M., K.Y., and M.T. As usual, Stiles' initials are nowhere to be seen. Scott smiles at the memories of Senior Scribe and Allison with tears in his eyes]

LYDIA: [voiceover] They must have looked like each other. I mean, maybe exactly like each other.
STILES: [voiceover] It gave Scott a chance to break free.

[The scene cuts back to Stiles and Lydia in the hallway]

STILES: She saved him. Allison saved his life.

[Lydia smiles sadly before turning and leading Stiles into the library, where they join Scott at the table and take out their books to study with him. An empty seat next to Lydia symbolizes where Allison would be sitting if she were still physically there with them]


[The scene cuts to the shed in the preserve where the Dread Doctors brought Mason and the body in the tank. However, the tank is now completely empty, and wet footprints can be seen leading away from it, suggesting that Der Soldat has escaped now that the Dread Doctors are dead and no longer holding him captive]