Banshee Scream is an exclusive ability natural to Banshees and it is their main method of channelling and sorting the many images, sounds and warnings that they frequently get. Lydia, a well known Banshee had to scream in order to get clarity on a "buzzing" noise that was plaguing her, allow her and the McCall pack to save Kira. The Banshee's scream can be used offensively but it requires training and knowledge of this practical use to do so. Offensive use requires the Banshee to scream while pushing their hands in the direction they want the power to be directed at, the result is a concussive force than can send a full grown human or supernatural creature flying back a few feet.

At its magnified peak, which is usually accessed by trepanation, a Banshee's scream can kill and even partially decapitate someone. Despite this being a supernatural power, Banshees themselves are humans and only channel the supernatural.

A Banshee's scream can be used to amplify their voice, making them deeper. and loud

Notably Banshees Edit

Lydia MartinEdit

Lydia has displayed the most basic use of the scream as well the offensive, notably she used the scream to amplify her voice to help defeat The Beast of Gevaudan.

Meredith WalkerEdit

Meredith frequently used external noises rather than a scream to sort her visions out, this in likely due in part to an incident in her past where her Banshee Scream destroyed a class room. Meredith was knowledgeable on how to use her powers offensively and taught this skill to Lydia.

Lenore was able to use hers offensively and had pushed Lydia away with it but when Lydia used hers, they were locked a stale-mate.

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