The relationship between Beta werewolves Vernon Boyd and Cora Hale.

In Season 2's Ice Pick, Boyd was bitten by Derek Hale, who recently became an Alpha by killing his uncle Peter Hale, and became Derek's strongest Beta in the pack. In Battlefield, he and Erica leave Derek's pack and are captured by the Argents. Chris frees them and lets them escape but Erica and Boyd are soon captured by The Alpha Pack and are locked in Beacon Hills First National Bank along with Cora, Derek's younger sister who survived the Hale House Fire, was thought to be dead and heard rumors that her brother Derek was still alive and became an Alpha. Erica was fed up of being held in captivity and tried to attack Kali, one of the members of the Alpha Pack but gets easily defeated and loses her life in battle. Her last word is Boyd's name and she dies, leaving Boyd devastated. Worse, Boyd and Cora are locked up in the bank's vault, which is surrounded by Hecatolite, a stone that stops werewolves from shifting at full moons and it causes their anger and bloodlust to rise. Boyd and Cora are freed by Derek, Scott McCall and Allison Argent. However, The Alpha Pack wanted Derek to kill either Boyd or Cora so his power could be more powerful. Kali and the twins force Derek to kill Boyd, leaving Cora heartbroken that her hostage friend died. Boyd's death led to Cora to kill Aiden in retribuition but Cora ends having a wound on her head. When Cora gets healed by Derek, who gave her his Alpha status, she nad Derek move away and Cora goes back to South America, where she spent the former 6 years.

Throughtout Teen Wolf

In Tattoo, Boyd is seen inside the vault of Beacon Hills First National Bank and Cora holds his hand.

In Chaos Rising, Scott, Derek, Stiles and Dr. Deaton give Isaac Lahey, whose memories of Boyd and Erica have been taken by The Alpha Pack, a cold bath to help him get his memories back. Before he could get out of the trance, he says he saw a dead obdy in a closet and the dead body is Erica. Derek and Scott go to the bank to learn if Erica is or is not dead. They find Boyd and then Cora shows up, much to Derek's shock as he thought his little sister died in the fire along with the rest of his family. Allison breaks the Mountain Ash barrier and frees Cora and Boyd, who run into the woods to kill everything and everyone in their way due to their anger being high.

In Fireflies, Cora and Boyd get caught by Scott, Derek and Chris Argent and almost claw Derek to death when he went to protect Jennifer Blake from the 2 younger werewolves. The sun rises and Cora and Boyd fall uncouncious and they're taken by Scott and Isaac.

In Frayed, Cora and Boyd fight along with Scott, Isaac and Derek against The Alpha Pack and the former two get beaten. Kali asks Derek to kill either Boyd or Cora but before he could make his choice, Allison saves Cora from Kali's grip by firing arrows that blind. Ennis and Derek then fall and get very injured.

In Currents, Boyd plans to kill The Alpha Pack by filling Derek's loft with water and then disable the circuit interrupter in the building’s electrical room so that the current will keep flowing through the flooded loft. The plan fails and Derek and Kali fight. Boyd accidentally walks into the water in the exact time Cora, Lydia and Allison flip all the switches. Kali is the first one to recover and orders Ethan and Aiden to hold Derek's claws and she impales Boyd into Derek's claws making him die. After The Alpha Pack leaves, Cora arrives, runs to Boyd's lifeless body and cries over his death as Derek also laments his loss.

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Cora forces Aiden to come to the locker room and attacks him by surprise but Aiden grabs her and throws her away and then hits her head with a weight. Scott, Ethan and Stiles stop Aiden from killing Cora. Cora cleans up her would and is asked why she attacked Aiden that way. Cora responds she did it to avenge Boyd and because none of the pack we're doing something. She calls them a bunch of stupid teenagers that only arrive late to find bodies.


  • Cora and Boyd are both Beta werewolves.
  • Boyd was bitten by Derek while Cora was born as a werewolf.