Liam: "We need more time. You have to stop scoring."
Brett: "You don't think I'm trying? You guys suck. You suck so bad it's impossible to lose against you."
Liam: "So what are we supposed to do?"
Brett: "Try not sucking."

Brett Talbot was a supporting character in the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons of Teen Wolf. He is the brother of Lorilee Rohr and a ward of Satomi Ito, as well as a Beta Werewolf in her pack. Brett was first introduced in Season 4's I.E.D. as a cocky lacrosse player from Devenford Prep who was formerly a teammate of Liam Dunbar and who had since become his rival.

However, it was quickly revealed that he is actually a Werewolf and one of the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills who had been put on the Deadpool hit-list by The Benefactor. Though a professional assassin named Violet attempted to kill him for his bounty, he was saved by fellow Werewolf and Deadpool target Scott McCall at the last moment. As a result, despite his initially antagonistic relationship with Liam, Brett and the rest of the surviving members of Satomi's Pack teamed up with the McCall Pack to fight against the Deadpool assassins, and they remain allies even now that the Deadpool has been shut down. Likewise, Brett and Liam seem to have come to a truce, and now have a tentative friendship.

In Season 5, Brett and his sister, Lorilee, provided help to the McCall Pack on several occasions; Brett first helped them learn more about Tracy Stewart and the Chimeras, as well as how to identify new ones, and he then later helped rescue Mason from an out-of-control Lucas. Several weeks later, he and Lorilee helped the pack deal with an out-of-control Kira while also buying them more time so that they could try to identify the vessel for the Beast of Gevaudan before he could harm any more people.

Early Life

Very little is known about Brett's early life prior to his introduction in the series. According to Brett himself, he and his younger sister Lorilee are both born Werewolves, implying that at least one of their parents were Werewolves as well. After their parents (and possibly additional family members) died in a fire, they were taken in by Satomi Ito and joined Satomi's Pack, which was originally a very large pack with dozens of members. ("Orphaned"), ("Dreamcatchers")

According to Cody Saintgnue, Brett is a Buddhist like the rest of his pack, indicating he and Lorilee likely became Buddhists after joining Satomi's Pack and began espousing her philosophy of non-violence unless it is absolutely necessary. He has also apparently been attending Devenford Prep for some time ("I.E.D."), and came out as bisexual or pansexual at some point in his life as well. ("Condition Terminal")

Throughout Teen Wolf

In I.E.D., Brett, along with the rest of his Devenford Prep teammates, arrived at Beacon Hills High School in the parking lot. As he stepped off the bus, he was greeted by Liam Dunbar, a former teammate and student at Devenford. Liam, attempting to make amends for what he did at his old school, extended his hand to Brett to wish the team a good game, but all Brett and his friends do is laugh. Brett assumed aloud that this was something Liam learned in anger management before warning Liam that they were going to destroy him on the field for what he did to their coach's car. When Liam insisted that he already paid for it, Brett assured him that he was going to continue to pay for it, causing Liam to start to gauge his palms with his claws to prevent him from "wolfing-out" on Brett, though Scott and Stiles arrived to get Liam away before this happened. To distract them from what Liam was doing, Stiles warmly welcomed Brett and the others to the school before advising that they play a clean game that night.

Brett wasn't seen again until that night, when Liam and Mason watched him as he got dressed in his uniform on the field. Though Liam was glaring at Brett angrily for what happened earlier, Mason was openly checking Brett out, making it obvious that he believed Brett was attractive. Just before the game started, Brett threw a lacrosse ball at Liam in an attempt to humiliate him again, but Liam easily caught it with his new werewolf agility. On the field, Brett, along with several other players from his team, repeatedly came for Liam, once again nearly causing Liam to wolf-out on him until Scott and Stiles stopped him. Some time later, Brett was involved in a really bad pile-up on the field after he, Liam, and Garrett tackled each other, which resulted in the latter (who, unbeknownst to Brett, was a Deadpool assassin) cutting Brett in the leg with a blade hidden in his lacrosse stick, which had been dipped in yellow wolfsbane.

When the paramedics who checked Brett over on the field saw how delirious he was and how badly he was writhing around in pain, they took him into the school's locker room to do a further examination. However, the paramedics were ultimately incapacitated by Garrett's girlfriend Violet, who was also an assassin and who turned her attention toward Brett once the paramedics had been taken care of. Brett began to crawl across the room before his eyes glowed yellow as he demanded to know what they did to him. Violet went on to inform him about the poisoned blade he was cut with, but assured him that it wouldn't kill him before mentioning just how much money he was worth. It appeared as though Violet was going to decapitate him with her thermowire garrote, which had been disguised as a bolo necklace, but it was ultimately revealed that she was using Brett as bait to lure Scott McCall into the locker room, as his bounty of $25 million was much larger than Brett's $1 million value. Fortunately for both Brett and Scott, Scott was able to resist her garrote and knocked her out before either of them could be killed.

In Orphaned, Brett was brought to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, where he was starting to convulse and cough up foamy yellow wolfsbane on the exam table while Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale tried to hold him down. Alan Deaton ordered Derek and Stiles to keep him still, as the treatment for this particular wolfsbane-- which involved slicing the chest open-- could kill Brett if done incorrectly. When Derek and Stiles' combined strength proved inefficient to hold Brett down, the young Beta quickly regained enough consciousness to become afraid that he was in danger and jumped onto his feet in a defensive position. Before Brett could fight back against any of them, Peter Hale arrived and managed to knock him out with one solid punch to the temple, rendering him unconscious and immobile enough for Deaton to use a scalpel to cut open Brett's chest cavity and expel the wolfsbane gas in his system. Once they realize that Brett will survive the poisoning, they heard him murmur, "The sun, the moon, the truth..." under his breath, which leads Derek and Peter to realize that Brett, like Demarco Montana and Carrie Hudson, is a member of Satomi Ito's werewolf pack.

In Monstrous, Brett and his sister Lorilee were seen fleeing from several rogue Hunters-turned]]-Deadpool assassins pursuing them in the bus bay of Beacon Hills High School in the pouring rain. While they were running away, Brett was hit in the back with one of their crossbow bolts, which he was just barely able to remove in time to fight off an impending Hunter, who he threw into the nearby fence before catching back up with his sister on the lacrosse field.

Just as he joined her, the stadium lights began to turn on one at a time, flooding their vision with light as Brett stepped protectively in front of Lorilee. When he saw dozens of laser sights set on his chest, he knew they were about to die and instructed Lorilee to close her eyes. Brett took a deep breath in preparation for their attack as Lorilee buried her head in his side, but before he could be hit by their arrows, Kira Yukimura appeared with her katana and began cutting the incoming arrows in half with the sword as she yelled at them to run. She continued fending off the arrows until Brett and Lorilee managed to make it a safe distance away.

Brett, Lorilee, and Kira then sought refuge at Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, where they met up with Satomi Ito, Brett and Lorilee's Alpha, and the rest of their pack. When Scott arrived after having been summoned by Kira, they determined that it wasn't a safe enough location and moved themselves to Argent Arms International, an abandoned warehouse owned by Chris Argent, who they came upon while the latter was hiding a yellow wolfsbane plant he had stolen from a growhouse earlier in the day. Brett nearly attacked Chris, believing him to be a threat, until Scott informed him that the building belonged to him and that he was trustworthy. Brett and the others listened as Satomi and Kira informed Chris about the rogue Hunters, and seemed concerned when Chris informed them that it was likely the Hunters already knew that they were there and were waiting until nightfall to strike.

Knowing they needed more help, Scott called Derek and Braeden to provide backup, and when Brett overheard the three discussing the fact that Malia Tate, Stiles Stilinski, and Lydia Martin were trying to stop the Deadpool at its source, Brett asked them what would happen if the Deadpool couldn't be stopped until they were all dead. This question led Derek to give the group a pep talk prior to their impending fight, insisting that if people were going to put them on a list to kill for money, then they were going to be put on their own Deadpool list. After the Hunters arrived, Brett mostly stayed with the rest of his pack to provide protection at Scott's orders while Scott, Kira, Derek, Braeden, Chris, and Satomi fought the assassins off. Once it was all over, Brett, like the rest of the pack, seemed relieved that Malia, Stiles, and Lydia were able to stop the Deadpool code.

In A Promise to the Dead Brett's school was once again playing Beacon Hills High School, this time in a true match rather than a scrimmage like before. During the game, Liam, who was experiencing post-traumatic stress after a battle with a Berserker several days earlier, began to have a panic attack that involved hallucinating that a Berserker was on the field and killing people. During this attack, Brett sneaked up behind Liam and tackled him to the ground, and when Liam angrily demanded to know why he did it, Brett retorted that he could smell his fear all the way across the field. Brett went on to ask Liam if he was hurt or dying, and when Liam answered that he wasn't, Brett told him to get back up and continue to play. Just then, the referee approached Brett and asked him if he planned to pull a stunt like that again, but Brett just smirked and retorted, "Not if I don't have to."

Once the game ended, Brett found Liam sitting sullenly on the bench in the locker room and asked him if he was okay, and when Liam remarked that his team lost, Brett reminded him that he was physically okay, which was what mattered. Liam, confused, asked Brett why he tried to help him, and Brett pointed out that Liam didn't know how lucky he was before bringing up the fact that Scott had saved his life twice, and had saved all of their lives by helping end the Deadpool. He went on to remind Liam that, as a True Alpha, Scott didn't steal or take another Alpha's power, he instead earned it himself, before stating that Liam was lucky to have him.

In Dreamcatchers, while practicing on the field with the rest of his teammates, Liam and Mason showed up at Devenford Prep to ask Brett about Tracy Stewart, who they then believed was a newly-turned werewolf. However, when Liam showed Brett her picture, Brett remarked that she was cute, but that he had never met her before. Liam asked him if it was possible that Satomi turned her without him knowing, but Brett simply scoffed and reminded him that Satomi hadn't been doing much recruiting since the Deadpool and was instead trying to maintain a low profile. Mason, who had just learned about the supernatural a couple days earlier, asked if Alpha werewolves really just "went around biting people," Brett patiently explained that werewolves can also be born, like himself and his sister Lorilee. He went on to reveal that his family died in a fire, and that he and Lori were adopted by Satomi.

Liam, who was still looking at Tracy's photo, noticed that she was wearing a necklace with a leaf pendant that he had seen in the previous episode when he accidentally fell into a hole in the woods, which led him to bring Brett and Mason into the Beacon Hills Preserve to investigate it further. Once there, Mason himself accidentally fell into a hole, but when he examined the inside of it further, he couldn't find the necklace Liam had described. Once they pulled Mason out, Mason noticed that the hole wasn't a sinkhole as Liam originally believed, but was actually essentially a grave from which someone had dug themselves out. After Liam realized that this wasn't the same hole he fell into earlier, which was closer to the creek, Brett realized that someone had been burying supernaturals in the woods, and that there were more than just Tracy.

In Condition Terminal, Brett was spotted dancing at a teen club called Sinema by Liam and Mason; at first, he was dancing passionately with a girl, but then started dancing equally passionately with a fellow boy, indicating that he was either bisexual or pansexual. Moments later, he was seen getting drinks with Mason while Liam patrolled the club for the new hybrid creatures the McCall Pack had begun to call Chimeras. Later, Liam asked Brett if he had seen anything out of the ordinary or had sensed someone with supernatural powers like them, but Brett admitted he didn't know, especially since they lived in Beacon Hills, which is known for its sizable supernatural community. After Liam insisted that he felt something both different and wrong about someone in the club, Brett patted Liam affectionately on the back, indicating their rivalry was starting to develop into a true friendship.

When Brett returned to where Mason was standing, Mason pointed out a guy who had been checking him out all night and asked him if he knew who he was, leading Brett to smirk and inform him that the guy's name was Lucas. Some time later, Lucas had approached Mason and lured him into a dark corner to make out, but when he started extending scorpion stingers on the back of his spine and his arms, Brett seemed to sense that something was wrong, as he partially wolfed-out and threw Lucas across the room and away from Mason before he could be stung like Corey was earlier. Brett then advised Mason to run before rushing back out into the main room, where he began to battle with Lucas.

Brett seemed to have the upper-hand at first, but Lucas eventually "won" by slashing him across the chest with the stingers on his arms. Mason immediately rushed to Brett's side to try to apply pressure to his wounds while Liam began to fight Lucas, and Brett, horrified by the black-eyed hybrid creature Lucas had become, asked what the hell he was supposed to be. Brett and Mason then watched as Liam, with an assist from Scott and Kira, incapacitated Lucas, and were stunned when Kira's Kitsune spirit overpowered her and attempted to kill the Chimera. Just then, much to everyone's shock, the Dread Doctors appeared and killed Lucas themselves with a retractable crossbow bolt, declaring that Lucas was a "failure" before they left.

In Required Reading, Brett showed up at Beacon Hills High School, where he sat in the bleachers and talked with Mason about the traits that the other eight Chimeras could have. When Mason asked him if he could think of any possible suspects at Devenford, Brett replied that everyone he went to school with was "abnormal," since abnormal is actually the norm where high school is concerned. They then proceeded to list the possible characteristics of a Chimera, including super strength, speed, senses of smell and hearing, night vision, and eyes that reflect the light. They then jokingly added "three-foot lizard tails" and "scorpion stingers" to their list.

After Brett noticed the sexual tension between Liam and Hayden Romero, both of whom had gym class that period, Mason briefly detailed the story of what happened to the two in the sixth grade (namely, that Hayden interrupted a fight Liam was having with another student, which caused him to accidentally break her nose with a punch and caused Hayden to intentionally break Liam's nose in retribution) before pulling up their yearbook photos from that grade on his phone. Brett saw the fact that they both had black eyes and taped-up noses in the photo and laughed at the story.

In A Credible Threat, Brett was seen in his school uniform while he was being interviewed by a reporter for KQNB News in front of Beacon Hills High School. They explained that Devenford Prep and BHHS was playing a charity lacrosse game that night, in which the winning team gets 100% of the profit for the charity of their choice, before Brett remarked that Devenford also planned to "100% kick Beacon Hills' asses." That night, he and his team got off the bus in preparation to play the game. While on the field, he informed Scott that he has his sister checking the bleachers for size 10 bloody shoes as part of the McCall Pack's effort to find the identity of the vessel for the Beast of Gevaudan.

During the game, when it became clear that Kira had once again been taken over by her inner Kitsune spirit and was acting violently toward the other players, Scott and Liam resort to their "Plan B" in which they asked Brett to purposely tackle Kira to bait her into attacking him. Just as they guessed, Kitsune-Kira got so angry at Brett's tackle and subsequent taunt that "she wasn't so tough now" that she backhanded him across the face with her lacrosse stick, which got her kicked out of the game. Liam rushed over to Brett, who was still laying on the lacrosse field, and thanked him for his help, and Brett seemed to still be seeing stars from the head trauma judging by his eyes rolling in the back of his head. Near the end of the game, Liam approached Brett again and insisted that Devenford needed to keep scoring so that they could draw out the game a little longer and buy more time to prevent the Beast from attacking the game attendants. Brett remarked that he was trying, but that Liam's team sucked so bad that it was impossible to lose to them. Liam, frustrated by their failed efforts to identify the Beast, asked Brett what they were supposed to do, and Brett, equally frustrated, retorted, "Try not sucking."

By Season 6, Brett is seen practicing with Liam at lacrosse in Raw Talent. Due to Liam's stress and frustration, he grips the lacrosse ball so tightly, he leaves claw marks in it; which he later throws with such force it rips through the net of the goal. Tamara Monroe finds this ball, seeing the claw marks she correctly assumes that Brett is a werewolf, albeit not the one who left the marks. Monroe later tricks Brett into catching the same Lacrosse ball, which was poisoned with wolfsbane, wearing Brett so she can kill him. At the end of After Images; after a long chase involving Gerard and Monroe, Brett is hit by a car after emerging from the underground tunnels, thereby killing him.


Brett is a strong-willed and very confident and cocky young man, particularly when it comes to lacrosse, as he is prone to go on and on about his school kicking the ass of Beacon Hills High School every chance he can get. He never holds back and always says what he feels to need to be said. He's also very brave and strong-hearted, as he shows no fear whenever engaged in a fight; this has been demonstrated on multiple occasions, such as when he faced Lucas, a Werewolf-Scorpion Chimera at the night club Sinema. Brett is just as protective as he is fearless, as he was willing to die for his sister Lorilee Rohr when the assassins began hunting them. He's a bisexual young man who seems very open about his sexuality and has no problem flirting and dancing with men and women alike at clubs.

Physical Appearance

Brett is a tall, well-built young man with short, light brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a pale complexion. Due to his position on the Devenford Prep lacrosse team, he spends a lot of time working out and practicing on the field at Beacon Hills High School to stay in shape. When attending school, he wears the required uniform of Devenford Prep which consists of a button down shirt, a tie and a dark purple vest with the school's seal on the upper right corner, followed by a dark pair of colored slacks.

Powers and Abilities

Brett possess all the standard powers and abilities of a Beta Werewolf, which include superhuman physical attributes such as enhanced strength, speed, agility/reflexes, durability, and senses, as well as accelerated healing, pain absorption, and animal instincts. Like all werewolves, he can also shapeshift his features into those of a wolf; when he transforms, his eyes glow bright gold, his teeth and fingernails extend into fangs and claws, his brow becomes ridged, and he grows thick sideburns. In addition to these powers, Brett also possesses the rare ability to inhibit his scent in order to prevent shapeshifters with enhanced senses from tracking him, an ability that has been said to be possessed by everyone in Satomi's Pack.


Brett possess all the standard weaknesses associated with Werewolves, which consist of Wolfsbane, Mountain Ash, electricity, Mistletoe, letharia vulpina, and the Modified Canine Distemper Virus. Though Brett appears to be in control of his transformations, he is still susceptible to the effects of the full moon and heightened emotions under the right circumstances, and he is vulnerable to the phase of the lunar eclipse when the moon is in the Earth's umbral shadow, which causes all werecreatures to lose their power for the duration.


  • Brett: Brett is a unisex English given name and family name derived from the Middle English surname which means "a Breton," thereby referring to an inhabitant of Brittany. The name is French in origin, derived from the French word bret. Bretons were originally Celts who were driven away from Southwest England to Northwest France in the 6th century by invading Anglo-Saxons. Coincidentally, the coat of arms for the Brett family is a silver lion grasping a wolf's head, which is an interesting anecdote when referring to a werewolf named Brett. Variants of the name include Bret and Brette.
  • Talbot: Talbot is an English and French surname which is believed to have two possible origins. The first is that it is derived from the pre-7th century masculine French name Talebod, which itslf is derived from the Old German Talabod, a compound of the elements tal, "to destroy," and bod, "message" or "tidings," which together means "messenger of destruction." This is a very war-like name that was fitting for the Dark Ages when it was first introduced. It then developed into a personal name in England by the Normans during their conquest in 1066. The second possible source is that Talbot derives from the Old French Talebot, a nickname for bandits who blackened their faces to avoid recognition, as talebot mean "lampblack" in the Normandy dialect. There are a variety of spellings and variants of this name, including Talbert, Talbott, Talboy, Tallboy, and Tallboys.


  • It was implied in Condition Terminal that Brett is bisexual or pansexual.
  • Brett has several similarities to Derek Hale, as they are both born Werewolves whose families died in a fire, and who eventually found homes in different packs.
  • Brett is one of several LGBT+ characters in the Teen Wolf series, including DannyEthanCaitlin, EmilyMason, and Corey.



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