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Okay, Deputy. How about you come back with a court order? Then I'll listen. As for you, Mr. Stilinski, how about you come back with payment in full? That's right-- Daddy might be the Sheriff, but he's late on the bills. Guess those government jobs aren't as reliable as they used to be, huh?

L. Brunski, better known as Brunski, was a minor character and antagonist in Season 3 and Season 4 of Teen Wolf. Brunski was first introduced as an unethical orderly at Eichen House who took great joy in sedating, tasing, and otherwise abusing the mentally ill patients he cared for, including, at one point or another, Stiles Stilinski, Malia Tate, Meredith Walker, and Oliver, among many others.

In Season 4, it was revealed that he was an Angel of Death, or a medical professional who essentially murdered his very ill patients without their consent under the guise of relieving their suffering. Among his victims was Lorraine Martin, a Banshee who predicted her death before it happened and called Brunski out for audio recording all of the patients he killed. When Meredith discovered what Brunski was doing, she recruited him to help her with the Deadpool hit list of supernatural creatures that she planned to create under the instruction of then-comatose werewolf Peter Hale. While Meredith officially had the title of The Benefactor, Brunski did the majority of her bidding, including tricking Kate Argent into breaking into the Hale Vault so he could steal the $117 million in bearer bonds that were stored inside, converting the bonds into cash, and setting up the hit list using Lorraine's computer code at the Martin Lake House so the whole process would be automated.

However, Brunski was eventually caught by Lydia Martin and Stiles Stilinski, though he gained the upper-hand over them and managed to incapacitate them with his taser. Once they were restrained, he tried to kill them by giving them a drug overdose, under the impression that the police would assume they broke in to steal the drugs themselves, but he was caught in the act by Deputy Jordan Parrish. When Brunski stabbed a syringe into Lydia's neck, Parrish was forced to shoot Brunski in the chest to keep him from killing her. Lydia, Parrish, and Stiles were initially under the impression that Brunski was The Benefactor the entire time, since he had killed Lorraine and many other supernaturals in Eichen House, as discovered through the first Dead Pool list Lorraine discovered in a banshee fugue state, but before Brunski died from his wounds, he admitted that he was being controlled by "her," leading them to realize that it was actually Meredith Walker who was The Benefactor.

Throughout Teen Wolf



Brunski was an incredibly sadistic and cruel person who used his position as a medical professional at Eichen House to abuse and often kill his very ill patients. He was very open about enjoying the "tools of his trade," including tasers and syringes full of antipsychotics and sedatives to exert his authority over his patients who weren't behaving as he wanted.

In addition to his corrupt, power-hungry nature, he was also money hungry, as he was seen taking bribes in exchange for access to the Eichen House medical records. He also seemed to know at least a little about the supernatural, as he was aware that both Lorraine and Lydia Martin were Banshees, and he was given employee access to the closed unit for supernatural creatures at Eichen House.

Physical Appearance

Brunski was a thin, medium-statured man in his 30s or 40s with short, light brown hair and hazel eyes. Because he was nearly always seen working at Eichen House, he was predominantly dressed in the light blue scrubs worn by all of the nurses and orderlies who were employed there.


Brunski possesses common medical knowledge as he is an orderly at Eichen. He also used this knowledge of modern medicine to kill several patients and make it appear as suicide. He believed he was freeing them of this life.


  • Brunski apparently had history with Bobby Finstock, because their conversation in Insatiable indicated that they either went to school together, or that Coach Finstock was in Eichen House at some point in his life.
  • Interestingly, Brunski's actor, Aaron Hendry, also played the Nogitsune in his bandaged, chrome-fanged form, which was present in flashbacks to 1943 and visions in Stiles' mind.


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