Chimera. It's a creature made up of incongruous parts.
Scott McCall explaining the term Chimera to the McCall Pack in Condition Terminal

A Chimera is a human who has been scientifically given the powers of at least one supernatural species by the Dread Doctors, although they typically have the traits of two of these species. According to Alan Deaton, these hybrid creatures are not limited to the same rules as real supernatural creatures since they were created through science rather than magic or mysticism, thus making them essentially enhanced humans. For example, Chimeras can handle Mountain Ash like any other human, whereas a true supernatural would be unable to touch or use it in any way. Despite this, they are still bound by some metaphysical rules, such as being unable to steal a True Alpha's powers, as proven when both Belasko and Theo Raeken attempted to steal Scott McCall's powers; since neither were Betas who were bitten and turned by Scott himself, they were both unsuccessful.

As previously stated, Chimeras were created by the Dread Doctors, who specifically chose human teenagers with genetic chimerism (i.e. humans with two sets of DNA, caused by such factors as organ/tissue transplants or fetal resorption syndrome) as their test subjects in pursuit of the ideal vessel for the resurrected spirit of the Beast of Gevaudan. However, all but one of these Chimeras were referred to by the Doctors as "failures," as they transformed in ways that made them unsuitable vessels for the Beast. The majority of these failures were characterized by bleeding from the eyes, nose, and mouth; they often first began to bleed black blood before then getting nosebleeds or vomiting the modified mercury that the Dread Doctors used to turn them in the first place.

The only truly successful Chimera was Mason Hewitt, who was a genetic chimera as a result of absorbing his twin in the womb, and who ultimately became the host for the Beast of Gevaudan; while Theo Raeken was considered to be a somewhat successful Chimera due to the fact that he did not reject the transformation like the ten other Chimeras considered to be "failures," he was also not actually a success by the Dread Doctors' standards, since he was not a suitable vessel for the Beast's spirit.


The exact transformation process the Dread Doctors used to turn humans with genetic chimerism into super-powered Chimeras remains unknown, but from what was revealed, it appears that they began this process by identifying teenagers with two sets of DNA, likely because teenagers were more likely to survive the transformation than adults were. As seen with Tracy Stewart, it appears that once the test subjects were chosen, the Dread Doctors would give the soon-to-be Chimeras infusions of a modified mercury solution over multiple nights before burying them in the ground as a sort of incubation period.

Once the Chimera was able to dig themselves out of their makeshift graves, they began to exhibit the supernatural traits and powers of the creatures that made up their new hybrid nature (though it is unknown how or why each Chimera gained the supernatural characteristics that they developed-- it could be that the Dread Doctors chose the species that made up their Chimera nature, though it seems unlikely, or it could be a case of "the shape you take reflects the person that you are" in which the newly-turned Chimera's supernatural nature is determined by their personality and body chemistry, which is typical of true supernatural creatures). After this point, the Dread Doctors gave them a final mercury infusion. From there, the Chimeras would continue to be tested and experimented on, which may or may not include physical transformations like new sets of teeth, talons, or wings. Throughout this weeks-long process, the Dread Doctors would continually modify the memories of the Chimeras so that they wouldn't know what was being done to them until the Doctors were ready for them to be aware of their true nature.

It would quickly become clear whether they were successes or failures depending on their behavior after they exhibited their new hybrid powers. First, the Chimeras would begin to forget who they were and what was happening to them, and then they would begin to bleed black blood and become unable to heal their wounds at an accelerated rate. Once the Chimera began to bleed modified mercury from their eyes, noses, mouths, or open wounds, the Dread Doctors would determine that they were failures and kill them, as they believe failures tainted the experiment pool. Mason Hewitt did not seem to go through this rejection process whatsoever due to his status as a truly successful Chimera, nor did Theo Raeken, who became a genetic chimera through a heart transplant performed by the Dread Doctors themselves and survived his transformation without any negative side-effects. However, the rest of the Chimeras all began to exhibit signs of being a failure and were subsequently killed, though four of them were resurrected by Theo using a green serum of the Dread Doctors that allowed them to successfully complete their transformations without issue.

Physical Appearance

Most of the Chimeras have their own unique form that was given to them by the Dread Doctors, though it remains unknown how or why the Chimeras gained the traits of their specific species. For some of these Chimeras, their physical characteristics appeared to be permanent and could not be transformed back and forth like typical shapeshifters. For example, Belasko had glowing blue talons, along with the ridged brow, fangs, and glowing blue eyes of a werewolf, though the colors of his eyes changed when he siphoned the powers of a supernatural creature, such as when they turned fiery reddish-orange when he tried to take the Hellhound Jordan Parrish's powers; these physical characteristics did not seem to be retractable. Likewise, Donovan Donati's Wendigo fangs also appeared to be permanent due to the Dread Doctors pulling all of his human teeth out, though he could make his eyes transform back and forth from their human brown to Wendigo white, and could create lamprey mouths over his body at will as well. Zach also had wings growing out of his back until the Dread Doctors cut them off, and the female Chimera who was killed by Kira Yukimura at the McCall House had long, black, needle-like claws that may or may not have been retractable.

Other Chimeras are more like true shapeshifters, in that they have a human form and a Chimera form that usually resembled one or both of the supernatural creatures whose powers they possessed. For example, Josh Diaz had purple eyes, claws (which physically resembled those of werecreatures) that glowed the same purple as his eyes, and large sharp fanged teeth, all traits that had never been seen before in any other known creature in the series. Upon completion of Tracy Stewart's transformation, her eyes originally glowed bright yellow, like those of a typical Beta werewolf, but they later changed to resemble the eyes of a Kanima; to match her Kanima nature, she also could develop reptilian scales over half of her body and had a tail that she could extend and retract from her spine before Kira Yukimura cut it off with her sword.

Similarly, both Theo Raeken and Hayden Romero could both shapeshift their features into those that resembled a Beta werewolf, including golden eyes, claws, and fangs; however, Theo also possessed the ability to fully shift into a wolf due to his werecoyote half, while Hayden demonstrated she could transform her skin to resemble a werejaguar when she was dying of a mercury overdose. Noah Patrick had the ability to extend and retract Berserker claws from his wrist and hand, and could transform his face to resemble a Berserker's as well, which caused his eye sockets to become sunken in and darkened.

Additionally, one specific Chimera, Corey, doesn't have shapeshifting abilities whatsoever; instead, he can camouflage himself by pressing himself against his surroundings like a chameleon and can thereby make himself invisible to the human eye. Mason Hewitt, as the vessel for the Beast of Gevaudan, possessed all the powers of the Beast, including the ability to shapeshift from his own human form into a large, black bestial werewolf by summoning the shadows and darkness around him to envelope him. This lasted until the Beast remembered who he truly was, after which point Mason shapeshifted into the human form of Sebastien Valet while retaining his own memories inside Sebastien's mind. Now that the Beast has been vanquished and Mason has been returned to his true form, it is believed that he no longer has any physical traits or powers of a Chimera, since his powers were derived fully from Sebastien's spirit.

Powers and Abilities

The powers of a Chimera vary depending on the individual, though many of them who are partially of the same species may share similar powers; what powers they gain upon their transformation depends on what species make up their Chimera nature and how those two species combine with each other. Additionally, the degree of their powers may not be on the same level as the true supernatural creatures from whom they were derived. Theo Raeken has mentioned that he considers the Chimeras to be "cheap knock-offs," since their powers are still inferior to those of true shapeshifters, although the strength level of a Chimera can even vary within their own species.

Theo seemed to demonstrate the strongest abilities of all the Chimeras, likely due to the fact that he survived his transformation without any negative side effects, and possibly also as a result of the fact that he was turned when he was nine years old; for example, Theo was strong enough to overturn a Jeep, though he was still not as strong as Malia Tate, a werecoyote, and his healing ability was strong enough to allow him to survive a snapped neck (though it should be noted that he had absorbed the powers of two other Chimeras at this point, which could have heightened his supernatural powers). Deucalion also referred to Hayden Romero as the next strongest Chimera in the Chimera Pack after Theo, though whether this was a true belief of his or merely a lie to win Hayden over remains to be seen; Hayden did indeed appear to have reasonably powerful speed, agility, and senses, but for reasons unknown, her healing ability was inferior to most of her Chimera peers.

With that in mind, the most common abilities among them were superhuman physical attributes, such as enhanced strength, speed, agility/reflexes, durability, senses, and an accelerated healing factor, all of which seem to be possessed by all Chimeras, regardless of their combination of species. The next most common power was shapeshifting, which all the Chimeras seemed to possess in some manner with the exception of Corey, though this shapeshifting power varies based on the species of the Chimera in question.

Aside from these powers, the rest of the powers they possessed appeared to be somewhat unique to the individual in question-- as previously stated, these unique powers were based on the specific supernatural species that made up the Chimeras' nature and the manner in which they combined with each other.

  • Belasko had the common abilities of an Omega-level werewolf in terms of physical attributes, but also could absorb the powers of other supernatural creatures through his talons.
  • Tracy Stewart possessed the fangs and claws of a werewolf and the eyes, scales, and paralytic venom of a Kanima, along with the physical attributes of both. She also possessed incredible superhuman durability, which made it so that not even a surgical steel scalpel could cut through her skin, though she was still vulnerable to the claws of Chimeras and true shapeshifters as well as weapons imbued with mystical energy like Kira Yukimura's katana.
  • Donovan Donati possessed the eyes, fangs, and cannibalistic hunger of a Wendigo and the ability to create lamprey mouths wherever he wanted on his body.
  • Lucas had the claws and physical attributes of a werewolf and the ability to produce scorpion stingers (complete with scorpion venom that caused agonizing pain in those exposed to it) on the back of his arms and spine.
  • Josh Diaz had the purple eyes, glowing purple claws, and fangs of an unknown creature, as well as electromagnetokinesis, or the ability to siphon, create, and manipulate electricity, magneticism, and electromagnetic fields. This power also gives him the ability to sense electrical and electromagnetic forces around him, as he needs a source of this energy to fuel his powers.
  • Hayden Romero possessed the eyes, claws, and fangs of a werewolf as well as the skin and the ability to sense Berserkers that is common among werejaguars. However, the werejaguar aspects of Hayden's powers were presumably lost upon her transformation into a real werewolf after being given the Bite by Scott McCall.
  • Theo Raeken has the eyes, claws, and fangs of a werewolf, along with the ability to full-shift into a large black wolf due to his werecoyote nature. After killing and absorbing the powers of Tracy Stewart and Josh Diaz, he now possesses the ability to excrete Kanima venom as well as the ability to absorb and manipulate electromagnetic energy.
  • Corey Bryant possess the power of supernatural camouflage, allowing him to blend in with his surroundings through tactile contact in a manner similar to a chameleon. He was also able to camouflage at least one other person by touching them as well, and his power appears to have advanced to where he can now blend in with the air around him to become invisible.
  • Zach possessed wings on his back, though once he began displaying symptoms of being a failure, the Dread Doctors cut them off.
  • The unnamed female Chimera who was found dead at the McCall House possessed long, black, needle-like claws on all of her fingers.


Unlike true supernatural creatures, Chimeras have shown no specific weakness such as Wolfsbane or Mountain Ash, which are common among supernatural creatures and shapeshifters. However, this does not make them unkillable, as they are still susceptible to death like any other creature (though their accelerated healing ability does make it slightly more difficult to kill them than it would be for a human), as has been proven on multiple occasions.

For example, Josh Diaz was killed by Theo Raeken on two occasions; once after having his throat clawed out, and again after being impaled with Theo's claws and having both his pain and his powers siphoned out of him. Corey was nearly killed by Cerberus after being engulfed by the Hellhound's flames, and while Malia Tate's ability to take away pain helped his healing ability kick in enough to prevent him from dying, the burns still took several days to heal. Lucas, who showed showed extraordinary strength in battle, was killed after being shot in the heart with a retractable crossbow bolt, and Donovan Donati was killed similarly after being impaled in the chest by a large metal brace. Chimeras also seem to be susceptible to overdoses from the same modified mercury that transformed them in the first place, as evidenced by both Tracy Stewart and Hayden Romero being killed by the Dread Doctors in this manner.

It also appears that Corey's power of supernatural camouflage wasn't effective against the Dread Doctors, who seemed to be able to see through his camouflage in order to kill him, possibly due to their own electromagnetokinetic powers; additionally, while his camouflage ability does allow him to mask his physical presence, it will not mask his scent, allowing true shapeshifters and Chimeras with heightened senses of smell to track him even if he isn't visible.

Known Chimeras

Image Chimera Status Turned First appearance Mixture
Theo 3 Theo Raeken Alive 2003/2004 Creatures of the Night Werewolf-Werecoyote
Theo was only ten years old when he was approached by the Dread Doctors to become a super-powered Chimera, as they appreciated the fact that he had a killer instinct even at a young age. To transform him, they watched Theo let his sister die of hypothermia before transplanting her heart into Theo's body to make him a genetic chimera. Afterward, he was successfully transformed into a Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera with the power to full-shift into a wolf, but was not a suitable host for the Beast of Gevaudan, leading him to instead work with the Dread Doctors to achieve their goals. However, they allowed him to continue working with them so they could continue their efforts to bring back the Beast.

When Theo originally returned to Beacon Hills in the autumn of 2012, he pretended to be a Werewolf and a friend of Scott McCall and his pack in order to get close to them. However, it was later revealed that not only was he a Chimera, but he was the first Chimera, who, at that point, was the closest thing to a success that the Dread Doctors had achieved. It was also revealed that he had made a deal with the Dread Doctors to continue working with them in order for each of them to achieve their respective goals; the Dread Doctors were intent to create the perfect host for the newly-resurrected Beast of Gevaudan, while Theo was set on orchestrating Scott's death, with the ultimate goal of stealing his Alpha powers, becoming a real werewolf, and taking the McCall Pack for his own.

Unfortunately for Theo, this plan failed as a result of Liam failing to kill Scott and Theo's underestimation of the pack's loyalty to Scott, so he ended up impulsively killing Scott himself out of anger for this failure, though Scott was ultimately resurrected with help from his mother, Melissa McCall. As a sort-of consolation prize, Theo resurrected four of the dead Chimeras, Hayden Romero, Josh Diaz, Tracy Stewart, and Corey, and created the Chimera Pack, of which he was the self-described Alpha. He and his pack then dedicated themselves to finding and identifying the Beast of Gevaudan so that Theo could steal its powers instead, enlisting the aid of Deucalion and obtaining Belasko's talons as part of this mission. However, Theo ultimately failed at stealing the Beast's power as well due to the Kanima venom he used not working on Sebastien Valet. He was then finally defeated when Kira Yukimura, with help from the trio of Skinwalkers with whom she had pledged her loyalty, opened a sinkhole in the earth and trapped Theo in it after he was dragged inside by his revenant younger sister.

The beast Mason Hewitt Alive Autumn 2012 Benefactor (Formerly) Possessed by The Beast of Gevaudan
Mason Hewitt, who was born a genetic chimera after absorbing his underdeveloped twin in the womb, was ultimately the Dread Doctors' only truly successful Chimera after he proved himself to be the ideal host for the Beast of Gevaudan, as, according to the Doctors, the only way to find a suitable vessel for the "perfect evil" was to corrupt someone who was truly good such as Mason, who was known for being a kind, compassionate, and loyal person who was dedicated to protecting innocent lives. The original Beast of Gevaudan is Sebastien Valet, who became a werewolf by drinking rainwater from a werewolf's paw print during the Seven Years War in the mid-18th century. Upon his return from serving in the French military in the war, he returned to his hometown of Gévaudan, France, where he killed over 500 people between 1764-1767 until he was killed by his sister, Marie-Jeanne Valet.

Since the Dread Doctors couldn't resurrect Sebastien out of thin air, they needed Mason to act as its vessel, and once it was confirmed that he was the sole success of the eleven Chimeras they created, they placed Sebastien's spirit into Mason's body and began forcing it to transform using specific frequencies, which caused Mason to go on several vicious killing sprees until the Beast finally realized its true identity, as it had forgotten its history due to being punished with damnatio memoriae in the 18th century. This realization caused Mason to shapeshift into Sebastien's original body, though Sebastien maintained Mason's memories, which allowed him to more easily navigate through the modern world (such as driving a car) and recognize important people in his final battle, such as Jordan Parrish, the Hellhound he was prophesied to battle. However, after Lydia Martin used her Banshee voice to change Mason back by calling him by his "Christian name," Mason returned to his normal self and forced Sebastien's spirit, in the form of the Beast, out of his body, allowing Scott McCall to kill it with help from Jordan Parrish.

Belasko with blue claws Belasko Deceased Unknown Creatures of the Night Werewolf-Garuda
Belasko was a genetic chimera through unknown means who was eventually transformed into a Werewolf-Garuda Chimera and given a special set of harpy eagle talons with which he could use to absorb the powers of other supernatural creatures. He was later sent by the Dread Doctors to kill Scott McCall, but in the process of finding Scott, he ran into Jordan Parrish. When Belasko realized that Parrish was supernatural, he absorbed a portion of his Hellhound powers by stabbing him with his Garuda talons. Upon finding Scott, he informed him of how he was a "devoted fan" due to his belief that he took down Deucalion and broke the Argent Family before attacking Scott and his girlfriend Kira Yukimura.

Though Belasko managed to stab Scott with his talons, he was unsuccessful in stealing his powers due to Scott being a True Alpha and Belasko not being a Beta of Scott's own creation, allowing Scott to get the upper-hand. He broke the talons off of Belasko's right hand before snapping his arm and giving him the choice between running or fighting and getting more hurt. Though Belasko chose to run for his life, he was eventually killed by the Dread Doctors for his failure to complete his mission, and when the Surgeon stabbed him in the chest with his sword-cane, a flock of crows flew out of his chest.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 7 Strange Frequencies Hayden transformed Hayden Romero Alive July/August 2015 Parasomnia (formerly) Werewolf-Werejaguar
Hayden was genetic chimera as a result of receiving a kidney transplant several years before her introduction to the series. She was first introduced as a girl from Liam Dunbar's past who was initially introduced as his enemy due to the two breaking each other's noses in sixth grade. However, after discovering that she was a Chimera, Hayden and Liam began to bond and eventually fell in love as they began a romantic relationship. When she began showing signs of being a failure, the Dread Doctors killed her with an overdose of modified mercury, but she was ultimately resurrected by Theo Raeken using the Doctors' green serum.

Upon her resurrection, she joined the Chimera Pack due to her gratitude toward Theo for bringing her back to life, and learned that, because she was part-werejaguar, she could sense Berserkers and part-Berserker Chimeras. She also found that her personality had become darker because of dying and being brought back to life, though she did rekindle her relationship with Liam despite this change. In time, she realized that Theo was using the Chimeras as pawns in order to gain more power and decided to pledge her loyalty to the McCall Pack, as she had begun to believe in Scott McCall and his ability to protect the town from the Beast of Gevaudan. After she was gravely injured by Sebastien Valet, she asked Scott McCall to give her the Bite, a request he accepted and which led to Hayden successfully transforming into a true werewolf. As a result, she is no longer a Chimera.

Tracy kanima 2 Tracy Stewart Deceased August 2012 Parasomnia Werewolf-Kanima
Tracy was a genetic chimera as a result of an allogeneic skin graft she received on her right shoulder at some point prior to her introduction to the series. She initially had no memory of becoming a Chimera due to the Dread Doctors manipulating her memories and her history of night terrors, which led her to believe that all the experimentation she could remember was simply a nightmare. However, in reality, she had begun transforming into a werewolf at night, eventually going on a killing spree during a hallucination (which had been triggered due to reading The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack) that led to her killing her father and psychiatrist, both of whom were trying to help her.

Continuing this theme, Tracy went after Natalie Martin when she was meeting with Sheriff Stilinski at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, where she revealed that she was part-Kanima and had paralytic venom and a tail that could extend and retract from her spinal cord. However, after Malia Tate defeated her in a fight and snapped her out of her night terror by insisting that everything was real, Tracy was killed by the Dread Doctors using an overdose of modified mercury due to her failure as a Chimera test subject. She was resurrected weeks later by Theo Raeken, along with three other Chimeras, and joined the Chimera Pack, becoming the most enthusiastic and devoted of its members and relishing in her newly-stabilized powers after her resurrection caused her personality to become darker. She assisted Theo in his quest to steal the Beast of Gevaudan's powers, only to end up having her own life and powers stolen by Theo as a result, since he needed her paralytic venom to incapacitate the Beast before attacking it.

Donovan wendiog chimera Donovan Donati Deceased 2012 Creatures of the Night Wendigo-Lamprey
Donovan was a genetic chimera as a result of receiving an allogeneic skin graft several years prior to his introduction after getting into a motorcycle accident. He then grew up to be a petty criminal and was eventually arrested by Valerie Clark. After escaping from a prison transport van during Tracy Stewart's attack, Donovan was captured by the Dread Doctors. They held him down and used a drill with a stabilizing metal cone around it to drill into Donovan's head through his ear canal so they could inject modified mercury directly into his brain, causing his eyes to develop silver nictitious membranes. Later, they broke him out of jail to bring him back to the Dread Doctors' operating theater, where they pulled out all of his human teeth so that his double-rowed Wendigo fangs could grow in their place.

After Theo Raeken came to Donovan and suggested he use his newfound super-strength and senses to get back at Sheriff Stilinski by going after something he loves, he released him from his restraints. Donovan took advantage of this freedom by tracking Stiles Stilinski to the high school, where he attacked the teen by biting him with a round lamprey mouth that he formed on his hand. Stiles managed to use his wrench to hit Donovan in the head hard enough to run and hide in the library, and when Donovan followed after him, he created another lamprey mouth on his neck in anticipation. He had nearly cornered Stiles in the library when the younger man climbed up a construction scaffolding to get to safety, leading Donovan to show his white Wendigo eyes and growl that he was going to eat Stiles' legs. However, Stiles pulled a pin out of the top of the scaffolding to drop a great deal of metal construction materials on him, hoping that doing so would neutralize him long enough to run away; instead of simply knocking Donovan into a daze, one of the metal braces impaled Donovan through the heart and killed him. Judging by the modified mercury that was laced in the blood that came from his wounds, Donovan was in the process of rejecting his transformation and becoming a failure.

Lucas sumerian chimera Lucas Deceased Fall 2012 Condition Terminal Werewolf-Scorpion
Lucas was a genetic chimera due to receiving a cornea transplant at some point prior to his introduction to the series. Lucas was initially described as being shy, but his transformation into a Chimera had caused him to become much more sexually aggressive, to the point that he stung his boyfriend, Corey, while they were making out. Because Lucas' stingers produced an extremely potent scorpion venom, the sting became so bad that Corey was sent to the hospital in such agonizing pain that not even morphine could take the edge off. Due to his scorpion nature, Lucas was capable of growing large stingers on the backs of his arms and down his spine that were filled with his poisonous venom. Brett Talbot caught him attempting to sting Mason Hewitt at Sinema and intervened before it could happen, though in the fight that followed, Lucas used his arm stingers to slash across Brett's chest. Liam Dunbar, Scott McCall, and Kira Yukimura then joined the fight, with Liam ultimately incapacitating Lucas with a powerful head-butt to the face. Just after Kira lost control over her inner Kitsune spirit and attempted to kill Lucas, only to be stopped by Scott, the Dread Doctors appeared and killed Lucas with a crossbow affixed with a retractable crossbow bolt, declaring that he was a failure whose condition was terminal.
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 11 The Last Chimera Josh with Purple Eyes Josh Diaz Deceased Fall 2012 Required Reading Unknown
Josh was first revealed to be a Chimera in a Banshee premonition experienced by Lydia Martin, and was discovered chewing on the electrical cables running through the high school basement and the hospital's roof in order to absorb the electricity in them. At the hospital, he attacked a hapless Stiles Stilinski, who was in the middle of a flashback-hallucination due to reading The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack. Before Josh, who was out of control, could kill Stiles, Theo Raeken appeared and saved Stiles' life by clawing out Josh's throat and killing him.

Josh was later resurrected by Theo using the Dread Doctors' green serum, though he was reluctant to join the Chimera Pack at first, due in part because Josh was upset that he could no longer get high on drugs because of his accelerated healing ability. However, when Theo taught Josh how to get a high off of absorbing electricity, Josh became more loyal to him and began helping him in his quest to steal the Beast of Gevaudan's power. He helped Theo and the rest of the Chimera Pack break into Eichen House in an attempt to capture Lydia as bait to draw the Hellhound, Jordan Parrish, to them, but started to feel doubt regarding his place in the pack when Theo insisted that he put on the Dread Doctor mask they stole from Valack, since his powers made him the only one who could wear it without being killed. When Josh refused to put on the mask, Theo, who had just been taught the art of stealing power by Deucalion, attacked Josh by impaling him with his claws, siphoning his pain, then his life, and then his powers. This allowed Theo to safely wear the Dread Doctor mask and learn the way that the original Beast, Sebastien Valet, was killed in 1767.

Corey dying Corey Bryant Alive July/August 2012 Condition Terminal Chameleon
After being severely injured from Lucas's scorpion sting, Corey miraculously healed, which led to the realization that Corey, like the others, was a Chimera, though the specific creatures from whom he got his powers remain unknown. Corey's main power-- aside from the typical enhanced physical traits such as super strength, speed, agility, and healing-- is the ability to blend into his surroundings like a chameleon by pressing himself against whatever is near him. He has also shown that he can also cloak another person in this fashion as well if he is in physical contact with them, as evidenced when Corey put his arm around Mason and hid him from both Devenford Prep students and Scott and Liam. He is currently in a relationship with Mason.

Corey was killed by the Dread Doctors shortly after it was revealed that he was a Chimera, as he threw up a great deal of black blood and modified mercury after demonstrating his exceptional super-strength in the weight room with Mason. After the Surgeon stabbed Corey with his sword-cane, Jordan Parrish, the Hellhound, stole Corey's body and brought it to the Nemeton with the other Chimera failures, where Theo Raeken eventually came and resurrected Corey with the Dread Doctors' green serum. Corey, like Josh Diaz, was reluctant to join the Chimera Pack at first, but his fear of Theo eventually led him to join them, though he was not a fighter by nature and was uninterested in harming others for more power. Though he was badly burned by Parrish in a battle at Eichen House, he survived his wounds and was ultimately the only Chimera to survive the battle with the Beast of Gevaudan unscathed, as both Josh and Tracy Stewart were killed, Theo was trapped underground, and Hayden Romero was given the Bite by Scott McCall and became a true werewolf.


Unknown - Unknown; Super Strength (failure)

Beth chimera

Beth attended Beacon Hills High School. She was in Biology class when she began to nervously bite her nails while she researched the changes she was experiencing in her transformation. When one of her nails completely fell off, revealing mercury-laced blood seeping out of her nail bed, Beth became so alarmed that she ran out into the hallway. Malia Tate, worried about her and wanting to protect her from the Dread Doctors, approached her in the hallway and tried to offer her help, but Beth insisted that Malia knew nothing about her condition before shoving her into the lockers and running away. Unfortunately for Beth, she ran out the front doors to the school and straight into the Dread Doctors, who grabbed her in a headlock before snapping her neck right in front of Malia.

Noah Patrick

Berserker- Unknown (failure)

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 11 The Last Chimera Noah oozing Mercury

Noah first appeared at the hospital, where Malia Tate found him feeding on bags of donated red bone marrow, indicating it was a trait of the unknown species that made up his Chimera nature. Upon seeing Malia, he lunged toward her, leading the two to engage in an attack in which Noah revealed he had bone claws he could extend and retract from his wrist and hands. Before he could seriously harm Malia, Braeden appeared and shot at him with her modified military stun-gun, which did little to harm him but did successfully scare him away. The next day, it is revealed that Noah could not control himself when he transformed, and that he was the one who attacked Sheriff Stilinski. It was also revealed that he had bone claws because he was part-Berserker, and that Hayden Romero could sense him due to the connection they shared as a result of Hayden's werejaguar side. Unfortunately for Noah, despite his exceptional super-strength, sharp teeth, and bone claws, he began bleeding mercury and was subsequently killed by the Dread Doctors for being a failure..


Unknown - Unknown; Wings (Failure)

Zach chimera

Zach was trapped in the Dread Doctors holding cell at the abandoned house investigated by Jordan Parrish and Sheriff Stilinski when he met Liam Dunbar and Hayden Romero, who had recently been locked up with him. While there, he mentioned that he felt something on his back and asked Hayden and Liam if they would be willing to look at it for him; when he lifted up the back of his shirt, he revealed tiny wing buds that were vibrating quickly like a hummingbird's. He went on to detail the progressive stages of being a "failure" Chimera, such as forgetting who they are or what they're doing, being unable to heal, and bleeding modified mercury. Unfortunately for Zach, he began experiencing the last symptom shortly afterward, leading the Dread Doctors to grab him from his cell and bring him back to the operating theater, where the Surgeon stabbed him in the back with his sword-cane.

Unnamed Female

Unknown; needle-like claws

Dead chimera

This girl's body was found on a table at the McCall House with Kira's sword through her chest. All that is known for sure about her is that she had long, black claws that looked like needles, and seemed to be in the process of becoming a failed chimera due to the black blood that was leaking out of her fingers..


  • All of the surviving Chimeras, with the exception of Mason Hewitt/the Beast of Gevaudan, formed a pack known as the Chimera Pack, which was led by Theo Raeken.
  • Not all of the species used to create the Chimeras are known. For example, it is unknown what two species make up Josh Diaz, Corey, Zach, or the unnamed female Chimera who Kira killed, and though Noah Patrick was known to be part-Berserker, it is unknown what his other species is.
  • Belasko was specifically created to steal Scott McCall's True Alpha status, though this was ultimately unsuccessful, since only a Beta werewolf who the True Alpha bit and turned himself is capable of stealing his power.
  • The four Chimeras who were resurrected by Theo Raeken were said to have become darker after having died and been brought back to life.
  • There are currently only two Chimeras who have survived through Season 5 with their powers intact-- Corey and Theo Raeken. All of the other Chimeras died except for Mason Hewitt, who presumably no longer has his powers now that the Beast's spirit has been vanquished, since it was the source of his powers, and Hayden Romero, who was given the Bite by Scott and who has successfully transformed into a werewolf, making her no longer a Chimera.
  • Unlike a werewolf or werecoyote, a Chimera's eyes don't change from golden to blue when they take an innocent life. This is primarily shown by the fact that Theo's eyes have stayed golden, despite the fact he has killed innocent people such as his sister and Josh. Tracy has also shown this phenomenon, as while her eyes were those of a beta werewolf, they did not turn blue after she killed her father.


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