Lydia: "[Caleb]'s mom [Lenore] conjured him to fill the void she left after the Wild Hunt passed through Canaan. Mom... What if Sheriff Stilinski is filling a void? What if he's filling it with Claudia?"
Natalie: "You think Claudia's dead? No, I-I just saw her."
Lydia: "So many things don't make sense. She had a fatal disease, but then she's fine. She says her Jeep was stolen twenty years ago, but its Stiles'! Oh, you should have seen the look on her face when I peeled back the wallpaper. She wasn't just angry-- she was scared. Like she was protecting a secret."
Lydia Martin and Natalie Martin about Claudia's reappearance in Heartless

Claudia Stilinski (née Claudia Gajos) was a character who was first introduced during Season 1 of MTV's Teen Wolf, but who made her first on-screen cameo appearance during Season 3B, and her first true on-screen appearances. She was the mother of Stiles Stilinski and the wife of Sheriff Stilinski. A projection of Claudia appears for season 6, having appeared due to the Ghost riders. As a projection created by the wild hunt, she has the role of antagonist due to prevent Noah from remembering and attempting to kill Stiles.

Claudia originally didn't appear in present day due to having died of frontotemporal dementia eight years prior to the start of the series, but she remained a lingering presence in her family's life even today. She first appeared in a brief background appearance and deleted scene from Echo House before returning for a more prominent role in a flashback in Required Reading. She died after suffering from frontotemporal dementia in 2004.

In Season 6, Claudia mysteriously returned shortly after her son Stiles was erased from existence by the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt. Though her presence seemed unusual to the members of the McCall Pack and their allies but due to their altered memories they did not know the fate of the original Claudia, it wasn't until after Scott McCall, Malia Tate, and Lydia Martin visited the ghost town of Canaan that Lydia realized that Sheriff Stilinski had been so affected by the void caused by the loss of Stiles to the Ghost Riders that he actually conjured a version of Claudia to replace him. As a result of this, Claudia was resistant to any efforts to remember Stiles by her husband or the pack, as she knew that if they did so, her conjured self would vanish. Despite her efforts to prevent this by reminding the Sheriff of false memories of their life together, he ultimately chose to remember the son who was still alive at the cost of the wife who had been dead for almost ten years, causing Claudia to seemingly vanish. Claudia returns when the dimensions merge and tries to kill Stiles, Noah with Lydia's help manages to vanquish her.

Early Life

Little is known about Claudia's early life, except that she was originally known as Claudia Gajos, the daughter of Mieczyslaw Gajos and an unnamed mother, who attended Beacon Hills High School in the same class as Natalie Martin. ("Relics") At some point, she met Noah Stilinski and was engaged to him while they were still in college. In 1995, they gave birth to a son, named after her own father and nicknamed Stiles after Noah's father, Elias Stilinski. ("Sundowning")

However, in 2003, Claudia was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, a fatal disease that caused her perception of reality deteriorate rapidly. She soon began suffering from insomnia, an inability to distinguish dreams from reality, sleepwalking, sleep paralysis, irritability, and paranoia. This put a great deal of strain on both Claudia herself and her husband and son, especially when the dementia caused her to believe Stiles was trying to kill her. ("Required Reading") She ended up dying in 2004 with her young son Stiles at her bedside while her husband, Noah, was dealing with a car accident victim at work; though the victim, a Banshee, warned Noah that he needed to leave right then if he wanted to be with her when she passed, he was a skeptic about the supernatural and guessed that she was just delirious. When he returned to the hospital, he found Stiles sitting in the hallway with his face in his hands, indicating that Claudia had died while he was working. ("Alpha Pact")

Throughout Teen Wolf

Season 5

In Required Reading, Claudia is seen on the roof of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital via Stiles' flashback. Stiles comes out onto the roof, calling out to his mother twice, asking her what she is doing but she does not reply. Sheriff Stilinski shows up and approaches Claudia, asking her what she is doing, she tells Stilinski that she could be in the hospital room anymore, not with him looking at her, him being her son, Stiles. She explains to to her husband that their son is trying to cause her harm and she doesn't care if no one believes her. She states again that Stiles is trying to kill her, Stilinski softly grabs Claudia's hand and says that Stiles has no desire to see her hurt.

He helps her down and explains that it's the disease that's making her have these irrational thoughts. The dementia gives her delusions and makes her believe that people are out to get her when that's not the case. She tells the sheriff that he doesn't see the way Stiles looks at her, shen then looks Stiles direction and shouts stop looking at me several times before rushing Stiles and attacking him.

Season 6

In Superposition,

In Sundowning,

In Relics,

In Radio Silence,

In Ghosted,

In Heartless,

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Physical Appearance

Claudia is an attractive middle-aged woman with pale white skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She dresses casually in blouses, sweaters, and jeans, and wears very little makeup.


  • Claudia: Claudia is the feminine form of the masculine Latin name Claudius, which was originally a family name that was possibly derived from the Latin word claudus, meaning "blind," "lame" or "crippled." It was the name of a patrician family that was prominent in Roman politics, and their ancestor was said to have been a 6th century BCE Sabine leader named Attius Clausus, who adopted the name Appius Claudius upon becoming a Roman citizen. Variants of the name in other languages include: Klavdiya (Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian); Klaudija (Croatian); Klaudie (Czech); Claude, Claudie, Claudette, Claudine (French); Klaudia (Polish, Slovak); Cláudia (Portuguese); Klava (Russian); Klavdija (Slovene); Gladys (Welsh).
  • Gajos: Gajos is a Polish surname derived from an old Slavic term gaj, meaning "grove" (kind of forest).
  • Stilinski: Though this surname is implied to be of Polish or otherwise Slavic origin, it appears to be a made-up surname with no known etymology.


  • Judging by Claudia's maiden name, Gajos, and the fact that her father's name is Mieczysław, it can be assumed that she is of at least partial Polish heritage.
  • Because the closest Stiles could get to pronouncing his true first name was the word "mischief," Claudia used it as a nickname for Stiles, believing it was an apt name for a child as mischievous as he is.
  • According to Noah Stilinski, Stiles' Jeep was formerly Claudia's.