Theo: "You don't have to hide from me, Corey."
Corey: "I was trying to do something nice."
Theo: 'You were trying to do something normal, but you don't have to be normal anymore. And you definitely don't have to be nice.

The relationship between the Unknown Chimera Corey Bryant and Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera Theo Raeken.

Corey and Theo first met in Season 5A's Ouroboros, when Theo witnessed Scott McCall using his claws to perform the memory manipulation ritual on him to find out what he knew about the Dread Doctors. Theo went on to help Scott attempt to save Corey, who was revealed to be a failed Chimera when he began rejecting his transformation, from being killed by the Doctors, but they were too late. In the Season 5A finale, Theo resurrected Corey with the Dread Doctors' green serum and recruited Corey to his new Chimera Pack.

Despite the gratitude Corey felt toward Theo for bringing him back to life, he still feared Theo and was hesitant to fully embrace the behavior that Theo endorsed for his pack. However, he eventually became more confident in the use of his Chimera abilities and used them to break into Eichen House with Theo, Tracy Stewart, and Josh Diaz to try to capture Lydia Martin in hopes of using her connection to the Hellhound, Jordan Parrish, and by extension, the Beast of Gevaudan. When Theo encouraged Corey to take down Parrish, Corey balked and stated that he was "on fire", though he ultimately did what he was ordered, sustaining full-body third-degree burns in the process. It was this event that caused Corey to start to see through Theo's behavior and he realized that he was just a pawn to Theo, causing him to switch his allegiance to Scott and the McCall Pack instead due to his boyfriend Mason Hewitt's influence. The two were then separated when Theo was imprisoned underground by Kira Yukimura and the Skinwalkers, and though Theo was released a few months later, Corey and Theo have yet to reunite.

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

Season 5 Edit

In Ouroboros, Scott McCall was looking for Liam and Hayden, who were captured by The Dread Doctors and Theo stated that he should stay with Corey.

In Status Asthmaticus, Theo uses the serum from the Nazi Alpha Werewolf to resurrect Corey and the other chimeras. As Corey gets up from the Nemeton, Theo told them he's their Alpha and they all belong to him. He follow Theo through the woods.

In The Last Chimera. In some time in the future Theo, Tracy, Josh and Corey invade Eichen House to retrieve Lydia as she can help them get the Hellhound. As Tracy and Josh take the guards, Corey turns himself invisible and he and his packmates arrive to Lydia's room as he says have a hole in the head is bad for everyone. He then watches Parrish as the Hellhound coming for Lydia.

In Damnatio Memoriae, Corey helps cleaning the library and Mason tries to talk to him about Theo creating his own pack of resurrected chimeras as he fails, Corey promises hang out with him. As Theo gets in the school, he says he doesn't have to hide from him. Corey says he was trying to do something nice. Theo threatens Corey to leave him die again if he doesn't do all Theo's orders and he and Theo leave. He later appears in the tunnels to fight Scott but he was afraid to fight him as he's got fangs. Along with Tracy, he retrieves Josh that was paralyzed by Tracy's claws thanks to Scott.

In The Sword and the Spirit, as Theo arrived to his lair, he watches Corey and his other packmates wounded as they sucessfull have retrieved Deucalion, his face is not shown but he's sit on the floor with his head wounded.

In Amplification, after hearing Scott's plans about getting Lydia out of Eichen House, he helps his pack breaking Eichen House the same way they did in The Last Chimera.

Trivia Edit

  • After learning about the type of person and Theo was, Corey swiftly left Theo's pack.
  • Theo often used threats and fear to control Corey into doing what he said, as he did with the most of his pack.
  • Unlike Tracy and Josh, Corey was not killed by his Alpha in an attempt to take his power.
  • Both, Corey and Theo are the only Chimeras alive.

Gallery Edit

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