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[It is just after nightfall, and Deputy Valerie Clark is on patrol in her Sheriff's deputy car when she suddenly gets a call from dispatch]

DISPATCHER: [on radio] Any available units, Beacon Hills telecom is requesting an 11-5 at the communication towers off Cypress Lame.
VALERIE: 10-4 Dispatch. I'm in the area.
DISPATCHER: [on radio] Copy, Unit 5. A technician was sent over an hour ago, and telecom hasn't heard back.
VALERIE: Copy. I'm 10-76.

[Valerie returns her radio to the dashboard and looks over at the passenger seat. The camera pans over to reveal an unhappy-looking Hayden, who is giving her sister an exasperated look]

HAYDEN: You're gonna drag me to work every night?

[Valerie returns Hayden's exasperated look with a stern one]

VALERIE: If I have to.

[Hayden sighs and rolls her eyes]

HAYDEN: You can't keep an eye on me 24/7.

[Now it is Valerie who looks exasperated]

VALERIE: You disappeared for three days! I'm keeping an eye on you for the rest of your natural-born life.

[It's clear that Hayden feels guilty for lying to her sister, but she continues her lie to ensure Valerie's safety by shielding her from the supernatural world]

HAYDEN: I told you I was with Liam...

[Valerie scoffs and rolls her eyes]

VALERIE: Which doesn't improve your argument!

[Hayden, feeling even more guilty, doesn't know what else to say, and after a moment of uncomfortable and tense silence, Valerie speaks up again]

VALERIE: Maybe you think you can do your own thing now. I don't care-- you still need me. We look out for each other, remember?

[Hayden, unable to look her sister in the eyes, turns to look out the window instead]

VALERIE: For all I know, you could have been dead.

[This reminder that she was, in fact, dead, and can't tell her sister about it makes Hayden even more depressed. They then pull up to the telecom station, where Valerie immediately puts the car into park before giving Hayden a warning look]

VALERIE: Stay here.

[Valerie gets out of the car, leaving Hayden behind to sit in the passenger seat as she pulls out her flashlight and turns it on. She slowly makes her way toward the entrance to the telecom station, where she quickly notices that the technician's pickup truck is still running. Hayden's eyes widen in fear as she watches Valerie walk over to the driver's side door, where she opens it before turning the key in the ignition to turn the truck off. Even more concerned now, Valerie slowly makes her way to the entrance, where she finds the front gate unlocked and ajar. Hayden narrows her eyes in confusion as she watches Valerie turn back to glance at her before making her way inside, though it's clear that she is extremely nervous by how quickly she's breathing]

[In Valerie's cruiser, Hayden closes her eyes and focuses her enhanced Chimera hearing so she can keep track of Valerie's search from outside. Valerie slowly walks down the metal staircase with her sidearm in her right hand, which is braced over the other hand clutching her flashlight. After a moment, she nervously calls out to see if the technician on the bottom floor]

VALERIE: Hello? Beacon County Sheriff's Department! Hello?

[Hayden continues to listen to Valerie's search when she suddenly hears a man gasping in pain and jerks her head upright in alarm]

TECHNICIAN: Help... me...

[Valerie has just made it to the basement of the telecom station, and her breathing quickens even more as she anxiously walks across the room, finding an abandoned yellow flashlight laying on the floor]

[Meanwhile, outside, Hayden has become so worried about Valerie, who apparently didn't hear the man pleading for help, that she gets out of the car and prepares to follow her sister inside. However, before she can do so, she sees someone in the reflection of the passenger window and reflexively swings a punch at them. Liam yelps and ducks to avoid getting hit before Hayden finally realizes who it is and groans in exasperation]

HAYDEN: Liam!!!

[Liam holds his hands up in a non-threatening gesture, still recovering from the shock of Hayden nearly punching him in the face]

LIAM: Sorry!

[Hayden sighs in annoyance before glaring at Liam]

HAYDEN: What are you doing here?
LIAM: [meekly] I sent you, like, a hundred texts...

[Hayden's presses her lips together, and its clear by her demeanor that she's feeling awkward and uncomfortable around him]

HAYDEN: I saw.

[Liam is taken aback by the curtness of Hayden's reply, and he pauses to process this for a moment before he begins stuttering in exasperation]

LIAM: You saw? That's it?

[Hayden looks down at the ground, unable to look him in the eyes, and Liam's voice makes it obvious that he's upset]

LIAM: How could you not tell me that you're alive?

[Hayden sighs and finally meets his gaze]

HAYDEN: Maybe because you left me for dead?

[Liam makes a confused face]

LIAM: ...You... You were dead.

[Hayden loses her patience and decides to end the conversation]

HAYDEN: Liam, you need to go.

[Back in the building, Valerie is still searching the basement, where she suddenly hears the man from earlier gasping for breath]

TECHNICIAN: [weakly] Here...

[Valerie jerks her flashlight toward the source of the sound and finds the technician laying on the floor in a puddle of blood, having been gravely mauled. He continues to gasp at Valerie as she rushes toward him]

TECHNICIAN: Still... here...

[The man starts to hyperventilate as he looks up to try to point her in the right direction, but before he can, he succumbs to his wounds and dies right in front of her. Valerie, clearly horrified by what she's just witnessed, looks up in the direction that the technician was looking and narrows her eyes to get a closer look at something in the back of the room. Suddenly, large clawed hands appear over a wide pipe as the creature squeezes it, puncturing holes in the pipe with its claws and releasing strong bursts of steam into the air. Valerie starts to hyperventilate as well as she watches the Beast stand to its full height and growl menacingly, leading her to run toward the stairs as fast as she can as it gives chase]

[Meanwhile, outside, Liam and Hayden have both just heard the Beast's roar, and their eyes widen in shock and alarm at the sound. They see its glowing white-blue eyes in the doorway and continue to watch in horror as it crushes the chain-link fence door in its large hands, throwing the crushed metal at them. When it lands just in front of the cruiser, Liam wastes no time grabbing Hayden by the hand]

HAYDEN: [stunned] What the hell is that?

[Liam pulls Hayden with him as he starts to run as fast as he can away from the telecom building. Hayden is reluctant to leave Valerie behind, but Valerie, who apparently hid while the Beast made its way out, quickly makes her way out of the door]


[Hayden does as she's told and rushes away with Liam into the nature preserve while the Beast chases after them. The two run side-by-side for a moment before Hayden turns her head toward Liam]

HAYDEN: What is that thing?

[Liam is shocked into speechlessness, and when he doesn't answer, Hayden repeats her question in a frustrated voice]

HAYDEN: Liam, what is it?
LIAM: [frantically] I don't know! Just run!

[The two continue to run until they make it to the wide and deep ravine in the middle of the preserve. They skid to a halt before they topple over the edge of the cliff, but when they hear the Beast quickly approaching them, Hayden appears to make a decision as she backs away from the cliff before looking at Liam expectantly]


[Liam looks at Hayden as though she's just lost her mind]

LIAM: Are you kidding??
HAYDEN: We can make it!

[Hayden grabs him by the hand and pulls him backward away from the cliff so that they can have a running start as they sprint toward the ravine. Just as they make it to the ledge, they use their super strength and agility to leap across the ravine with such force that they have no choice but to let go of each other's hands. Hayden lands in a three-point stance on the other side of the ravine and smirks in satisfaction]

HAYDEN: See? I told you!

[She turns around, expecting to see Liam next to her, and immediately looks alarmed when she sees Liam hanging onto the ledge with his arms as the rest of his body dangles over the ravine. Hayden reaches over to try to help him out, but they're both distracted when the Beast easily leaps over the ravine to pursue them. Liam, realizing they're at a loss for options, looks at Hayden with a serious expression as the Beast roars menacingly]

LIAM: Do you trust me?

[Hayden scoffs and gives him a look]

HAYDEN: What? No!

[Liam, knowing they don't have time to argue, grabs Hayden tighter by the arm and pulls her into the ravine with him, causing them to vanish from sight. When the Beast is unable to see them, he gives up on chasing after them and leaves to pursue another form of prey]



[Liam is laying unconscious and flat on his back on a large boulder at the bottom of the ravine while Hayden, looking annoyed, slaps him lightly on the face to wake him up. After a moment, Liam startles awake and groans in pain]

LIAM: What are you doing?
HAYDEN: [tersely] Making sure you're alive.

[Liam tries to sit up, but groans again and lays back down]

LIAM: Oh, I can't move my legs.

[Liam tries to get up again, to no avail]

LIAM: Argh, I think my back's broken.

[Hayden frowns slightly in concern]

HAYDEN: Will it heal?

[Liam thinks about this for a moment, looking grim and unhappy]

LIAM: Eventually... I think...

[Seemingly satisfied, Hayden stands to her feet]


[Hayden turns to leave, and Liam is clearly confused]

LIAM: Whoa! Where are you going?

[Hayden gives him a look as though she thinks he's being stupid]

HAYDEN: To find my sister and make sure she's okay.

[Liam looks appalled by her uncharacteristically cold behavior]

LIAM: You're just going to leave me here?
HAYDEN: [scoffs] You pulled me off a cliff! I'm lucky I healed.
LIAM: [frustrated] I saved your life.

[Hayden rolls her eyes at this remark and gives him a look]

HAYDEN: This time.

[Hayden is about to leave again when Liam calls out to her again]

LIAM: Who saved it last time?

[Hayden stops for a moment and sighs before she replies]


[Hayden leaves for real this time, leaving Liam paralyzed on the ground. He looks horrified by the revelation that Theo resurrected Hayden]


[Still late at night, Tracy has just walked into a room at the hospital where the driver of the prison transport van that she mauled in Dreamcatchers is laying silently in bed with an oxygen mask over his face and IV fluids draining into his left arm. When he hears her come in, the man immediately flashes back to the night Tracy attacked him and her father after she paralyzed him with her venom]

MR. STEWART: [in flashback] Tracy?

[In the present day, the man is clearly terrified by the sight of Tracy, and his hands shake as he anxiously reaches for the nurse call remote laying next to him on the bed. Suddenly, Theo appears behind Tracy and speaks softly over her shoulder]

THEO: Looks like he remembers you.

[Theo reaches out and slides the nurse call button out of the man's reach, and the man becomes so scared that he starts to hyperventilate despite the oxygen mask on his face. Theo gives Tracy a sympathetic look]

THEO: I'll take care of it if you want me to. All you have to do is ask.
TRACY: My dad defended someone on death row once. You know how lethal injection works?

[Tracy looks at Theo bashfully before reaching out her right hand and grabs the IV bag hanging over the man's bed. She uses the claw on her index finger to poke a hole in the bag, allowing her Kanima venom to drip into the IV fluid]

TRACY: One of the drugs they use paralyzes your diaphragm. Makes it impossible to breathe.

[Sure enough, after a brief moment, the man starts frantically gasping for breath as the venom paralyzes his diaphragm and essentially smothers him. Within moments, the man's EKG flat-lines, indicating that his heart has stopped before he died. Theo looks at Tracy with pride as she smugly smirks at the man's body]


[It's the next day, and Scott is standing outside the telecom station with Parrish, where he's watching a surveillance video on Parrish's phone]

PARRISH: This is from the relay station's security camera.

[The footage is of the previous night, and Scott looks horrified as he watches the Beast wreak bust out of the building and run after Hayden and Liam in the woods in the video]

SCOTT: ...That looked big.
PARRISH: [grimly] And too fast for anyone to get a good look at it.

[When Parrish sees the look on Scott's face, his eyes widen in realization]

PARRISH: But you already know what it is, don't you?

[Scott looks even more worried as he turns his head toward the entrance to the building and sees where the Beast ripped the door right off its hinges the night before]

SCOTT: The last Chimera.

[Parrish leads Scott inside the relay station, and the two walk down the steps until they get to the ground floor, where they find the space completely wrecked-- power cables have been ripped apart and are showering sparks onto the floor, and equipment and cabinets of all kinds have been smashed or knocked over. Scott immediately notices the puddle of blood and water on the floor near the wall where the technician was killed the previous night and kneels next to it before anxiously turning back to Parrish]

SCOTT: You still got a blacklight?

[Parrish nods and takes the small UV light from his utility belt before handing it over to Scott, who turns it on and passes it over the bloody puddle, revealing dark shadows of modified mercury. Scott looks grim as his suspicions are confirmed]

SCOTT: Mercury means Chimera.

[Parrish looks both horrified and confused by this news]

PARRISH: But what was it doing here? Why come here and kill some random communications tech?
SCOTT: [grimly] Maybe it just likes to kill. Maybe it's what it does.
PARRISH: ...That's terrifying.

[Scott stands to his feet and looks at Parrish with concern]

SCOTT: Parrish, how many bodies do you actually see when you dream about the Nemeton?

[Parrish frowns and sighs before he finally answers]

PARRISH: Everyone.


[Scott has returned home to work on his own version of Stiles' crime board, which is in the form of a corkboard hanging on his wall. He has a large skein of red yarn, which he is attaching to the board with thumbtacks to connect the photos of all of the Chimeras. Once he has put up a photo of Noah, which has a Post-It note that reads "Last Chimera" on it, onto the board, he stops and looks at his progress for a moment. He then realizes that the end of the yarn has gotten stuck to the cuff of his jacket, and he tries his best to extricate himself as gently as possible, only to accidentally tug on the yarn too hard, which pulls off the majority of the work he's accomplished. Scott looks at the mess of photos and note cards laying at his feet and sighs in frustration]


[Stiles has just awoken in a chair next to Sheriff Stilinski's bed when he finds to his alarm that his father is no longer there. Stiles nervously walks out of the room to look for him, eventually finding him in the morgue, where he stands in his bathrobe in front of the drawer labeled "Donati, Donovan." Stiles sighs, looking even more anxious at the prospect of having to talk about the events of A Novel Approach]

SHERIFF: The story Theo told me about the library? That's how it happened... Except it didn't happen to him.
STILES: [guiltily] Yeah.

[Stiles has difficulty looking his father in the eye, and Sheriff Stilinski looks at him with concern]

SHERIFF: Stiles, I can't protect you if I don't know the truth.

[The devastated look on Stiles' face tells Sheriff everything he needs to know, and his expression becomes both worried and sympathetic]

SHERIFF: Did you really feel like you couldn't tell me?
STILES: [nervously] I couldn't tell anyone.
SHERIFF: Did you think that I wouldn't believe it was self-defense?

[Stiles finally looks up and meets Sheriff's gaze]

STILES: What if it wasn't? What if I told you I wanted him dead?

[Sheriff considers this for a brief second before he speaks]

SHERIFF: I'd believe you. I also believe that wanting someone dead and murdering them are two very different things.
STILES: Yeah, but what if the judge doesn't think so?
SHERIFF: Then to hell with the judge!

[Stiles doesn't seem convinced, and anxiously shifts from foot to foot, leading Sheriff to give him a stern yet kind look]

SHERIFF: Stiles, it was self-defense. And I would destroy every shred of evidence to protect you if I had to. I would burn the whole Sheriff's station to the ground.
STILES: [skeptically] What about upholding the law? What about Kira?

[Sheriff sighs and looks guilty]

SHERIFF: Kira was a mistake. I guess I'm learning how to bend.

[Stiles looks as though Sheriff's words are finally starting to ring true, but it's clear he's still struggling with how to move forward]

STILES: So, what? It just goes away?
SHERIFF: Not for you. The problem now is how to bear this burden. This kind of thing is not at all uncommon in law enforcement. A fatal mistake, a partner who dies...

[Stiles seems to remember Donovan's words to Stiles about their fathers being partners]

STILES: ...Or one who gets paralyzed.

[Sheriff nods grimly in agreement]

SHERIFF: Stiles, you carry that with you. Sometimes, it doesn't truly feel okay again until there's a kind of counterbalance.

[Stiles frowns, but definitely looks eager to do anything that could possibly help him feel better]

STILES: Like what?
SHERIFF: Like, instead of taking a life, you manage to save one. Something like that can help, but maybe only for a moment. But, the real conflict you're having now is between your head and your heart. Your head? Your head knows that the only crime you committed was surviving. But your heart? Your heart still thinks it was murder. So, I guess you, uh... You gotta get your heart to catch up with your head.

[Stiles nods and takes a deep breath before exhaling and hesitating for a moment before speaking. Unbeknownst to Stiles and Sheriff, Scott, who recently arrived at the hospital, is walking down the hallway to the morgue, and has stopped at the sound of their voices, not wanting to interrupt]

STILES: I feel like it's more than guilt, though, you know? I feel like... I feel like I lost something. You know, I feel like I can't get it back.

[Sheriff nods in understanding]

SHERIFF: You won't. Not entirely. But you get a little bit by forgiving yourself... And since that's not always the easiest thing in the world to do, then maybe you start by forgiving someone else. Someone who probably really needs it.

[Stiles' eyes widen slightly as he realizes what Sheriff is implying]

STILES: Someone like Scott.

[Outside in the hall, Scott hears this part of the conversation and looks guilty, but also the slightest bit hopeful]


[That night, Josh is looking frustrated and upset as he walks out of Sinema, only to find Theo waiting for him outside. He's leaning on the front end of his truck, whose hood is popped open]

THEO: How much did you take, Josh?
JOSH: [annoyed] A lot. And I don't feel a thing.
THEO: You won't. Your body heals too fast.

[Josh, only becoming more frustrated by Theo's nonchalant attitude, glares at him]

JOSH: Yeah? Then maybe you should have left me dead.

[Theo gives Josh a look]

THEO: Or maybe you just need to feel something else?

[Theo turns to grab a pair of jumper cables and hands them to Josh, who reluctantly takes them with a sigh]

THEO: Something better.

[Theo turns back to his car with a smirk and attaches the other end of the cables to his truck's battery, causing a powerful surge of electricity to pass through them and into Josh's hands. Josh is so surprised by the power rush that his fangs and claws come out, and he roars in ecstasy as he absorbs the electricity into himself. Theo, pleased by how much Josh is now enjoying himself, laughs loudly]

THEO: How does that feel???

[Josh grins before once again roaring happily, just as Liam, who has now healed and has apparently come to Sinema in search of Hayden, stops dead in his tracks at the sight of Josh and Theo. Though Liam only watches for a moment from behind Theo before walking away, Theo glances back at Liam once the young Beta has turned his back to them and chuckles, indicating that he knew Liam was there the entire time]


[The next day, Scott has just driven his motorbike to Malia's house, and was standing on the porch when Malia, looking tired and distant, opens the door to talk to him. She deliberately walks onto the porch rather than letting him inside]

MALIA: You didn't have to come all the way out here...
SCOTT: You weren't answering your phone.

[The two stand in awkward silence for a moment before Malia speaks, sounding guilty]

MALIA: I can't help you. Not right now.

[Scott looks devastated by this reaction and gives Malia a pleading look]

SCOTT: What if I told you that you're the only one that I have left?

[Malia sighs, and she becomes even more guilty about what she's saying and doing]

MALIA: You're not going to want my help.

[Scott frowns in confusion, clearly not understanding what caused Malia to pull away from him]

SCOTT: Anything that happened between us...
MALIA: [impatiently] I'm talking about something that's going to happen. Something I'm going to do... And you're not going to like me much after I do it.

[Scott frowns, but it's obvious that he's more worried about Malia than he is mad or upset about her rejection]

SCOTT: Is that why I hear two other heartbeats in there? And why yours is beating so fast?

[Malia sighs once again and turns to go back inside]

MALIA: Go home, Scott. I can't help.

[Malia goes back inside, leaving a devastated and lonely Scott on the porch. She shuts the door behind her and sighs, visibly guilty about what she's just done. Malia remains silent until she hears Scott get on his bike and drive away, and once she's sure he's out of hearing distance, she turns back to the living room]

MALIA: Did you get anything out of him?

[The camera cuts to the middle of the room, where Braeden is wrestling on the floor with a slightly older man. The man, Kassian, has a knife in his left hand, and Braeden is using her own left hand to keep the knife away from her while pinning his other arm behind his head with her right]

BRAEDEN: [snarkily] Not yet!

[Malia jumps in to help, kicking the man in the hand to force him to drop his knife before pulling him up by the front of his shirt and pinning him to the mantle, pressing her right forearm against his neck to hold him down and choke him at the same time. Braeden helps ensure he stays put by pressing her own arm against his chest, but despite both women roughing him up, Kassian does not seem fazed]

KASSIAN: [gasps] You think you can make me talk? I am Spetsnaz, Soviet Special Forces. In battle, we kill our own wounded.

[The women push tighter, and Kassian groans due to lack of oxygen but continues to try to speak through his choke-hold]

KASSIAN: You could tear out my fingernails, cut my lips with razors... I'll still say nothing.

[Braeden smirks at him as she replies to his comments]

BRAEDEN: Correct me if I'm wrong, but your section is out of work and broke, right?

[Kassian, not knowing where she's going with this, continues to struggle against them]

KASSIAN: You won't get a word out of me.
BRAEDEN: What if we paid you $10,000?

[Kassian seems caught off-guard by this offer. The camera cuts to a few moments later, where Kassian has been released and is smiling in satisfaction as he examines the stack of $100 bills in his hands. Having been swayed by his reward, Kassian begins to speak openly]

KASSIAN: The Desert Wolf was last seen close to the Canadian border. She won't travel by plane. She will stay away from surveillance cameras when she can.

[Malia takes this report as good news]

MALIA: Then we still have some time.
KASSIAN: There's another reason she won't fly-- she's not traveling alone.

[This catches Braeden's attention, and she frowns in concern]

BRAEDEN: What do you mean?
KASSIAN: She has a hostage. An animal doctor.

[Malia and Braeden both share a worried look as they realize what he's saying]

MALIA: Deaton.


[That afternoon, Liam has met up with Mason in the hallway at the high school and is filling him in on what he's learned in the last two days]

LIAM: I went to the club, looking for Hayden, and there's Josh. Standing there completely alive.
MASON: [stunned] Just like Hayden.
LIAM: Because of Theo. Theo brought them both back. That's what he's doing. He's, he's building a pack.
MASON: His own pack of dead Chimeras.
LIAM: They both looked pretty alive to me... But they're not the same. There was something about Hayden. There was something wrong about her.

[Mason considers this information for a moment]

MASON: Maybe that's what dying does to you? What if it-what if it, like, darkens your soul? What if they're all evil now?

[Just then, the entrance doors open, startling Mason and Liam, who look over and are stunned to see an alive and cheerful-looking Corey walking into the school. When he sees Mason and Liam standing there, he approaches them to say hello]

COREY: Hey, guys! Are you volunteering for the library clean-up, too?

[Mason and Liam are both flabbergasted to see him alive, and it takes them a moment to process his resurrection. They both stammer their response at the same time]

LIAM: [anxiously] Yeah...
MASON: [anxiously] Yes...
LIAM: [anxiously] Yeah!

[The scene cuts to inside the library, where Liam goes to one of the tables and pretends to work while he keeps his ears open to listen to Mason, who has just approached Corey at one of the bookshelves. Mason looks very nervous and unsure of what to say]

MASON: So...

[Corey looks up at Mason expectantly]

MASON: ...You're alive.
COREY: [amused] Yeah.

[There's an awkward silence for a moment until Mason finally speaks up again, and its clear by Liam's demeanor on the other side of the room that he's experiencing secondhand-embarrassment for his best friend]

MASON: [nervously] That must have been pretty difficult to explain to your parents...
COREY: [shrugs] Not really. They didn't notice me much before that. I think they're just glad 'cause they think they can sue the hospital now.

[Mason seems concerned for Corey at this glimpse into his home life and frowns]

MASON: They've gotta be happy you're alive, though, right?

[Corey gives Mason a serious look]

COREY: Are you?

[Mason seems shocked by this change of topic]


[Corey nods in confirmation, and Mason stammers in his response, which once again embarrasses Liam as he eavesdrops on them]

MASON: Yeah, I'm...

[Mason struggles to find the words to say to answer Corey's question]

MASON: Alive is definitely better than dead. You know, much better.

[Corey can't help but chuckle lightly under his breath]

COREY: You have no idea what to say to me, do you?

[Mason sighs, both out of relief that he no longer has to pretend and frustration with himself for being so awkward]

MASON: Not really, no.
COREY: Can I ask you a question, then?

[Mason's attitude seems to perk up at this response]

MASON: Yeah, sure.
COREY: [smiles] What are you doing Saturday night?


[Stiles is out in the hallway, buying a snack at the vending machine, when he sees two orderlies wheeling in a gurney with a full black body bag on top into the morgue. Realizing that there has been another murder, he rushes back into the Sheriff's room, where his dad is dozing in his bed. The Sheriff awakens and is confused to find Stiles typing away on Sheriff laptop. After a moment, the Sheriff frowns and looks at Stiles in confusion when he realizes what he's doing]

SHERIFF: Is that my laptop?

[Stiles is only half paying attention to Sheriff's questions as he continues to work]

SHERIFF: [suspiciously] Do you have my passwords?
STILES: [rolls his eyes] I have all your passwords. You know they just brought in another body from last night?
SHERIFF: [sighs] Yeah, I was hoping you wouldn't find out. Now, give me my damn computer!

[Sheriff weakly reaches over to try to snatch the laptop from Stiles' lap, but he's still too injured to put up much of a fight, making it easy for Stiles to move out of arm's length, causing Sheriff to groan in pain from the exertion]

STILES: Hang on, hang on...

[Stiles clicks on a video on the laptop and frowns when something seems amiss in the video Parrish showed Scott earlier of the Beast's attack on the telecom station]

STILES: I think there's some footage missing... Or something missing in the footage.
SHERIFF: [annoyed] I think there's something missing in your head--

[Stiles ignores him and continues to type on the laptop]

STILES: You need your rest.

[Sheriff looks at him in exasperation as Stiles rewinds and replays the part of the video where the Beast rushes out of the telecommunication towers several times]


[In EICHEN HOUSE, Lydia is laying still and immobile in her bed, staring at the ceiling, when suddenly, she becomes aware and turns her head to the side to look around. She realizes that she's been admitted to Eichen and takes notice of the sink and toilet in her room before looking at the large metal door that has been left open. She stands up and walks to the door, but after a moment, she senses something off and turns around to find that her physical body is still laying catatonic in bed, and it's actually her Banshee astral self that is walking around in her MINDSPACE]

[Before Lydia can ponder this further, she hears a clanking noise that concerns her enough that she leaves her room to investigate the source of it. She slowly pads barefoot down the hall until she reaches a room with a metal door handle and opens it to find a white-tiled bathroom with a matching white bathtub inside, the same room that she saw in her repressed memory in Required Reading. She hears someone breathing heavily and looks more closely at the bathtub when suddenly, a small, feminine hand covered in black goo reaches out of the tub and grabs the side of the tub to help herself out. Lydia starts to hyperventilate in fear as Meredith, who is covered from head to toe in black goo and wearing only a soaked hospital gown, climbs out of the bathtub and crawls in a jerky, disjointed motion toward Lydia, who gasps and turns to run out of the room, only for it to telekinetically close and lock itself so she can't escape. Eventually, Meredith stands and looks Lydia in the eyes before whispering to her]

MEREDITH: Don't be afraid.

[Lydia, terrified, Banshee screams, though we are unable to hear it]


[An unhappy-looking Hayden is stuck sitting on the bench outside the Sheriff's office while Valerie works on the computer on the desk in front of Hayden in the bullpen. She listens to Valerie talk to Deputy Strauss, who has just looked over her shoulder to see the report on which she's been working]

STRAUSS: [skeptically] You're really turning this in?
VALERIE: [defensively] I know what I saw.

[Strauss starts to read her report aloud]

STRAUSS: "Deputy was attacked by an enormous animal of undetermined species...?" Yeah, that makes things clear.

[Valerie sighs and stands up to walk through the station. Hayden, clearly bored, looks up at her]

HAYDEN: Are we leaving?

[Valerie shakes her head]

VALERIE: Not yet. And don't move.

[Valerie walks out of the bullpen to go check on something, and Hayden sighs in annoyance. After a moment, she seems to sense something with her enhanced hearing and stands, following her senses to the holding cells, where she finds Theo waiting for her with an amused smirk. Despite Theo's amusement, Hayden doesn't seem thrilled to see him]

HAYDEN: You shouldn't be here.
THEO: [innocently] Why not? My record's spotless.

[Hayden looks uncomfortable, and after a moment of awkward silence, Theo finally speaks up again]

THEO: Are you going to tell me what happened last night?

[Hayden sighs and hesitates before she answers]

HAYDEN: It was exactly like the painting. Exactly what you said.

[This news seems to both worry and intrigue Theo]

THEO: Have you told anyone else?

[Hayden shakes her head]

HAYDEN: I didn't think you'd want me to.
THEO: You're right.
HAYDEN: But I don't know why.
THEO: And you don't have to.

[Hayden doesn't look convinced, and Theo sighs]

THEO: Look, that thing out there is going to kill a lot of people. But it's not going to kill us-- not if we're together.

[Hayden's cell phone buzzes in her pocket, and she checks it to find a message from Liam, which she ignores. Theo seems to sense that something is up and gives her a suspicious look]

THEO: Anything else you want to tell me?
HAYDEN: [nervously] Not really.

[Theo sighs and grabs her roughly by the wrist]

THEO: [sighs] Look... I don't want this to sound like a warning, and I definitely don't want it to sound like a threat... But you can't hide anything from me, Hayden. Remember that.

[Hayden looks down at her wrist, and Theo quickly lets go of it, allowing Hayden to quickly walk away from him and back into the bullpen]


[Scott is in his bathroom, where he's removing the dressing over the claw wounds in his chest, which have barely healed since his battle with Theo in Status Asthmaticus. The wounds are starting to bleed black blood, and he winces as he tries to clean the wound up as best as he can before replacing the dressing with a clean one. Stiles appears in the doorway right before Scott is able to put the new gauze bandage over his chest, and he looks horrified and concerned by the sight of Scott's wounds. Scott himself is more shocked and concerned by Stiles' arrival, and quickly covers up the wound before he can get a better look at it]

STILES: [nervously]. Hey.

[Stiles pauses for a brief moment, not sure of what to say]

STILES: Still not healing?

[Scott, not wanting to worry Stiles, shrugs it off]

SCOTT: Sometimes it just takes longer.

[Scott quickly puts on a shirt and walks toward Stiles with a curious expression]

SCOTT: What are you doing here?
STILES: [awkwardly] Uh... you heard about the guy who got killed out at the communication towers, right? I think I may have figured something out...

[Scott frowns in confusion]

SCOTT: What, you want my help?
STILES: Yeah, well... You said you can find the clues that I can't. Here, take a look.

[Stiles pulls out his phone and shows Scott a longer version of the video that Parrish showed him earlier]

STILES: This is when the technician first arrived. You see him going in? Then, Deputy Clark goes in. Then, something really big and really fast comes charging out, and now comes Clark. Eventually, the technician's body is carried out by paramedics.
SCOTT: [frowns] Okay... What am I missing?
STILES: Two people go in. Three people come out. I checked all the footage-- not a single person enters that building before the technician the entire day. So, where does that something-really-big-and-really-fast come from?

[Scott's eyes widen in shock]

SCOTT: There's another way in.


[Corey and Mason have just finished talking, and Liam has just caught up with Mason to discuss their conversation]

LIAM: He's leaving. What's the plan?
MASON: I have a date with him on Saturday. I thought that was the plan?
LIAM: [appalled] You were supposed to ask about Theo! We can't wait until Saturday.
MASON: [frustrated] Sorry, but Theo leading an evil Chimera pack wasn't exactly a natural progression to the conversation.

[Liam, annoyed and frustrated by how difficult its been to figure out what Theo is planning, sighs]

LIAM: Fine. I'll talk to him.

[Liam leaves the library to try to find Corey]

[Meanwhile, out in the hallway, Theo is walking toward the library when he stops and calls out to what appears to be an empty hall]

THEO: You don't have to hide from me, Corey.

[Suddenly, Corey appears, having previously camouflaged himself by pressing his back against the row of lockers. He looks sheepish and worried at Theo's arrival]

COREY: I was just trying to do something nice...

[Theo gives Corey a look]

THEO: You were trying to do something normal. But you don't have to be normal anymore, and you definitely don't have to be nice.

[Corey only seems to be more nervous the more he and Theo talk]

COREY: Well, I'm not going to hurt them.

[Theo feigns surprise that Corey would believe that he would want such a thing]

THEO: Look, I don't want you to. In fact, they don't know it yet, but we're going to protect them-- just like I'm going to protect you.

[Just as Corey starts to look less nervous, the tone of Theo's voice becomes harsher and more threatening, which visibly scares him]

THEO: So, you're going to come with me, and you're going to do everything that I tell you, because I know you don't want to die again.

[Corey, looking terrified, nods anxiously and leaves with Theo as ordered]


[Scott and Stiles have just arrived at the telecommunications towers, where they've walked down into the basement where the technician was killed and look around the crime scene]

SCOTT: Okay... You see that?
STILES: I see blood...
SCOTT: Look where it leads to.

[They see that the blood trail leads to where a large metal cabinet of some kind has fallen onto the ground. Scott walks over and tries to lift it up, but the extent of his injuries seems to have sapped some of his strength. Stiles looks extremely worried as he sees Scott struggle with a cabinet he should have been able to handle easily, and he eventually rushes over to help Scott lift it up. Underneath the cabinet is a metal grate which has been forcefully ripped open, and which seems to lead to a sublevel via a ladder, which shocks both of them]


[Liam, who seems to have sensed Corey and Theo's presence in the hallway, has just caught up with Mason, who looks nervous and has his phone out]

MASON: Corey's not texting me back.
LIAM: Because he left with Theo.

[Mason looks shocked and concerned by this news]

MASON: Are you sure?

[Liam nods grimly]

LIAM: He was here.
MASON: Well, then, we should do something, right? We have to tell someone?

[Liam's face falls, and he looks incredibly nervous at the prospect of what Mason is suggesting. When Mason realizes just how anxious Liam is about having to talk to Scott, he gives him a serious look]

MASON: Liam, you have to tell him.

[Liam clearly knows that Mason is right, but has no idea how to go about doing it]

LIAM: [bitterly] You think he'll even talk to me?
MASON: You're his Beta-- doesn't he have to?
LIAM: [anxiously] Where would I even start? "Sorry for trying to kill you?" "Sorry for leaving you for dead so that Theo could kill you?"

[Mason gives Liam a kind, reassuring look]

MASON: If... If you start off with "Sorry," the rest probably won't even matter.

[Mason pats a still-scared Liam affectionately on the shoulder]


[Lydia and a now-clean Meredith are standing in Lydia's mindspace through their Banshee connection, where they're watching as Nurse Cross sits at Lydia's bedside and scowls at her catatonic body]

NURSE CROSS: I have been here a long time, Lydia. You think I haven't seen this before? I know when patients are pretending-- manipulating to get what they want. You're not getting out of here. Someone as dangerous as you? We can keep you here for the rest of your life.

[Lydia and Meredith are both horrified by the way that Nurse Cross is treating Lydia's physical body, and Meredith looks at Lydia with an urgent expression]

MEREDITH: You have to wake up.
LYDIA: [anxiously] What if I can't?
MEREDITH: [grimly] Then you won't be able to help your friends... And they'll die without you.

[Lydia looks horrified and lost about how to get out of her current situation]

LYDIA: How am I supposed to help them like this?
MEREDITH: You learned to fight, didn't you?
LYDIA: [shakes her head] Only a little.

[Meredith gives Lydia a confident look]

MEREDITH: You learned more than you think you did, and faster than an ordinary person would.
LYDIA: [hopelessly] That doesn't matter now.
MEREDITH: [sternly] It does. Because I'll teach you the rest. I'm going to show you how to use your voice-- how to use it as a weapon.


[Scott and Stiles have found themselves in the tunnels underneath the telecommunication towers, which seem to connect to the same tunnels under the water treatment plant from Ouroboros, and seem to span the entirety of Beacon Hills. Suddenly, when Stiles passes his flashlight across the floor, they see a message on the ground that seems to have been written in mercury, which reads "DAMNATIO MEMORIAE"]

SCOTT: What is that?
STILES: It looks like Latin...

[Scott pulls out his phone and holds it up]

SCOTT: Hold up that light-- I'm gonna get a picture of it.

[Scott frowns when the flashlight dips low enough that he can no longer see the message]

SCOTT: Stiles, hold the light still--

[Suddenly, Scott hears Stiles groan as he falls to the floor, and he turns to see Tracy, partially transformed with her claws and fangs out, has paralyzed him with her Kanima venom. She hisses and snarls as she lunges for Scott, who quickly dodges her blows, quickly allowing his Alpha eyes, fangs, and claws to come out to aid him in his battle. Stiles, who is laying flat on his back on the floor, sees Josh, whose claws and fangs are also out and who is emitting purplish-blue sparks from his hands, heading toward Scott as well, though he's too busy fighting Tracy to notice]

STILES: Scott, behind you!

[Scott moves as soon as he hears Stiles' warning and dodges Josh's attack, deflecting both of their blows before grabbing Tracy's wrist and plunging it into Josh's chest, causing Josh to be paralyzed by her venom and Tracy to be incapacitated by Josh's electricity. Tracy falls to the floor at Scott's feet while Josh falls over next to Stiles, who smirks at him as strongly as he's able]

STILES: Sucks, doesn't it?

[Though Tracy and Josh have effectively been defeated, Scott can senses something on the other side of the hall and growls menacingly at it until Corey suddenly appears, revealing that he had been hiding camouflaged against the wall. He looks terrified as Scott continues to snarl at him, waiting for the young Chimera to make the first move, until finally, Theo reveals himself and calls out to them in a tone that indicates he's feeling like quite the sore loser]

THEO: Okay! Maybe they're not ready to take on an Alpha...

[Theo gives Corey an unimpressed look]

THEO: Especially one that can smell fear.

[Corey scoffs and looks at Theo as though he's crazy]

COREY: He's got fangs!

[Scott is obviously appalled by the fact that Tracy, Josh, and Corey, all of whom he believed to be dead, are now alive and well and perfectly in control of their powers. He gives Theo a scathing look]

SCOTT: What did you do?
THEO: [shrugs] I found some new friends. I don't take rejection well.

[Stiles, who has been listening to this fight and subsequent conversation from where he continues to lay paralyzed in the ground and sarcastically greets him]

STILES: Hey, Theo!

[Theo looks uninterested by his presence]

THEO: Stiles.

[Theo turns his attention back to Scott, who has now returned to human form]

THEO: You're going to leave here thinking that you need to worry about me... But you're wrong. Because that thing?

[Theo gestures around at the carnage from the Beast the previous night]

THEO: That's what we need to worry about. Your pack, and mine. We're gonna go back to school and pretend like we're normal teenagers, but at night, we're going to be fighting for our lives.
SCOTT: [anxiously] What is it?
THEO: It's not a Chimera.
SCOTT: But it's just a kid underneath-- someone like us.
THEO: [shakes his head] Not anymore.

[Scott looks back at the message written on the floor, and when Theo realizes what he's doing, he stomps on it as hard as he can, cracking the ground and destroying the message so it can no longer be read, much to Scott's annoyance and frustration. Then, Theo and the rest of the Chimeras leave, dragging the still-paralyzed Josh behind them]


[Liam has just arrived at the clinic, where he's pounding against the locked front door with one arm while he leans his body against it anxiously]

LIAM: Scott, I need to talk to you! Scott?

[Liam sighs when he gets to response, and after a moment, he hears a car approaching behind him and turns to investigate. He's momentarily blinded by the headlights, but once they're shut off, he's surprised to see Hayden walking toward him with a sheepish expression. Liam looks confused as he walks a few steps closer to her]

LIAM: What are you doing here?
HAYDEN: Looking for you?
LIAM: [bitterly] Is that okay with Theo?
HAYDEN: [sighs] Probably not.

[Liam walks the rest of the way over to Hayden, and both of them look anxious and uncomfortable as Liam speaks up again]

LIAM: Why are you here?
HAYDEN: [nervously] Because you are?

[They stare at each other for a long moment before Hayden breaks the silence]

HAYDEN: Did you really almost kill Scott to save me?

[Liam blushes, looking embarrassed by the memory of what happened that night]

LIAM: It was a supermoon.

[Liam chuckles nervously, though it's obvious he doesn't find it funny]

LIAM: But... yeah, I guess I did.

[Hayden is briefly taken aback by this revelation, and she shakes her head for a moment before she replies]

HAYDEN: That's really screwed up, Liam. He's one of your best friends.

[Liam's response is mildly sarcastic]

LIAM: Yeah.. Now you're with Theo, who told me to kill him...

[Hayden sighs and looks down at her feet before she responds]

HAYDEN: Something's different now. I don't know why, but ever since coming back, nothing feels the same. Nothing feels right.

[This remark seems to hit Liam like a punch to the gut, and he looks devastated as he finally looks Hayden in the eyes for the first time in this conversation]

LIAM: Nothing?

[Hayden smiles weakly at him]

HAYDEN: Except for you. You're the only thing that feels the same. The only thing that feels right.

[Hayden, clearly nervous about what she's going to say next, hesitates before she goes on]

HAYDEN: I guess I just... want to know how you feel about me.

[Liam is visibly conflicted about this information, and Hayden waits for a beat for him to respond. When he remains silent, Hayden takes his lack of response as an indication that he doesn't have feelings for her anymore and looks heartbroken as she turns to get back into his car. However, before she can take a step, Liam quickly grabs her by the wrist and spins her around. When Hayden looks up at his face, Liam is smiling back at her, and he pulls her closer so the two can start to passionately make out to seal their reconciliation]


[Stiles has recovered enough from the Kanima venom that Scott could help him get into a seated position on the floor against the wall, and once he's settled, Scott sits down next to him, clearly frustrated by their recent run-in with Theo and the Chimera Pack. He stares at the spot on the floor where the message once stood and groans]

SCOTT: He knew what it meant, and I can't remember the words...

[Stiles makes a face as though he's unsure of whether or not he should share what he knows, but after a moment, Stiles finally explains it]

STILES: Damnatio memoriae. It means "condemnation of memory."

[Stiles sighs in anticipation for what this means for them and their battle against the Dread Doctors and this newest creature]

STILES: I think it also means that whatever the Dread Doctors created, whatever this last Chimera really is? It's not something new. It's something old-- really old.

[Scott looks horrified by this revelation]

SCOTT: So, they didn't create a new creature...
STILES: [nods] They resurrected one.


[Chris Argent has just arrived to Gerard's nursing home with a black bag in his hand, where he finds Gerard looking weak and ill in his wheelchair. He's surrounded by tissues full of black blood and is generally in bad shape. Argent doesn't seem to show any sympathy for his father, however, and simply gives him a stern look]

ARGENT: Do you know why I'm here?
GERARD: [weakly] I have heard rumors... A few bits of gossip manage to reach even this dark corner of Beacon Hills.

[Knowing that he'll need his father's help for what's to come, Argent sighs and opens the bag before pulling out the yellow wolfsbane plant he stole from the growhouse in Monstrous. Gerard looks both relieved and appalled by the sight of it and looks at Argent as though he's betrayed]

GERARD: How long have you had that?

[Argent shrugs and gives him a look before tossing the plant onto the floor between them. Gerard is so desperate for the wolfsbane that he pushes himself out of his wheelchair and onto his knees on the floor, where he grunts as he crawls toward the plant. Once he's reached it, he wastes no time picking the plant up and eating it as quickly as he can off of the floor with no shame whatsoever. Argent seems disgusted by Gerard's behavior, but watches him curiously as he finishes eating the wolfsbane]

[Gerard pulls himself up onto his feet, where he succumbs to a coughing fit that results in him coughing up a significant amount of red blood into his hand. However, once he stops coughing, he seems to be restored to his previous state, albeit even healthier due to the fact that he no longer has cancer. Once he's wiped all of the black blood from his face, he looks at his son with disapproval when he realizes why he would cure him of his illness]

GERARD: All this to help Scott?

[Argent ignores his father's judgement and changes the subject to the problem at hand]

ARGENT: You know about the Dread Doctors, don't you?

[Gerard looks at Argent curiously]

GERARD: So, they did succeed?
ARGENT: [annoyed] Tell me what it is.
GERARD: [chuckles] Oh, not what it is-- what it was. A monster whose only purpose was to kill. Not for sustenance, not for revenge, not for any rational impulse, other than the drive to end life wherever its found. It also has a rather personal connection to our family...

[Argent's eyes widen in shock when he realizes what Gerard is talking about]

ARGENT: La Bête.

[Gerard smirks in satisfaction]


[Scott and Stiles are still sitting side-by-side while Stiles recovers from his Kanima venom. After a moment of thinking about their current situation, Scott gives Stiles a serious look]

SCOTT: We need help. If Theo's got his own pack now, then we need ours. We have to get the others back.

[Stiles scoffs and looks at Scott as though he thinks he's crazy]

STILES: The others? You mean Kira, who's currently battling a homicidal Fox spirit inside of her? Malia, who isn't even speaking to either of us? Lydia, who's stuck in Eichen House? And Liam, who almost killed you?

[Scott smiles weakly and shrugs]

SCOTT: Also known as our best friends.

[Stiles sighs, knowing that Scott is right, and thinks about this for a moment before he replies]

STILES: Okay. How?
SCOTT: [smiles] One by one.

[Scott takes his index and middle fingers and draws a small circle in the dust on the floor of the tunnel before looking up at Stiles with an expectant expression. After a moment, Stiles realizes what Scott wants him to do and gives him a look]

STILES: You're not seriously going to make me do it...?
SCOTT: You're part of the pack, right?

[Stiles sighs, knowing that Scott is right once again, and uses all of his newfound mobility to stretch out his arm so he can finish the McCall Pack symbol by drawing a bigger circle around the smaller one Scott drew. Once it's done, Stiles looks at Scott, who looks pleased]

SCOTT: Okay. We need to find Kira.

[Scott rises to his feet before pulling Stiles up to his, putting Stiles' arm around his shoulder so he can help them both get out of the tunnels and back to the car. After a moment, Stiles groans]

STILES: I still hate that tattoo.

[Scott laughs genuinely for the first time in several episodes as they keep walking]

SCOTT: I know.


[In the desert in New Mexico, Noshiko and Kira have just gotten out of their red Toyota and are looking out at a large, red stone monument in the horizon. Kira looks at her mother nervously, her katana in a sheath strapped to her back]

KIRA: How do we find them?
NOSHIKO: [grimly] Skinwalkers are powerful shapeshifters, and not particularly welcoming to strangers on their land. They'll find us.

[Just then, the ground starts to shake several meters away from them, and Kira looks shocked as she sees several hands burst through the sand and dust. Three women, each with their faces painted with black, white, and/or red colors and wearing outfits made of different kinds of animal pelts, crawl out of the earth and get into defensive positions, each armed with a sharp spear. Kira's eyes widen in alarm as she looks over at Noshiko]

KIRA: Mom... I think they already have.

[Noshiko is clearly on edge at the sight of the women as the leader of the Skinwalkers look at them appraisingly, unsure of whether or not they're threats]

NOSHIKO: Kira. Take out your sword.

[Kira does as she's told and takes her katana out of the scabbard on her back and holding it up in preparation for a battle, but it's clear she's extremely concerned about the impending fight as the Skinwalkers cock their heads to examine her more closely]


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