I own the building.


Derek's loft is a loft in a large, industrial apartment complex in downtown Beacon Hills, which was also Derek Hale's last place of residence from the beginning of Season 3 to when he left his hometown at the end of Season 4. It has also been the site of numerous important events, including strategy sessions with the various packs and supernatural battles. In A Promise to the Dead, Derek revealed to Scott McCall that he owned the entire apartment building, which he had bought with his portion of the Hale family inheritance.

This building is incredibly tall, with several dozen stories, and it is mainly constructed with steel, brick, and concrete. Derek's loft itself has a very spacious main room with concrete floors and a large back wall of windows overlooking the city; this room doubles as both a living room and a bedroom for Derek and his guests. There are also several smaller side rooms, including a utility room, and possibly a second bedroom where Cora Hale may have slept. The main room also contains a spiral staircase that leads to a second floor where both Derek and Peter Hale seemed to spend a lot of time, though this part of the loft has yet to be shown.

Notable Events