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"I can't believe I got my ass thrown in a vault for three months for you. All those rumors I heard-- a powerful new Alpha, one of the Hales, building a pack! Do you know how long I've waited to hear something like that? Do you know how it felt to find out you were alive?"
"I'm sorry to disappoint you."

The relationship between Evolved Beta Werewolf Derek Hale and Beta Werewolf Cora Hale

Derek and Cora are the two youngest children of Talia Hale and her unnamed partner, the younger siblings of Laura Hale, the nephew and niece of Peter Hale, and the first cousin of Malia Tate. They were also two of the four survivors of the Hale House Fire in 2005 (with the other two being Laura and Peter, the latter of whom suffered massive burns and went into a coma). Because Cora went on the run after the fire and settled down in South America, believing her entire family to be dead, Derek and the other survivors assumed that Cora, too, had perished in the fire, leaving the two separated for over six years.

It wasn't until rumors of a newly-ascended Hale Alpha rebuilding a pack in Beacon Hills that Cora realized that some of her family could have survived, and so she made the trek back to California to investigate these claims. It was then that she was captured by the Alpha Pack, who intended to use her to manipulate Derek into joining their ranks. Fortunately for them both, when Derek and his ally, Scott McCall, broke into the First National Bank vault (where Cora was being held with fellow Hale Pack members Vernon Boyd and Erica Reyes, the latter of whom had been killed by Kali a few days earlier) to rescue their friends, Derek was reunited with his long-lost younger sister for the first time in over half a decade.

Upon her release, Cora promptly joined Derek's newly-formed pack, who was so furious at the Alpha Pack for the destruction they had wrought that they put their efforts toward defeating them, which ultimately cost them the life of their packmate, Boyd. When Jennifer Blake, a Dark Druid hell-bent on defeating the Alpha Pack began interfering with their plans, Jennifer poisoned Cora with mistletoe in order to manipulate Derek to join her side instead, which he ultimately ended up doing after he sacrificed his Alpha spark to heal Cora and save her life. After both the Alphas and the Darach had been defeated, Derek accompanied Cora back to South America, where she decided to return to the pack she had lived within the years after the fire, before returning to Beacon Hills. However, Derek continued to protect Cora even from afar, allowing himself to be tortured by the Calavera Family of Hunters under the mistaken impression that they were after Cora (though, in reality, they were after Kate Argent, a recently-turned Werejaguar). It is unknown how much contact Derek and Cora have with each other; since Derek left Beacon Hills at the end of Season 4, it is possible that they have seen each other in the time since.

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  • Derek and Cora are the first sibling relationship to be seen on-screen in the Teen Wolf series, as neither Derek and Laura nor Peter and Talia were ever seen together in the same scene.