Electromagnokinesis is the ability to create, manipulate and direct electricity and magnetic forces. This includes using electricity as an offensive power or absorbing it. Both the supernatural and the unnatural have been known to possess this ability.

Beings who possess this powerEdit


All Kitsune have the power to absorb electricty but the Thunder Kitsune takes this further with the ability to cause black outs or brown outs, they can redirect electrical attacks on them and are completely immune to the harmful effects of electricity. They can stop and start hearts as well.


Josh Diaz displayed electrokinesis as an offensive power, whatever species he was unnatural turned into or mimicking, was something that actually feeds on electricity for power. Theo, another chimera, stole this power and displayed the ability to use it at range effectively as well as create an aura of electricity around him. However, Theo lost Josh's powers along with Tracy's Kanima Venom powers during his time underground.

Dread DoctorsEdit

The Dread Doctors possess this ability, specifically the magnet side of it, being able to move and throw metal objects around with even a mortally wounded Marcus, trapping Scott and his pack in the animal clinic with a pile of tables and other metal objects.

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