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Ethan: "Me again. You promised you wouldn't be late. You know how long I've been trying to get tickets to the show? Exactly as long as we've been together. Because I'm that guy. So, please don't be the guy who shows up late to your anniversary, okay? Just get here before the car arrives."
Ethan: "Me again. The car's here, but you're not. You know what happens if we're late? They close the doors. Please. Get here."
Ethan: "They closed the doors. We're ten minutes late, and they close the doors after ten minutes... Which means we're not gonna see the show. Which also means you forgot your anniversary. Which also means I'm gonna kill you."
Ethan's voicemails to Jackson in Werewolves of London

The relationship between Omega Werewolf Ethan Steiner and Kanima-Werewolf hybrid Jackson Whittemore.

As of Season 6, Jackson and Ethan had been in a romantic relationship for one year, indicating that they met in London, England in the fall of 2012, during the events of Season 5A. They soon moved in with each other in an apartment overlooking Big Ben and worked together to reach out to other supernatural creatures in the area, creating connections.

In the fall of 2013, they got word that Hunters were tracking Werewolves in the area, leading Jackson to go to the Epping Forest to investigate. However, it was there that he found two English Hunters with a bag full of Werewolf claws as proof of death, just before the Hunters captured him and brought him back to Ethan and Jackson's apartment. After Jackson overpowered them, he and Ethan began questioning them on what they knew about the dead Werewolves and learned that Gerard Argent was involved as part of his global quest to eradicate all supernatural creatures. This led Ethan and Jackson to return to Beacon Hills for the first time since they left to assist the McCall Pack in their fight against Gerard and Tamora Monroe's Hunter army. Once there, they were captured by Monroe and tortured for days until they were rescued by Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin. Though they were both petrified into stone when they made eye contact with the Anuk-ite, they were eventually freed and returned to life after Scott McCall and Stiles defeated the ancient shapeshifter.

Jackson and Ethan have since returned to London, though they remain allies of the McCall Pack, and they are currently assisting them in finding more orphaned supernatural creatures to join their ranks in the fight against Monroe's Army.

Ethan and Jackson are referred to as Jethan by fans

Throughout Teen Wolf

Season 6

In Werewolves of London, Ethan Steiner was standing on the balcony of his flat, looking out at the London skyline, as he left a voicemail for his boyfriend urging him to make it home before their car arrived to take them to a show, which Ethan had been planning to attend since they got together. When the car showed up but the mysterious boyfriend was nowhere to be found, Ethan left another voicemail reminding him that if they didn't arrive to the theater in time, the doors would close and they would miss the show. Ten minutes passed, and Ethan, annoyed and frustrated, left a final voicemail detailing his anger that his boyfriend had forgotten their anniversary.

Just then, the front door to their flat was kicked open, and Ethan's boyfriend is revealed to be the seemingly-unconscious Jackson Whittemore when he was thrown into the apartment, with ropes binding his wrists and ankles. Two English Hunters, one male and one female, stormed into the room, with the latter Hunter wasting no time in shooting Ethan in the chest with a tranquilizer dart full of purple wolfsbane. The dart released the wolfsbane into Ethan's system caused him to cough out a cloud of purple mist before collapsing to the floor, and the female Hunter remarks that Ethan is "just as cute as the other one."

The Hunters briefly talked amongst themselves about a nameless man wanting them to get information before they kill the two Werewolves, which did not escape the wolves' notice. The two then turned toward Ethan, not noticing Jackson stirring awake behind them. They informed Ethan that they knew that he and Jackson had been tracking other Werewolves and that they wanted to know their names so they could finish them off. Just as the female Hunter ordered the male Hunter to tie Ethan up, Ethan noticed that Jackson had just flicked out his claws and smugly remarked that they should have used yellow wolfsbane on Jackson, because he is part Werewolf and part Kanima, and therefore regular wolfsbane doesn't work on him.

Jackson burst out of his restraints and stood to his feet, his blue Werewolf eyes glowing as he began to fight the Hunters, which got out of control and destroyed several expensive decorations in the apartment, much to Ethan's horror. Once the Hunters were incapacitated, Jackson smirked and remarked that he couldn't believe Ethan thought he forgot their anniversary before kissing him passionately.

Later on, Ethan and Jackson began questioning the two Hunters, who they tied up with rope to ensure they wouldn't fight back. The two briefly continued to bicker with each other, with Jackson continuing to insist that he didn't forget their anniversary, and Ethan retorting that he said he both forgot and was late. When Jackson replied that it was clear that his abduction by Hunters didn't win him any sympathy, Ethan stated that he could make it up to him next year, though Jackson added, "Yeah, that is if any of us are still alive," indicating they were aware of the growing tensions between the Hunters and the supernatural community.

The conversation then turned to Jackson's mission to find a pack of Omegas, as Jackson apparently tracked them to the Epping Forest, only to find that the two Hunters found them first. Jackson pulled out a small bag full of severed clawed fingers, one from each Omega, which were cut off as proof of death. Jackson angrily turned to the Hunters and demanded to know how they found them, as he believed there was no way that "two random amateurs" could take down a dozen Werewolves without being torn apart. When the Hunters didn't speak up, Jackson went on to ask them where they got the wolfsbane and who sent them. The female Hunter finally spoke up and stated that they work alone, but that they were better Hunters than they think, causing Jackson to roll his eyes before asking if the name "Gerard" meant anything to them.

The expressions on the Hunters' faces at the sound of Gerard's name gave themselves away, and though the male Hunter insisted they didn't have to tell them anything, Ethan smirked and informed them that they already had, as they have a system-- Jackson questions their captives, and Ethan listens to their heartbeats to tell if they're lying, a skill that Jackson believed they were getting very accomplished at using. Jackson then deduced that Gerard gave them weapons and sent them to London before asking if Gerard was there as well. Knowing the jig is up, the female Hunter gave them a hard look and pointed out that they already know where Gerard was, leading Ethan and Jackson to realize that he was in Beacon Hills, California.

At the end of the episode, Jackson and Ethan were both seen at Beacon Hills High School, where they were looking for Scott McCall, as they heard he was the new assistant lacrosse coach. Unfortunately for them, Jackson made them mistake of asking Tamora Monroe, the school guidance counselor and the leader of Gerard and Monroe's Hunter Army, if she had seen him anywhere. She asked him what his name was, and when Jackson gave her his first name, she quickly put the pieces together and realized that he was the Kanima-Werewolf hybrid once under the control of Gerard. After guessing his full name, Jackson smiled and asked her if she had heard of him, letting down his defenses enough that Monroe was somehow able to overpower both of them and take them hostage. She then brought them to the Argent Arms International armory and shackling them to the metal fence so that they could be tortured with water and electricity.

Once the shock ended, Ethan looked at Jackson exasperatedly and mocked him for his "You've heard of me?" response to Monroe knowing his name, leading Jackson to insist he thought it was a "lacrosse thing." Monroe went on to shock them one more time before she began her interrogation by demanding to know what they wanted with Scott McCall. Jackson kept up the smug jock routine by retorting, "Oh, I'm sorry, am I supposed to know who you are? Or be impressed by this little show?" Monroe electrocuted them a second time before repeating her earlier question, only for Jackson to respond that he actually has some questions for her. Monroe reminded them that this was not how the interrogation worked, only for Jackson to reply that it seemed as though the Hunters needed them more than they needed her, and that they'll never find out what they were going to tell Scott.

Monroe once again electrocutes them, but after the shock passed and they stopped screaming in pain, Jackson emotionally demanded to know why they were killing Werewolves in London and why they sent Hunters to chase them down. When Monroe reiterated that this was not how it worked, Ethan piped up, "It already did. He talks, I listen," with Jackson adding, "Yeah, we're getting pretty good at it." After Monroe hit them with another sustained shock, Jackson and Ethan gasped for breath as they looked at each other; they were unable to refrain from laughing when Jackson earnestly said "Happy Anniversary."

In The Wolves of War,


  • Ethan and Jackson were first seen together in the trailer for Teen Wolf Season 6B, and their relationship was confirmed by Jeff Davis in an interview with the other Teen Wolf Wikia. “Their story begins in London. The way they return to Beacon Hills is really fun. I can tell you that their relationship is unexpected,” Davis began. “I hope the fans really like what we’re doing with these characters and how we bring them back into the story."[1]
  • Ethan and Jackson's actors, Charlie Carver and Colton Haynes, both recently came out as gay to the media.