Scott: "If you brought them, I guess Gerard is here, too, isn't he?"
Gerard: "Right here, Scott."
Scott: "Whatever he's told you... There's another side to the story."
Tamora: "Isn't there always?"
Gerard: "What were you hoping for here, Scott?"
Scott: "I was hoping to talk to someone reasonable. [to Tamora] Trust me, he's not the kind of person that you want to follow-- he's gonna lead you off a cliff."
Gerard: "Follow me? No one here is following me, Scott. I'm merely an adviser."
Scott: "This is because of you?"
Tamora: "That's right. You're negotiating with me, Scott."
Scott McCall, Gerard Argent, and Tamora Monroe at the so-called "peace summit"

Face-to-Faceless is the fourteenth episode of Season 6 and the ninety-fourth episode of Teen Wolf.[1]


Scott, Lydia and Malia take drastic measures to quell the rising violence in Beacon Hills. Liam has a gauntlet to endure at the high school.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Aaron expelled the spiders that had infected his body and returned them to the mysterious flayed body in this episode. The spiders were shown infecting him in Raw Talent, which was also when Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt, and Corey Bryant found the flayed body in the boy's locker room at Beacon Hills High School.
  • Two new characters are introduced in this episode: Gabe, a human teenager and lacrosse player at the high school, and Quinn, a Werewolf who is attacked by Hunters.
  • Mrs. Finch appears in this episode. She was last seen in Season 6A's Radio Silence.
  • Coach Finstock appears in this episode. He was last seen in Said the Spider to the Fly.
  • Deputy Vargas appeared in this episode. She made her first appearance in Raw Talent, which was also the last time she was seen.
    • It is also revealed that she has joined Tamora and Gerard's Hunters in this episode.
  • Brett Talbot and Lorilee Rohr are both mentioned and confirmed to be dead in this episode. They were killed in After Images.
  • The consequences of Liam and Corey's respective exposures in the previous episode continue to be a problem in this episode. They were exposed as supernatural creatures in After Images.
    • It is also revealed that they know about Corey's powers of Adaptive Camouflage when Nolan uses a handful of chalk dust to force Corey and Liam to become visible after Corey was using his powers to cloak him.
  • There are two scenes in this episode that parallel a conversation held between Allison Argent and Scott McCall in Season 2's Ice Pick, in which Scott reminds her that he's not a normal teenager, and Allison replies, "I don't want you to be normal-- I want you to be alive."
    • The first is when Mason encourages Liam to show the school he's a "regular kid," to which Liam replies that he's not a regular kid-- he's a teenager who turns into a "monster" with claws and fangs.
    • The second in which Argent argues with Melissa that he doesn't want Scott to give up-- he just wants him to survive.
  • In a conversation about Liam, one student states that they sit next to him in class, and another remarks that they need to find a new seat. This is a parallel to a conversation between two students that was overheard by Allison Argent in Season 2's Omega, after everyone was discussing the fact that Allison's aunt, Kate Argent, was believed to be the serial killer in Season 1.
  • Lydia Martin references the peace summit between Gerard Argent and several of his Hunters with Deucalion and his original pack, including the fact that Gerard blinded Deucalion with flash-bang arrows and killed his Betas along with Gerard's own Hunters in order to make it appear that Deucalion's pack ambushed them. This was seen in flashbacks in Season 3A's Visionary.
  • Liam resigns as lacrosse team captain in this episode. He was made captain in Season 6A's Relics.
  • Chris and Gerard Argent reunite in this episode. They were last seen together in Season 5B's Apotheosis.
  • Liam figures out that Tamora Monroe is the new Hunter in this episode after putting together several pieces of information, including seeing the missing supernatural-related books in her office, the claw marks on her neck (including catching her lie when she tried to hide their cause), and realizing she was trying to get information on the supernatural out of him. It was first revealed that she was the new Hunter in Said the Spider to the Fly, when she killed the Hellhound Halwyn, and she got scratched by Brett Talbot's claws while hunting him in Raw Talent.
  • According to Argent, Gerard blames Scott McCall for the deaths of half his family, his daughter being turned into a "monster," and his son turning against him. However, most of the decimation of the Argent Family has occurred as a result of the actions of Kate and Gerard.
    • Kate Argent was killed by Peter Hale in Season 1's Code Breaker due to her role in the killing of most of the Hale Family in the Hale House Fire. She was then subsequently resurrected by the fact that Peter's claws went deep enough to turn her into a Werejaguar, explaining the comment of Kate, Gerard's daughter, becoming a monster.
    • Victoria Argent committed suicide by stabbing herself in the chest in Season 2's Party Guessed after Derek Hale accidentally gave her the Bite in Season 2's Raving. Derek and Victoria were only fighting in the first place because she was trying to kill Scott with purple wolfsbane vapor, and it was Gerard who actively pushed Victoria to commit suicide as per the Hunter Code.
    • Allison Argent was killed by an Oni demon controlled by the Nogitsune during a battle with the creatures. This is the only aspect of this statement that could conceivably be connected to Scott, as it was the surrogate sacrifice ritual performed by Scott, Allison, and Stiles that allowed the Nogitsune to be freed from his prison in the Nemeton. However, the same could be said about Allison, who actively participated in the ritual to save her father's life.
    • Argent "turned" on Gerard after Season 2 as a result of the loss of his wife and Gerard's attempts at corrupting Allison. His loyalty to Allison, Scott and the others became more permanent in Season 3, when Allison changed the Code from "We hunt those who hunt us" to "We protect those who cannot protect themselves," and after Allison died protecting the McCall Pack's members, Chris fought to continue defending them out of love for his daughter.
  • Melissa McCall tells Argent that she has never asked Scott to "run and hide" and will not be doing so now. This is a reference to the conversation she had with Noshiko Yukimura about the fights their children were forced to have in Season 4's Time of Death.
  • Argent references Scott's most recent death and reminds Melissa that she had to bring him back to life after this fact. Scott was killed by Theo Raeken in Season 5A's Status Asthmaticus and was brought back by Melissa's CPR, with help from the effects of the supermoon.
  • Jordan Parrish has a panic attack caused by the mysterious new creature in this episode, which not only triggers visions of Halwyn's murder, but which also seems to help him at least partially realize the Wild Hunt's role in containing it through his connection with Cerberus. Halwyn was killed in Said the Spider to the Fly, after he revealed that the creature was supposed to ride with the Hunt forever.
  • Tamora Monroe reveals that she knows about all the known supernatural creatures, and references Banshees, Wendigos, Oni, and Werecoyotes, as well as several supernatural events that occurred in Beacon Hills, such as the Darach sacrifices and the Beast of Gevaudan.
    • She reveals that she was present during the attack by the Beast against a school bus filled with people, which occurred in Season 5B's A Credible Threat, and that she waited for Scott or the others to find her alive among the bodies, though it was ultimately Sheriff Stilinski who found her.
    • She also reveals that the Hunters who have joined hers and Gerard's cause have all been touched by the supernatural, including a man whose son was killed by the three-fold death (strangulation, throat slashing, and bashing in the head) in Jennifer Blake's human sacrifice ritual in Season 3A, and another man whose brother, a Sheriff's deputy, was implied to have been torn apart by Jackson Whittemore while he was a Kanima in Season 2's Fury, an attack that was covered up and blamed on an "animal attack."
  • Scott and Malia's deepening relationship continues to be explored in this episode when Malia insists that she and the pack need him and when they both admit that they're getting confused. Their friendship was first shown to be developing into something more in Raw Talent.
  • The scenes where the high school students whisper about Liam and the girl sitting next to Liam in biology class becomes scared and moves seats are shown in this episode. It was first seen in a flashforward in Raw Talent.
  • Gerard refers to Malia as Scott's Beta in this episode. It was first implied that Malia, despite being a Werecoyote, has a Beta-Alpha connection with Scott in Season 5B's Amplification, when Scott's Alpha Roar caused her eyes to glow blue and gave her additional strength.
  • Liam was able to endure being viciously beaten by Gabe and Nolan in this episode without shifting for more than a moment, which Liam has not been able to successfully accomplish when someone is violent toward him since Season 5B's Apotheosis.


  • This is the first episode to be directed by Linden Ashby, who plays Sheriff Noah Stilinski.
  • This episode aired as a two-part special on August 20, 2017 along with the episode that follows it, Pressure Test. This was apparently to make up for the fact that it will not be airing on August 27th due to the MTV Awards airing at their scheduled time slot.
  • Numerous comic book superheroes were referenced in this episode by Scott McCall, Liam Dunbar, and Mason Hewitt, including DC Comics' Clark Kent (Superman) and Marvel Comics' Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Steve Rogers (Captain America).
    • Clark Kent is a Kryptonian, an alien species native to the planet Krypton, who came to Earth as a refugee when his planet was destroyed. His unique physiology allows him to gain incredible powers when exposed to radiation from the Earth's yellow sun, including extremely powerful physical capabilities of super strength, speed, agility, senses, invulnerability, and regenerative healing, as well as the power to fly, use his breath to create hurricane-strength winds and ice, and to shoot lasers from his eyes. The running joke is that he maintains his human identity as Clark Kent by wearing glasses to disguise himself.
    • Peter Parker is a human young adult who was bitten by a spider exposed to enormous amounts of radiation, which gave him the powers of a spider, including immense superhuman physical capabilities of super strength, speed, agility, senses regenerative healing, along with wall-clinging, a "spidey-sense" (the power to sense incoming danger moments before it occurs), and, in some versions, the power to eject spider webs from the inside of his wrist.
    • Steve Rogers is a World War II Army soldier who was transformed from a sickly, small, and thin young man into the pinnacle of human perfection using a substance known as the Super Soldier Serum. This serum turned him into a super soldier, curing him of his ailments and allowing him to grow a foot taller and gain a great amount of muscle mass while enhancing his strength, speed, agility, reflexes, senses, and healing to levels beyond that of the finest human athlete, bordering on a superhuman level.
  • Two books on the supernatural were seen in Tamora's office. One was The Supernatural Afterlife by Brian Felix, and the other was History of the Supernatural Plain & Other Dimensions by Kathleen Kelly.
  • Jordan Parrish shares a theory about the flayed body with Noah Stilinski; he believes that its goal is solely to create and amplify fear so that everyone will end up trying to kill each other, suggesting that it does not have any intention to actively or directly harm anyone, but would prefer to instead have humans and supernaturals alike taking each other out.
  • It is implied that Nolan and Gabe (and potentially other scared students) are either new Hunters who have been recruited by Tamora and Gerard or will soon be so, as they assaulted Liam to not only try to expose him as a Werewolf by forcing him to shift, but also to make Liam out to be the enemy in order to recruit more Hunters.
  • The lacrosse team and a large crowd of students gathered in Mrs. Finch's classroom to watch as Gabe and Nolan viciously beat Liam in an effort to force him to "wolf out," to the point where even Mrs. Finch herself refused to intervene. It wasn't until Coach Finstock appeared that the attack finally ended, as he furiously yanked Gabe and Nolan away from Liam and forced them to go to the principal's office before screaming at the others to leave, stating that he couldn't stand the sight of any of them for what they did to the innocent Liam.
    • Mason correctly stated that Liam allowed them to assault them because he believed he deserved it due to Brett and Lorilee's deaths.
  • The "peace summit" between Tamora, Gerard, and their Hunters with Scott McCall, Malia Tate, and Lydia Martin devolved into chaos when the mysterious flayed body appeared and increased their fear to the point of mindlessly shooting at anyone or anything. It was finally stopped by Jordan Parrish, who shifted into Hellhound form and incinerated the flayed body.

Body Count



  • "Heartbeat (Alex Schulz Remix)" by Autograf
    • Scott appears in Liam's bedroom, where he consoles Liam following Brett and Lori's death while also convincing him to go to school and pretend like nothing happened, insisting that if he doesn't, more people could die.
  • "Hush" by P5E ft. Claire Wyndham
    • Liam and Mason arrive at school, where all the students in the hallway begin whispering about him, causing Liam to become hurt and anxious. Mason and Corey persuade him to stay at school to try to prevent the rumors from spreading out of control and tell him that he needs to get through the day without shifting.
  • "The Hellhound/Parrish's theme"
    • Jordan Parrish jumps into the tunnels and confronts the terror inducing monster and uses a flare to overcome his fear and transform into his Hellhound form.





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