Fangs are sharp teeth usually canines but not always that are long and extremely sharp, many of the supernatural as well as unnatural creatures have the ability to manifest fangs at will.

Species that have fangs


Most of the Chimera bar Corey possess fangs, Josh's fangs being notable for its distinctive shape, as its his front teeth that are the longest, not his canines. Theo has typical Werewolf/Werecoyote teeth as does Tracy.


Hellhounds possess one the most unique sets of fangs thus far with their largest teeth being on the lower jaw, similar to tusks, and they still have the typical canine fangs on their upper jaw as well.


The Kanima being formed from a mutation of Werewolf gene possess a completely different set of teeth, being translucent and double rowed similar to the Wendigo. All the teeth seems to be sharp.


A Löwenmensch is a werewolf/lion hybrid and possesses an extremely powerful bite force, however it is unknown if this bite force is a natural capability of the hybrid or the result of the Ghost Rider's venom affecting Garrett Douglas, the only known Löwenmensch. Their fangs appear to be similar to werewolves in that their canines are long and sharp, though Garrett's front teeth next to the canines were also pointed.


The void Kitsune also known as a Nogistune, possess large metallic looking fangs, their lower fangs extend outwards rather than directly up.


Wendigos possess rows and rows of extremely sharp teeth, their mouths resembling sharks somewhat.


Werewolves possess fangs both as one of their primary offensive capabilities as well as a way to turn others if they are Alphas. Like their wolf facial structure, a Werewolf's fangs varies among individuals but becoming an Alpha can alter this further as Scott gained an extra set of fangs after some time as an Alpha, however, these extra fangs have since disappeared with no explanation.

Peter Hale's fangs are so large that it impairs his speech, as his upper and lower canines are long and thick, while his front teeth seem flat and blunt.

The Beast of Gevaudan in his beast form has rows of sharp teeth, being nearly just as sharp and dangerous has his actual fangs.


Like their Werewolf cousins, a Werecoyote can manifest fangs which also vary from one another.

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