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Flashbacks and Flashfowards are a visual technique in order to show past or future history in a series. Teen Wolf uses a great deal of flashbacks and flashforwards to add further backstory or to incite excitement at upcoming events in the series' timeline. These flashbacks or flashforwards may also be in the form of dreams, hallucinations, or premonitions.


In Pack Mentality, Scott McCall, after having a dream that he killed Allison Argent after losing control over his Werewolf transformation, became concerned when he arrived at school to find that the bus driver, Garrison Myers, had been viciously mauled in the same bus and manner he dreamed about, leading him to worry that he was the one who harmed him.

When Derek Hale, a fellow Werewolf, encouraged him to use his heightened senses in order to remember what happened, Scott took his advice and returned to the scene of the crime, where he experienced flashbacks to the previous evening. These flashbacks revealed to Scott that he was not Garrison's attacker; it was the mysterious new Alpha Werewolf who attacked Garrison, and Scott had merely been unconsciously drawn out of bed and to the bus by his Alpha Roar. Instead of attacking Garrison as Peter wanted in a sort of pack initiation, Scott got between them and protected the bus driver, getting his chest clawed up in the process.

In Co-Captain, Peter Hale, who had just been revealed as the Alpha Werewolf who gave Scott McCall the Bite, approached Scott with his nephew Derek Hale to try to convince Scott to be a member of their pack. In order to convince Scott that the people he was killing deserved it due to their role in the decimation of the Hale Family, Peter performed the memory manipulation ritual on Scott, sharing with him the memories he had of the Hale House Fire.

The force of the flashbacks caused Scott to fall to the floor as his mind flooded with memories. The flashbacks showed the Hale House on fire, with Peter trapped in the basement along with several other family members, their hands frantically waving through the bars of the basement's window. The scene then cut to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where Peter, with third-degree burns on 75% of his body, including the right side of his face and head, had his injuries treated. He was seen roaring in pain as he was given a shower, and then again in a coma in his hospital, with Peter finally beginning to regain consciousness as a result of the full moon in January 2011.

In Omega, flashbacks from between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2 were seen of Scott McCall and Allison Argent making out in Allison's car in a field on the outskirts of town. In the midst of their romantic interlude, Allison's father, Chris Argent, appeared and broke the passenger window to pull Scott out of the car. He went on to pin Scott to the hood of the car and pull a gun on him, aiming the gun at Scott's head. Allison, distraught and afraid that he would kill her first love, desperately pleaded with her father to spare his life; in the end, Argent agreed to let him live, but only if Allison promised to never see or speak to him again, a deal Allison instantly agreed to honor, though she and Scott would later renege on this deal in favor of continuing their relationship in secret.

In Fury, several flashbacks pertaining to Matt Daehler and how he became the master of Jackson Whittemore, who became a Kanima after receiving the Bite from Derek Hale. In the first flashback, Matt was seen at the Whittemore House, where he was dropping off a camera that Jackson requested to borrow; though Jackson's comments about needing a camera that could film in "low light" leading Matt to initially believe he was filming pornography, Jackson actually intended to borrow it to film his first transformation on that night's full moon, as he thought he would become a Werewolf.

The second flashback was of Matt as a child, seen from his perspective; in the flashback, he was unwittingly thrown into the swimming pool at the Lahey House where Mr. Lahey, the coach of the Beacon Hills High School swim team, was holding a party following the team's win at the championship.

Matt had been at the house hanging out and trading comic books with Isaac Lahey, but when they made their way outside to see what was going on, they found the team drinking and hooking up in the pool. With the team drunk and acting impulsively, they through Matt into the pool despite his pleas that he didn't know how to swim. Matt nearly drowned to death, but was saved with CPR by Mr. Lahey, who furiously threatened Matt into never telling anyone about what happened there. The event apparently caused Matt to have post-traumatic stress to the point where he jumped at the chance to use a Kanima, a supernatural weapon of vengeance, to kill those he believed were responsible for "killing" him.

In Master Plan, a flashback to early in Lydia Martin and Jackson Whittemore's relationship was seen after Lydia gave Jackson, in Kanima form]], back his spare key. In the flashback, Lydia and Jackson were cuddling post-sex in Jackson's bed when he offered her the key to his home so that she could come over whenever she wanted; Lydia assumed it was to make it easier for their "booty-calls," but Jackson denied this as he cuddled up behind her.


In Creatures of the Night, flashforwards to the events of The Sword and the Spirit were shown. In these flashforwards, Lydia, who was in a catatonic state in Eichen House, went through the motions of getting showered and returned to her room, during which time the scar from a long, thin laceration was seen on her side. Her nurse, Nurse Cross, became so annoyed by what she believed was Lydia faking her catatonia that she instructed the orderly, Schrader, to give her Haldol. Schrader demonstrated sadistic traits as he continually stuck Lydia with syringe needles under the guise of needing to find a vein, though every attempt was successful. Just as he was about to insert the needle in her carotic artery, Lydia awoke with such force that she sat up and Banshee screamed, the force of which threw Schrader across the room and knocked him out as well as causing all of the light bulbs around her to explode.

Lydia then quickly rushed out of her room and began using her newly-learned fighting skills in conjunction with the concussive force of her scream to fight through all of the guards. She made it all the way to the steps at the front entrance when she was suddenly overwhelmed by a half-dozen security guards with high-powered taser wands and was incapacitated. Gabriel Valack, using his Glamouring powers to make himself look like Lydia's ex-boyfriend Aiden Steiner in order to ensure that she complied.

At the end of the episode, more flashfowards were seen, this time involving Valack's time questioning Lydia on what had happened prior to her entering her catatonic state. Lydia insisted that she couldn't remember, even though her head was flooding with flashbacks from the events of the first half of the season, and when Valack was unable to get any information from her, he used a drill to perform trephination on her to amplify her Banshee powers, and, by extension, increasing her Extra-Sensory Perception.

In The Last Chimera, flashfowards to the events occurring between the end of The Sword and the Spirit and the beginning of Amplification, just after Gabriel Valack performed trephination on Lydia Martin in Eichen House in an effort to amplify her Banshee powers, were shown. Valack questioned Lydia on what she was seen in a flashback-premonition in how it affected them in this future time; specifically, he was concerned with how and why the Dread Doctors chose Theo Raeken as their first Chimera and what caused them to change their process of making Chimeras after Theo was transformed into a Werecoyote/Werewolf hybrid.

Lydia's vision eventually led the two to figure out that the Dread Doctors appreciated Theo's killer instinct, even as a child, and used the fact that Theo had no problem allowing his sister Tara to die in order for the Dread Doctors harvest her heart and transplant it into Theo to give him genetic chimerism. When Valack wondered aloud if Scott McCall and the others had figured it out yet and would be coming for her, Lydia informed him that someone was coming, but it wasn't Scott-- it was actually Theo, his Chimera Pack.

Josh Diaz made a comment about how Lydia didn't look good, and Corey Bryant retorted that having a hole in one's head wasn't a good look for anyone. Theo scoffed at the fact that they referred to Eichen House as a fine medical establishment before Valack, who was pinned to the wall by Tracy Stewart, insisted that they couldn't take Lydia, arguing that the Dread Doctors had no yet figured out how important she was to their final battle with the Beast of Gevaudan and that she would be safest there for the time being. Theo went on to inform Valack that he wasn't interested in a Banshee-- what he was really interested in was a Hellhound. Just then, Jordan Parrish, whose body was under the control of Cerberus, the Hellhound spirit possessing him, appeared and used his pyrokinetic and thermokinetic powers to melt the gate to the closed unit.

In The Wolves of War, flashforwards to some point in the near future following the final battle between Tamora Monroe's Hunter Army, the Anuk-ite, and the McCall Pack and their allies were seen. Chris Argent and Scott McCall, after staying the night in a motel in Los Angeles, went downtown as part of their search to find and take in orphaned supernatural creatures. It was there that they found Alec, a young teenage boy who had been involuntarily bitten and turned into a Werewolf at age sixteen, just like Scott, and who had been shot in the leg by Hunters before Chris and Scott could save him. When Scott asked Alec what his story was and listened to his answer, Alec asked how Scott's story ended, leading the scene to cut back to the present day in the final battle against Monroe, Gerard Argent, and the Anuk-ite.

Once the battle had ended, the scene cut back to the flash-forwards, where Scott and Chris arrived in Beacon Hills with Alec. Scott introduced Alec to Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, and Liam Dunbar, referring to them as both his friends and his pack before offering Alec a place in the pack as well. However, Scott informed him that he would need to fight against the Hunters who are still being led by Monroe. Alec glumly informed him that Monroe threatened to hunt him down and kill him and that she said he was a monster, leading Scott to repeat the same words he said to Liam Dunbar after he was turned-- "You're not a monster. You're a Werewolf-- like me." Scott and Alec then joined the rest of the pack and headed out to get to know one another.