"We're not going to make the top of anyone's lists when it comes of customer satisfaction."
"But we are number one in California when it comes to one disturbing little detail-- since opening, more than any other motel in California, we have the most guest suicides."
"And counting!"
— Motel Manager to Lydia Martin about the Glen Capri Motel in Motel California

The Glen Capri Motel is a motel somewhere in south-central California that has an infamous reputation for guest suicides within its walls; by the time that Scott McCall and his classmates stayed there during a school trip in September 2011, the number of patrons who had committed suicide in their rooms was at nearly 200 over the course of the forty or so years during which the motel had operated.

In September of 2011, the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team was on their way to a meet when they learned the event had been cancelled, forcing them to stay for an evening at the motel, which had met Coach Bobby Finstock's two requirements: it was close to where their meet was being held, and it had enough vacancies (as well as, in Coach's words, the "least amount of good sense" when it came to housing a team of teenage boys) to hold the team until the next morning when the meet had been rescheduled.

Shortly after their arrival, Scott, Isaac, Boyd and Ethan began having horrifying hallucinations that caused them to want to commit suicide, forcing Allison, Stiles, and Lydia to intervene in these attempts to prevent their deaths, burning them with lit road flares to break them out of their trance-like states. The next morning, the team learned that their meet had been cancelled and were about to head home when Lydia realized that the werewolves' suicidal ideations were caused by purple wolfsbane hidden in Coach Finstock's whistle by the Darach, causing the werewolves on-board to be exposed to the poisonous substance every time he blew into it to quiet the team down on their trip.

Notable Events

  • Season 3A's Motel California:
    • In flashbacks to May 1977, Alexander Argent committed suicide via shooting himself in the head with a shotgun on the full moon after being bitten and turned by an Alpha Werewolf (who, according to Alexander's brother, Gerard Argent], was Deucalion) on a hunt.
    • In the present, Lydia Martin heard a psychic echo of two people who had previously committed suicide while staying in the motel through her Banshee powers.
    • The Werewolves staying at the motel, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Vernon Boyd, and Ethan Steiner began experiencing hallucinations as a result of the purple wolfsbane to which they were exposed on the bus, causing nearly all of them to attempt suicide in one way or another.
      • Ethan began hallucinating that someone inside of his body was trying to claw itself out, causing him to nearly commit suicide by first trying to cut himself open with a handsaw and then trying to claw himself apart.
      • Scott hallucinated that he was becoming an Alpha because of Derek Hale's supposed death, and that Deucalion killed his mother Melissa McCall in the parking lot of the motel, causing Scott to attempt to kill himself by dousing himself in gasoline and trying to light himself on fire with a road flare.
      • Isaac began hallucinating that his father was berating him for his past mistakes and was trying to lock him back in the freezer, though it should be noted that Isaac was the only one of the four Werewolves who didn't attempt suicide-- instead, Isaac simply hid under his bed until Stiles and Lydia snapped him out of it.
      • Boyd hallucinated that his sister Alicia, who had been kidnapped as a child and was never found, was blaming him for her disappearance and presumed death, causing Boyd t try to kill himself by drowning himself in a bathtub after pinning himself down with a safe.
    • Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent, and Lydia Martin successfully prevent the Werewolves from committing suicide, and Lydia saves Allison, Scott and Stiles from being blown up in the gas explosion.
    • The Darach appeared through an Astral Projection and seemed angry that her plan to eliminate the Werewolves didn't work.Ethan almost commits suicide by bisecting himself with a handsaw as a result of the hallucinations he was experiencing, but his life is saved by Stiles Stilinski, and in return he slowly starts to aid the McCall Pack.


  • The Darach apparently used the same kind of purple wolfsbane that Peter had Lydia use in the punch during her birthday party in Season 2's Party Guessed. However, while the hallucinations those who were affected by it in Motel California were still horrifying and upsetting, they also caused the Werewolves to become suicidal, suggesting that the Darach may have used her powers to influence the effects of the wolfsbane, since she was intending to eliminate the Werewolves who could interfere with her plans to destroy the Alpha Pack.


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