Halwyn was a supporting character that was introduced during the second half Season 6 of MTV's Teen Wolf. Halwyn made his first appearance in Said the Spider to the Fly. Halwyn is a century old Hellhound from Eichen House that was hunting an ancient evil threatening Beacon Hills, which was accidently released from The Ghost Rider dimension where it was imprisoned.[1]

Early Life

At some point he become possessed by a Hellhound spirit and also become a patient at Eichen House, which he built in 1912.

Throughout Teen Wolf

Season 6

Halwyn is first seen in a temperature controlled cell in Eichen House, cocooned in some form of volcanic material and resembling a statue. Doctor Conrad mentions that he been a patient since the Eichen House was opened in 1912, but does not elaborate on the reasons of Halwyn being there. After tapping the shell od the cocoon with a hammer, cracks begin to form and Halwyn awakens and escapes. Halwyn then infilitrates Beacon hills, appearing at the school and later the hospital, it soon becomes clear he is hunting something and listens to various people's heartbeats to try and identify his quarry. Halwyn initially thought Liam Dunbar was the entity he was hunting and so pursued him with intent to kill.

After Halwyn follows Liam and Mason Hewitt to the school, he encounters Jordan Parrish who questions Halwyn if he has arrived to protect or hunt something, alluding to their nature as guardians. Liam and Mason appear behind Parrish and Halwyn transforms into his Hellhound form and charges, Parrish does the same and battles Halwyn in what appears to be a mostly one sided fight due to Halwyn's better combat technique and prowess, resulting in him defeating Parrish, though Halwyn is heavily wounded in the process.

Liam transforms and gets ready to attack Halwyn, he tells Mason to go by reminding him that he is up against a Hellhound, a creature far stronger than a Werewolf. Liam attacks Halwyn, who's wounds allow Liam to keep up with him and even wound him further but is also seriously wounded. Halwyn realizes that Liam is not the entity he is hunting and tells them that it must be stopped.

Halwyn escapes to the woods where he is encountered by Tamora Monroe who points a gun at him, he partially transforms and lunges for her, only to be shot. Tamora turns her back and Halwyn gets back up and attacks her, during the struggle she manages to shoot him in the head which seems to have killed him. Scott McCall, Lydia Martin and Malia Tate find his body and question how it was possible to have killed a Hellhound, as they believed that a Hellhound was unkillable.


Halwyn is very stoic and determined in his hunt, he at first seems like a malevolent Hellhound but it becomes clear he is not hunting an innocent but something that was released from another dimension, his hunt being similar to Cerberus's hunt of the Beast. Halwyn was willing to fight and harm those who got in his way of his goal or otherwise threaten him.

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Halwyn had the common powers of a Hellhound but because he seemed to be in control of his transformation, it is possible he may have merged with the spirit, allowing him a greater degree of power. It unknown how old his Hellhound spirit was but he managed to defeat Parrish who was host to an ancient Hellhound.


Presumably the common weaknesses of a Hellhound.


  • Halwyn: Halwyn is a mascaline Welsh given name, derived from the word salt, which has various spellings (e.g. Halwn and Halen).


  • Halwyn status as a Hellhound confirms that there are in fact more than one individual Hellhound spirits in existence, before then it was speculated that Cerberus was the only known Hellhound given his advanced age and multiple names throughout history.
  • Halwyn is stated to be 100 years old, however it was unknown if this was the age of the Hellhound spirit or the age of the host, currently Cerberus is the oldest known Hellhound spirit, as his name comes from ancient greece.
    • The first episode revealed he has been a host of a Hellhound for over a hundred years, as Halwyn had been in Eichen House since 1912. Halwyn was able to defeat Parrish with little difficulty despite the latter hosting an ancient spirit as well having combat training.
  • How Eichen House was able to contain a Hellhound is unknown as Cerberus demonstrated the ability to easily burn through mountain ash barriers and the metal gates.
    • It is shown in his debut episode that he was encased in volcanic material and the room was temperature controlled. Whether he was there voluntarily or not was not revealed.



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