"How are you so okay with this? I showed you a picture that would send anybody else running the other way."
"It didn't look that bad to me."
"I look like a demon from hell."
"I guess I saw something different. It kind of looks like it's protecting you. Kind of like armor. And it doesn't look like a demon to me."
"What do you think it looks like?"
"It looks like a fox."

Illuminated is the sixteenth episode of Season 3 and the fortieth episode of Teen Wolf.


Beacon Hills is under curfew from the power outage. The teenagers throw a black-light Halloween party. Scott tries to earn Kira's trust.


Isaac describes the hooded figures that attacked him to Allison and her father. Kira reveals to Scott that her body emanates a glowing aura when a photo is taken of her, and with the help of Stiles, the two break into the Sheriff's office and erase similar photos from Kira's cell phone. Danny Mahealani and Ethan throw a Halloween party in Derek's empty loft. During the party, Scott realizes that Kira's "aura" resembles a fox, and Allison discovers what appears to be a reverse number "5" mark behind Isaac's ear. Ethan and Lydia are also attacked by the hooded figures and marked the same way. Stiles discovers that his handwriting matches the coded message written on the chalk-board, instructing Barrow to kill Kira.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Guest Cast

  • Stacey Danger as Makeup Artist
  • Ken DuBois as Shirtless Male Model
  • Rob Mars as Bouncer
  • Bob Cornelius Rifo as DJ (The Bloody Beetroots)
  • Sasha Bujnak as Girl with the Dragon (uncredited)



  • The title refers to the blacklight party thrown at Derek's loft, where everyone wore fluorescent face and body paint. It is also a reference to the city-wide blackout caused by Kira's foxfire in Galvanize.
  • This episode featured live music from the well-known DJ The Bloody Beetroots, who also recorded a remix of the Teen Wolf theme song, which played over the title card and opening credits of the episode in lieu of the original mix.

Body Count




  • "Teen Wolf Theme-- Alpha Remix" by The Bloody Beetroots
    • Title card and opening credits
  • "First Fires" by Bonobo ft. Grey Reverend
    • Kira takes a selfie of herself in her candlelit room, and the photo's flash reveals a fiery aura around her
  • "Afterglow" by The Crookes
    • Scott attempts to talk to Kira at school, but Stiles stops him and warns him against it because he's afraid that she may be another supernatural threat to them
  • "Swimming in '99" by Golden Suits
    • Ethan overhears Danny's phone call where the venue for his party cancels due to the blackout
  • "Into the Unknown" by Blackchords
    • Scott approaches Kira at school, and she confesses her secret about her aura and the fact that she needs to delete the photos off of it from her phone
  • "35 (Radio Edit)" by The Bloody Beetroots
    • Ethan and Danny set up the blacklights at the new party venue-- Derek's loft
  • "Church of Noise" by The Bloody Beetroots ft. Dennis Lyxzen
    • Isaac and Allison open up the loft door to find that the party is in full swing
  • "Minerals" by Congorock & Nom de Strip
    • Ethan heads into the supply closet to get more ice and is attacked by the Oni
  • "Chronicles of a Fallen Love" by The Bloody Beetroots
    • Scott, Kira, and Stiles enter the party
  • "A Prayer" by The Bloody Beetroots ft. Penny Rimbaud
    • Lydia watches as Allison dances with Isaac, Stiles dances with Caitlin, and Aiden dances in a sandwich of painted girls
  • "Damaged (Radio Edit)" by Adrian Lux
    • Scott and Kira talk on the roof while Allison and Isaac continue to dance seductively at the party
  • "Bass Monster" by South Central
    • Isaac, Ethan, Lydia, and Derek realize that the have the jiko kanji branded behind their ears
  • "The Source (Chaos & Confusion)" by The Bloody Beetroots
    • Derek arrives and immediately yells at the party guests to leave as the Oni start to appear all over the apartment
  • "The Hunted" by Snow Ghosts
    • Chris returns to the Argents' apartment and is extremely injured. Stiles walks into the chemistry closet at the school and realizes he wrote the code on the blackboard