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Scott: "When they come after you, I won't be able to protect you. I can't protect anyone."
Jackson: "You know what? Now you have to do it. Get me what I want, and I will be fine protecting myself."
Scott: "No you won't! Just trust me-- all it does is makes things worse."
Jackson: "Oh, yeah? Really? You can hear anything you want and run faster than humanly possible. Sounds like a real hardship, McCall."
Scott: "Yeah, I can run really fast now, except that half the time, I'm running away from people trying to kill me! And I can hear things, like-like my girlfriend telling people she doesn't trust me anymore, right before breaking up with me. I'm not lying to you! It ruins your life."
Scott and Jackson about being a Werewolf in Co-Captain

The relationship between True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and Kanima-Werewolf hybrid Jackson Whittemore

Though Jackson and Scott have seemingly been classmates their entire lives, Jackson and Scott did not initially have a relationship, as Jackson was a popular jock and captain of the lacrosse team while Scott was a relatively unknown "benchwarmer." However, after Scott was inadvertently bitten and turned into a Werewolf, his superhuman physical attributes made him excel in athletics so much that he quickly surpassed Jackson as the most talented member of the team.

Jackson, believing Scott to be using some kind of performance enhancer, dedicated himself to figuring out Scott's secret, ultimately learning that Scott was, indeed, a Werewolf. He then began blackmailing Scott into getting him the Bite as well by threatening to tell Allison Argent, Scott's girlfriend and the daughter of a family of dangerous Werewolf Hunters, what he really is. Before this could occur, Jackson and Scott were forced to work together to defeat Peter Hale, the Alpha Werewolf who turned Scott, after which Jackson was rewarded by newly-ascended Alpha Derek Hale with the Bite.

Unfortunately, due to Jackson's identity issues stemming from being adopted, Jackson became a Kanima, a reptilian shapeshifter used as a weapon of vengeance against murderers, instead of a Werewolf; since Kanima's seek a master, he was quickly put under the control of Matt Daehler, who wanted to use the creature to kill those he deemed responsible for his near-drowning as a child. When Scott and his friends Allison and Stiles figured out that Jackson was the Kanima killing members of the 2006 swim team, he was one of the few people who wanted to save Jackson's life rather than kill him to end the threat to innocent citizens. Thankfully, they were able to do so after Jackson was stolen from Matt and put under the control of Allison's grandfather Gerard Argent, as Jackson's ex-girlfriend Lydia was able to use her Banshee powers to transform him into the Werewolf he was meant to be, albeit one who retained some Kanima traits.

From there, Jackson and Scott seemed to have parted on good terms before Jackson and his family moved to London, due to the public attention his deaths and resurrections caused while he was still a Kanima. When Jackson and his boyfriend, Ethan Steiner, learned that Gerard was helping Tamora Monroe create a global army of Hunters based in Beacon Hills, the two came straight to Jackson's hometown to help the McCall Pack in their fight against them. Jackson and Scott are now in search of orphaned supernatural creatures to join their pack in order to protect them from Gerard and Monroe's Hunters.

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Wolf Moon, Scott was locking up his bike in front of Beacon Hills High School when Jackson parked his Porsche right next to him. He hit Scott with his car door as he was getting out and immediately scolded Scott to mind his car despite being the one who touched him in the first place.

Later on, Scott watched as Jackson and his girlfriend Lydia Martin approached new student Allison Argent in the hallway between classes, using his newly-enhanced senses to eavesdrop on their conversation as a result of being bitten by an Alpha Werewolf the night before. He heard Jackson and Lydia invite Allison to a party at the Martin House on Friday, which Allison politely declined, stating that she had "family night" that evening.

At lacrosse practice, Jackson was baffled by Scott's newfound athleticism (strength, speed, agility/reflexes, etc), especially after he showed Jackson up on the field in front of Allison and Lydia, who had come to watch their practice and who were very impressed by Scott's skills. Jackson, embarrassed by being out-shined by a player who before now was a "benchwarmer," attempted to set up Scott for failure as goalie by launching a powerful shot at him, but Scott managed to catch it easily, much to Jackson's frustration.

The next day, Jackson, still upset about Scott's success on the field the previous day, corners him in the hallway before lacrosse practice. Shoving Scott against the wall of lockers, Jackson demanded to know where he was getting his "juice," believing him to be using steroids or other performance enhancers in order to gain his lacrosse skills. Scott naively had no idea what Jackson was talking about, and when he realized what Jackson meant, he asked Jackson if he used steroids. Jackson became irate and slammed his hand against the lockers behind Scott, again demanding answers in a threatening tone of voice.

Scott, at the end of his rope, insisted that he would like to know what was going on as well, as he was able to see, hear, and smell things that he shouldn't be able to sense, he was sleepwalking three miles into the woods, and he believed he was losing his mind. Jackson wasn't satisfied with this answer and vowed to figure out what was going on with Scott before heading to practice.

Jackson wasted no time tackling Scott on the field, causing him to become so angry that he managed to snatch the ball back and make a goal by doing a front-flip with his enhanced agility and reflexes to avoid the other players. Coach Finstock, both irritated and impressed by Scott's showmanship, immediately declared Scott to have made first line, which only proved to make Jackson more furious.

A few days later, at Lydia's party, Scott saw Jackson making out with Lydia while he and Allison were dancing. However, Scott was eventually forced to leave when the full moon overhead caused him to begin to transform.

In Second Chance at First Line, in the lacrosse training, Scott was barreling into Jackson so hard that both get hurt, leaving Jackson with a sprained shoulder and causing Scott to shift.

In Pack Mentality, Scott and Allison get dragged on a double date with Jackson and Lydia in a bowling alley, Jackson is better at bowling and Scott clearly isn't, but he uses his werewolf abilities to help himself strike. Jackson yet again accuses to him of cheating and doesn't believe him. He says he won't give up on finding out Scott's secret.

In Night School, Jackson, Lydia and Allison come to help Scott and Stiles who were stuck into the school because of the Alpha. Jackson votes that Stiles call his father to help them get out but Stiles doesn't want to put his dad in danger, but he does that anyway. Scott goes to confront the Alpha with a Molotov Cocktail but thanks to Jackson choosing the wrong chemical, it didn't work and Scott shifts to go kill his friends but Allison's voice helps him shift back to human form and they're rescued by the police.

In Wolf's Bane, after going to a doctor and healing his claw wounds from Derek, Jackson realizes Scott is a werewolf and also wanted the bite. He threatened Scott that if he doens't get the bite, he'll stay with Allison.

In Co-Captain, Jackson still insists on getting the bite but Scott thinks it'll complicate everything.

In Code Breaker, he helps Scott and the others defeat Peter with Molotov Cocktails. Now that Derek has killed Peter, he's an Alpha, so Jackson asks him to give him the bite and Derek gives it to him.

In Omega, Jackson didn't shift after being bitten by Derek but instead he started bleeding a black substance, Derek believed his body was fighting the bite for unknown reasons. At night, Jackson kept bleeding.

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