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The relationship between True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and Kanima-Werewolf hybrid Jackson Whittemore.

Jackson and Scott were not initially rivals and Jackson was superior in lacrosse than Scott. That changed since in Wolf Moon, Scott was bitten by the Alpha Werewolf and became a werewolf, Jackson started to think Scott was cheating. In Wolf's Bane, Jackson discovers Scott is a werewolf and wanted also the bite. He threatened to take Allison from Scott if he didn't become a werewolf too. In Code Breaker, he helped Scott, Allison and Stiles kill Peter. Derek becomes an Alpha and Jackson gets the bite despite Scott's warnings. In Omega, Jackson started to reject the bite from Derek and bleeds black goo. In Venomous, Jackson reveals to be the Kanima, the one who was killing people around the town. Scott temporarily joins Derek's pack to stop Jackson and save him. In Master Plan, Jackson was temporarily dead and came back to life. Peter and Derek find out that Jackson demonstrate a Beta form and could evolve into his Alpha form. Gerard threatened have Jackson kill Allison if Scott doesn't help him get the bite, Jackson was devastated that his master was hurt from his illness and Lydia goes to him, making him return to human form and gets killed by Derek and Peter. Lydia was so sad that Jackson died seriously and gets him on the ground. Everyone prepares to leave until they hear a noise from Jackson's claws, his wounds from the claws of the Hales heal and his eyes open and glow Beta blue, revealing he became a real werewolf he was meant to be. He roars at the sky and Lydia embraces him. He moved to London but not before Derek teached him how to survive to a full moon. It is possible they'll reunite in the second part of Season 6.

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Wolf Moon, Jackson was baffled by Scott's newfound abilities in lacrosse and became jealous of Scott who was quickly becoming much more popular.

In Second Chance at First Line, in the lacrosse training, Scott was barrelling into Jackson so hard that both get hurt, leaving Jackson with a sprained shoulder and causing Scott to shift.

In Pack Mentality, Scott and Allison get dragged on a double date with Jackson and Lydia in a bowling alley, Jackson is better at bowling and Scott clearly isn't, but he uses his werewolf abilities to help himself strike. Jackson yet again accuses to him of cheating and doesn't believe him. He says he won't give up on finding out Scott's secret.

In Night School, Jackson, Lydia and Allison come to help Scott and Stiles who were stuck into the school because of the Alpha. Jackson votes that Stiles call his father to help them get out but Stiles doesn't want to put his dad in danger, but he does that anyway. Scott goes to confront the Alpha with a Molotov Cocktail but thanks to Jackson choosing the wrong chemical, it didn't work and Scott shifts to go kill his friends but Allison's voice helps him shift back to human form and they're rescued by the police.

In Wolf's Bane, after going to a doctor and healing his claw wounds from Derek, Jackson realizes Scott is a werewolf and also wanted the bite. He threatened Scott that if he doens't get the bite, he'll stay with Allison.

In Co-Captain, Jackson still insists on getting the bite but Scott thinks it'll complicate everything.

In Code Breaker, he helps Scott and the others defeat Peter with Molotov Cocktails. Now that Derek has killed Peter, he's an Alpha, so Jackson asks him to give him the bite and Derek gives it to him.

In Omega, Jackson didn't shift after being bitten by Derek but instead he started bleeding a black substance, Derek believed his body was fighting the bite for unknown reasons. At night, Jackson kept bleeding.


  • Scott and Jackson are both shapeshifters.
  • They both were bitten by members of the Hale family, Scott was bitten by Peter and Jackson was bitten by Derek.
  • They were transformed into different creatures, Scott into a werewolf and Jackson into the Kanima but thanks to Lydia, he became a real werewolf.
  • Scott was afraid of Jackson's fate, when he was imprisonment and tortured in Gerard's armory.
  • Scott sent Stiles and Lydia to rescue Jackson from his captivity in Gerard's armory.
  • They care about each other, which was demonstrated, when Scott was very concerned about Jackson's fate when Gerard tortured him via electricity.

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