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We were the overlooked-- the Emissaries. It was a mistake that the Alphas should never have made, because I made an oath of my own: from virgins and warriors, from healers, philosophers and guardians, to loan me their power so I could teach these monsters that their monstrous actions would never be overlooked.
Jennifer to Derek Hale in The Overlooked

Julia Baccari, more commonly known by the alias Jennifer Blake and The Darach was a major antagonist and supporting character in Season 3 of Teen Wolf. She was first introduced as the new English teacher at Beacon Hills High School who seemed very concerned about her students' grades.

However, in time, it was revealed that she was a former Druid Emissary to Kali, an Alpha Werewolf who killed her entire pack and left Julia for dead as well in order to join the Alpha Pack. Julia was only able to save herself by drawing on the small spark of power within the Nemeton to stay alive until she was finally found by the police in the nature preserve. She eventually recovered physically, but her face and body were mutilated beyond recognition by Kali's claws, and she began to have an identity crisis.

She then decided to get her revenge against the Alpha Pack by coming up a plan to destroy them, performing a series of human sacrifice rituals in order to gain the power necessary to achieve this goal. The first rituals were at least two mass sacrifices that involved compelling hundreds of crows to commit suicide to increase her power and allow her to use a form of glamour magic to make her appearance that of an unscarred, beautiful woman to match her new identity, Jennifer Blake. To gain the mystical power necessary to defeat the Alphas, Jennifer then began a Druid five-fold knot sacrifice ritual that required five sets of three sacrifices: virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers, and guardians.

Despite the fact that she was only able to complete four of the five sets of sacrifices, she was still able to easily take down Kali, Ethan, and Aiden during a Full Moon; however, she did not have the power to take on Deucalion until the lunar eclipse hit its peak. Surprisingly, though she was overpowered at the last moment when Deucalion clawed out her throat, she managed to survive just long enough to make it back to the Nemeton, where she hoped that she could tap into the power Scott McCall, Allison Argent, and Stiles Stilinski gave it through their surrogate sacrifice ritual. Unfortunately, before Jennifer could make contact with the Nemeton, she was stopped by Peter Hale, who confirmed his plans to take Scott's True Alpha powers before he ripped her throat out a second time, killing her for good.

Early Life

Almost nothing prior to Julia's life prior to becoming Jennifer Blake has been revealed. What is known is that she was trained to be a Druid and eventually became the Emissary to Kali's original pack. After Deucalion was blinded by Gerard Argent, he killed one of his Betas, Marco, in self-defense, and, upon learning that he could absorb their power, he killed his own pack, and began building the Alpha Pack. After Ennis killed his own Betas and Emissary in order to join him, Kali decided that she wanted to be with him and made the decision to kill her pack as well. However, Deucalion insisted that Kali kill her Emissary along with her Betas, despite Kali's argument that Julia was harmless. ("Visionary")

After presumably killing her Betas, Kali went after Julia in the Beacon Hills Preserve, where she viciously mauled her face and body. However, Kali, who was conflicted about killing her from the start, elected to leave Julia to "die peacefully" of her already-inflicted wounds rather than giving her the killing blow, not realizing that it would ultimately lead to her survival. After Kali left, Julia, near-death, crawled across the preserve to the Nemeton, which had recently gained a spark of power from the unintentional virgin sacrifice of Paige Krasikeva, and used that power to hang onto life until she could be found by Sheriff Stilinski and his deputies.

She was then brought to the hospital for emergency surgery, where what was perceived as a freak accident occurred in the operating room-- hundreds of crows flew through the windows of the hospital toward the OR, killing themselves in what was believed to be a mass suicide. However, it was later revealed that Julia used her Druid powers to create the sacrifice to give her more power to heal and to eventually gain the ability to cast a glamour over herself to gain the appearance of a young, beautiful, unscarred woman. After she recovered, she made the decision to get her revenge on the Alpha Pack in the name of anyone who has ever been their victim, eventually becoming a high school English teacher and taking the new name Jennifer Blake, which was similar enough to her true name to help her retain a sense of self. In August of 2011, she took a job at Beacon Hills High School, likely after learning that the Alpha Pack intended to recruit newly-ascended Hale Alpha werewolf Derek Hale and potential True Alpha Scott McCall to their ranks. ("The Overlooked")

Throughout Teen Wolf

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Jennifer Blake was one of the main antagonists of Season 3. Although Jennifer was initially assumed to simply be a English teacher and a love interest of Derek Hale, neither the audience nor the main characters would learn that she was actually the Darach until The Girl Who Knew Too Much. This fact should be kept in mind when reading about Jennifer's actions as the Darach in this section.

Season 3A

In Tattoo, Jennifer made her first appearance at Beacon Hills High School for the first day of the 2011-2012 school year. She first sent a mass text message to everyone in her first period junior English class that had the last passage of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, the first novel they would be reading in class that semester. She then walked into the classroom, explaining the meaning of the text before pointing out that it would be the last time any of them used their phones in class and cheerfully asking them to turn them off.

Before the class could get underway, the Principal came into the classroom with a note saying that Scott McCall had been called out of class. As he was leaving, Jennifer approached him in the hallway and stated that while she was sure his mother, Melissa McCall, had a good reason for calling Scott out of class, she was concerned about him already missing the first day of school, as she had looked over his record and had caught up on his history of absences and poor grades. When Scott assured her that he had plans to do much better in school this year before he left, she seemed amused by his enthusiasm.

Later that afternoon in class, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, and Allison Argent were listening to Jennifer's lecture on Heart of Darkness when suddenly, a crow flew into the wall of windows on the far side of the classroom, leaving a bloody smudge behind and startling everyone in the class. Jennifer looked horrified as she walked over to the windows and peered out of them to find that hundreds and hundreds of crows were flying toward the school as well. She shrieked at everyone to get down before rushing to hide behind her desk with several students, just as those same crows began flying through the windows, shattering them and showering the students in broken glass. When it was all over, Jennifer appeared to be shell-shocked by this bizarre occurrence, but it would later be revealed that she was the one who summoned the crows and compelled them to commit mass suicide in a ritual to gain more power to carry out her five-fold knot sacrifices.

In Chaos Unleashed, Jennifer, as the Darach, showed up at the party held at Heather's house, where she captured Heather while the young girl waited for Stiles Stilinski to return with condoms so the two could have sex, though neither her Darach form nor her glamoured Jennifer form were seen. To make it easier to capture Heather, Jennifer made her hallucinate that the wine bottles in the shelves around her were exploding and falling at her feet before the Darach pulled her through the nearby window.

In Fireflies, Jennifer stayed late at the school to grade papers the night of the full moon, eventually making the mistake of going down to the boiler room to get more school supplies just before Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Chris Argent, and Isaac Lahey enacted their plan to capture the full-moon-crazed werewolves Vernon Boyd and Cora Hale. It wasn't until after Derek and Scott locked Boyd and Cora in the boiler room that they realized that Jennifer had accidentally been locked in with them. Derek, already feeling guilty about Boyd and Cora's situation, made the decision to go in and save Jennifer from the two rabid werewolves by distracting them, allowing them to claw at him so they would be too busy to go after her. Afterward, Derek walked over to where Jennifer had been hiding and extended his hand to her to help her to her feet, and though she looked scared, she gave him a small relieved smile. It remains unknown whether or not this was part of her larger plan.

At some point during the events of this evening, Jennifer, as the Darach, caused Emily to have hallucinations that scarab beetles were crawling all over her before she was captured, and she also captured and killed a lifeguard wearing a purity ring. The bodies of these two victims, as well as Heather's body, were found by the police, which led Stiles Stilinski to realize that someone was performing human sacrifices on virgins using the "three-fold death," which involved bashing in the victim's head, strangling them, and slitting their throat.

In Unleashed, Jennifer arrived at school several days after the events of Fireflies and it was clear that she was still visibly traumatized by what she had witnessed. She suddenly sensed that someone was following her and quickly rushed down the hallway toward her classroom. Once inside, she slammed the door shut and breathed a sigh of relief, but when she turned around, she was startled to find Derek waiting for her by her desk. Frightened, she grabbed the closest makeshift weapon she can find, a wooden pointer for the chalkboard, and held it out like a sword before anxiously demanding to know what he wanted. When Derek remained quiet, she asked him if he planned to threaten her with the fact that no one would believe her if she revealed what she saw during his fight with Cora and Boyd, or if she planned to scare or kill her.

However, Jennifer was quickly surprised when, instead of threatening her, Derek kindly asked her if she was okay. When she asked him if he meant physically or emotionally, he gave her a look, and she confessed with an embarrassed expression that her therapist would suggest that she had not been emotionally okay in some time. Derek assured her that he believed she would be just fine, which led Jennifer to joke that it was easy for him to say, since he has never taught high school English classes, and she was about to lecture two dozen students on The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Derek smugly retorted that she should begin the lecture with the fact that the novel is an allegory for McCarthyism, clearly trying to impress her with his literary knowledge, but Jennifer assumed that his comment was supposed to be a subtle hint that she shouldn't tell anyone about what she saw before assuring him that she planned to keep his secret.

Satisfied with this answer, Derek walked past her to leave, but before he could, Jennifer asked him who he was, and he introduced himself by name, causing Jennifer to do the same before he left the school. Once he was gone, she smiled, indicating that she was starting to develop romantic feelings for the werewolf.

Later that afternoon, Jennifer started another English class, which included Scott, Ethan and Aiden, and she remarked that she knew it was the last class of the day and that she was just as eager to get out of there as they were as she passed out papers. A few minutes later, the class heard a revving engine in the hallway that caused Aiden to rush out of the room, with the rest of the class soon following after him out of curiosity. Isaac Lahey, who had helped Allison Argent hot-wire Aiden's motorcycle to get back at him for his earlier "prank" on them, gave the bike back to Aiden at his demand, only for Jennifer to rush out, see Aiden with the motorcycle, and assume that he was the one who drove it in the school. She looked exasperated by this behavior and reminded Aiden that this was most certainly going to result in a suspension, much to his fury.

During the events of this episode, Jennifer, as the Darach, captured Kyle, an Air Force ROTC student at Beacon Hills High School, a band teacher, and Adrian Harris (the latter two of whom were both in the military prior to becoming teachers), They were all sacrificed in the same manner (three-fold death) as the three virgins in the previous episode, and Alan Deaton, Stiles Stilinski, and Lydia Martin eventually realized that the killer was a Darach, or a Dark Druid, after Harris left a clue behind for them on his desk.

In Frayed, Jennifer didn't appear until the end of the episode, when a gravely injured Derek (who had fallen three stories and landed on an escalator after tackling Ennis in a battle against the Alpha Pack the day before) appeared and pressed his bloody hand against the driver's side window of her car before passing out on the tarmac in the parking lot.

In Motel California, Jennifer managed to bring Derek back to his loft, though she struggled to carry him through the door due to him being much larger and heavier than her. She began to panic when he started to slip through his arms, and despite her attempts to wake him, she accidentally dropped him on the floor. After somehow managing to get him onto his bed, she began to carefully remove his shirt to assess his wounds and was horrified by the extent of his injuries. When Derek, still barely conscious, weakly asked her how bad it was, Jennifer nervously joked that her gasp could have been for his "unbelievable physique" had it not been for all of the claw gashes across his torso that were bleeding black blood. Suddenly, Derek fell unconscious, and Jennifer, terrified, begged him not to die before resting her head on his chest, taking comfort in the fact that his heart was still beating before quietly remarking that this wasn't how she imagined their first date.

Some time later, Jennifer was anxiously biting her nails as she looked out the window when Derek finally awoke and tried to sit up. She asked him if he really wanted to do that given his condition, but Derek insisted that he needed to find "the others" (namely Scott, Isaac, Boyd, Cora, and Peter) since they believed him to be dead. Jennifer argued that it was a good thing by referencing classic literature where the characters "used a false death to their advantage," such as Les Miserables, Tale of Two Cities, and Romeo and Juliet, and when Derek insisted that the pack(s) needed to know the truth, Jennifer reminded him of the fact that the extent of his injuries basically made him "one giant open wound" and added that she wasn't entirely sure Derek wasn't dead, which exasperated Derek.

After some time had passed, Jennifer knelt in front of Derek and remarked that she couldn't find bandages or any kind of first aid equipment in the loft, causing Derek to wryly reply that he usually doesn't need them. When she asked me what they needed to treat his wounds, Derek cryptically stated that he needed "time" before adding that she shouldn't be there. Confused, Jennifer asked him why, but Derek reminded her that she didn't know him or anything about him, leading Jennifer to suggest that she had a feeling about him. Derek continued to insist that her "feeling" shouldn't be a good one because everyone around him gets hurt. Jennifer, undeterred, admitted that she had been hurt before, but Derek argued that it hadn't been like this. Despite Derek's insistence that she leave, Jennifer stared him in the eyes before slowly leaning toward him and kissing him. Derek did not respond at first, but when they pulled apart and stared at each other, Derek leaned forward and kissed Jennifer more passionately, leading the two to start making out.

All the while, Jennifer, as the Darach, was astral-projecting to the Glen Capri Motel in order to observe Scott, Isaac, Vernon Boyd, and Ethan Steiner, as she wanted to make sure that her plan to expose them to purple wolfsbane and cause them devastating suicide-inducing hallucinations was successful. As Scott doused himself in gasoline and prepared to kill himself by setting himself on fire with a lit road flare, lamenting the fact that all of the bad things that had happened to his loved ones were his fault for becoming a werewolf, including Derek's "death," Jennifer was having sex with the very-alive Derek at his loft, surreptitiously healing Derek's wounds with her Darach powers in the process.

When Stiles managed to talk Scott out of committing suicide by throwing the road flare aside, Jennifer used atmokinesis to create a gust of wind that blew the flare into the puddle of gasoline surrounding Scott and Stiles. Fortunately for them, Lydia tackled them out of the way just before they could be consumed by the explosion caused by the flare rolling into the gasoline, but when Lydia looked backward at the huge fireball, she could see Jennifer's true form (albeit in astral-mode) in the center of the blaze, though she only knew the person as being the still-mysterious Darach.

When the Beacon Hills Cyclones team (plus tag-alongs Allison and Lydia) headed back to Beacon Hills on their bus, Lydia noticed something on Coach Finstock's white shirt under his whistle and took it off of him to take a closer look. She was then shocked to learn that powdered purple wolfsbane had been put into the whistle, which caused it to be released into the air and inhaled by the werewolves on the bus and had caused their horrific hallucinations; it was then implied that Jennifer/the Darach had purposely put the wolfsbane there to weaken and/or kill them off, though her motives for doing so were not revealed until later.

At some point prior to the start of Currents, Jennifer, as the Darach, poisoned Danny Mahealani with mistletoe, forcing him to eat a huge amount of it that eventually caused him to develop a pleural effusion, or a large bolus of air in the pleural cavity that prevented Danny from breathing properly and causing his trachea to be shifted to the right. While Danny was being treated by Melissa McCall at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, Jennifer astral projected into the car of Dr. Hilyard, who was replacing the mysteriously-missing on-call doctor and was on her way to work. She used her Darach zoopathy to cause a swarm of moths to fly into Dr. Hilyard's car, where they flew at her face and distracted her so much that she nearly wrecked her car, making it easy for the Darach to capture her. The doctor's still-running car slowly drove into the hospital parking lot only meters away from where Scott and Ethan were arguing.

The next day, Jennifer appeared in the junior-level chemistry class as the substitute teacher, where she suspiciously announced that she would be taking over for Adrian Harris and accidentally stated that he was "missing" before correcting herself and saying he was "sick." While she lectured the class on the day's topic, Scott and Stiles discussed the fact that the police had found the body of the on-call doctor who went missing before Dr. Hilyard's disappearance and that, unlike the Darach's earlier sacrifices, the man was asphyxiated instead of being strangled. Just then, Alan Deaton, who had just found a swarm of moths at the animal clinic, called Scott and informed him that he was going to be taken by the Darach. By the time Scott made it to the clinic to try to save him, Deaton had already been taken, as determined by Sheriff Stilinski and Tara Graeme. Some time later, Deaton was brought to the vault in First National Bank, where she bound his wrists with rope before hanging him from the ceiling by his bound wrists.

Back at Beacon Hills High School, Scott, who was desperately trying to figure out where Deaton was being kept in order to rescue him before he was killed, was approached by Deucalion, who informed him that he wasn't the one "slashing up innocent people, praying to ancient gods, collecting herbs, and whatever the hell else Druids are supposed to do," referencing the Darach's sacrifices, before giving Scott a clue: "Let the current guide you." Unbeknownst to Scott at the time, this was referring to Jennifer's manipulation of the telluric currents that made up a grid throughout Beacon Hills in order to gain power.

A short time later, Allison called Scott to the Argent Apartment, where she revealed that her father, Chris Argent, had been secretly tracking the Darach, marking on a map all of the locations where the Darach's sacrifice victims had been captured and were their bodies were found, as well as also marking his predictions for where the rest of the victims would be captured and dropped in the future. Meanwhile, after looking through Danny's things, Stiles found Danny's paper on telluric currents, leading Stiles, Scott, Lydia, and Cora to realize that the telluric currents and the map Argent made were the same, and that all of the Darach's captures and body-drops had been on the currents, meaning that they were killed in the midpoint. Upon realizing Deaton was being held captive at the bank vault, Cora received a text informing them that Derek's plan against the Alpha Pack failed, leading them to split up-- Scott went to First National Bank to save Deaton and deal with the Darach while Cora, Lydia, and Stiles helped Derek, Isaac, and Boyd against Kali, Ethan and Aiden.

At some point after Jennifer, as the Darach, captured Deaton and suspended him from his wrists in the bank vault, she was captured in her glamoured form by Kali, Ethan, and Aiden to use as leverage against Derek, indicating they somehow knew about the two's new relationship. The three Alphas then brought her to Derek's loft, where the twins held Jennifer in a choke-hold while Kali informed Derek that if he wanted them to spare Jennifer's life, then he needed to fight her one-on-one, without any interference from his Betas, an ultimatum to which Derek had no choice but to agree.

Jennifer was forced to watch as Derek and Kali battled each other, and when Stiles, Lydia, and Cora arrived to turn the power back on, causing the electrical cables in the water-flooded loft to electrocute Derek, Kali, and Boyd while Isaac covered Jennifer protectively with his body. The two then watched in horror as Boyd was killed when the twins forced Derek to impale Boyd (who was being held up by Kali) with his claws, as the massive electrical shock he receive had disabled his accelerated healing ability and prevented him from recovering from the wounds before it could kill him. Before leaving, Kali gave Derek an ultimatum-- kill his own pack and join the Alpha Pack before the next full moon, or Kali would return to kill all of them, Jennifer included. Surprisingly enough, Kali was unable to recognize Jennifer's scent as being that of her former Emissary and close friend Julia Baccari, suggesting that Jennifer's glamouring power is strong enough to also change her scent as well.

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much,

In The Overlooked,

In Alpha Pact,

In Lunar Ellipse,


What Julia's personality prior to Kali's attack was like is unknown. However, after the attack, when she took the name Jennifer Blake, she became obsessed with teaching the Alpha Pack a lesson about the consequences of all of the death and destruction that they had wrought, though this ire was predominantly focused on Deucalion, for starting the pack and for ordering Kali to kill her, and Kali herself for actually listening to him. Over time, this hatred ultimately extended to all werewolves, as she suggested to Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa McCall, and Chris Argent that her mission was to protect all humans from the threat of the lycanthrope species.

She was so dedicated to this mission that she was willing to sacrifice the lives up to fifteen innocent people (though she ultimately only killed twelve) in order to gain the power necessary to kill even a so-called "Demon Wolf" like Deucalion. She justified this by stating that such was the nature of the word "sacrifice," and she truly believed that the virgins, warriors, healers, and philosophers she sacrificed had lent her their power for the sake of taking down the Alphas.

In addition to her overwhelming need for vengeance against those who harmed her, Jennifer had an immense sense of self-preservation, which she used to stay alive against all odds after Kali nearly killed her, and which would have saved her life a second time, had Peter Hale not interfered in her plan to use the power of the Nemeton to survive. She was also incredibly insecure about her mauled appearance, using at least two massive crow sacrifices to create a glamour in order to take the appearance of a young, beautiful, and unblemished woman; the only times she revealed her true face was to either conceal her identity or to scare her targets.

Physical Appearance

Julia's face prior to Kali's mauling was only seen briefly in a photograph in her medical records, but she appeared to be an average-looking white woman in her late 20's to early 30s who was of medium stature with brown hair and light blue eyes. After the attack, her face was scarred beyond recognition, causing her to lose all of her hair on her head and making her mouth appear crooked.

Meanwhile, in her new identity as Jennifer Blake, she created a glamour to make herself appear as a beautiful woman in her mid-late twenties who had the same general attributes she possessed before-- medium to tall height, lean build, and medium brown wavy hair with blue eyes. However, unlike her true appearance, her Jennifer glamour was completely unblemished with pale white skin and rosy cheeks.

At work, she dressed in the typical clothing of a schoolteacher, preferring to wear pencil skirts and blouses with heels, or occasionally a nice pair of black or blue slacks. Once her true identity as the Darach was revealed, Jennifer began wearing clothes befitting a villain, with leather pants, black fishnet-style shirts over black crop tops, and, in her last appearance, a handmade black leather dress and bustier.

Powers and Abilities


Jennifer's powers are still only vaguely understood as a result of the secretive and mysterious nature of Druids and Darachs. However, she gained additional supernatural powers from the four sets of trio sacrifices she performed, as well as from her connection to the telluric currents running throughout Beacon Hills. These powers will be explained and categorized as best as possible below:

  • Darach Powers: As a Darach, otherwise known as a Dark Druid, Jennifer possessed several supernatural powers.
    • Telekinesis: Jennifer demonstrated the ability to move objects solely with her mind during a battle with Kali, Ethan, and Aiden when she gestured with her hands and made and entire wall's worth of broken window glass rise in the air. She had perfect control over all of these shards of glass, and was able to make each individual piece spin in the air before pointing them directly at Kali. She ultimately used this ability to forcefully shove the pieces toward Kali like bullets, where they embedded in her body from head to toe and killed her.
    • Mountain Ash Mastery: Like all Druids, Jennifer had the ability to create mountain ash barriers simply by throwing the ashes into the air and willing them into the shape she wanted. A notable example of her using this power was in her battle against Deucalion and Scott McCall the night of the lunar eclipse, when she threw a handful of mountain ash from inside her pocket into the air, creating a perfect and unbroken circle around herself to prevent any werewolf from coming near her. This may be connected to her telekinetic power.
    • Zoopathy: Jennifer demonstrated the power to control or influence animals, as evidenced by the fact that she managed to force hundreds of crows to commit suicide by flying into windows on at least two separate occasions, one of which was before she became a Darach. She also seemed to be able to control insects to an extent, such as the moths she made fly into Dr. Hilyard's car and coat the exterior windows of the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic.
  • Mass Crow Sacrifice Powers: After performing at least two mass animal sacrifices in which she willed hundreds of crows to commit suicide by flying through glass windows, Jennifer gained additional powers.
    • Illusion Casting: Jennifer possessed the ability to cast illusions in the minds of those she intended to sacrifice, which she typically used in order to terrify her victims, thus making them easier to kill. She demonstrated this power on several occasions, such as when she made Heather believe that the wine bottles in her basement were being shot at her and shattering on the floor, bloodying her feet in the process; when she made Emily believe that various bugs were crawling over her before she was seemingly consumed by scarab beetles; and when she made Tara Graeme believe that she was seeing her own dead body under the shower in the boy's locker room at the high school. Jennifer could also use this power to induce auditory hallucinations, such as when she made the band teacher, Adrian Harris, and Lydia Martin hear what became known as the "Darach chanting" song.
      • Glamouring: Jennifer possessed the ability to use her illusion casting ability to put a glamour over herself so that others would see her as a beautiful and unblemished young woman rather than a scarred and mutilated victim of a werewolf. She had perfect control over this power, and was able to switch back and forth between her true appearance and her glamoured appearance at will.
  • Five-Fold Knot Sacrifice Powers: After sacrificing three humans for each category of virgins, warriors, healers, and philosophers, Jennifer was given powers that related to each of the categories.
    • Virgin Powers: After sacrificing Heather, Emily, and a lifeguard wearing a promise ring, Jennifer gained powers associated with virgins. Though these powers were not explained in detail, it was implied by Jennifer than these sacrifices augmented her glamouring ability, and possibly even aided her in her seduction of Derek Hale.
    • Warrior Powers: After sacrificing Kyle, the band instructor, and Adrian Harris, Jennifer gained powers associated with warriors. This power manifested as super strength that was equal or greater to that of an average Alpha werewolf, allowing her to crush a Sheriff's badge in the palm of her hand, break Scott McCall's sternum with a single palm-thrust to his chest, forcefully shove Kali down a long hospital corridor, and snap Ethan and Aiden's merged Alpha form's neck over her shoulder.
    • Healer Powers: After sacrificing three doctors at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, Jennifer gained the ability to mystically heal her own wounds at a rapid rate, as well as healing the wounds of others. She used these powers to heal all of the wounds Derek sustained in his battle against the Alpha Pack, to restore Deucalion's eyesight so he could see the damage Kali did to her face, and to heal her own thigh after she was shot by Sheriff Stilinski, all of which occurred in the span of several moments. However, this ability appeared to have its limits, as she was unable to heal her slashed throat without assistance from the Nemeton, which is what gave Peter Hale the opportunity to kill her. Using this power to heal serious wounds, such as Deucalion's blindness, also weakened her significantly, which caused her to be unable to use any of her powers or abilities for at least several minutes.
    • Philosopher Powers: After killing Tara Graeme, Mr. Westover, and a recital pianist, Jennifer gained the powers associated with philosophers. Like her virgin powers, the powers gained from philosophers were only vaguely defined, but Jennifer implied that she gained supernaturally-enhanced knowledge and strategy for use in battles. She even stated that she should have started with philosophers instead of virgins so she could have used the strategy skills to better enact her sacrifices to avoid getting caught for a longer period of time.
    • Telluric Current Connection: Because Jennifer performed all of her abductions and subsequent sacrifices on the telluric currents of Beacon Hills, she became so in-sync with them that she was even able to tap into their power. She used this connection to perform terrakinetic and atmokinetic feats, such as creating intense thunderstorms that knocked out power to the town and earthquakes that caused the Nemeton's root cellar to collapse.


In addition to her supernatural powers, Jennifer also possessed several abilities as well. She was extremely knowledgeable about supernatural and mystical phenomena, which allowed her to perform her sacrifices and connect to the telluric currents, as well as to understand the power of the Nemeton and identify Lydia Martin as a Banshee after hearing her scream. She was also an English teacher, which made her very knowledgeable about literature, as evidenced by her references to various novels such as Heart of Darkness, Romeo and Juliet, and The Crucible, among other books.


Though Jennifer possessed numerous supernatural powers, including the power to rapidly heal herself, she was still mortal, and thus was susceptible to death, injury, and illness just like any other human. She was also shown to be vulnerable to mistletoe, which disrupted her glamouring power and made her true form visible to those around her, as evidenced when Scott McCall doused her in crushed mistletoe to reveal her true identity.


  • Garrote
  • Knife


  • Julia: Julia is a feminine given name that is the Latinate form of the masculine name Julius, which was a Roman family name derived from a founder, Julius, the son of Aeneas and Creusa in Roman mythology. However, the name's etymology may possibly derive from the Greek iουλος (ioulos), meaning "downy-haired, bearded," or alternatively, from the name of the Roman god Jupiter, the equivalent to the Greek Zeus, which is interesting given the character Julia/Jennifer's eventual power to manipulate the weather and create thunderstorms like Zeus.
  • Baccari: Baccari is a patronymic or plural form of the name Baccaro, which has origins in southern Italy. It is suggested that the name means "dweller at or near where asters grow," with asters being a genus of flowering plants whose petals form the shape of a star.
  • Jennifer: Jennifer is a feminine given name which is a Cornish form of Guinevere or Gwenhwyfar, which was adopted into the English language during the 20th century. It is said to mean "white enchantress" or "the fair one," which is an interesting choice in name for a character who used dark magic to glamour herself into a fair, beautiful woman. Variants of the name in other languages include: Guenevere, Guinevere (Welsh mythology); Jenifer (Cornish); Guenièvre (French); Ginevra (Italian); Gaenor (Welsh).
  • Blake: Blake is a surname or given name originating from the Old English language, though om what name it was ultimately derived is unknown. It could have come from blac, a nickname for someone who has dark skin or hair, or from blaac, a nickname for someone with pale hair or skin. It is also the name of one of the fourteen Tribes of Galway in Ireland, making it an apt choice of surname for Jennifer Blake, a dark Celtic Druid. The combination of her self-given new identity is an interesting one, given that it combines the light with the dark that made up her own nature as well.


  • It has been speculated that when Peter killed Jennifer, he absorbed the power she gained from the five-fold knot sacrifices, which is what made him so much stronger than he used to be throughout the rest of Season 3 and Season 4; before this point, he made several comments about how his resurrection at the end of Season 2 decreased the strength of his werewolf powers to below that of even average Betas.
  • There has also been speculation in the fandom that the relationship between Jennifer and Kali was more than just a platonic friendship due to comments made by Kali in The Overlooked.


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