Theo: How much did you take, Josh?

Josh: A lot... and I don't feel a thing.

Theo: You won't, your body heals too fast.

Josh: Yeah, then maybe you should've left me dead.

Theo: Or maybe, you just need to feel something else. Something Better.

The relationship between the Chimera Josh Diaz and Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera Theo Raeken.

This relationship began in Status Asthmaticus, after Theo resurrected Josh along with Tracy Stewart, Hayden Romero and Corey as the plan Theo had to take the McCall Pack from Scott McCall have failed. However, their first encounter took place in Required Reading when Theo kills Josh in order to prevent him from killing Stiles. Once Josh was resurrected Theo told Josh and the other chimeras he's their Alpha now and they all belong to him. They're packmates until Theo kills him once more and takes his powers.

Throughout Teen Wolf

Season 5

In Required Reading, Josh is attacking Stiles Stilinski on top of the roof of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, Theo interrupts the attack and throws Josh across the roof. They get into a brief altercation, the fight goes back and forth, but Theo seems to be getting the better of his opponent. Towards the end of the fight Theo grabs Josh by his throat and tears it out, thus killing him.

In Strange Frequencies, Theo and Stiles debate whether or not they should tell Scott or Sheriff Stilinski about the recent death of Josh. Theo pleads with Stiles not to as he didn't tell anyone about Stiles killing Donovan Donati. The discussion ends with them agreeing to keep each other's secret, so Stiles and Theo decide to lie, they picked up Josh's body and took it to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, their story is that one of the Dread Doctors killed Josh. They use this as an opportunity to find out who has been stealing the bodies of the dead chimeras. Theo and Stiles wait outside the clinic to see who comes to take Josh's body, while waiting, they are ambushed, Theo is punched in the face by a flaming fist and knocked unconscious, this gives the culprit enough time to steal Josh's body and get away with it.

In Status Asthmaticus, Theo uses a green serum that he had earlier taken from the transparent tube containing the Nazi Alpha Werewolf to resurrect Josh and several other dead chimeras, including Tracy Stewart, Hayden Romero, and Corey. Theo tells them that he's their Alpha now and they all belong to him. Josh and the other chimeras follow Theo through the woods.

In The Last Chimera, Theo, Josh, Tracy and Corey invade Eichen House. Josh attacks a guard, he grabs the large taser, absorbing the electricity as his eyes glow purple. They head down the hall in order to retrieve Lydia Martin, a Banshee who can lead them to Jordan Parrish, a Hellhound.

In Damnatio Memoriae, Theo waits for Josh outside of Sinema, he asks Josh how much drugs did he take, Josh says a lot but he doesn't fell anything, Theo explains that his body heals too quickly for the drugs to take effect, Josh replies that maybe Theo should've left him dead. Theo offers an alternative, something that'll give him that high he is looking for, he hands Josh a pair of jumper cables that are attached to his truck. Theo starts them and Josh absorbs the electricty, adding to his powers as Josh shifts. The next day, in the tunnels, Theo orders Josh along with the other chimeras attack Scott, but they fail. He realizes that they aren't ready to take on an alpha.

In The Sword and the Spirit, Theo returns to his lair to find that the pack has successfully retrieved Deucalion. Josh is in bad condition after the altercation, along with Tracy and Corey.

In Amplification, he helps Theo and his packmates to invade Eichen House to retrieve Lydia and attacks the same guard he attacked at The Last Chimera and watches Parrish in his Hellhound form as he came for Lydia.

In Lie Ability, Josh was reluctant about Theo's order of attacking Parrish as the Hellhound was on fire but tries to hurt the Hellhound using the electricity of an electrical conduit of Eichen House but was ineffective.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills, Theo says that Josh has to be the one to put the Dread Doctors' mask that was retrieved from Valack's laboratory, since his powers are electrically- based and the properties of the mask are based in electromagnetism but he refuses anyway. As Deucalion speaks about Theo's pack is being broken, Josh tries to leave but Tracy blocks him and Theo after learning how to take power kills Josh a second time and takes his Chimera powers to wear the mask.


  • Both Theo and Josh are Chimeras.
  • Theo killed Josh in order to take his power.