Scott: "What do you want from us?"
Kate: "I want a little bit of insight, Scott."
Scott: "To what?"
Kate: "My family. The Argent family has been around for over four hundred years-- A powerful, wealthy, aristocratic family of Werewolf Hunters. But yet, somehow, in less than a year, this great family is decimated by a teenage boy. So, my question is simple... What the hell is so special about Scott McCall?"
Scott: "You want me? Take me. Just me."

The relationship between True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and Werejaguar Kate Argent.

Kate and Scott initially met in Season 1, when Kate came to Beacon Hills to visit her brother Chris, her sister-in-law Victoria, and her niece Allison (the latter of whom was Scott's girlfriend at the time) while also helping them hunt the Alpha Werewolf who was terrorizing the town. Though Kate didn't know it at the time, Scott saw her for the first time out late one night where she was pursuing the Alpha and had shot Derek Hale with a Nordic Blue Wolfsbane-laced bullet. Despite this, they weren't formally introduced until the following evening, when Chris and Kate walked in on Scott and Allison making out in the garage, an act that Kate found amusing and adorable. She encouraged Allison's romance with Scott and constantly complemented him on his sweet brown eyes.

However, when Kate finally realized that Scott had recently been turned into a Beta Werewolf by the Alpha and was a reluctant ally to her former paramour, Derek Hale, Kate attempted to kill him, though she was stopped by Chris, who reminded her of their Hunter Code's rules regarding killing innocent and underage shapeshifters at the last moment. Kate was then seemingly killed by the Alpha when he ripped her throat out with his claws, but in reality, Kate had actually been scratched so deeply that she was turned into a Werejaguar. Following Kate's escape from the Calavera Family of Hunters in Mexico, she set her sights on learning control over her transformations, rejoining her family in hunting the supernatural, and taking her revenge on Scott, whom she blamed for the decimation of the Argent line, despite the fact that it was her role in the Hale House Fire that kick-started the events that led to the harm and death caused to the members of her family.

Once the Deadpool had ended, Kate used her Werejaguar powers to turn Scott into a Berserker with the intention of setting him loose on his pack, which would then leave them no choice but to kill him to save themselves and would keep her hands metaphorically clean in the process. Unfortunately for her, Scott's bond with his newly-turned Beta Liam Dunbar allowed him to turn back into his True Alpha self. Between Scott's return to his normal state and her brother Chris joining the Calaveras in hunting her down, Kate has since gone on the run, leaving Kate and Scott's feud unresolved.

Throughout Teen Wolf

Season 1

In Magic Bullet, Scott, who was drawn out of bed in the middle of the night by his yet-unidentified Alpha's roar, followed the sound to where Kate had stopped her car to fight off the Alpha's attack, though she did not see him at the time. He then watched as Kate used a sniper rifle to shoot Derek Hale (who had also been drawn toward the Alpha in an attempt to learn his identity, though Kate, too, was not aware that it was Derek) with a Wolfsbane-laced bullet and heard Kate and her brother Chris Argent talking about the fact that the Beta she shot would be dead within two days using his superhuman hearing ability.

The next day, Allison invited Scott, her new boyfriend, to come over to her house to study. Upon going into Allison's bedroom, Scott saw a photo of Allison and Kate, recognizing the latter as the woman who shot Derek, and asked her who she was, leading Allison to reveal that Kate was her aunt, though she said they were more like sisters. After Allison took Scott to the garage armory to show him her skills as an archer, the two began to make out, only to be caught by Chris and Kate upon returning from the grocery store. Kate, finding their relationship to be cute, overrode Chris' wishes and invited Scott to stay for dinner with the family.

During dinner, Kate kindly tried to change the subject to lacrosse when Chris began the overprotective-father act toward Scott. After Stiles called Scott to inform him about the fact that Derek was running out of time and needed a sample of the Wolfsbane in the bullet in order to cure himself, Scott attempted to get into a room with a locked door, causing an alarm to go off. Kate found him in the hallway and remarked that he looked like a "lost puppy" before pointing him in the direction of the bathroom in the guest bedroom where she was staying. Scott then searched through her bag until he found the wooden box with the Wolfsbane rifle rounds and grabbed one before quickly making his way downstairs and informing the Argents that he really needed to leave. However, Kate insisted that he needed to stay for dessert, and after Victoria Argent remarked on the fact that Scott worked for the town's veterinarian, Chris began a story about a "rabid dog" that was clearly an allusion to Werewolves, making Scott incredibly nervous.

Once the dinner was over, Scott was in the middle of saying goodbye to Allison when Kate, followed quickly by Chris, confronted him about the fact that she had just found her bag left open after Scott has used the bathroom and insisted that he turn out his pockets to reveal what he stole. After Scott lied and said that he hadn't stolen anything, Allison finally stepped in and revealed that she had, in fact, stolen a condom from Kate's bag, shocking Chris and Kate so much that they let Scott leave without any further argument.

In Lunatic,

In Code Breaker, Scott and Derek were nearly The Hale House to stop Peter when they're attacked by Allison and Kate. As Allison didn't believe in anything Scott was saying. Kate decided to kill both werewolves, Allison realizing she cometted a mistake for trusting her psychothic aunt tries to stop her but is useless, Chris appears and stops her and blames his sister for breaking the code by killing a lot of innocent people of the Hale Family. As Peter still wanted a revenge for his family's death, kills Kate, ripping her throat out.

Season 4

In The Dark Moon, Scott and his friends go to Mexico to rescue Derek from the Calaveras but after knowing that the Calaveras didn't know where Derek was as well. Araya prepares a test: Araya'll ask Scott where is Derek if he doesn't answer he'll be eletrocuted and if Kira refuses to turn the dial on him, Araya'll turn the dial on Lydia. Scott says it's okay as he can heal but he insists that he doens't know who kidnapped Derek. Araya angry insists Kira to put the dial on ten but Araya does that herself. Scott screams in pain and then remembers a flashback in Wolf's Bane that Kate was with Chris assisting the game asking him if she can turn by a scratch and Chris affirms if they go deep enough. He roars, breaks his chains and tells Araya Kate has Derek.

In A Promise to the Dead, As Scott and Kira were having a date in Derek's loft, Kate and a Berserker invade the loft. As Kira fights the Berserker, Scott fights Kate but she overpowers him, she says that her family has been around 400 years and says Scott is the teenage boy who decimated her family. She takes the two of them to La Inglesia where puts Kira in some kind of Dungeon and ties Scott up to a stone table and she turns him into a Berserker.

In Smoke and Mirrors, Kira tried to escape from her Dungeon, Scott now turned into a Berserker by Kate, stops her until Kate roars at him to demand him stop. Kira asks to Kate what she did to Scott and tells the history of after being resurrected. The Berserkers suddenly realized when she arrived to this church, they had to respect Kate as she was turned into a werejaguar. As she's called La Loba, she also means she's called The Bone Woman and Scott stabs Kira. As Kate is defeated by her ex-boyfriend Derek who has now the ability to shift into a full wolf. she tells Chris that Scott and her friends are the responsibles for Allison' death, her brother firmely tells Kate that Allison died saving her friends' lives and Kate runs away leaving Chris and the Calaveras follow her.


  • Scott and Kate are both shapeshifters-- Scott is a Werewolf and Kate is a Werejaguar.
    • Why Kate turned into a Werejaguar instead of a Werewolf like Scott is currently unknown. However, some speculate that this is the result of the common supernatural adage "The shape you take reflects the person that you are," meaning that Kate's status as a Werejaguar reflects her true nature.
  • Both Kate and Scott were both turned by Peter Hale; Scott was turned first in Season 1's Wolf Moon after Peter gave him the Bite on purpose, whereas Kate was turned second in Season 1's Code Breaker after Peter unintentionally turned her when he ripped her throat out with his claws, scratching her deeply enough to transform her.
  • Kate doesn't see Scott as the hero most people, such as her brother Chris Argent believe him to be. This is both due to her hatred of Werewolves and other shapeshifters, as well as due to her mistaken belief that he was the cause of Allison's death.
  • Scott is the first and, so far, is the only person Kate has been shown to turn into a Berserker, though he only remained one for less than a day before his relationship with Liam caused him to turn back into a Werewolf.