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"Okay, what are we looking for?"
"I'm not sure. I'm mostly just following a feeling."
"Your feelings usually lead to dead bodies."
"Well, let me know if you find one."
Kira and Lydia in Dreamcatchers

The relationship between the Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura and the Banshee Lydia Martin

Kira and Lydia first met in the second half of Season 3, after Kira and her family moved to Beacon Hills from New York City. Kira had overheard Lydia's conversation with the McCall Pack about the symptoms Allison Argent, Scott McCall, and Stiles Stilinski were experiencing after their role in the Surrogate Sacrifice Ritual; it was Kira who suggested that the three were experiencing Bardo. The two then became friends after William Barrow captured Kira and attempted to electrocute her, revealing her true nature as a Thunder Kitsune. From then on, the two became close friends as Kira was accepted into the pack, and the two worked together to solve numerous supernatural events, such as Kira helping the pack locate and rescue Lydia after she was captured by the Nogitsune.

In Season 4, Kira cited her friendship with Lydia as one of the reasons why she didn't want to leave Beacon Hills to return to New York. The two then worked together to figure out the code that Lydia had unconsciously written in a Banshee fugue-state, and were together when they discovered that the code was a three-part hit-list that they began referring to as the Deadpool. When Scott and Kira were kidnapped by the Werejaguar and former Hunter Kate Argent and taken to La Iglesia in Mexico, Lydia rushed to the high school to grab something with Kira's scent so that the pack could more easily find her.

In Season 5, Kira and Lydia attended the Senior Scribe ritual with Scott, Stiles, and Malia. The two then began working together to figure out what was going on with Tracy Stewart, a fellow student who was experiencing horrifying night terrors; after examining her bedroom, Kira and Lydia figured out that she had become a shapeshifter and that her night terrors were leading her to target people who were trying to help her. After the two found Tracy in the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, Kira fought Tracy in order to protect Lydia and her mother, Natalie Martin, and after Lydia was inadvertently injured by Tracy, it was Kira who applied pressure to her wound to help save her life.

When Lydia, who had become catatonic as a result of Theo Raeken's incorrectly-performed Memory Manipulation ritual, was admitted to Eichen House and had trephination performed on her, Kira was instrumental in breaking her out, as she had used her powers to siphon the building's electricity in order to cause a brown-out that allowed them to enter undetected. The two then worked hand-in-hand during the final battle against the resurrected Beast of Gevaudan, Sebastien Valet, as well as Theo Raeken; Lydia used her Banshee Scream to turn Sebastien back into Mason Hewitt, while Kira used her electrokinetic powers to defeat Theo, albeit with help from the Skinwalkers.

At the end of Season 5, Kira and Lydia were separated due to Kira's decision to continue training with the Skinwalkers in Shiprock in order to regain control over her Kitsune spirit, though they presumably have remained friends.

Kira and Lydia are also known as Lyra and Lydira by fans

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