"I just wanted to tell you... that I was wrong. I thought we could hate each other, and it wouldn't matter. But it does matter-- it matters to Mason, and he matters to both of us."
"I'm not trying to come between you."
"And neither am I. But, if we keep up like this, he might feel like he has to choose."
"You want me to just act like nothing happened?"
"We could work together. Maybe we could find something together."
"Yeah? Like what?"
"Like a trace of them."
"A Ghost Rider."

The relationship between Beta Werewolf Liam Dunbar and Chimera Corey Bryant.

Though Liam and Corey were initially mutual acquaintances due to each one's relationship with Mason Hewitt, neither one liked the other due to being members of rival packs; Liam hated Theo Raeken, Corey's "Alpha," for his role in manipulating him into trying to kill his own Alpha, Scott, (though Corey's loyalty to Theo was more out of self-preservation and gratitude for his role in his resurrection than anything else) while Corey still distrusted Scott due to his actions while trying to save Liam and Hayden Romero from the Dread Doctors.

After the decimation of the Chimera Pack, Corey became a member of the McCall Pack, but the animosity between Liam and Corey continued on for several weeks despite this fact. Once it became clear that their rivalry was straining their respective relationships with Mason, the two decided to finally make amends for the past in order to save Mason from having to choose between them. From then on, Liam and Corey grew to become good friends and allies, working together in order to use Corey's power of adaptive camouflage to learn more about the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt, who had come to Beacon Hills in order to capture its citizens and make them into more of their kind. Upon the realization that Corey's Chimera powers could help prevent the Ghost Riders from merging the worlds together, he stole a horse and rode it into the Phantom Train Station so that he could help Mason and Hayden save Corey as soon as Scott was able to pull the diverter.

Throughout Teen Wolf


  • Liam and Corey are connected through Mason Hewitt, who is Liam's best friend and who is Corey's boyfriend.
  • Liam and Corey are about to start their junior year at Beacon Hills High School and are both on the school's lacrosse team, with Liam playing as #9 and Corey playing as #1.