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The relationship between Beta Werewolf Liam Dunbar and Werecoyote Malia Tate.

The two were first seen together in Muted when Malia along with Kira, were watching the lacrosse practice They officially met in the episode The Benefactor. after Liam was given the bite By Scott. Malia tried to help Liam with his transition during the remainder of Season 4.

In Season 5, it is hinted at Liam possibly having a little crush on Malia, as he interrupted Stiles and Malia's kiss to also apologize for being late to pick her up. he then explains what he heard about the fate of her senior year, including that she had to attend summer school to catch up with her classmates. Malia didn't seem too pleased that he knew this information.

They are next seen in Dreamcatchers, at a pack meeting, including Mason for the first time.

Throughout Teen Wolf


  • Both are Betas to Scott McCall.
  • Both are the only other two were creatures, other than Scott in the Pack.
  • There is a chance Liam developed a small crush on Malia during the beginning of Season 5.
  • Both had rocky starts to their relationship with Stiles.
    • Malia punched Stiles in Echo House while at Eichen House, realizing he is partly responsible for her being human again.
    • Liam punched Stiles in Muted after he aided Scott in holding Liam hostage in the McCall House.
  • Liam and Malia have grown very close to Scott, despite how they met.
    • Scott turned Malia back into human form in More Bad Than Good to save her from her foster dad, who planned to kill her coyote form. In Echo House, we learn that this wasn't something she was grateful for.
    • Scott used his wolf powers during lacrosse tryouts in Muted, believing Liam was a supernatural creature but ended up injuring him. Later, he saves him from falling off a building by giving him the bite.