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[The opening scene picks up where the previous episode left off-- Parrish, in Hellhound-mode, has burned through one of the doors to the closed unit with his pyrokinesis and super strength. The flames covering his body fade away, leaving only the veins of molten lava throughout his chest and back that glow the same color as his eyes. His fangs and claws are still out as he walks down the hallway, growling menacingly at the Chimera Pack, who is gaping at him in surprise, since it is the first time they have seen his full Hellhound form]

[Tracy, sho is in her usual partial-Kanima form, is still pinning Valack against the wall by the throat as Theo smirks in satisfaction at the sight of Parrish in front of them. Unbeknownst to either of them, Stiles is in the adjacent hall, watching this confrontation from around the corner as Parrish continues to slowly stalk toward them. Josh extends his fangs and claws in preparation for a fight while Theo rushes into the nearby room, grabs the still-weak and woozy Lydia (whose head is still bleeding from Valack's trephination) and holds her in a choke-hold as well to use as leverage against Parrish, who growls at him threateningly]

THEO: Back off.

[Parrish ignores him and continues to walk toward the group, and Lydia looks horrified as Theo tightens his grip so much that her neck starts to bleed where his claws are digging into her skin, making it clear that he's fearful of what Parrish could do]

THEO: I said, back off.

[Parrish continues to pay no attention to his orders, so Theo jerks his head toward Josh, Corey, and Tracy as a gesture to move]

THEO: Take him.

[Corey looks terrified, and scoffs incredulously as he looks at Theo as though he's crazy]

COREY: The guy's on fire!

[Theo groans in annoyance at Corey's lack of fearlessness]

THEO: You'll heal. Do it!

[Corey hesitates, while Tracy, eager to fight and happy to follow Theo's orders without question, drops Valack onto the floor and hisses loudly as she lunges for Parrish, jamming her claws into his stomach to paralyze him. Unfortunately for Tracy, Parrish seems to be immune to Kanima venom and simply gives her an unimpressed look before hitting her in the temple with his elbow with so much force that she's thrown against the bulletproof-glass door. She's briefly knocked unconscious when her head slams against the wall, which causes her to collapse onto the floor in a heap]''

''[Josh takes Tracy's defeat as a cue to leap into action, using his super-strength to break one of the metal tubes that protect the wires running through the building so he can siphon electricity from the cables and shock Parrish. However, just as with Tracy, Josh's learns the hard way when he pierces Parrish's shoulder with his glowing purple claws that his electrokinesis also has no affect on him whatsoever. Josh turns back to Theo with a horrified and panicked expression before shouting at him]

JOSH: Theo, this isn't working!

[Theo looks equally panicked when he realizes his pack is essentially powerless against the Hellhound as Parrish shoves Josh in the chest and knocks him against the wall. He bounces off and lands on the floor next to the barely-conscious Tracy, who is still recovering from her own injuries. Theo is so preoccupied by the fight against Parrish that he doesn't see Valack sneak back into Lydia's room to grab his the drill he used to perform trephination on Lydia before jamming it into the back of Theo's thigh through his hamstring muscle and drilling deep.Theo roars in pain and reflexively lets go of Lydia and falls to his knees, causing Lydia, who is too weak to stand to her feet after all of Valack's "medical" procedures, does the same. Stiles continues to watch the battle nervously from the end of the hall as Valack continues to drill into Theo's leg for another moment before pulling it out and slamming the butt of the drill into Theo's temple. Lydia, not wanting to be taken by Valack or the Chimeras, screams at them to stop]

VALACK: Sorry, Theo, but I'm not done with her yet.

[Stiles' face grows furious as he watches Valack pick Lydia up to carry her away, just as Parrish lifts Josh into the air and slams him flat on his back on the ground with a loud, painful-sounding thud. Parrish roars loudly and is about to slash at Josh with his claws when suddenly, Corey (who made himself invisible after Theo's order to attack Parrish and who has been standing by for the right opportunity to jump in) makes himself visible and grabs Parrish by the arm, using his own super-strength to keep Parrish from slashing at Josh. Corey smiles smugly, believing that he's won the fight against Parrish, and the camera cuts to Valack, who has dragged Lydia down the hall and around the corner, where Stiles has intercepted them and gotten in his way. The camera cuts back to Parrish, who simply glares at Corey before unleashing the full strength of his Hellhound fire, which creates such a large and powerful burst of flames that it instantly licks at Corey's hand before covering his entire body. Corey shrieks in complete agony as he bursts into an explosion of fire]


[Parrish lifts Corey off of his feet and throws the still-burningCorey down the hall, where Valack just barely manages to move himself and Lydia out of the way before getting hit. Unfortunately for Stiles, he isn't nearly fast enough, and Corey's smoldering, scorched, and unconscious body flies through the air and directly hits him, causing him to fall backward onto the floor before Corey lands on top of him. Theo, who is still recovering from the injuries Valack inflicted on him and who has no interest in being hurt like the others, crawls across the floor to pick up the metal pipe that Josh broke off the wall earlier. Standing on his knees, Theo throws the pipe at Parrish like a javelin, which impales him through the chest and causes the reddish-orange flames in his eyes to extinguish and return to their usual green color before he falls to his knees]

[By the time Stiles is able to extricate himself from underneath Corey's charred and unconscious body, Valack has already shoved Lydia down the hallway and locked the door behind them. Stiles desperately pounds against the door, and even tries throwing his entire body weight against it in an attempt to break it open, with no success]

STILES: [panicked] Hey! Lydia! LYDIA! LYDIAAAA!



[In a flashback to some time prior to the McCall Pack's infiltration of Eichen House, Hayden and Liam (the former of whom is wearing gym shorts and a cropped t-shirt, and the latter of whom is shirtless and wearing sweatpants) are making out on Liam's bed. Things get more passionate as Liam helps Hayden slip off her shirt before he starts kissing her chest, moving up to her neck as she wraps her legs around him. The scene fades away as the two begin to have sex]

[Once their romantic interlude is over, the lights have dimmed, and Hayden is putting her shirt back on when Liam, still in his post-lovemaking afterglow, sits up and smiles at her]'

LIAM: Don't go.

[Hayden gives him a sweet, knowing look]

HAYDEN: I have to.

[Liam scoots closer to her so he can look her in the eyes]

LIAM: Stay.
HAYDEN: [giggles] Stay here? With you?
LIAM: Stay with us.

[When Hayden realizes that Liam is talking about her leaving the Chimera Pack and joining the McCall Pack, her smile dims, and after a moment of awkward silence, Liam starts to make his case]

LIAM: If Theo thinks he's gonna be able to take its power...

[Liam trails off, scoffing before he continues his statement about the Beast]

LIAM: It's gonna rip his head off.

[Hayden looks at Liam, clearly skeptical of his claims]

HAYDEN: But you think Scott can save everyone?

[Liam nods, clearly determined and convinced that he's right]

LIAM: I know he can.

[When Hayden continues to look at him in disbelief, Liam takes her hand in his own]

LIAM: It's different now. I think dying did something to him.
HAYDEN: [sighs] It did something to me, too. But none of it was good.

[Liam sighs as well and looks at her with a serious expression]

LIAM: What if it happened again? What if you got hurt? What would you want me to do, now that you know everything?

[Hayden remains silent, not knowing what to say, and simply leans forward to hug Liam, who hugs her back and rubs her back in a soothing gesture]



[In the present day, Hayden is still guarding Deucalion at the operating theater, where she is holding the jar containing Belasko's talons and staring at it thoughtfully. After a moment, Deucalion, who seems to be sensing what she's doing, looks at her curiously]

DEUCALION: Starting to question where your loyalties lie? Or, maybe... you're starting to understand your role?

[Hayden looks annoyed as she sets the jar down and looks at Deucalion]

HAYDEN: What role?

[Deucalion pauses dramatically before he continues]

DEUCALION: Why would Theo leave you here? Why not leave Josh, or Corey?

[Hayden frowns in confusion, which seems to satisfy Deucalion]

DEUCALION: You're stronger and faster than both. And more fearless.

[Hayden sighs defeatedly before she finally replies]

HAYDEN: I know why I'm stuck here with you. Because when it comes to Liam... I'm a liability.
DEUCALION: [shrugs] You could leave. No one has to know.

[Hayden gives him a look that says, "Do you think I'm stupid?"]

HAYDEN: Except for you.
DEUCALION: Oh, I'm no friend to Theo. You want to help Liam? Worry less about being a liability, and more about your ability to lie.


[Liam and Scott are still outside the closed unit, where they overpowered the guards from the previous episode. Scott picks up one of the guard's two-way radios and pushes the button as he pretends to be a guard himself]

SCOTT: Does anyone have eyes on the Closed Unit? I need a status report.
GUARD: It's a war-zone down here.

[Scott and Liam exchange worried looks before Scott nervously replies]

SCOTT: Uh, 10-4. And what about the patients? Lydia Martin?

[The guard with whom Scott is speaking suddenly becomes suspicious, much to the boys' horror]

GUARD: Who is this?
SCOTT: [anxiously] It's... Unit 9.

[There is a long pause before the guard responds]

GUARD: There is no Unit 9. Who is this? How did you get--

[The guard is cut off when Scott, realizing his cover has been blown, crushes the two-way radio in his hand into tiny pieces of plastic before dropping it onto the floor and looking at Liam, who looks overwhelmed]

SCOTT: All right, we need to figure out another way to get into this closed unit.
LIAM: How do we get through the mountain ash?
SCOTT: I don't know yet... But there's somebody else here that might be able to help us.

[Liam looks surprised and almost relieved by this news]

LIAM: Who?
SCOTT: Meredith.


[Stiles is still outside of the locked door through which Valack and Lydia passed earlier, where he's beating on it and trying to break through with no success. After a moment, Stiles hears a familiar male voice from behind him]

THEO: Let me try.

[Stiles quickly moves out of the way just as Theo, who seems to have recovered from his earlier injuries, comes up from behind him and kicks the door open with one powerful strike of his leg. Stiles looks at him with confusion for a moment before rushing through the door without a word, and Theo makes a frustrated face as he calls out after Stiles]

THEO: You're not going to find her without me!

[When he gets no response, Theo groans under his breath before following after Stiles]


[Tracy, who is visibly furious about having been defeated by Parrish, has just come upon the guards that Scott and Liam knocked out in the hallway, where she hisses under her breath and grabs one of the guards' two-way radios before running off without a word]


[Malia and Kira are still inside the morgue, where they had moved just before the lockdown started and inside which they are currently trapped. Malia looks concerned about her best friend as ice-blue bolts of foxfire electricity crackle around Kira's body, and Kira anxiously clenches her fists to try to stop it]

KIRA: I don't know how long I'm going to last.
MALIA: [nervously] How did you stop it before?
KIRA: Scott carried me outside... which almost killed him.
MALIA: Okay, uhhh...

[Malia looks around the room in hopes of getting some divine inspiration, with little success]

MALIA: Maybe we could try grounding you to something?
KIRA: Do you have a degree in electrical engineering? 'Cause I don't know how to do that.

[Kira is suddenly overwhelmed as numerous bolts of foxfire burst out of her body, weakening her in the process, and Malia has to duck behind an autopsy table to avoid getting shocked by one of them. Kira looks horrified by what's happening to her and is visibly worried about Malia's safety]

KIRA: [urgently] You have to get out of here.
MALIA: I can't leave you!

[Kira closes her eyes and leans her forehead against the metal door to one of the drawers for the morgue's bodies, clenching her fists and trying to muster all the strength she has to keep herself in check as she angrily berates herself for her lack of control]

KIRA: I should've stayed in the desert with the Skinwalkers. I can't control this! I'm never going to be able to.

[Malia tries her best to reason with Kira in an attempt to calm her down and help her feel better about herself]

MALIA: Kira, it worked-- you saw it work. You controlled it enough to cause the brownout! You can stop it.

[Kira screws her face up in concentration as she tries to push down her Kitsune instincts, but she's unable to prevent her inner Fox from briefly taking control. She opens her eyes to reveal that they're glowing orange-gold, and when she replies to Malia, her voice is deep and distorted]

KIRA: [panicked] I can't! Malia, go!

[Kira falls to her knees as another half-dozen foxfire bolts shoot out of her body, forcing Malia to duck to avoid being electrocuted]


[Natalie, who is still standing outside of Eichen House from where she saw the entire facility go into lockdown, turns and rushes down the concrete staircase toward the front gates to flee from whatever danger lurks nearby]


[Just as she makes it to the gate, she's about to touch it when she stops and hears the faint buzzing of electricity emanating from it. She stops herself before she can make contact and gently moves her hands closer to the gate, where she feels the static electricity coming off and jerks her hands away, realizing that she's can't touch it without being electrocuted. She turns back around and looks at Eichen House, whose windows are still covered with corrugated steel covers to prevent anyone from breaking in or out]

[When she notices the dead body of the security guard that Tracy killed in the previous episode, her eyes are drawn to the cattle-prod taser he was wielding, and she hesitantly picks it up to use to defend herself if necessary. She presses the button and jumps in fright when it makes a zapping noise before getting a determined look on her face]


[Scott and Liam are rushing down the hall, where they find Meredith's room and quickly slip inside before shutting the sliding door behind them. Meredith is sitting in a chair with her back to the boys, and Scott wastes no time trying to talk to her, though the look on Liam's face seems to indicate he thinks this is a pointless endeavor]

SCOTT: Meredith? Meredith? It's Scott. Scott McCall.

[When Meredith doesn't respond, Scott looks at Liam, and they share a concerned expression before Scott walks toward her and gently spins her chair around, revealing that Meredith is in a near-catatonic state herself, likely due to the medications given to her by the nurses and orderlies]


[Stiles is running as fast as he can down the halls of the closed unit in an effort to find and save Lydia, and Theo sprints after him in an effort to convince him to let him help]

THEO: Stiles!

[Stiles stops just outside one of the metal fence doors, which has been left ajar by someone, and stops to turn back toward Theo]

THEO: I want her out of here, too. I have her scent.

[Stiles looks at Theo with suspicion and annoyance]

STILES: What do you want?
THEO: [scoffs] What's the difference?

[Stiles rolls his eyes and sighs in disbelief]

THEO: I can find her. You can't.

[Both boys are suddenly distracted by the sound of steam coming from a vent at the top of the wall, and they follow the sound through a door that leads inside the boys' shower room, where there are at least six young men who are only wearing towels and who are instantly frightened by their appearance. They all crouch down and huddle together, not knowing what is going on, and Theo follows Lydia's scent to a sewer grate near the far wall, which Theo lifts up to reveal a ladder underneath that leads to the sublevel]

THEO: It leads to the tunnels, doesn't it?

[Stiles reluctantly nods in agreement, and its obvious by the look on his face that he's starting to lose hope]

STILES: There's miles of them. They can be anywhere by now.


[Scott and Liam are still in Meredith's room, where Scott is kneeling in front of her, squeezing her left hand in his right in an affectionate gesture as he desperately tries to get Meredith to say something. While he does this, Liam keeps watch at the door, visibly nervous about the guards walking around the building during the lockdown]

SCOTT: Hey, Meredith, can you hear me?

[Meredith continues to stare silently at the floor as if in a daze, and Scott puts his left hand over hers to steady her as he continues]

SCOTT: We need your help. We're trying to find Lydia. We're trying to get her out of here.

[Liam, who becomes more and more anxious the longer they're there, nervously speaks up]

LIAM: [stammers] Scott? I think we-we better go...

[Scott is so focused on Meredith that he doesn't hear him and continues to talk to her]

SCOTT: Meredith, listen-- there has to be another way to get to Lydia. We can't get past the mountain ash. How do we find her?

[Liam continues to look around anxiously]

LIAM: Scott...

[Scott stares intensely at Meredith, who simply blinks and otherwise has no physical reaction to his words. Finally, Scott sighs defeatedly, his head falling forward and resting on their entwined hands for a moment before he stands to walk toward the door. However, before he can step forward, Meredith hands onto his hand and gently pulls him backward. Scott looks relieved that she seems to understand him, but his relief turns to concern when she takes his hand and slowly pulls it toward the back of her neck. When he realizes she wants him to do the werewolf mind-manipulation ritual, Scott frowns in worry]

SCOTT: I could hurt you...

[Meredith continues to hold onto his hand, and Scott, realizing this is the only shot they have, nods in understanding]

SCOTT: Okay.

[Scott flicks out the claws of his right hand and looks back at Liam for a moment before turning back to Meredith. Liam looks worried as Scott inserts his claws into the back of Meredith's neck as gently as possible, though she still gasps in surprise as they enter her spinal cord]

[Scott closes his eyes, and the camera spins around both Scott and Meredith as he enters her mind. Suddenly, Scott's astral-form is standing behind Liam, just like when Lydia left her body to talk to Meredith in Codominance. Scott seems shocked by how surreal it is to watch himself stand with his claws in Meredith's neck from outside of his body. Meredith's eyes have rolled back into her head as she withdraws into her mindspace]


[Malia is still ducked behind an autopsy table as foxfire bolts continue flying out of Kira's body, and when it has seemingly stopped, Malia straightens up to peek over the table at Kira]

MALIA: [worriedly] Kira?

[She looks around the table and is shocked to find Kira laying unconscious on the floor in front of the drawers full of bodies from the attack. Malia stands to her feet and tries to wake Kira up with her voice]

MALIA: Kira!

[When Kira remains unconscious, Malia gulps nervously as she slowly walks toward her to check on her condition. She reaches down to check Kira's carotid pulse, but is stopped when a familiar male voice calls out from behind her]

JOSH: I wouldn't do that.

[Malia, startled, turns to find Josh standing in the doorway of the morgue, looking worried]

JOSH: Electricity's still coming off of her. I can feel it from here.

[Malia frowns at him in confusion, and he pauses for a moment before speaking again]

JOSH: I can help her.
MALIA: [suspiciously] Why?
JOSH: [sighs] Because I need your help... With him.

[Josh steps aside, revealing that Corey is slumped against the wall, his face, chest, arms, and abdomen charred black and burned from where Parrish's Hellhound fire caused him to burst into flames earlier. Corey is clearly in a lot of pain, and is whimpering loudly as he clutches his chest, and Malia looks overwhelmed by everything that is currently going on]


[In MEREDITH'S MINDSPACE, Scott is standing in the hallway of the general unit with his eyes closed when he suddenly opens them to find Meredith standing at the end of the hallway. Scott's movements initially lag, as though he's in slow-motion]

SCOTT: Meredith...?

[Meredith starts walking, turning the corner into the adjacent hall, and Scott follows after her, visibly unnerved by the sensation of being in Meredith's mind. When he finally rounds the corner, he stops dead in his tracks, his eyes widening in horror when he finds Lydia on her hands in knees in the middle of the floor. She's forcefully pressing the palms of her hands to her temples and grimacing in pain, and Scott looks shocked at the realization that he's also in Lydia's mind due to Meredith's connection to her. The walls start to shake violently from the strength of the voices in her head as Lydia resists her urge to scream]

[In the REAL WORLD, Liam is still standing anxiously in Meredith's room in the general unit, watching them for any sign of trouble, when he suddenly hears groaning noises with his werewolf hearing. He frowns and slides the door open, peeking his head out to find to his alarm that several guards are walking down the hallway. Liam hastily shuts the door as he rubs his head anxiously and tries to decide what to do]

[The guards, having heard Liam slide the door closed, realize that there are intruders in the wing and start walking faster, and Liam looks back at Scott, who is still silently standing with his claws in Meredith's neck, before resolving himself to buy Scott more time. When the guards see Liam and Scott in the room, the rush toward the door and slide it open just as he leaps forward and shoves them backward against the wall. The guards collapse onto the floor, Liam slams the door shut and breaks the lock to keep Scott and Meredith safe as he allows his gold eyes to glow and his fangs to extend before roaring at Scott in warning]

[He then turns back toward the guards, slamming one's head against the wall to knock him out before tackling the second, flipping him over his shoulder and onto the ground. Once the guards are defeated, Liam stops to catch his breath and smirks in satisfaction, chuckling in relief under his breath and straightening up his jacket. However, a buzzing sound is heard behind him, and he turns on his heel to find a huge, burly guard storming toward him, looking so intimidating that the smirk falls right off of Liam's face as the guard growls under his breath]

LIAM: [defeatedly] Oh, shi--

[Back in MEREDITH'S MINDSPACE, Lydia is still on her knees on the floor of the hallway around the corner from Meredith's room, where she's rocking back and forth and clutching her head as she whimpers in pain, the screaming voices in her head getting louder and louder as Scott and Meredith watch her with concern. Finally, Lydia can't help herself and shrieks at the top of her lungs, and Scott looks panicked at the sight of his dear friend in such pain]

MEREDITH: She doesn't have much time.
SCOTT: [anxiously] What's happening to her?

[Meredith's expression is grim as she continues to stare at Lydia, who is so overwhelmed that she doesn't even seem to notice their presence]

MEREDITH: She's being consumed by her power. Dr. Valack thinks it's worth it if she can answer the question.
SCOTT: [frowns] What question?

[Meredith seems to be surprised that Scott doesn't know what she's talking about]

MEREDITH: "Who is the Beast?"
SCOTT: She can answer that?
MEREDITH: [sadly] Not yet. Not until the screams in her head are loud enough to kill her.

[Scott only becomes more alarmed by this statement, and he becomes even more determined to save her]

SCOTT: How do I get to her?
MEREDITH: [sighs] You can't. You won't be able to get past the mountain ash.

[Scott is horrified by the thought that there's nothing he can do, but Meredith suddenly gets an idea that gives them both hope]

MEREDITH: ...But, someone else might be able to.
SCOTT: [desperately] Who?
MEREDITH: The Hellhound.

[Scott's eyes widen in shock when he realizes who she's talking about]

SCOTT: You mean Parrish?
MEREDITH: [nods] They're connected. Find the Hellhound... and he'll find the Banshee.

[Just then, Lydia is overwhelmed by the voices in her head once again and shrieks at the top of her lungs, causing everything around them to shake violently]


[Hayden, still on Deucalion watch, has just checked her phone, where she has a notification that reads, "11 missed messages." They all seem to be Mason, the most recent of which says, "It has to be NOW." Hayden sighs and puts her phone in the pocket of her jean jacket before starting to pace back and forth, which does not escape Deucalion's notice]

DEUCALION: Five texts in two minutes? Someone's trying to get your attention.

[Hayden rolls her eyes at Deucalion, who continues to try to manipulate her as she walks back and forth in front of him and anxiously considers her options]

DEUCALION: Maybe you should go?

[He gestures to the pump that is infusing wolfsbane into his veins and chuckles]

DEUCALION: I'm obviously not going anywhere...

[Hayden, who is clearly conflicted about what to do, snaps at him irritably while she continues to think]

HAYDEN: Could you please shut the hell up?

[This does nothing to deter Deucalion; in fact, he smiles in satisfaction]

DEUCALION: I have a feeling you and I are going to be friends, Hayden. I think we're going to discover a lot of common ground beneath our feet.

[Hayden's phone buzzes in her pocket once again, likely another message from Mason, and Hayden puts her hand over her pocket before noticing the large syringe laying on the table and rushes over to it. When she picks it up, Deucalion realizes what she's doing and makes a face that is both concerned and exasperated]

DEUCALION: Now, is that really necessary?

[Hayden turns to face him with the syringe gun in hand]

HAYDEN: It's Kanima venom from Tracy-- enough to paralyze you for a couple hours.

[Hayden starts to walk toward him with the syringe gun, and Deucalion sighs]

DEUCALION: If we're going to be friends, Hayden, you really need to learn to trust me!

[Hayden just gives him a snarky look and injects the contents of the syringe into a port in Deucalion's IV tube. The Kanima venom makes its way into Deucalion's system and instantly paralyzes him, causing him to groan as he exhales his breath. Satisfied with the results, Hayden smirks at him]

HAYDEN: Now I trust you.

[Deucalion sighs once again as Hayden stands to her feet and rushes out of the operating theater to go help her friends and boyfriend]


[Scott has just retracted his claws from inside of Meredith's spinal cord, and she sighs in relief and lets her head fall back. However, before Scott leaves, Meredith sends him a telepathic message to his mind despite the fact that Scott is no longer connected to her]

MEREDITH: [telepathically whispers] Save her.

[Scott looks overwhelmed by the desperation in Meredith's telepathic voice, but he nods in agreement in case she can see him. Just then, the door to her cell slides open, and Scott turns and looks horrified when the large, burly, and intimidating guard who went after Liam appears in the doorway. Unsure of what to do, Scott just freezes in place after standing protectively in front of Meredith. However, his worry appears to be unnecessary, as the guard's eyes roll back into his head as he falls face-first onto the ground, revealing an exhausted Liam standing behind him with his fists raised, having just punched the guard in the back of the head to knock him out. Scott looks both shocked and impressed by this turn of events as Liam pants for breath]

LIAM: Oh! Is he out?

[Scott frowns and focuses his attention on the guard for a moment before determining that he's unconscious and nodding in agreement]

SCOTT: Yeah...

[Liam nods in relief and smiles weakly as he gives Scott a thumbs up, still out of breath from the fight]

LIAM: Okay.

[Completely out of energy, Liam's own eyes roll back into his head, and he falls sideways out of frame]


[Theo and Stiles are still down in the sewers/tunnels underneath Eichen House, where Theo has stopped and pressed his ear next to the pipes running along the walls. Stiles, visibly impatient with how long its taking to find Lydia]

STILES: I thought you had her scent?
THEO: [sighs] I lost it.
STILES: [exasperatedly] So find it again!
THEO: [irritably] What do you smell down here, Stiles?

[Stiles pauses for a moment to consider his response]

STILES: Chemicals... and fecal matter. Although, I'm pretty sure the fecal matter is you.
THEO: [aggravatedly] I smell it, too. It's all that I can smell... Which is why I'm trying something else. So, can you shut up and let me concentrate?

[Theo returns to focusing his hearing on whatever can help hint to Lydia's location, but Stiles can only stand it for several seconds before he loses his patience entirely and turns to leave]

STILES: I'm gonna find her.

[Theo groans in annoyance and calls after Stiles, who stops and rolls his eyes as he turns back to him]

THEO: You know you won't, Stiles. You're gonna have to trust me.

[Stiles looks at Theo as though he thinks he's crazy]

STILES: Trust you? The guy who murdered his own sister when he was nine?

[Theo is obviously offended by this comment and glares at Stiles]

THEO: Yeah, I was nine years old. I also believed a guy in a red suit came down the chimney to deliver presents. So, when three people in leather masks showed up and said that my sister wanted me to have her heart, I believed them, too.

[Stiles rolls his eyes in exasperation]

STILES: So the, together you gutted and killed her. That's a beautiful story.
THEO: I watched her fall into the water and freeze to death in minutes! Do you think I had any idea what was going on?
STILES: [skeptically] I think you pushed her. And I think you liked it.

[Before Theo can reply, both he and Stiles are overwhelmed by the sound of Lydia's banshee-wail, which radiates throughout the sewers. Stiles and Theo share a horrified look when they realize what they've heard]

STILES: What direction was that? Where is it coming from?
THEO: [grimly] Everywhere.


[Valack has brought Lydia down to an old, musty room in the basement, where she has been strapped to an exam chair. It's clear that she's still overwhelmed by the voices in her head, and her face is screwed up in concentration as she tries her best to resist her urge to scream. When a powerful wave of screams in her mind washes over her, she gasps in surprise and whimpers in pain, and her head continues to bleed as her vision starts to shake. Valack takes a piece of gauze to dab at the trephination hole in her skull]

VALACK: Just hold on a little longer, Lydia...

[Lydia gasps and groans in pain when the gauze makes contact with the wound on her head]

VALACK: You can make it.

[Valack stands to his feet and walks over to a machine plugged into the wall behind him. He flips a switch on the machine as he gives Lydia further instructions]

VALACK: I want you to focus on this, Lydia. And what other sounds you hear now, push them aside. Focus on this sound.

[The machine seems to be emitting some kind of staticky white noise, and when Lydia focuses on it, it seems to relieve the pain caused by her overwhelmingly amplified abilities, causing her to let out a sigh of relief as she straightens up in her seat. Valack seems pleased by this reaction and continues to speak to her in a soft voice]

VALACK: That's it. Focus on this sound and my voice, all right, Lydia?

[Lydia's eyes are wet with tears when she suddenly sees something out of the corner of her eye. She turns her head to the right and is horrified by the sight of Nurse Cross, the woman who has treated her so badly since she came to Eichen House, is slumped in the corner of the room and is obviously dead. Valack notices her concern and immediately tries to calm her down]

LYDIA: [horrified] Oh...
VALACK: Don't worry, Lydia. Nurse Cross wasn't nearly as strong as you are.

[Lydia whimpers in fear and turns away so she can no longer see the nurse's body. Meanwhile, the camera pans over to the wall, where the white noise machine is plugged into the socket. The wire attached to the plug begins to spark with electricity, indicating that the wire is starting to fray]


[Scott and Liam have just found Parrish unconscious in the stairwell, where he apparently went after being injured by Theo to recover, and Scott shakes him to try to wake him up]

SCOTT: Parrish? Parrish! Parrish!

[When Parrish he finally awakens, he is both surprised to see Scott and Liam and is also completely confused as to what has happened to him. Both boys seem relieved to see that he's more-or-less physically okay]

SCOTT: Parrish, hey! Can you hear me?
PARRISH: [weakly] How did I get here?

[Liam makes a face and hesitates before replying]

LIAM: ...We don't know. We just followed the burning smell.

[Scott, looking urgent, changes the subject]

SCOTT: Parrish, listen-- Eichen's in lockdown. There's no way for us to get out unless Plan B works.
PARRISH: [confused] Plan B? What's Plan B?
SCOTT: [quickly] Don't worry about it. Right now, we need you to find Lydia.
PARRISH: [surprised] Me?

[Once again, Liam makes a face]

LIAM: Actually, not completely you... We kind of need the other you.
SCOTT: The Hellhound.

[Parrish's eyes widen in shock at this answer]


[Josh and Malia have just laid Corey, who is whimpering in pain from the extent of his burns, down on the nearest autopsy table while Kira continues to lay unconscious on the floor behind them. Josh looks panicked as he glances up at Malia]

JOSH: Why isn't he healing?
MALIA: [stammers] Maybe he can't. Maybe it's too much. Or maybe it's the pain.

[Corey groans in pain and takes rapid, shallow breaths as he writhes on the table, his burns red and weeping. Josh looks overwhelmed and terrified]

JOSH: He's going to die, isn't he?

[Malia hesitates, focusing her werecoyote hearing before giving him a grim look]

MALIA: His heartbeat's getting slower.
JOSH: [desperately] What do we do? You can't heal him, can you?
MALIA: No... But I can take his pain. It could help. It might even get him to start healing.
JOSH: Then do it!

[Malia gives Josh a hard look and nods her head in Kira's direction]

MALIA: You first.

[Just then, Kira's body releases several more bolts of foxfire, and Malia and Josh both reflexively duck despite the fact that Josh cannot be hurt by it because of his own electrokinetic abilities. Once the foxfire dissipates, Malia gives Josh a hard look]

MALIA: You said you could help her!
JOSH: [exasperatedly] Yeah, but it's not like taking voltage from a car battery. She's got a lot more power than that.

[Corey groans and continues to writhe in pain on the exam table, and Josh looks at Malia]

JOSH: [frantically] Are you going to do something, or not?

[Malia once again gestures toward Kira]

MALIA: When you help her. I don't trust you.

[Josh glares at Malia impatiently]

JOSH: I don't trust you, either.

[Another couple bolts of foxfire burst out of Kira's body, and she spasms as though she's having a seizure for a moment before Malia finally sighs, realizing that they can't afford to wait any longer]

MALIA: All right. We go at the same time.

[Josh scowls for a moment, but ultimately nods at her in agreement before he walks over to Kira and kneels next to her. He reaches toward her right hand, which is resting on her lap, and lets his hands hover over them to sense the electricity coming off of her]

MALIA: You ready?

[Josh looks up at Malia and nods, and she reaches out and gingerly wraps her fingers around Corey's injured arm, causing him to wince in pain when her skin makes contact with his weeping burns, which are almost completely black from the intensity of Parrish's Hellhound fire]

MALIA: All right, here we go.

[Malia allows her body to accept Corey's pain, which manifests in blackened blood vessels that begin in her fingers and work their way up her arms, and Malia grits her teeth as she grimaces in pain. Meanwhile, Josh has just gripped Kira's arm in the exact same manner and starts to absorb her electrical energy, which is so strong that even he groans loudly as it surges through his body. Both Corey and Kira's eyes open widely as their discomfort is eased by their respective enemies, and Josh suddenly roars at the top of his lungs as the foxfire crackles around his body]


[Stiles and Theo have split up to cover more ground in their search for Lydia, and Stiles runs quickly through the puddles on the floor before he finally catches up with Theo, who seems to be having just as little luck as Stiles]

THEO: [sighs] Nothing.

[Stiles rolls his eyes in annoyance]

STILES: Great. You're just as useless as I am.

[Theo, who is clearly reaching the end of his rope where Stiles' attitude is concerned, glares at him angrily]

THEO: I'm trying to help save her life!

[Stiles groans in frustration and loses his temper]

STILES: Would you just drop the altruistic crap? You want Lydia because she gets you to Parrish. You want Parrish 'cause he gets you to the Beast.
THEO: [scoffs] So what? I want it dead, too.
STILES: [rolls his eyes] After you take its power, right? We know why you got the talons, and we know you're looking for Deucalion.

[Theo can't help but smirk smugly at this last remark]

THEO: I found Deucalion.

[Stiles gives him a look as though to say, "Thank you for proving my point," and Theo sighs in annoyance]

THEO: You're right. I'm going to help Parrish stop the Beast. I'm going to take its power. And then, I'm going to break its neck. So, maybe I'm not the good guy in your eyes, but I might end up being the guy that saves all your asses.

[Something about what Theo has just said gives Stiles a dawning realization about how to find Lydia, and his eyes widen in surprise when he figures it out. He gestures toward the pipes on the wall and quickly changes the subject]

STILES: Break it.

[Theo looks at Stiles, not understanding what he's trying to say]

THEO: What?
STILES: The sound travels through the pipe.

[Theo continues to stare at Stiles blankly, and Stiles sighs in frustration]

STILES: You'll hear better, dumbass. Break it!

[Theo, finally getting what Stiles is suggesting, grabs one of the pipes running along the walls and breaks off a section, releasing a cloud of steam from inside of it. He then leans toward the wall and focuses his hearing, allowing him to hear Valack talking to Lydia in the basement room]


[Lydia is still strapped to the exam chair in one of the rooms in the BASEMENT of Eichen House. Though the white noise machine seems to be keeping most of the voices at bay, its clear that she's overwhelmed and exhausted by everything she's been through in the last week or so]

VALACK: Lydia? Can you hear me?
LYDIA: [weakly] What do you want from me?
VALACK: I want your help against the Dread Doctors. They ruined me. Destroyed me. They drove me to obsession, consigned me to professional ridicule... People thought I was a monster, when I was simply trying to open their eyes.

[Lydia's expression becomes slightly smug when she realizes what he's doing, and manages to respond in a snarky, albeit weak, voice]

LYDIA: Now you want me to be your eyes.
VALACK: You'll see things, Lydia. Things no one else can see. You may not survive... but you might save the lives of your friends.

[Valack walks over to the nearby desk and picks up the Dread Doctor mask that he used on Nurse Cross in the previous episode. One of the eyepieces to the goggles' glass has several fine cracks running through it, and the mouth looks like it's been stitched up with wire. Lydia looks horrified by the prospect of putting it on]

[Upstairs in the stairwell in the GENERAL UNIT, Scott and Liam have found a lighter and an aerosol can of some kind of cleaner in the janitor's cart nearby, which they intend to use as a flamethrower to force Parrish to shift into the Hellhound. Both boys look reluctant to harm their friend and ally, but Parrish, who is anxiously gritting his teeth in preparation, growls at them]


[Scott and Liam nod in agreement, but grimace at the thought of burning Parrish as Liam lights the lighter in his hand. Scott braces himself and sprays the cleaner onto the flame, turning it into a stream of fire that directly hits Parrish]

[Back down in the BASEMENT, Valack is continuing to explain what they're going to do as he applies electrodes to her temples to help him determine the kind of brainwaves she's producing. She's twitching from the exertion it's taking her to ignore the screams in her head, even with the white noise machine's help]

VALACK: We have to slow your mind first. There's too much activity in your brain. We have to get from a gamma wave to a theta.

[Lydia's suddenly overwhelmed by a wave of screams in her head, and the twitching turns to spasming as she suppresses a moan and shakes her head frantically]

LYDIA: Mmm-mmm... It's too loud. I can't.
VALACK: [impatiently] If I try the mask now, it will kill you. You have to calm your mind.

[Lydia struggles to do what he's suggested, so Valack changes the subject in hopes of calming her down enough to use the mask]

VALACK: You understand what they've created?

[Lydia closes her eyes and takes a deep breath to steady herself before she replies]

LYDIA: The Beast.
VALACK: The Beast of Gévaudan-- an engineered version of it. But, it's not yet fully grown. It's still bound to its host, the teenage Chimera inside... And it still requires the Dread Doctors' protection.

[Lydia twitches, becoming more exhausted by all the energy it's taking her to resist the urge to scream]

LYDIA: Damnatio memoriae...
VALACK: That's right. The Beast was a man first, a human killer in the late 1700s. The Dread Doctors are trying to get it to remember itself. To remember the man. When that happens, the teenager is gone.


[Corey, who is still badly burned but in considerably less pain thanks to Malia, is being helped to his feet by Josh while Malia tends to the now-conscious Kira. After a moment, Corey and Josh look at the girls curiously]

COREY: Anyone known how we're supposed to get out of here?
MALIA: This place is still in lockdown.

[Corey looks over at the door, seemingly considering using his enhanced strength to break through the door, but Kira gives him a warning look]

KIRA: It's not just locked.

[Josh nods in understanding and agreement, since he, like Kira, can sense the electricity running through the metal door]

JOSH: Yeah, I can feel it, too.
COREY: [panicked] What are we supposed to do? Just wait here?
MALIA: There's a Plan B. We've got a guy on the outside in case this happens.
COREY: [frowns] Who?
KIRA: Mason.

[Corey's eyes widen in disbelief at this news, and Josh laughs skeptically]

COREY: Mason's going to unlock the lockdown?
JOSH: How's he going to do that?
KIRA: He's got the blueprints of the building, and he has the full map of Eichen's electrical system. All he has to do is get into the transformer shed behind the building.

[Corey and Josh share a concerned look, but Malia interjects to defend their friend]

MALIA: Don't worry-- Mason knows exactly what he's doing.


[The scene cuts to Mason, who is in the middle of leaving Liam a panicked voicemail as he stands outside behind Eichen House. In his hand is a photograph of the transformer shed Kira mentioned]

MASON: [on the phone] Liam, call me back. Dude, I have no idea what to do, and I'm panicking. I'm completely and totally panicking. I drove around this building, like, four times, and I can't find this transformer shed. Well, actually, that's partially right, because I found where the transformer shed is supposed to be... but, it's not a shed anymore. It's a wall. Like, a very big wall. So, I mean, I tried calling Hayden, and she still isn't here, and I heard alarms go off, and now I don't know what to do. So, Liam, just call me.

[Mason sighs and hangs up the phone before turning around and looking at the so-called transformer shed, which, like Mason said, is now a huge, thick concrete wall that is at least twelve feet tall]


[In the UNDERGROUND SEWERS, Stiles and Theo are following the sound of Valack and Lydia's conversation in order to finally track her down, rushing down the various corridors toward their location]

[Meanwhile, Lydia is shaking in the exam chair she's strapped to, her face blank of emotion as she tries her best to suppress the sounds of the screams in her head while Valack continues to talk to her]

VALACK: This teenager, Lydia, is the last genetic chimera. A young man or a young woman, maybe even someone you know. A success where Theo and the others were failures.
LYDIA: [weakly] But we went through the list of genetic chimeras... There's no one else.
VALACK: There must be one you missed. Another way they could have two sets of DNA. If you could see the face of this teenager, discover its identity? Then, you and your friends would have a fighting chance.

[Theo and Stiles turn a corner into another hallway and are both able to hear Valack's voice echoing through the sewers, alerting them to the fact that they're getting close. They eventually see a set of solid-steel double-doors and realize that Lydia and Valack are in the room behind it]

[Inside the room, Valack is staring intensely at Lydia to emphasize his point]

VALACK: The mask can help you see.

[Lydia suddenly gets a determined look on her face, as though she's decided to take one for the team and risk her life in order to help her friends find and stop the Beast. However, before either of them can react further, they're startled by the sound of Stiles pounding on the door with his fists while Theo forcefully shoves his shoulder into it]

STILES: Lydia!

[Theo's blows against the door cause the white noise machine's wire to fray even more as a result of the friction from the vibrations he's causing. The machine sparks one last time before blowing its fuse and ceasing to function, causing all of the screams and voices to come back at once and at full force. Lydia makes a high-pitched noise as she tries to suppress her shriek, squeezing her eyes closed as hard as she can]

[Meanwhile, Theo is still ramming his shoulder into the doors out in the hallway while Stiles calls out for Lydia again]

STILES: Lydia!

[When Theo fails to break through, Stiles loses his patience once again]

STILES: What the hell are you doing? Get the door!
THEO: [aggravatedly] I'm trying!

[Inside the room, Valack realizes that Lydia is close to losing it and the boys are close to breaching the doors, leading him to grab the Dread Doctor mask before walking back toward her with it]

VALACK: Sorry Lydia, but time's up.

[However, when he lifts up the mask to put it on her head, Lydia leans forward and lets out one of the most powerful banshee wails she's ever produced, unable to resist the temptation any longer. Her scream has so much force that the entire building starts to shake, and Theo and Stiles, still out in the hallway, both instantly cover their ears with their hands and duck down]

[Back inside, Valack, who had been holding up the mask in front of Lydia's face, lowers it, revealing that Lydia's scream has shattered his skull, just as Valack claimed she could in The Last Chimera. The upper left corner of his head has been completely blown off, his left eyeball dangling out of its socket as Valack's knees buckle and cause him to collapse dead on the floor]

[Out in the hallway, Stiles and Theo lower their hands, their ears still ringing from the power of her scream, and Theo reaches for the doorknob. The knob snaps right off, likely weakened by the scream as well, and Stiles wastes no time shoving past Theo and running headlong into the room to find Lydia still sitting exhaustedly in the chair. When she sees him, she falls back in relief, though she's still anxious about him being there at all]

LYDIA: You came back...

[Stiles starts to take the electrodes off of her head and releases her from her restraints]

STILES: We're getting you out of here, okay?
LYDIA: [anxiously] You can't! It's too dangerous--

[Before she can say anything else, Stiles cuts her off]

STILES: Lydia, please shut up and let me save your life.

[Lydia sighs reluctantly and gives him a weak smile as Stiles helps her to her feet, swinging her left arm around and wrapping it around his shoulders as he puts his right arm around her waist to support her so they can quickly walk out of the room. They pay no attention whatsoever to Theo, who sees the Dread Doctor helmet on the ground next to Valack's body]


[Mason, who is at a loss for options, has just gotten into the driver's seat of his car, where he's strapping himself in and trying to psych himself up for what he's planning to do]

MASON: [to himself] Okay, here we go. Gonna ram the wall. Gonna ram it with my car. Just... smash through it. Take out the power, and save my friends. Whew. Here we go. All right. Just... ram it, and destroy my beautiful car that my parents bought me on my birthday... But I'mma save my friends.

[Mason puts the car in drive and gets ready to go]

MASON: Here we go. Ram the wall. All right.

[Mason takes a deep breath, just as an incredulous-looking Hayden appears and gives him a look]

HAYDEN: What the hell are you doing???

[Mason is so relieved by the appearance of Hayden that he sighs in relief and puts the car in park before clutching his chest]

MASON: Oh, thank God! Can we use your car?

[Hayden looks at the so-called "transformer shed" and scoffs in exasperation]

HAYDEN: Are you kidding? A car is not getting through that.
MASON: [frustratedly] What? You have any better ideas?

[Hayden steps back away from the car and looks at the concrete bunker where the transformers are located. After a moment, she remembers her Chimera powers associated with werewolves and werejaguars could help her get up there, and she walks toward the wall to get a sense for how far she needs to get]

MASON: Uhh...

[Mason quickly gets out of his car to chase after her]

MASON: Hayden...?

[Hayden ignores him and starts to silently psych herself up]

MASON: Hayden...

[Hayden gets a determined look on her face as she backs up to give herself enough room for a running start, and when Mason realizes what she intends to do, his eyes widen in alarm before he tries to stop her, with no success]

MASON: Hayden? Wait. Whoa, wait, Hayden! Whoa, whoa, wait!

[Hayden continues to ignore him as she runs as fast as she can toward the wall, stopping about halfway and launching herself up with her super strength and agility, allowing her to jump high enough to clear the top of the wall and land safely on the roof of the structure. Mason looks absolutely panicked until he finally hears Hayden call out to him]

HAYDEN: I'm in!

[Mason sighs in relief that she wasn't hurt and quickly pulls the blueprints of the transformer shed out of his pocket to instruct her on what to do]

MASON: Okay! Umm... Okay, there's two red levers. You're going to pull them both.

[Mason waits for a response, and when he doesn't get one, he calls out to her again]

MASON: You see them?

[Hayden hesitates for a moment before she replies]

HAYDEN: I see ten.

[Mason frowns, believing that Hayden must be confused]

HAYDEN: [frustratedly] No, ten. There's ten red levers. What do I do?

[Mason's eyes widen in horror as he tries to think of how to respond to this revelation, and when he doesn't answer her, Hayden becomes even more panicked]

HAYDEN: Mason? Mason, what am I supposed to do?

[Mason puts down the blueprints and looks absolutely speechless]


[Parrish, who is now in Hellhound-mode, is slowly walking down the hallway toward the entrance to the closed unit while Scott and Liam follow him. Parrish's eyes are glowing with fire, as are the veins of lava that make his skin look like its crackling, and his fangs and claws are out, which visibly unnerves both of the werewolves]

SCOTT: [anxiously] ...Parrish?

[Parrish/the Hellhound remain silent as they walk toward where Scott and Liam broke off the door earlier. The boys frown in confusion and stop momentarily, unsure of what's about to happen]

LIAM: How's he gonna get through the mountain ash?

[Suddenly, Parrish's body bursts into flames, and their reddish-orange color turns bluish-purple as he walks through the doorway. It looks as though the colors are competing for a moment before the reddish-orange fire wins out, and Scott's eyes widen in shock when he realizes what is happening. Scott grabs Liam's hand with his own left hand and pulls him toward the doorway before gently raising his right hand, relieved when it passes across the threshold with no resistance]

SCOTT: He's burning it right out of the walls.

[Scott and Liam race through the doorway and follow Parrish toward the entrance to the underground sewers]


[In the UNDERGROUND SEWERS, Stiles is trying his best to keep Lydia standing as he leads them through the tunnels, but its obvious that she's getting weaker by the moment, and Stiles isn't strong enough to keep her up by himself]

STILES: Okay, you gotta try to stay on your feet.

[Lydia groans in pain as they continue to walk, and Stiles keeps talking to distract her from the voices]

STILES: The plan didn't work too well, so I'm gonna need your help, okay?
LYDIA: [weakly] You had a plan?
STILES: [chuckles] Yeah. It was good on paper. Not so much in reality.

[The voices in Lydia's head overwhelm her to the point that she whimpers loudly, but when she and Stiles turn a corner and burst through a door, Lydia can no longer handle everything she's hearing and falls to her knees, pressing her hands against her temples]

LYDIA: [weakly] I... can't do it!

[Stiles, horrified, turns back to Lydia to try to help her up]

STILES: Lydia...

[The walls around her start to shake, and Lydia can't help but scream at Stiles]

LYDIA: Stiles, run!

[Just then, Parrish/the Hellhound appears behind Stiles, grabbing him by the shoulder and forcefully throwing him back into the adjacent hallway, where Scott and Liam catch him before he can hit the wall. Lydia lets go of her head and opens her mouth to scream, just as Parrish bursts into flames and wraps his arms around her as she screams as loud as she can. Parrish's Hellhound flames dampen the sound of her voice, protecting the others from dying from the sound of her banshee wail, but the force of both the scream and the fire combined creates a concussive blast that rattles the walls and causes many of the bricks to be crushed into dust, which falls onto the boys in the hallway]

[Scott, Stiles, and Liam cough loudly from all the dust they inhaled before turning toward the adjacent hallway, where Parrish, now fully back to himself, is carrying a barely-conscious Lydia toward them. All of them look shocked by the fact that they survived]

PARRISH: Where to?
SCOTT: This way.

[Scott turns and leads them down the hall toward the sewer grate, and Stiles, Liam, Parrish, and Lydia follow after them]

[OUTSIDE THE BUILDING, Mason is still looking at the blueprints of the electrical system in Eichen House as he tries to figure out what to do. Finally, he shouts instructions up at Hayden]

MASON: Hayden, just pull them all. Just pull them all!

[Back in the UNDERGROUND SEWERS, Liam is leading the group out to the exit]

LIAM: There's a gate up ahead.
SCOTT: [anxiously] What about Mason?
LIAM: He's on it! Trust me.

[OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING, Hayden has pulled all the levers as she was instructed, and Mason looks relieved when all of the corrugated metal window covers are retracted as the lockdown is shut down]

[In the UNDERGROUND SEWERS, the group is still rushing through the various corridors, and it's clear by the fact that Lydia is gritting her teeth that she's resisting the urge to scream again]

LYDIA: [tensely] What's... happening...?
PARRISH: [exhales] Plan B.

[Liam, who is visibly desperate to get them all out of there, is running as fast as he can ahead of the group while the rest struggle to keep up]

SCOTT: Liam, slow down!
STILES: Liam, wait!

[Liam beats them to the exit, which is an electrified chain-link fence and gate. The rest skid to a halt behind him and watch nervously as Liam grabs the fence with his hands. Though it sparks with electricity upon contact, the power outage Hayden caused takes effect right afterward, allowing Liam to easily use his werewolf strength to break the gate open before turning to the others and smirking in satisfaction]

LIAM: I told you!

[Liam rushes through the open doors, and Scott and Stiles share a seriously impressed look before the two of them head out the door as well, with Parrish and Lydia following after them]

[Meanwhile, in the morgue, Josh was in the middle of testing the electrical strength of the door when he, Malia, Kira, and Josh all hear the transformers turn off]

COREY: He did it!

[The door unlocks, allowing Josh to open it, and he turns back to look at the others. Malia grabs Kira by the hand and pulls her toward the door]

MALIA: We gotta get to Stiles' Jeep!

[Outside the FRONT ENTRANCE of Eichen House, Malia and Kira drive the Jeep to the front steps just as Liam, Scott, Stiles, Parrish, and Lydia have crawled out of the UNDERGROUND SEWERS. Parrish looks at Lydia with concern]

PARRISH: Can you stand?

[Parrish gently sets her on her feet, though he continues to help her stay standing as Kira and Malia get out of the Jeep and look at her with concern]

MALIA: Is she okay?

[Scott looks panicked by the sight of her and the knowledge of what she's capable of doing in this state]

SCOTT: No. We need to go. Give me the keys. We gotta get her to the clinic.

[Just then, Parrish groans in pain and falls forward against the hood of the Jeep, revealing his back has several fresh, deep claw gashes along the length of his back. The others look up to find that once again, Lydia is being held in a choke-hold by one of their enemies-- this time, it's Tracy, who is partially transformed into her Kanima form and who is sneering at the McCall Pack smugly]

TRACY: Sorry, she's coming with me.

[Scott looks horrified and immediately tries to reason with her]

SCOTT: Okay, Tracy, just wait. You don't know what's about to happen--

[Tracy cuts him off and starts to slowly walk backward with her clawed hand still wrapped around Lydia's throat]

TRACY: I'm taking her. That's what's happening. And none of you are going to do a thing--

[Before she can finish her sentence, her body starts to seize and spasm before she collapses onto the ground, revealing that Natalie Martin has sneaked behind her and electrocuted her with the cattle-prod taser she stole from the guard Tracy killed earlier. Lydia falls forward into Stiles' arms as Natalie looks at them with an overwhelmed expression]

NATALIE: Could somebody please get my daughter out of this hellhole?

[The scene cuts to the Jeep, where the others have all piled inside and are driving to the animal clinic]


[Scott is driving the Jeep while Stiles and Lydia sit in the backseat, but Scott is having difficulty shifting gears, and Stiles looks slightly concerned about the condition of his Jeep]

STILES: Scott...
SCOTT: Yeah, I'm trying. I'm trying.

[Stiles decides to ignore the car troubles in favor of making sure Lydia keeps a lid on her scream as long as possible, but its obvious by the fact that Lydia's eyes and mouth are clamped shut as tightly as she can muster that she's barely hanging on]

STILES: We're almost there, Lydia. Just hold on, okay?

[Lydia tries, but is unable to hold onto it, and screams to relieve the pressure. It's not as powerful as her earlier screams, but it's still packs a punch, and Stiles and Scott try their best to protect their ears from it. The driver's side mirror cracks into dozens of pieces, which scares Scott pretty severely. Stiles immediately tries to calm Lydia down as she goes back to suppressing the screams in her head as much as possible]

STILES: Lydia. Lydia, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Look, you're gonna get through this, okay?

[Stiles turns Lydia's head so she's forced to look at him]

STILES: Lydia, look at me. You're going to make it.

[Lydia sees something that makes the remaining color drain from her face before she quietly replies between rapid, shallow breaths]

LYDIA: But you're not...

[Stiles follows Lydia's gaze to his left ear, which is starting to bleed down his neck, indicating that she shattered his eardrum with her scream. Regardless, Stiles doesn't let this faze him, though Scott is scared enough that he finally is able to correctly shift the Jeep's gears before he pushes the gas pedal down to the floor to drive faster]

[Finally, they arrive at the ANIMAL CLINIC, where Deaton rushes toward his Druid materials as they enter the exam room]

DEATON: [urgently] Get her on the table!

[Scott and Stiles do just that while Deaton opens up a silver metal container and starts mixing something up inside of it. Lydia starts to writhe in pain on the table, and both boys look at a loss for what to do]

DEATON: Hold her!

[Scott and Stiles try to hold Lydia down onto the table as firmly but gently as possible as Lydia lets out another mini-scream that rattles the walls of the clinic]

STILES: [panicked] Doc, I think you gotta do something...

[Deaton is in the middle of drawing the contents of the container up into a steel syringe gun while the boys watch over Lydia]

DEATON: I will! But right now, I need you to keep her still.

[Deaton finally finishes what he's doing and walks over to Lydia, using his left hand to stabilize Lydia's neck while he holds the syringe gun (which has had its needle removed) in his other hand. Stiles and Scott continue to press Lydia to the table with their hands as well]

DEATON: Steady. Steady.

[Stiles sees the syringe and immediately balks at the sight of it]

STILES: What the hell is that?
DEATON: [calmly] Mistletoe.

[Stiles' mouth gapes open, and he looks at Deaton as though he thinks he's crazy]

STILES: Mistletoe? She's got a fricking hole in her head!

[Lydia groans in pain and tries to sit up, but Scott pushes her back down and orders Stiles to do the same]

SCOTT: Stiles, help.

[Deaton takes the syringe gun and prepares to fill the hole in Lydia's head with the mistletoe paste while the boys hold her down]

DEATON: Steady...

[Just as soon as Deaton fills her wound with the mistletoe past, she bolts into a seated position and screams her most powerful scream yet, which shatters all the windows in the clinic. The force of the glass shattering throws Scott and Deaton backward toward the far wall, while Stiles ducks over Lydia's body to protect her, using his open flannel shirt to keep the glass from hitting her skin. The force of the scream takes all the remaining energy out of Lydia, and when the dust settles, she's fallen back onto the exam table, where she lays silently with her eyes closed. Stiles pulls away from her and instantly starts to try to rouse her as he brushes the small fragments of broken glass off of her face]

STILES: Lydia? Lydia?

[He waits for a moment, but Lydia doesn't move or respond in any way, and Stiles starts to panic. Scott joins Stiles next to the table and watches as his best friend cradles Lydia's head in her hands and continues to frantically try to wake her up]

STILES: Lydia. Lydia, come on.

[Lydia's body is like a rag doll in Stiles' arms, and Stiles only becomes more desperate]

STILES: No, no, no, no. Come on, Lydia. Wake up. Come on, wake up! Can you hear me? Lydia. Lydia, open your eyes! Come on, come on!

[Deaton's face looks grim, and its obvious that he thinks Lydia is dead, but Stiles continues to desperately brush the hair off of her face in hopes of waking her]

STILES: [panicked] Come on! Listen to me, Lydia. Hey, show me your eyes, okay?

[Scott's face is absolutely devastated, his eyes filling with tears at the thought that Lydia is dead, and Stiles' eyes become wet with tears as well as he clutches Lydia's face in his hands and desperately pleads with her]

STILES: Lydia, you have to open your eyes.

[Stiles looks around at Scott and Deaton, not wanting to accept that Lydia is gone, and Deaton exhales and closes his eyes, clearly upset at this turn of events as well. However, suddenly, Lydia gasps for breath, and after a moment, she opens her eyes, causing the three men to sigh in relief that she survived everything she's been through]

STILES: Oh my-- Are you okay?

[Lydia smiles weakly and nods her head, and Stiles looks at Scott and Deaton with a hopeful expression before turning back to Lydia]

STILES: You're okay. Want to try to sit up?

[Lydia nods again as Stiles helps her sit up, just as Natalie arrives to the clinic. The sight of her seems to relieve Lydia as well as her mother]


[Natalie rushes forward to hug her daughter tightly]

NATALIE: Oh, honey...

[Lydia smiles in relief as her mother wraps her arms around her]

LYDIA: They saved my life, Mom.

[Lydia turns her head to the right so she can give Stiles a grateful smile]

LYDIA: Stiles saved me.

[Scott and Deaton give Stiles a proud look, which Stiles shrugs off before making a characteristically snarky comment to Deaton with a smile]

STILES: I'm not paying for the windows.


[Theo and Hayden have returned to the operating theater, where Theo is scowling at the now-empty syringe that had Tracy's Kanima venom]

THEO: I said it was for emergencies only.

[Hayden just shrugs at this comment]

HAYDEN: I had an emergency.

[Theo rolls his eyes, and Deucalion, who has recovered from his paralysis, decides to chime in]

DEUCALION: Don't worry, Theo. A little dissension in the ranks is perfectly healthy!

[This comment does not do anything to improve Theo's mood, so Deucalion changes the subject]

DEUCALION: Did you find what you were looking for?
THEO: [sighs] No.

[Theo picks up the Dread Doctors mask, which he apparently stole after Stiles and Lydia left Valack's workshop]

THEO: But I think I might have found something better.

[He sets the mask on the table next to the empty syringe]

THEO: A way to answer the question...

[Theo looks over at Deucalion, who finishes his sentence for him]

DEUCALION: Who is the Beast?

[The lights flicker overhead, and Theo looks back at the mask. The camera pans from where the mask is laying on the table over to the uncovered fresco, where the Beast and the Hellhound battle over a large pile of bodies. At the sight of it, Theo smirks in satisfaction]


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