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[French soldiers are running around frantically as fires burn in various homes in the countryside. Later, night has fallen, and two men, Sebastien and Marcel, are injured and struggling to make their way through the woods in the middle of torrential rainfall. After a moment, Sebastien slips and falls, and his face lands right in the middle of a paw-print shaped puddle]


[Marcel doubles back and helps Sebastien to his feet. Some time later, the weather has dried out, and the full moon rises in the sky while Sebastien sits under a tree and writes a letter. He narrates in voiceover while he writes]

SEBASTIEN: [in voiceover] Dear Marie-Jeanne... I wish I had better news to report. But, even with the support of our Indian allies, we are losing this war to the British. We have heard news that Montreal has fallen. Marcel and I have both suffered injuries. All that keeps us alive is the hope of seeing our home again, and of seeing you, my sister.

[There is another brief time jump, and the scene cuts to the woods, where it is pouring down rain as Marcel and Sebastien limp toward a house in a clearing. They waste no time rushing inside due to the sounds of British soldiers and their hounds following after them. Once inside, Sebastien starts to blow out the candles in the windows when a woman, Colette, comes out with a terrified expression on her face]

COLETTE: You can't be here.
MARCEL: Stay back!

[Colette's voice becomes more urgent]

COLETTE: You don't understand. You've come to the wrong place to hide.
MARCEL; Quiet!
COLETTE: There is something out there! Something other than the British soldiers.

[This response seems to pique Sebastien's attention, and he walks toward her with a lit candlestick in his hands]

SEBASTIEN: What do you mean, "other?"
COLETTE: [fearfully] A creature of the night.

[Marcel looks anxious as he turns to Sebastien]

MARCEL: Don't listen to her.
COLETTE: A shapeshifter. A demon.
SEBASTIEN; [urgently] What kind?
MARCEL: [anxiously] Sebastien...

[Sebastien ignores him and continues staring at Colette]

SEBASTIEN: What kind of demon?
COLETTE: A Demon Wolf...

[The scene cuts to outside, where the British soldiers and hunting dogs have surrounded the house as the thunderstorm rages overhead. Once they're in position with their muskets aimed at the house, a vicious roaring sound can be heard as the Beast appears and begins taking out all of the soldiers. The last survivor rushes to the front door of the house and begins to frantically pound on the door in a last-ditch attempt to get to safety]

BRITISH SOLDIER: Open the door! For God's sake, open the door! Please! Open! Help!

[However, the door remains closed, and the Beast yanks the man by the feet and drags him away, causing the man to scream in horror until he's finally killed. Sebastien's leather sack is found on the ground nearby, where his letter to his sister has been left behind]

[The scene cuts to GEVAUDAN, FRANCE, where Gerard Argent narrates the story in voiceover as a woman in a light blue dress and a dark navy blue cloak with her hood up walks runs through the snow-covered forest]

GERARD: [voiceover] That letter would eventually find its way into the hands of a young woman. A skilled hunter who would later face the Beast armed with nothing but a steel-tipped pike.

[Marie-Jeanne aims her bow and arrow at her target and allows the arrow to fly before following her shot through the woods]

GERARD: [voiceover] She would be known by history as the Maid of Gévaudan... But her real name was Marie-Jeanne.

[Marie-Jeanne makes her way through the woods to a cliff overlooking the village of Gévaudan, and when she finally lowers her hood, it is clear that the young woman looks exactly like Allison Argent]



[Lydia and the still-injured Parrish are in the basement armory of the Argent Apartment, where Gerard and Argent are telling them what they know about the Beast, picking up right where the events of the previous episode left off. Parrish looks discouraged and overwhelmed after everything that he has just learned about his nature as the Hellhound]

PARRISH: [exhaustedly] Maybe someone should resurrect her.

[He turns to walk out the door, but Lydia rushes after him to stop him]

LYDIA: Don't go!
PARRISH: My dreams aren't like yours, Lydia. I'm not just a harbinger of death-- I'm the cause of it.

[Parrish turns to leave, and Lydia calls after him and follows him]

LYDIA: Jordan...

[Before Lydia can leave, Argent and Gerard stop her]

GERARD: Let him go.

[Lydia turns and looks at Gerard with exasperation, clearly not a fan of him even after all this time]

ARGENT: [sighs] Because as much as we believe Parrish could take on the Beast... Neither of us think he's our only hope at stopping it.
LYDIA: [confused] What do you mean?
ARGENT: We think there's another.
GERARD: [smirks] You.


[Stiles and Hayden, who are holding the gravely injured Liam following his fight with the Beast, have just burst through the front doors to the school amid the chaotic flood of students fleeing for their lives.The two pause for a brief moment when they hear the Beast roaring behind them until Stiles looks at Liam and Hayden in alarm]

STILES: Come on! Come on!

[Hayden and Stiles rush Liam into the nearby biology laboratory]

STILES: The desk! The desk!

[He leaves Liam in Hayden's arms as he uses his arm to swipe everything off Mrs. Finch's desk so Hayden can lay Liam flat on his back on the top of it]

STILES: Okay, okay.
HAYDEN: Liam...
LIAM: [groans] I'm okay! I'm fine.

[Stiles and Hayden begin pulling away Liam's jersey, which has been ripped to bloody shreds by the Beast's claws, and gasp in horror when they realize just how serious the wounds to his torso are. Hayden puts her hand over her mouth to muffle her alarm, and Stiles looks as though he's about to either faint or throw up. Liam sees the concern on their faces and tries to sit up to see for himself, only to fall backward weakly]

LIAM: What? Is it bad?

[Stiles and Hayden answer simultaneously, though their responses are exact opposites]

STILES: [at the same time] Very!

[Hayden gives Stiles an exasperated look before returning to pulling Liam's jersey out of the way so they can treat his wounds as Liam coughs hoarsely]

HAYDEN: Okay. Okay. What do you guys usually do when this happens?
STILES: [woozily] Oh, I usually pass out... And I think I still might do that...

[Stiles looks at the bloody torn flesh of Liam's abdomen and loses his balance, but Hayden's stern response snaps him back to attention]

HAYDEN: Stiles!
STILES: [sighs] Okay, okay. Okay. Scott did this with pain. He could trigger it. Uh... pain makes you human.
HAYDEN: [exasperatedly] He's already in pain!
STILES: Right! Okay, but maybe adding a little more could help take away the pain?

[Stiles doesn't even seem to believe his own advice, and Liam is so overcome with pain that he doubles over and groans loudly as Stiles' words seem to trigger a memory in Hayden]

HAYDEN: Take away his pain...

[Hayden quickly leans forward and kisses Liam, and he seems calmed as the blood vessels in Hayden's face darken and travel away from her lips as she uses her werewolf ability to take pain to ease Liam's. Stiles looks shocked and impressed as they eventually pull away, and Liam, now seemingly much more comfortable, lays back down on the desktop]

STILES: Okay. Next time, I'll kiss him.

[Hayden gives him a look, but it's clear she is amused as she continues to help Liam with his wounds]


[Lydia, Argent, and Gerard are still in the basement armory, where the men are explaining to her what they know about the Beast]

GERARD: Marie-Jeanne was a lot like you, Lydia. Skeptical of her own abilities. And once, actually, just as skeptical of the supernatural...


[A French tavern is full of talking and drinking patrons as one of the employees, Bernard, takes a large poster that reads, "Recerché: La Bête," and prepares to pin it to the nearby wall. However, while he's searching for the pin, a crossbow bolt flies across the room and pins the poster to the wall, and Bernard looks alarmed for a moment before looking back at the source of the bolt-- Marie-Jeanne, who is sitting at the bar with her crossbow and giving him an amused look. Bernard smiles and bows to her]

BERNARD: Merci, Marie-Jeanne.

[Bernard returns to behind the bar, where he refills Marie-Jeanne's drink while she re-reads the letter she received from Sebastien. When Bernard sees her despondent expression, he gives her a reassuring look]

BERNARD: Don't give up hope.

[Marie-Jeanne smiles weakly at him and nods as he walks over to the nearby table to refill the patrons' drinks, where Monsieur Tolbert and an unnamed man are arguing about the Beast]

MAN: Her name was Agnes. She was eleven years old. Eleven. Torn limb-from-limb. There wasn't enough of her for a proper burial.

[Tolbert rolls his eyes, and Marie-Jeanne, who is peeling an apple with a knife at the bar, curiously listens to them argue]

TOLBERT: [nods] I am well aware. I'm also aware that every new report conflicts with the last! Some say it is part-hyena, part-wolf. It has red fur, black fur, cloven hooves, a stripe down its back!
BERNARD: We know it kills at night. It targets the head and neck. This we know for sure.
MAN: It won't stop. Where the wolf finds a lamb, there he seeks another.
BERNARD: But, it never eats its victims. It kills for sport.
TOLBERT: [scoffs] No animal kills for sport!
MAN: This is no animal.
TOLBERT: Tell that to the King. I have word he may send a contingent of his own professional hunters. Until then, we can use volunteers for a hunting party. Especially someone to lead it.

[Just then, an exhausted-looking Sebastien and Marcel appear in the doorway of the tavern, having overheard the end of their conversation]

SEBASTIEN: Why ask for a volunteer? We all know who the best hunter is in Gévaudan-- Marie-Jeanne Valet. My sister.

[Marie-Jeanne, who has heard Sebastien's voice from the bar, smiles as she stands to her feet and turns to face him with tears of joy in her eyes. She wastes no time rushing over to hug him]

MARIE-JEANNE: Sebastien!

[After a long moment, she lets go of him and turns to Marcel]

MARIE-JEANNE: Marcel! You are home!

[She laughs as she pulls Marcel into a hug as well, and Bernard approaches them as they break away, holding out his hand to shake Marcel's]

BERNARD: Good to have you back, Marcel.

[Bernard hands Marcel a set of keys]

BERNARD: Don't worry, my friend. You still have a job.

[Monsieur Tolbert stands and walks over to the welcome party, looking keenly at Marie-Jeanne]

TOLBERT: I'm not going to argue with your brother, Marie-Jeanne. What do you say?

[Suddenly, everyone in the tavern begins to chant her name in encouragement]

TAVERN PATRONS: Marie-Jeanne! Marie-Jeanne! Marie-Jeanne!

[The crowd laughs, and after a moment, Sebastien looks over at Marie-Jeanne with a smile]

SEBASTIEN: Well? Will you heed their call?
MARIE-JEANNE: I hunt animals, not rumors!

[The tavern bursts into laughter once again, which is only stopped by Henri, another French man who has come in with the dead body of a young boy in his arms and a devastated expression on his face. The tavern goes quiet, and gasps of shock are heard as they gather around him, clearing off a table so they can lay the boy down-- all except for Marie-Jeanne, whose face has gone pale as she stares at the scene in horror. Bernard is the most affected by this as he slowly walks toward the table]

BERNARD: Emile? Emile??

[Bernard kneels on the floor and wraps his arms around the body of his bloodied son, and Marie-Jeanne looks as though she's about to cry as well as the man breaks down in sobs]

BERNARD: Mon dieu! My son. Emile!
HENRI: I found him in the woods. He whispered his last words to me.
TOLBERT: [concerned] What were they?

[Henri takes a deep breath before he replies]

HENRI: "La Bête." The Beast.

[The patrons are all stunned by this revelation, and after a moment, Marie-Jeanne gets a determined yet mournful expression on her face]

MARIE-JEANNE: Monsieur Tolbert? I do not know what creature did this... But the hunting party leaves at dawn.


[Scott, who has apparently been battling the Beast since the end of the previous episode, has just been tossed forcefully down the staircase into the entrance hall, where he lands on the ground hard and rolls across the floor until he hits the wall and stops moving. He groans in pain as he shakes it off, quickly getting into a defensive crouch as his red Alpha eyes and werewolf fangs come out. He roars aggressively at the Beast, who roars back before turning and rushing up the staircase, causing Scott to growl as he leaps up the staircase to follow him]


[Lydia, Argent, and Gerard all continue their conversation in the basement armory. Lydia looks horrified by what she's learned so far as she speaks up in a quiet voice]

LYDIA: Why didn't he warn her?
GERARD: He told her about everything that they'd seen during the war.

[Gerard inhales deeply before he continues]

GERARD: But, like I said... Marie-Jeanne was a skeptic.


[The sun is about to rise as the hunting party (which includes the leader, Marie-Jeanne, along with Sebastien, Marcel, and Henri) prepares their weapons. When Marie-Jeanne, who is in the middle of sharpening her arrows and loading them into her quiver, sees the concerned look on Sebastien's face, she smiles patronizingly at him]

MARIE-JEANNE: You believe it? I never knew you were so superstitious.

[Sebastien walks toward her and looks at her with a serious expression]

SEBASTIEN: I don't need to believe in something I saw with my own eyes.

[Marie-Jeanne gives him a skeptical look]

MARIE-JEANNE: And I've been through every inch of these woods, and hunted just about every creature under the sun.

[Henri, who has been quiet all this time, finally interjects in their conversation]

HENRI: But not the moon.

[Marie-Jeanne narrows her eyes as she looks back and forth between Henri and Sebastien]

MARIE-JEANNE: Are you trying to frighten me?
SEBASTIEN: I'm trying to warn you.

[When Marie-Jeanne looks at him expectantly, he picks up one of her arrows from the table and holds it up, running his thumb over the metallic arrowhead]

SEBASTIEN: You're going to need more than ordinary steel to stop the Beast.

[As the sun rises, the hunting party begins to file out of the tavern and into the snowy woods to hunt for the Beast. Marie-Jeanne is one of the last to leave, and she hangs back so she can finish tying her cloak strings around her neck and adjusting the quiver strapped across her back. She hears a clicking sound and turns her head to find Marcel using the keys Bernard gave him to lock the padlock on the door to the storm cellar. He looks nervous when he realizes Marie-Jeanne is staring at him, but covers it up with a smile, which Marie-Jeanne returns before she sets off, though it's clear that something about it has unsettled her. Gerard narrates the story in voiceover as the hunt begins]

GERARD: [voiceover] They searched from dawn 'til dusk, hoping to find the Beast where it slept. But, they knew they'd most likely only encounter it at nightfall. It was just after midnight when the first torch went out...

[The scene cuts to just after dark has fallen over Gévaudan, where, one by one, the hunting party is suddenly knocked off their feet and dragged away by the Beast, who then viciously tears them apart. Marie-Jeanne looks terrified as she turns toward the source of the noise the Beast is making, shooting off crossbow bolt after crossbow bolt in each new direction she faces, and when she sees the bloodied body of one of her companions laying in the snow, she becomes even more scared]

[Breathing quickly, she finally gets a glance at the Beast and shoots another bolt at him, which barely grazes his shoulder before he turns and runs away. When she goes to chase after it, the Beast swerves and ends up right behind her, allowing him to swipe her in the leg with his claws. The shock of pain from the gash causes her to drop her crossbow onto the ground, but she quickly pulls a knife from her waist to make up for it as she tries to staunch the blood flow. As she backs away, the Beast slowly begins to stalk toward her, growling under his breath as he does so. Just as she seems to fear the end of her life is near, Henri comes out of the woods and lunges toward her]

HENRI: Get down!

[He leaps, wrapping his right around her shoulder while he throws flings a bag full of black powder in a circle around them. The Beast leaps forward to tackle them and is stopped by a bluish-purple mystical barrier as Henri and Marie-Jeanne fall to the ground inside the ring of mountain ash. Realizing that he's not getting through, the Beast becomes frustrated and runs in the opposite direction, leaving a horrified Marie-Jeanne with Henri to process what has just happened. Marie-Jeanne looks at her rescuer with disbelieving eyes]

MARIE-JEANNE: That was no wolf!

[Henri rolls his eyes with an exasperated expression]

HENRI: Of course not, you fool! It was a werewolf.



[Malia, having just made it inside the school, becomes concerned by the flood of terrified students running around]

MALIA: Where's Stiles?

[Malia heads up the staircase and eventually grabs a nearby teenage boy and pins him to the wall]

MALIA: [panicked] Look at me! Do you know where Stiles is?

[The boy holds up his hands in a non-threatening gesture and looks terrified]

TEENAGE BOY: I don't know!

[Malia, dazed, lets go of him and turns to head back down the stairs, pulling out her phone and dialing a number]

MALIA: [on the phone] Braeden? It's me. I'm at the school, and we need you. Bring your shotgun. Bring all your shotguns.

[She leaves to find her friends as another flood of students pours in through the front entrance. A blonde teenage girl, who has blood splattered on her face, has been trampled by the stampede and is trying her best not to get more hurt when suddenly, Scott appears-- covered in blood from a nasty wound on his left temple and right shoulder-- pulls her up to her feet, and shoves her into the nearby classroom]

[She lands on the floor in a heap and looks terrified as Scott pulls the door shut and keeps it closed by pressing his back against it, pushing against the door frame with his arms to brace himself. They stare at each other in fear for a moment until the Beast shoulder-checks the door from the outside, causing Scott to use all of his strength to keep the door closed as he looks at the girl with panicked eyes]

SCOTT: Go! Go out the window!

[The girl wastes no time scrambling to her feet and heading toward the window just as the Beast pounds the door so hard that the small window in it shatters, causing glass to pour all over Scott. The girl looks back at Scott, clearly feeling guilty about leaving him behind, but Scott yells at her once again]


[The Beast continues to bang on the door as the girl reluctantly throws herself out the window. Just then, the Beast's fist punches through the door, grabs Scott by the throat, and pulls him out forcefully with a roar]


[Lydia is still with Argent and Gerard in the armory of Argent's apartment when she suddenly hears a loud banging noise along with the sound of the Beast roaring, which hits her with such force that she gets woozy and nearly collapses. Argent manages to catch her before she falls and looks at her with concern]

ARGENT: Lydia?
LYDIA: [dazed] Something's happening.
LYDIA: I don't know... But something's wrong. I can't stay here.

[Lydia is about to leave when Gerard, looking uneasy, calls after her]

GERARD: You should hear the rest of the story.
LYDIA: [scoffs] Why should I be listening to you?

[Argent gives her a stern look]

ARGENT: He knows it better than any of us.

[Lydia rolls her eyes and sighs]

LYDIA: Everything I've read says that the Beast was killed by Jean Chastel.

[Gerard scoffs, clearly appalled by Lydia's attitude]

GERARD: Who told you that? The internet? If that's your most reliable source of information, then you might as well go.

[Lydia seems to know that he's manipulating her, but she eventually stops and turns back, sighing in annoyance]

LYDIA: What happened next?


[Gerard continues the story in voiceover as the scene cuts to Henri's cottage in Gévaudan, France, where Marie-Jeanne is holding a cloth to her wounds and looking around at the bowls and jars of materials on his table]

GERARD: [voiceover] Henri brought Marie-Jeanne to his home... A place protected by a circle of mountain ash trees.

[The fire crackles in the background as Marie-Jeanne curiously lifts up a jar of familiar-looking black powder]

MARIE-JEANNE: What is this?

[Henri rolls his eyes impatiently]

HENRI: Mountain ash.

[Marie-Jeanne notices a bowl of red berries on the table and picks it up]

HENRI: [sighs] Mistletoe. Please, put that down.

[Marie-Jeanne looks mildly embarrassed and put out, but sets the bowl back onto the table as he asked. Henri grabs some cloth and water to clean up the wound on Marie-Jeanne's leg from the Beast]

MARIE-JEANNE: [curiously] Why do you have all of this?
HENRI: To protect myself. I have spent...

[Henri takes a deep breath before continuing]

HENRI: ...Half a lifetime gathering the implements and skills to survive a werewolf.

[Henri hesitates for a moment before looking her in the eyes]

HENRI: I can teach you... If you want to know.

[Once Marie-Jeanne's wounds have been bound, she stands to her feet and gives Henri a determined look]

MARIE-JEANNE: I do not care about surviving one. I want to know how to kill one.



[Scott has just managed to briefly evade the Beast and has run into the library, where he pants as he attempts to catch his breath. However, as he looks around the large room, his face and clothes still covered in his own blood from the countless injuries he's sustained this night, he becomes horrified when he realizes that there are dozens of students hiding in the aisles, including Sydney, who looks incredibly frightened. When they hear the sounds of the Beast roaring in the distance, many of the students whimper in terror as Scott gives them serious looks]

SCOTT: Go upstairs!

[The students instantly do as Scott has instructed and move up to the top level, where they position themselves in between the shelves where their presence is obscured while still allowing them to see what is happening. Scott turns and faces the door as he hears the thundering footsteps of the Beast as he runs toward them. When the Beast finally breaks through the doors and roars at Scott, Scott's eyes glow bright red as he lets his werewolf fangs out and roars right back. The two then lunge at each other while the students, who have just seen Scott partially transform in front of them, watch in fear and confusion]


[Gerard continues the story in voiceover as the scene cuts to the French Tavern in Gévaudan, where Marie-Jeanne has just brought several large bottles of berry wine to the tables]

GERARD: [voiceover] Marie-Jeanne knew she couldn't just take out another hunting party armed with mistletoe and rowan berries. She needed an advantage. She needed to know her enemy.

[Marie-Jeanne looks around at the tavern's patrons as she sets more berry wine on the table]

MARIE-JEANNE: To honor the dead. I expect everyone to drink.

[The patrons nod in agreement and shrug in reluctance as the bottles are passed around and the wine poured into glasses. Once everyone has a glass, Sebastien holds his own up in the air]

SEBASTIEN: To the dead.
PATRONS: To the dead!

[Everyone drinks their wine, not noticing that Marie-Jeanne stares around the room for anything unusual as she lifts her glass to her lips. After Marcel takes a sip, he notices the rowan berries at the bottom of his glass, which causes his eyes to widen in horror. Sebastien has just taken a large gulp of his own wine when everyone is soon startled by the sound of glass breaking and turn to find Marcel has smashed his glass in his hands, and Sebastien looks at him with concern]

SEBASTIEN: Marcel...

[Before anyone else can react, Marie-Jeanne rushes over him and takes his injured hand in her own]

MARIE-JEANNE: I have got him. Come, Marcel. Out to the well.

[Marie-Jeanne leads Marcel out to the well, where she pulls up the bucket and uses a large wooden ladle to pour icy water over the cuts on his hand from the broken glass]

MARIE-JEANNE: Do you have any cloth? Something to wrap your hand?
MARCEL: [nods] Yes. In the cellar.

[He uses his free hand to pluck a key from the waistband of his trousers and nervously holds it up before nodding toward the cellar behind her, which she saw him locking up before the early-morning hunting party]

MARCEL: You'll find what you're looking for in the cellar.

[Marie-Jeanne, uneasy by Marcel's demeanor, takes the key and walks down the stairs into the cellar with a lantern in her hand. However, when she makes it to the bottom of the stairs and moves closer to the light, she is horrified at what she finds and gasps so hard that she pushes herself backward into the wall. Meanwhile, outside the tavern, Marcel is still standing next to the well, where his still-injured hand continues to drip blood onto the snow-covered ground. He watches as the blood pools at his feet until the sight of a crossbow loaded with an arrow is suddenly pointed straight at his chest, causing him to look up to find a furious Marie-Jeanne staring at him]

MARCEL: [quietly] Go ahead. Release the arrow.

[Marie-Jeanne becomes even more horrified and points the crossbow bolt at his face as he pleads with her gently]

MARCEL: Do it, Marie-Jeanne. Please.

[Marie-Jeanne looks down at the blood puddling at his feet and realizes that he can't be the Beast, otherwise he would have healed by now, though this doesn't stop Marcel from continuing to beg her to shoot him]

MARCEL: Release it, Marie-Jeanne. Please.

[He closes his eyes in preparation for Marie-Jeanne to shoot him when she realizes what is really going on. Instead of shooting him, she lets the arrow fly over his head]

MARIE-JEANNE: You're not the killer! You're covering for him.

[Inside the tavern, Sebastien has just waited until Marcel and Marie-Jeanne are out of the room when suddenly, the effects of the rowan berries in the wine start to take hold, and he begins to cough and gasp. He backs up into the wall and starts tugging at his collar as his eyes start to glow bright beta blue and his fangs start to emerge, though the rest of the patrons are too distracted by their own conversation to notice]

GERARD: [voiceover] Marie-Jeanne confronted her brother the moment she walked back into the tavern.
MARIE-JEANNE: You have killed children.
SEBASTIEN: [sighs] I kill whatever dares to cross my path.
SEBASTIEN: [shrugs] It's what I am. What I've become. You've heard the old story of what happens when you drink rainwater from a wolf's print.

[The scene cuts to a flashback to North America, right when Marcel helps Sebastien up to his feet in the woods, after he had fallen face-first into a large animal print. Rainwater runs down his chin as he coughs up the water he accidentally drank]

SEBASTIEN: [voiceover] You become the Demon-Wolf.

[Still in flashback, the scene cuts to Colette's home after Marcel and Sebastien had entered to seek shelter from the thunderstorm raging outside. He holds up the candelabra in his hands and blows it out in her face, plunging the room into complete darkness, with the exception of Sebastien's now glowing blue eyes]

[Back in the present day, Marie-Jeanne looks absolutely appalled and disgusted by what she's just learned from her brother, and she looks around the tavern with a worried expression, though Sebastien is calm as ever]

SEBASTIEN: Go. Go ahead. Tell them its me. Then watch me tear them apart in a matter of moments-- every last soul in this place.

[Marie-Jeanne shakes her head in disbelief that her own flesh and blood could be so cruel and heartless]

MARIE-JEANNE: [whispers] You're a monster.

[Sebastien clicks his tongue in amusement and shakes his head]

SEBASTIEN: Beast, Marie-Jeanne-- The Beast.

[Sebastien stands to his feet and walks over to Marie-Jeanne before kissing her on the side of the head just to antagonize her even more, and she freezes in fury and terror, torn between her desire for vengeance and her desire to keep the rest of the patrons safe]

SEBASTIEN: You won't catch me... And you won't kill me.

[Sebastien lowers his voice to a whisper]

SEBASTIEN: We're family, Marie-Jeanne. We're family.

[Gerard continues the story in voiceover as Sebastien walks out of the tavern, leaving his now-determined sister behind to plan her next move]

GERARD: [voiceover] The skeptic became a full believer that night. So, Marie-Jeanne went back to Henri to figure out how to kill both a Beast and a brother.


[Marie-Jeanne and Henri are pacing around inside his cottage while they brainstorm a way to kill the Beast. Marie-Jeanne has her crossbow sitting on the table, and she looks at it appraisingly]

HENRI: One bolt may not be enough. We need something that cuts deeper.
MARIE-JEANNE: A sword? An axe?

[Henri pauses for a moment, clearly deep in thought]

HENRI: Something that uses the weight of the Beast against itself.

[Henri picks up one of her arrows and examines the steel arrowhead for a moment before getting a dawning realization]

HENRI: I think I may have a possibility.

[The scene cuts to some time later, where night has fallen. The light of the full moon overhead can be seen through the window as Marie-Jeanne kneels by the roaring fire in the fireplace and picks up a folded piece of cloth. Inside the cloth is a newly-forged steel pike tip that has been wrought in the shape of a fleur-de-lis. Henry holds a wooden pike in his hands and braces it for Marie-Jeanne so she can attach the steel tip to the end of it, wrapping her hands around the petals of the fleur-de-lis that her palms begin to bleed over the sharp edges, causing her to smile in satisfaction as she and the pike are bathed in moonlight]



[Scott is still fighting the Beast, and the multitude of injuries he's sustained in his battle have finally begun to slow him down considerably. He is thrown across the room, where he slams against a bookshelf before landing hard on the floor, groaning in pain as makes contact with the linoleum. Sydney gasps in horror and covers her mouth with her hand as another male student turns away from the fight, unable to watch any more violence. Before Scott can even recover from the impact, the Beast grabs him by the legs and yanks him backward, throwing him across the room once again, where he flops onto his back as he lands on top of a table, smashing it into pieces with the force of his impact]


[Scott, whose claws and fangs are still out, groans loudly in agony as he tries to recover from this latest blow. After a moment, he musters up all the energy he has and flips himself onto his stomach so he can get on all fours, cracking his neck in preparation as he watches the Beast stomp toward him. The Beast repeats the action as Scott growls under his breath and gets into position before leaping into the air toward the Beast, his red eyes glowing crimson as he roars at the Beast, scaring the rest of the students who are hiding]

[The Beast's next attack against Scott isn't seen, but the sounds they make in conjunction with the looks on Sydney and her companions' faces make it clear that it was vicious, just before Scott is shown flying backward and landing on his back in the middle of the staircase]

SCOTT: AHHH! Owww...

[Scott groans and gently flips himself onto his side, but is struggling to find the strength to get up to his feet. He hears the Beast slowly stalking toward him, and turns his head so he can see him, frowning when he sees something in the shadows behind the Beast. It turns out to be Liam, who leaps into the air behind the Beast, causing Scott to scramble to get out of the way as Liam makes it to the Beast's head and uses both of his fists at once to punch him in the jaw]

[Scott ducks on the stairs as Liam lands next to the staircase, and the sound of a gun being cocked is heard just as Braeden appears and shoots round after round at the Beast from her shotgun. Malia rushes in behind her, her eyes blazing bright blue as she extends her fangs and roars at the Beast as well. After the Beast is hit with at least a dozen shotgun rounds, it elects to flee rather than continue fighting and leaps through the wall of windows in the back of the library before it takes off. Malia and Liam waste no time rushing over to the extremely-injured Scott and gently helping him to his feet as Braeden approaches them with an incredulous and exasperated look on her face]

BRAEDEN: You didn't seriously think you were gonna have a chance against that thing, did you?

[Scott blushes in embarrassment for a moment before shaking his head weakly]


[Scott's face suddenly becomes more determined than ever]

SCOTT: But, I got its scent.

[The four friends look out the now-broken window of the library, where the nearly-full moon can be seen behind some passing dark clouds]


[In FLASHBACK, Marie-Jeanne is frantically running through the SNOWY WOODED AREA OF FRANCE in just her white blouse and blue day-dress, her right arm bleeding through her sleeve from an injury she sustained in the fight. Gerard continues to narrate the scene in voiceover as Sebastien begins to close in on her]

GERARD: [voiceover] Marie-Jeanne hunted Sebastien for three years until she finally cornered him in 1767.

[Marie-Jeanne, still running for her life, turns back to see Sebastien, in human form, stalking her slowly several yards behind her, an arrow still lodged in his shoulder from what must have been their earlier confrontation. Marie-Jeanne suddenly trips and lands in the snow, and Sebastien starts to walk faster as he yanks the arrow out of his shoulder and casts it aside. Marie-Jeanne scrambles frantically until she finally makes it back on her feet and continues to run]

SEBASTIEN: Nowhere left to run, sister.

[Marie-Jeanne is starting to get winded, and Sebastien lifts his arms up at his sides as the dark shadows are summoned from the earth and envelope him until he becomes the Beast, with his blazing blue eyes and wickedly sharp fangs. The Beast gallops behind Marie-Jeanne, and she breaks into a sprint as he chases her before finally sliding onto a snow bank, grabbing the pike with the fleur-de-lis tip that she hid there earlier, and holds it up, screaming at the top of her lungs as the Beast lunges for her and impales himself on the pike]

[Marie-Jeanne resists bursting into tears as the Beast slowly transforms back into Sebastien, who seems unimpressed by his sister's actions, though the pain of the wound does bring him to his knees, so Marie-Jeanne can look at him at eye-level. He groans in pain for a moment before he starts to laugh mockingly at her]

SEBASTIEN: You think this minor injury will stop me? I'm the famous and feared Beast of Gévaudan! And, when I'm done killing, everyone will know. I will have done such horrors that all of history will remember my name.

[Marie-Jeanne, absolutely disgusted by her brother's disregard for human life, simply sneers at him]

MARIE-JEANNE: No one will remember.

[Sebastien gasps in horror and anger when he realizes what she's implying]

SEBASTIEN: Damnatio memoriae? You would have them take my name? Our name?

[Sebastien looks as though he may hurt her, but suddenly, he begins to cough and choke as blacken blood begins to pour from his mouth, both shocking and confusing him]

SEBASTIEN: What? What is this?

[Marie-Jeanne scowls at him, too upset by what he's done to take satisfaction in his downfall]

MARIE-JEANNE: No ordinary steel-- wolfsbane and mountain ash, forged with our blood under the light of a full moon.

[Marie-Jeanne leans forward to whisper in his ear, as Sebastien did to her in the tavern three years earlier]

MARIE-JEANNE: History might remember you, Sebastien... But only as a beast.

[She quickly kisses him on the forehead, once again referencing the last time they spoke, before Sebastien groans and begins to breath heavily before he dies. His body collapses and falls sideways onto the snow-covered ground, and Marie-Jeanne lets out a deep sigh of relief that this ordeal is finally over. After she composes herself, she walks around Sebastien's body, pulls the pike out of his chest, and tucks it under her arm before walking away, leaving her brother's bloody body in the woods]

[Meanwhile, in the PRESENT DAY at the ARGENT APARTMENT, Lydia's eyes widen in shock when she puts all of the pieces of information she's learned together]

LYDIA: Damnatio memoriae.
ARGENT: [nods] They erased every detail of him. Everything he signed, everything he owned...
GERARD: They burned it all.

[The scene cuts back to a FLASHBACK, where a grieving Marie-Jeanne joins the rest of the townsfolk (including Henri, Monsieur Tolbert, and many others) in the tavern, where each of them throws any document of Sebastien's existence into the fire. Last but not least is Marie-Jeanne, who gulps painfully before throwing the last letter she received from Sebastien into the fire, where it is consume by the flames]


[Back in the PRESENT DAY at the ARGENT APARTMENT, Argent, Gerard, and Lydia wrap up the day's story-telling]

GERARD: The name Sebastien Valet has been forgotten for over 150 years, but when it's remembered--

[Argent picks up where his father left off]

ARGENT: --When the Beast remembers, the teenager inside is forgotten.
GERARD: Gone. Forever.

[Lydia frowns in disagreement before she replies]

LYDIA: But Marie-Jeanne didn't do it alone. She was never alone. She had help from Henri, the Magistrate, the town... even Marcel.

[Lydia takes a step forward and stares Gerard intensely in the eyes]

LYDIA: We need Parrish.

[The scene cuts to the BEACON COUNTY SHERIFF'S STATION, where Parrish, still in his hoodie and covered in soot from transforming into the Hellhound in the previous episode, has just set his deputy-issue sidearm and his Deputy Sheriff badge on Sheriff Stilinski's desk, looking sad but determined before he sighs and turns away]

[Back at the ARGENT APARTMENT'S basement armory, Lydia has a similarly determined look on her face]

LYDIA: I'm going to go find him.

[Lydia turns to leave, but once again, the Argent men stop her]

ARGENT: Lydia, he's dangerous. He's still a shapeshifter-- and one who's just beginning to understand his power.

[Lydia seems genuinely offended and appalled by their attitudes]

LYDIA: And I'm not?
ARGENT: [sighs] You're not the same. You access the supernatural-- it works through you.
GERARD: But it doesn't control you.

[Lydia glares at Gerard angrily and suspiciously]

LYDIA: How would you know? Why do you care? Why are you suddenly on our side?

[Gerard picks up one of the Argent family's silver bars and slides it across the table toward Lydia]

GERARD: Because it's my name as well.

[The scene cuts to a FLASHBACK to some point prior to Sebastien's death in 1767, where Marie-Jeanne is in HENRI'S COTTAGE. Gerard narrates in voiceover as Marie-Jeanne, standing in simply her white nightgown, looks out the window of the cottage]

GERARD: [voiceover] Marie-Jeanne never left Henri after the death of her brother.

[Marie-Jeanne turns around and looks toward the fireplace, where Henri is sitting on the floor next to the hearth to warm himself. He beckons Marie-Jeanne toward him, and she smiles as she walks over and takes a seat on the floor between his spread legs]

GERARD: [voiceover] And their relationship became more than a partnership. They married, and she took his name.

[Henri gently runs his fingers through Marie-Jeanne's hair, cupping her face in his hand and bringing it closer so he can kiss her softly on the lips]


[In the PRESENT DAY at the ARGENT APARTMENT, Lydia has just picked up the silver bar, which has the Argent fleur-de-lis stamped onto it, and realizes that Henri was Allison's ancestor]

LYDIA: Argent.
ARGENT: Marie-Jeanne was the first hunter.

[Gerard smiles smugly at Lydia]

GERARD: Our name will be remembered as well, Lydia-- for killing the Beast.

[Gerard's attitude continues to make Lydia more frustrated, and she looks up at Gerard with a cold expression]

LYDIA: But I'm not an Argent.

[Lydia's glance turns to Argent, and her expression softens only slightly as she adds in a quiet voice]

LYDIA: And I'm not Allison.

[The sound of his daughter's name seems to take the breath out of Argent's lungs, but Gerard continues to smile smugly as he watches Lydia storm out of the armory to go find Parrish]


[Scott, who is still limping and covered in blood, seems to be on a mission as he rushes through the halls and out the side door of the school. Meanwhile, Liam, who is also covered in blood but seems to be more or less healed from his earlier injuries, follows after him and tries to stop him with a worried expression]

LIAM: Scott, wait!

[Scott is panting for breath, but ignores him, pushing the side door open and heading toward the parking lot as he follows the Beast's scent. Liam follows behind him and continues to stop him]

LIAM: You're hurt! You gotta slow down!

[When Scott continues on without him, Liam sighs in exasperation before sprinting after him. The two quickly walk through the rows of cars in the parking lot, where Scott eventually stops behind a familiar-looking shiny black car, which apparently is where the Beast's scent led him. Scott puts his hands on the trunk door and musters up all the remaining strength he has to open it despite it being locked. Once its open, Liam and Scott gape in shock when they see that the trunk has nothing but a pair of black Converse high-top sneakers sitting nearly inside. Scott an Liam share a worried look before picking up the shoes, which have a liberal amount of blood smeared across the soles. Scott looks at Liam anxiously, and their concern turns to horror when Scott shuts the trunk door and finds Mason standing beside the car, looking at them in confusion]

MASON: Scott? What are you doing to my car?

[Scott and Liam realize at the same time that Mason has been the Beast's vessel this whole time-- Liam looks absolutely devastated by this revelation, but Scott simply looks numb as the two gape in shock and try to figure out what to say. Liam can't seem to believe his own senses, leading Scott to sigh before addressing Mason]

SCOTT: ...It's you.

[Mason doesn't seem to know what he's talking about, and only becomes more scared and concern as he turns toward Liam, who is still stunned speechless]

MASON: What? Liam, what's he talking about?

[Liam's look of devastation only makes Mason more terrified]

MASON: Liam...?

[Before anyone else can react further, Corey appears out of thin air, revealing that he has used his supernatural ability to camouflage himself until this point. He then rushes toward Mason and puts his hand on his shoulder, and Scott realizes what Corey is about to do a moment too late]

SCOTT: [urgently] Corey, wait!

[Both Corey and Mason vanish as Corey turns them invisible as Corey turns them both and pulls Mason away with him, and though Scott and Liam rush after him, they're unable to figure out where they went afterward]

SCOTT: Corey, wait!

[Horrified, Scott and Liam look at each other in alarm in an attempt to make sense of what has just happened]


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