Natalie Martin: I know how to survive in Beacon Hills
— Natalie to Sheriff Stilinski

The Martin Family is a well-known family in Teen Wolf, which Lydia Martin is a member of. They are the primary family members of Banshee Lydia Martin; her father Mr. Martin, her mother Natalie, along with her paternal grandmother Lorraine and her wife by marriage Maddy.

Mr Martin's job remains unknown, yet it's likely a career that has provided a comfortable lifestyle for his ex-wife and daughter. Natalie Martin used to be a teacher, yet by the start of the series she was no longer employed as a teacher. They seemed to be very financially comfortable, however by Season 4 they seem to be going through a difficult financial time. Although Mr Martin and Natalie Martin are divorced and not on the best terms, they both seem to love their daughter, while Lydia has been seen to have a better relationship with her mother than her father.

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