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"I mean, look at you. You can make yourself invisible. You're fast. You're strong. People like me need people like you to save our asses. I need you."
"No, you don't. You're too smart to need anyone, and it's the smart ones who always survive."
"Then survive with me."
Mason and Corey in A Credible Threat

The relationship between Human / former Beast Mason Hewitt and Chimera Corey

Mason and Corey first met in the first half of Season 5 after Corey had begun to realize that there was something wrong with him. With Scott's help, Mason determined that Corey was turned into a Chimera by the Dread Doctors like so many other teenagers in Beacon Hills. From then on, Mason tried his best to help Corey learn how to control his powers while also trying to make him more comfortable with the McCall Pack, but despite Mason's best efforts, the Dread Doctors still found Corey rejecting his transformation and killed him.

However, after Theo Raeken, a fellow Chimera, resurrected Corey and three others with the Dread Doctors' green serum, Mason did his best to keep Corey connected to his humanity by helping him through the darkened personality all of the revived Chimeras experienced following their resurrection. Though Corey was initially a member of the Chimera Pack (albeit mostly out of fear of Theo's retribution), he ultimately became allies with the McCall Pack when it became clear that Mason was the vessel for the Beast of Gevaudan, who Theo intended to kill in order to steal its power. Once Mason was rescued and the Beast defeated, Mason and Corey continued their romantic relationship.

Mason and Corey are also known as Morey by fans.

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Strange Frequencies, Mason met Corey for the first time in the library of Beacon Hills High School. When Mason saw Corey-- who he recognized as being the boyfriend of Lucas, a Chimera who he had made out with at Sinema and nearly been attacked by in Condition Terminal-- he immediately turned to try to avoid being spotted by him. Unfortunately for Mason, Corey saw him anyway and walked toward him to introduce himself. After Mason identified Corey as being Lucas' boyfriend, Corey mentioned that he had heard that Mason was one of the last people to talk to Lucas before he was killed, causing Mason to become even more uncomfortable. When Corey asked him if Lucas had said anything about him before his death, Mason awkwardly explained that he hadn't, which seemed to sadden Corey. Right before Corey walked away, Mason saw him return a book to the bookshelf that was about "the miracle of healing," which caused Mason to suspect that Corey was a Chimera.

This suspicion was later proven to be true when Mason ran into Corey, who was trying to get drunk but failing due to his healing ability, at Sinema. Despite his inability to get intoxicated, Corey still attempted to make out with Mason anyway, only for Mason to back away from him and correctly guess that the scorpion sting Corey sustained from Lucas in Condition Terminal had completely healed, which Corey confirmed by showing him his blemish-free arm. With this discovery, Mason went looking for Scott, who was distraught by the capture of Liam and Hayden by the Dread Doctors, and ultimately brought Corey back to the McCall House with them.

In Ouroboros, Mason stayed with Corey in Scott's bedroom while Corey read The Dread Doctors novel in hopes that he could trigger memories of the Dread Doctors' experimentation that would help the McCall Pack locate Hayden and Liam. Like the others, Mason was shocked when Scott, desperate to find his Beta and his innocent friend, performed the Alpha memory-manipulation ritual on Corey by inserting his claws in the back of his neck. After getting an idea of where Hayden and Liam were being held, Mason left Corey in the care of Theo Raeken and Lydia Martin while he went with Scott and Malia Tate to find their friends.

In Lies of Omission, Mason saw Corey trying to get into his locker and accidentally breaking the lock with his super-strength. When Mason remarked that Corey seemed to be getting stronger, Corey, curious about the extent of his powers, asked him how much stronger he was going to get, which led Mason to suggest that they find out. The two went to the school's weight room, where Corey began bench-pressing increasing amounts of weight, eventually hitting around 800 pounds. After this, Corey stopped what he was doing and asked if his supernatural strength meant that he was a successful Chimera. Mason wasn't sure but slyly mentioned that Scott might before insisting that while Corey's first meeting with Scott may not have been his best day, Scott wanted nothing more than to help people, and tried much more than most people would. However, Corey ignored this remark in favor of trying to add more weights to the barbell to test his strength.

A short time afterward, Theo and Scott saw Corey being rushed into an ambulance on a gurney with Mason trying his best to keep up with them. Both Corey and Mason were covered in black blood and modified mercury, making it obvious that Corey had begun showing signs of rejecting his Chimera transformation by projectile vomiting the fluids all over the both of them while Corey was weight-training. Despite Theo and Scott's attempts to help Corey, he was still killed by the Dread Doctors for being a failure, thereby ending Mason and Corey's relationship for a short time until Corey's resurrection in Status Asthmaticus.



  • Mason and Corey are one of the several same-sex relationships that have had a significant role in the story in Teen Wolf, including Danny and Ethan, Caitlin and Emily, Lorraine and Maddy, and Corey and Lucas.
  • Both Mason and Corey are genetic chimeras.
  • During season 5 they have a complicated relationship due to the fact they are in different pack and distrust each other's Alpha. But at the end, when it's become clear that Theo wants the Beast's powers, Corey's feelings for Mason make him leave the Chimera Pack then join the McCall Pack.
  • In Superposition Mason thinks that Corey has a "special ability" who allows him to see Ghost Riders and it makes Corey smile (probably than someone makes research about his powers for he can use it in better ways than last season).
  • In Blitzkrieg, it shows explicitly than Mason's feelings for Corey continue to grow when he finds pictures of his boyfriend and him together.
  • In Said the Spider to the Fly Corey say than him and Mason will go to the same college: UCLA. This affirmation reveals that they make a plan for continued their relationship after they graduated and probably have future together despite the fact Mason say to Liam they all going to different college.
  • During the war against the Hunters and the Anuk-Ite Corey is worry about the fact that despite their love and the fact to be in the same pack they're not sure to both make out alive considering the fact, that at this moment, only the supernaturals have a target on their back and Corey ask himself than by dating Mason, the human is probably put himself in trouble for "be friendly" with supernatural people.

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