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"Every leader suffers loss. Sometimes more than you think is bearable."
"But this time, I lost everyone."
"You'll get them back. You have to."
"Why would they come back?"
"Because you're their leader. And even when a leader thinks they have nothing left to give, there's still one thing-- hope. Give them hope."
Melissa to Scott in Status Asthmaticus

Melissa McCall is the mother of Scott McCall and former wife of Special Agent Rafael McCall of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. She was first introduced in Wolf Moon as a nurse at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital who was a hard-working single mother to Scott. She remained in the dark about the fact that her son Scott had been transformed into a Werewolf for most of the first and second seasons, instead believing that Scott was simply experiencing academic and behavioral issues that were causing him to skip school, get poor grades, and get into trouble with his teachers.

However, in Season 2's Fury, she finally learned the truth of Scott's supernatural identity when Matt Daehler, the master to the Kanima, Jackson Whittemore, took her and Sheriff Stilinski hostage, forcing Scott to transform in front of his mother to fight the Kanima in order to save them. Afterward, Melissa was horrified and confused to the point where she didn't speak or look at Scott for nearly a week until she was visited by Gerard Argent, who had taken the master position over the Kanima after killing Matt, and who had Jackson choke Melissa with his tail to blackmail Scott into giving him Derek Hale.

Though Melissa continued to be scared of Scott and initially insisted that Scott simply give Gerard what he wanted, she eventually began to understand just how much her son was needed to protect the town and accepted Scott for who he was before insisting that he take Gerard down, giving him the confidence he needed to successfully enact his plan.

Beginning in Season 3A, Melissa began to fully immerse herself in her son's supernatural world, acting as an ally to what eventually became the McCall Pack and essentially becoming the pack's second healer by using her extensive nursing and medical knowledge to help the veterinarian and Druid Emissary Alan Deaton in taking care of their injured and sick members whenever necessary. Unfortunately for Melissa, this eventually made her a target to the two villains of the first half of the season, Deucalion and Jennifer Blake, the former of whom intended to use her to manipulate Scott into joining his Alpha Pack, while the latter intended to sacrifice Melissa in her Guardian trio (along with Sheriff Stilinski and Chris Argent) in order to give her the power she needed to kill Deucalion once and for all. Luckily for her, Scott, Stiles Stilinski, and Allison Argent, with help from Derek Hale, Lydia Martin, Isaac Lahey, and Alan Deaton,prevailed and saved the parents from becoming human sacrifices.

Afterward, Melissa continued to assist the pack as an ally by helping them investigate and deal with the various supernatural threats in Beacon Hills, such as the Nogitsune possessing Stiles and the Oni pursuing him, the Deadpool hit-list of supernatural creatures, the Dread Doctors and the Chimeras they created, and the Beast of Gevaudan. She also helped her son with more personal issues such as the return of his father and her ex-husband, Rafael McCall, to their family, and the death of Scott's first love Allison Argent, while also dealing with her own issues such as working double shifts at the hospital to keep up with the bills and her house falling apart due to the numerous supernatural battles occurring there.

In Season 6, Melissa took an even more active role in assisting the McCall Pack by accompanying Chris Argent on his hunts, learning a number of skills including how to use the Nine Sacred Herbs as an antidote to the nine supernatural venoms to heal Chris of the wounds he sustained in battle against the Ghost Riders. During this time, she and Chris began developing feelings for each other, which culminated in a kiss in the Phantom Train Station after the two were captured and erased from reality by the Wild Hunt.

Their partnership continued through the last half of the season, where Melissa did everything she could to help, and at times even protect, her pack's members when Chris' father Gerard Argent and his protégée Tamora Monroe began taking advantage of the Anuk-ite's fear-inducement power and using it to turn the human community of Beacon Hills against the supernatural in hopes of committing a genocide. Once they were defeated, Melissa was seen in a committed relationship with Chris in their hometown.

Melissa is a member of the McCall Family and an important ally to the McCall Pack, as well as a high-ranking nurse at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital.

Early Life

Very little has been revealed about Melissa's life prior to her introduction in the series. What is known is that she was born Melissa Delgado, and that she eventually married Rafael McCall and took his last name. ("Galvanize") While they were together, Melissa enrolled in nursing school, where she eventually graduated and successfully obtained her nursing license. Afterward, Rafael bought her a new watch to congratulate her, which Melissa would later claim was the only thing in their marriage that actually worked. ("Alpha Pact")

In 1995, the two had a son, Scott, who would eventually develop a severe case of asthma. Rafael's alcoholism reached its peak during this time, and Melissa was witness to many bizarre things that he did while drunk, such as returning home from a night of drinking, sleepwalking into the closet, and urinating in the hamper because he believed it was the bathroom until Melissa snapped him out of it. ("Riddled")

When Scott was only a few years old, Rafael was drunk one night and got into an argument with Melissa in the hallway. Scott came out of his room to see what was going on, and Rafael grabbed him by the arm to direct him back to his room, only for Scott to try to pull out of his grip. Rafael yanked his arm back while Scott struggled out of his hold, which ultimately led to Rafael accidentally pushing his young son down the stairs, where he landed at the bottom and hit his head so hard that it left a dent in the wood paneling. Scott lost consciousness for a minute or so, and when he woke up, he didn't remember anything, but Melissa was so furious at the harm Rafael had caused to their child that she immediately kicked him out of the house. ("Insatiable")

Embarrassed and ashamed by his actions, Rafael took Melissa's order to mean that she didn't want him in their lives anymore (when, in reality, Melissa simply was kicking a drunk man out of her house rather than kicking the father of her child out of their lives), and so he immediately stopped drinking cold turkey and moved out. Though Scott has stated that he did live with his father for a brief time after the divorce ("Pack Mentality"), this arrangement didn't last for very long, and Rafael eventually moved to San Francisco, leaving Scott to live with Melissa once again.

After Rafael left Beacon Hills, he seemingly cut off all contact with Scott and Melissa, and Melissa would later say that the two of them were better off without Rafael in their lives, indicating that their divorce was not amicable. ("The Tell") From then on, Melissa raised Scott as a single mother, working the night shift (and often working double shifts for extra money) so that she could see Scott off to school in the morning and after school. Despite being divorced from Rafael, she would later explain to Scott that she kept her ex-husband's last name because it was Scott's name as well and wanted to have that in common with him. ("Galvanize")

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Wolf Moon, Melissa began to suspect that something was going on with her son Scott, though she had no idea that the truth of the matter was that Scott had been bitten by the Alpha and turned into a Beta werewolf. Melissa's first clue was that Scott was going out on Friday night. She asked him if he was attending a party or a date, which caused Scott to admit it was both, and that he was going to Lydia Martin's post-lacrosse scrimmage party with the new girl at school, Allison Argent. Melissa handed him the keys to their car and asked him if they needed to have a talk, which caught Scott off-guard due to the fact that he assumed she meant the "sex talk." However, when Melissa realized what he had assumed, she became flustered and retorted that she meant the talk about filling up the car's tank with gas before taking the keys back, though she hesitantly gave them back moments later.

In Second Chance at First Line, Melissa was happy to hear that Scott's lacrosse skills had quickly improved to the point that he made first line on the lacrosse team. When she informed him that she intended take a day off at work in order to go to his first game, Scott, who still had no control over his newly-attained lycanthropy and was trying to figure out a way to get out of playing on Derek Hale's orders (lest he lose control and transform on the field and expose his supernatural identity), was obviously worried about this news.

Fortunately for him, Melissa assumed that he was worried about their financial livelihood and assured him that missing one shift wouldn't break them. However, when Melissa looked at Scott more closely, she noticed something different about his eyes and how tired he looked and nervously laughed as she asked him if he was on drugs. Not understanding the question due to his distraction, Scott asked her if she meant right that moment or in general, but when Melissa began to get suspicious, he turned the question back onto her, causing her to lose her patience and leave for work.

The next day, Melissa was seen arriving at the lacrosse field in time for their first game and cheered him on from the stands as he managed to survive almost the entire game without involuntarily shifting into his Werewolf form.

In Pack Mentality, Melissa was working at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital when Scott showed up unexpectedly to bring her take-out food, as he knew she was working a double and likely wouldn't have time to go get dinner. However, when she correctly guessed that Scott was also trying to sweet-talk her into letting him borrow her car, Melissa insisted that she needed it before gratefully taking the food he brought. She later entered the room of Garrison Meyers, the bus driver who was attacked in a school bus the previous evening, only to find him screaming as Scott stood next to his bed, as Scott was afraid that he had unknowingly mauled Garrison while sleepwalking.

That night, Melissa was just about to turn in for the evening when she went into Scott's bedroom to check on him, and when she found it empty, she became concerned. However, this concern turned to fear when Melissa saw someone trying to break in through the bedroom window. She picked up a nearby baseball bat and nearly attacked the intruder before realizing that it was just Stiles, who, having been almost hit with a bat twice in the past week by the McCall Family, exasperatedly asked her if she and Scott even played baseball. Moments later, Scott finally returned home, and Melissa incredulously asked them if either of them cared about the newly-imposed curfew by the Sheriff's department. When both boys answered that they didn't care, Melissa sighed and reluctantly went to bed, stating that she had done the bare minimum of parenting for the day and needed some well-deserved rest.

In The Tell, Melissa prepared to attend the parent-teacher conference night at Scott's school, as all parents were required to attend; additionally, every student with a C average or lower was required to attend the conference with their parents as well. She arrived on time for her first meeting with Scott's chemistry teacher, Adrian Harris; however, Scott, who had skipped school with his girlfriend Allison Argent to celebrate her birthday, lost track of time and forgot to show up. Melissa called Scott several times and left voicemails demanding that he get to the school as soon as possible, but Scott had turned off his phone to enjoy his time with Allison.

Finally deciding to just get the conference underway, Melissa and Harris began discussing Scott's performance this semester. Harris started by pointing out that Scott was frequently absent from school, and when he was present for class, he seemed preoccupied and distracted. He went on to imply that Scott's behavior was a result of a lack of a father figure in his life. When Melissa insisted that she and Scott were both much better off without Scott's father Rafael McCall in the picture, Harris asked if there was anyone else who could fill this role, and if Scott agreed that he was better off without his father, offending Melissa deeply due to the lengths she went to support herself and Scott as a single mother.

After the conference, Melissa was walking out of the school when she overheard Chris Argent leaving his daughter Allison a voicemail demanding her to return his call so he can better determine her punishment for skipping school. She approached Argent and his wife Victoria and asked if they were Allison's parents, as she believed that Allison was with her mysteriously-missing son Scott. Upon learning who she was, Chris and Victoria began to imply that it was her troublemaker son who was encouraging Allison's disobedience, as she never behaved this way before they moved to Beacon Hills and they believed he was a bad influence on her. Offended once again, Melissa reiterated his point regarding Scott's behavior and suggested that it could be Allison who was the bad influence on her son.

Just then, Allison and Scott arrived in the parking lot in Allison's car, where all three parents wasted no time scolding them for their truancy and assuring them that they would be punished for it. Before they could all leave, a ferocious animal was heard rushing around the parking lot; Argent, as a Werewolf Hunter, believed it to be supernatural in nature and began hunting it down with Sheriff Stilinski, who believed it to just be a wild animal. Melissa then watched in horror as Argent shot the creature (a mundane mountain lion) with the Desert Eagle handgun he was carrying.

In Lunatic after learning that Scott broke up with Allison, Melissa checks on him. She asks Scott if he's ready to go back but he doesn't respond, so she then asks if he wants a new car and this gets a rise out of him; however, she was just joking. She attempts to get Scott to talk about the breakup but he refuses, He only says that he's going to get Allison back. That same night, Stiles shows up at the McCall House but much to Melissa's surprise, she didn't hear the doorbell ring Stiles tells her that he got a key made and Melissa is not surprised by this. He drops a bag on the floor, which makes a heavy sound, and she asks him about it and Stiles claims that it's for a school project.
She then asks him how Scott is doing because he won't open up to her about anything, all Stiles tells her is that Scott's had a rough week. As she prepares to leaves for the night shift at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, she wishes Stiles a safe night because it's a full moon, she explains that the ER gets all types of crazies on full moons.

In Wolf's Bane Melissa talks to Jackson Whittemore at the hospital. He's asks if he can use her computer for a moment. She jokes that with a face as pretty as his that he probably doesn't get told no too often. Melissa assumes that he's one of the Scott's friend, even though he really isn't. Jackson lies and says yes that he is a friend of her son, so she allows him use the computer.

In Co-Captain, Melissa meets an attractive drug rep at work, who asked her out on a date. It will be her first date in a long time, so she's nervous, Melissa gets dressed up and is told by both Scott and Allison that she looks beautiful. When the doorbell rings, she tells Scott to answer the door while she's finishes getting ready, when Scott opens the door, he learns that her date is Peter Hale. On the way to the restaurant, Melissa points out that they missed a turn, so Peter pulls the car over in order to pull up a map on the phone, Peter begins to compliment her flawless skin. He then touches her cheek and Melissa drops her phone.
As she's picking up her phone, Stiles rams into them from behind with his jeep. Melissa is extremely angry, she starts yelling at Stiles.

In Formality, The next day, after arriving home from the hospital, Melissa calls Peter Hale in an attempt to try to arrange another date. She leaves a message of her rambling, after hanging up the phone she begins to cry. Melissa helps Scott get ready for the winter formal, she learns his suit is from a thrift store and that it has a big tear. She offers to sew it up for him, as she begins to fix the tear, she and Scott start to talk. Melissa asks if Scott's date is coming to the house because she needs the car. Scott tells her that he is going stag because there are no other girls that he wants to be with besides Allison. She wonders he if really feels that way and he says yes. Scott describes how seeing her makes him feel like someone dug a hole in his chest. Melissa assures him that the feeling will go away but she also says that he has to tell Allison how he feels.

In Code Breaker, while sitting in the corner of the clinic, Scott remembers a conversation he had with Melissa, she tells Scott that he needs to tell Allison how he feels about her. Melissa says that he needs to tell Allison anything and everything he wants to.

In Omega, Melissa watches over Lydia after she was attacked on the lacrosse field during the winter formal, unknown to everyone with the exception of a few, Lydia was bitten by an Alpha werewolf named Peter Hale. Melissa is in the hall right outside of Lydia's hospital room with with Lydia's dad, Mr. Martin and Stiles, her friend. While Lydia takes a shower she begins to hallucinates, she creams incredibly loud because of this, Melissa, Mr. Martin and Stiles rushes into her room to learn that she had escaped through the window. She then turns off the running water as Lydia left it running.

In Ice Pick, Melissa is treating Erica Reyes, a regular and student at Beacon Hills High School. Erica has epilepsy, she had a seizure while trying to climb the rock wall in the gym at school, so she was brought to the hospital. Melissa wonders if she had been taking her medication, Erica admits that she hasn't and requests that Melissa doesn't tell her parent. She explains to Erica that she can't do that as there's a team of lawyers that would have her legs if she doesn't inform her guardians, Melissa then makes a joke about her legs, as they are still pretty hot according to her. After Erica's treatment is complete, Melissa leaves.

After learning of a potential relationship that still could be brewing between Allison and Scott, Victoria Argent decides to confront Melissa in order to get some answers. Unknown to Melissa, Victoria purposely cuts her arm with a large kitchen knife as an excuse to come to the hospital. Melissa takes a look at the cut, Victoria is embarrassed, Melissa tells her it's nothing as she's seen much worse come through those doors, Victoria correctly guesses that it has something to do with men and their egos. Victoria then takes the opportunity to ask Melissa about Scott, she said that Scott is good, but she'd assumed that their kids were no longer dating. Melissa admits that Scott isn't as heartbroken as she would have expected even though she's never seen him react to a girl the way he did with Allison.

In Abomination, after learning that Scott will be playing in the upcoming games, Melissa makes an effort to attend them. At the game, she strikes up a brief conversation with she a student, Matt Daehler, he asks if the injured player being taken off the field is her's, she says no, her's is still on the field and she's currently wishing he'd stuck with tennis. She notices him with a camera taking photos, she asks if he's the yearbook photographer, he tells her that he just likes taking photos of whatever catches his eyes.

In Frenemy, Scott checks in on Danny after the attack on him and several other at the club the night before. Melissa sees Scott in the hospital hallway, so she stops him to talk his grades, She's concerned that if he fails he's going to be held back a grade and he won't be able to graduate with his friends. She tells Scott that he can't fail, which he knows better and he promises that he'll fix it.

In Restraint, Melissa is called has down to the Beacon County Sheriff's Station after Scott and Stiles are accused of kidnapping Jackson. She stands by in the interrogation room, listening as the restraining order is read against them by Sheriff Stilinski. She is beside herself with what to do about all the changes Scott has been going through lately, she then lists all his bizarre behavior as of recently, then grounding him. Melissa attempts to takes away his TV (which is already broken), his computer (which he needs for school), when all else fells, she says and "no Stiles". Stiles protests the punishment, but Melissa yells, and he quickly backs off.

She fumbles in Scott's car keys as she tries to take those as well, visibly stressed, Scott puts his hands on hers to make her calm down. She wonders what's going on with him and whether or not it's about Allison, Scott sighs and asks her if she really wants to know, she then begins to think it's about Scott's dad, and decides it must be that and they'll talk about it at home. The next day, while Scott is at school, Melissa digs around his room, hoping to find the answers to his odd behavior, when she finds nothing, Melissa decides to straighten the room back up. She finally checks his desk drawers, and discovers a box of condoms, there's only one left from in the box. She decides to pay Victoria Argent a visit at the school, but she was under the impression that their kids were no longer dating. "Me too. But it looks like they are. And more. A lot more." says Melissa.

Victoria asks if it's possibly some other girl were severely low standards, Melissa replies that Allison is the only girl Scott has ever talked about, and she just wants to make sure they're being safe. That night when she goes to the hospital, and she helps deliver Jessica's baby, the woman whose husband was murdered by the kanima.

In Fury,

In Battlefield,

In Master Plan,


Melissa is very brave and courageous woman who has been forced to go up against the supernatural several times, and who is willing to help protect innocents against the supernatural despite the fact that she is human herself. She has even been shown to hold her own in these situations, such as how she was able to defeat Ethan and Aiden when they were attacking Scott by shocking them with a defibrillator. As a nurse, Melissa is also a very intelligent woman who is not easily fazed by stressful situations and who has proven herself to be a quick learner since learning about the supernatural world. She is a very hard-working woman, as evidenced by the fact that she has worked countless double shifts and night shifts in order to support herself and Scott, and she manages to keep the household running despite being overworked and underpaid.

Melissa is a compassionate, empathetic, and caring woman with a desire to help anyone who needs it, qualities she passed down to her son Scott, but she has also demonstrated a feisty, snarky, and tough demeanor as well, proving just how complex of a character she really is. She is also so devoted to her son that she was able to bring him back to life after he was killed by Theo Raeken, though she had help from the supermoon that helped to strengthen his durability and healing abilities enough to return to life, even despite the fact that his guilt slowed his recovery. Despite her instincts to protect her son at all costs, she is mature and understanding enough to accept that his work as the True Alpha to the McCall Pack is what keeps their hometown safe from supernatural threats, which is what allows her to keep motivating him to do what he needs to do in order to protect their innocent fellow citizens from harm and actively assisting him in this mission.

Physical Appearance

Melissa is a very attractive woman in her early 40s with tanned white skin, warm brown eyes, and long, wavy-curly brown hair. She is often dressed in her hospital scrubs, which she usually chooses in pastel colors such as light blue, green, pink, or purple, and which she occasionally pairs with a white or gray cardigan sweater. Because she spends nearly all of her time working, she is rarely seen in non-work attire, though she did put on a very nice dress for her date with Peter Hale, and she has occasionally been seen in pajamas and a robe, or jeans and a sweater during her rare hours off of work. She keeps her makeup to a minimum, typically only wearing a little blush and mascara, and she has a gold chain necklace with a small pendant that she always wears as well.


  • Medical Training: With Melissa being a nurse at the hospital, she has acquired a great deal medical skills and training. The fact that she has been able to perform these kinds of procedures and other treatments such as chelation therapy and injecting cortisone into vocal cords suggests that she may be a nurse practitioner, an advanced-practice nurse who is only a step below that of a general physician. She often uses her advanced medical and nursing knowledge in conjunction with Alan Deaton's expert veterinary knowledge in order to help treat the various supernatural creatures (and those humans sickened or injured by the supernatural) in Beacon Hills when they are injured or sick.
  • Botany/Herbalism: Melissa has also recently learned some supernatural methods of healing people, primarily how to use the Nine Sacred Herbs of the ancient Anglo-Saxons to heal someone exposed to supernatural toxins. She used the combination of these herbs (which includes mugwort and honey as a binding agent) to heal Chris Argent of the poisoned whip lashes sustained by the Ghost Riders, Peter Hale from the full-body burns he suffered as a result of traveling through the Rift between the real world and the Phantom Train Station, and Corey Bryant from the wide variety of wounds sustained by Garrett Douglas' torture.
  • Resourcefulness: Despite Melissa's lack of combat and weaponry training in comparison to her peers (such as the Hunter Chris Argent, the former soldier and current police officer Noah Stilinski, her ex-husband and FBI Special Agent Rafael McCall, the ancient Celestial Kitsune Noshiko Yukimura, etc), she has demonstrated that she is very good at thinking on her feet and improvising when the occasion arises. She was able to separate the merged then-Alpha Werewolves Ethan and Aiden Steiner at the hospital by shocking them with a defibrillator, and has used other objects as makeshift weapons as well, such as baseball bats. She has become quite proficient at using the taser she was given by Argent, preferring it to a lethal weapon such as a true firearm.
  • Supernatural Knowledge: Throughout the years as an ally to her son's pack of humans and supernatural creatures, Melissa has learned a great deal about the supernatural world and how to survive in it as a human. She has learned how to wield Mountain Ash and has protected her loved ones with it on several occasions, as she has rowan wood (mountain ash trees) in the baseboards of her entire house. She has an extensive understanding of the healing processes of the supernaturals in her care, allowing her to hypothesize that the Hellhound Jordan Parrish's smoking wounds had something to do with his then-unknown supernatural identity. She was knowledgeable about the fact that only a Beta of his own making could steal the True Alpha spark of her son, and has used her wisdom regarding the Nine Sacred Herbs to save the lives of several allies.


  • Melissa: Melissa is the Greek word for "honey bee," which in turn comes from meli (μέλι), which simply means "honey." In addition to this Greek etymology, it could also refer to the Hittite word melit, which also means "honey." Melissa was also both the name of a nymph in Greek mythology who cared for a young Zeus, as well as the name of the fairy who helps Rogero escape from the witch Alcina in Ludovico Ariosto's poem Orlando Furioso (1516). The name also refers to the plant Melissa officinalis, in the Lamiaceae family, which is known as lemon balm, and is sometimes used in Ireland as a variant of the Gaelic male name Maoilíosa, which means "servant of Jesus," though this is of a different origin and has nothing to do with its Hittite origin. As an English given name, Melissa has been used since the 18th century. Variants of the name in other languages include: Mélissa (French); Melitta (German, Ancient Greek); Melika (Hawaiian); Melisa (Spanish); Melis (Hungarian).
  • Delgado: Delgado is a Spanish and Portuguese name that originates from the word delgado, which is a nickname for a thin or slender person. It is derived from the Latin delicatus, meaning "dainty, exquisite," a derivative of deliciae, meaning "delight, joy." It is one of the great names of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain and Portugal, and in one way or another, the name Delgado is found in every place in the world where those respective cultures have been prominent. It is also often a place name, and can sometimes be spelled Delgadillo or Delgardo, and is used to describe something very special and/or beautiful.
  • McCall: An Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic surname Mac Cathmhaoil, meaning "son of Cathmhaol," a personalized name with the elements cath, meaning "battle," and maol, meaning, "chief," i.e. "battle chief." It is also the Anglicized form of Mac Cathal, meaning "son of Cathal." Variant transcriptions of the name include Macall, Maccall, Maccaul, and Mackall.



  • It was revealed that Melissa's maiden name is Delgado, suggesting that, like her husband Rafael, she may have Hispanic heritage.
  • Melissa quickly embraced the supernatural world after being introduced to it in Season 2's Fury, although she did have a brief period of fear in which she rejected it.
  • Due to Melissa, Chris Argent, and Sheriff Stilinski's positions as guardians to their children, Scott, Allison, and Stiles, and the fact that they assist their children in guarding the innocent townspeople of Beacon Hills, they were targeted by Jennifer Blake as part of the "Guardian" trio in her Darach human sacrifice ritual.
  • Based on the medical procedures Melissa has been seen performing throughout the series, it is likely that she is not just a registered nurse (RN), but a certified nurse practitioner (CNP), an advanced practice nurse who is capable of prescribing medications and performing complicated procedures under the supervision of a physician.