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[Its nightfall, and fallen leaves are blowing in the wind as thunder rumbles overhead. Hayden stands near an old, light blue truck on the side of the road. She looks down near the rear tire on the driver's side, where Liam is kneeling beside it. After a moment, she smiles weakly]


[Liam looks up at her for a moment and sighs]

LIAM: Nothin'.

[Hayden, realizing that Liam is bashful about being wrong about his new vehicle and sighs as well]

HAYDEN: We should have taken my car. Like I said... Several times.

[Liam weakly attempts to defend his truck]

LIAM: It's a new car!

[Hayden gives him a look]

HAYDEN: It was new to someone... About twenty years ago...

[Liam, growing impatient with Hayden's snarky comments, mockingly chuckles at her as he circles around the trunk to grab a jack]

LIAM: Eh-heh, eh-heh.

[Hayden laughs at her boyfriend's mocking, as does Liam. However, the smile wipes off his face when he sees the trunk is empty. He sheepishly returns to Hayden and clicks his tongue before he finally speaks]

LIAM: ...There's no jack.

[Hayden smirks at Liam as she walks over to the other end of the truck, where she lifts up the front bumper with both hands]

HAYDEN: Grab the spare.

[Liam, who is genuinely impressed by Hayden's newly-gained werewolf strength, chuckles as he walks back to the trunk, only to once again frown when he sees that the trunk is truly empty. He returns to the side of the truck, and Hayden's expression becomes slightly exasperated when she realizes he has come back empty-handed]

HAYDEN: No spare?
LIAM: No spare.

[Hayden rolls her eyes as she sets the front of his truck back down on the ground before they both walk closer to each other. Liam gives her an apologetic look]

LIAM: I know-- worst date ever.

[Hayden smirks and shrugs]

HAYDEN: We've had worse. Remember the double date?

[Liam smiles at the no-doubt embarrassing memory and takes a step closer to her]

LIAM: What about New Year's?
HAYDEN: Christmas with your parents?
LIAM: That time your sister--

[Hayden immediately cuts him off before he can reveal what happened]

HAYDEN: Please don't say it.

[The two giggle and stare at each other affectionately until Liam takes another step closer to Hayden with a flirtatious look on his face]

LIAM: Actually, this could be our best date yet...

[The two lean in and waste no time in passionately making out with each other. After a long moment, they catch green and purple light out of the corner of their eyes and look up to see the Aurora Borealis overhead. The two look awestruck as they continue to wrap their arms around each other]

HAYDEN: It must be the Northern Lights.

[Behind them, a car is heard slowly driving down the road, causing Hayden and Liam to turn to watch it approach them]

HAYDEN: Hmm, maybe they've got a spare.

[Hayden holds up her hand and waves at the car, which is still driving slowly down the road. When it doesn't stop, Hayden and Liam quickly move off to the side so it doesn't hit them and watch as it passes without stopping and bumps into a nearby wooden fence, leading Hayden and Liam to look at each other with concern before walking over to investigate]

[Fog begins to develop in the air around them as Liam leads Hayden to the front of the car, where he looks into the driver's side window and is alarmed to find that the windshield has been shattered to the point that only a jagged frame of glass remains after the rest was blown out. When he finds that there is seemingly no one in the car, he frowns and opens the door, taking a look around before noticing that the passenger's side door has been completely ripped off its hinges and is nowhere to be found. Taking a deep breath, Liam turns the car off and removes the keys from the ignition, only to notice the top of the head of a scared young boy in the reflection in the rear-view mirror. Startled, Liam turns to look at the boy, who becomes so frightened that he runs out of the car, leading Liam to chase after him]

LIAM: Whoa, hey!

[Liam grunts as he gets out of the car, and Hayden stops the boy before he can run away, putting a supportive hand on his arm. The young boy frantically pleads with Liam and Hayden]

ALEX: Don't let them take me! Don't let them take me too!

[Liam and Hayden once again share a worried look as they turn back toward the car. They're even more unnerved by the raging wind that begins to blow around them]


[At a crime scene, numerous police cruisers and an ambulance with flashing lights are parked as Sheriff's deputies mill around the scene. the radiator of a transport van that appears to have wrecked is hissing loudly as Sheriff Stilinski walks over to it. He runs his hands over the five long, parallel claw gashes in the paint of the van's hood and makes an exasperated face before walking over to the ambulance, where a deputy is in the middle of putting a brace on Stiles' injured fingers and hand while Scott watches. Looking exasperated, the Sheriff wastes no time in demanding to know what is going on]

SHERIFF: [incredulously] What in the hell were you two thinking?
SCOTT: [sheepishly] We were just trying to help...

[Sheriff can't help but chuckle darkly under his breath before he replies]

SHERIFF: Why don't you try and help me understand--

[Sheriff, remembering they are surrounded by people, looks around and quickly lowers his voice so that the deputies around them can't hear]

SHERIFF: [quietly] --what the hell happened here?

[Stiles, looking alarmed by his father's attitude, desperately tries to explain himself in a way that will not make the Sheriff more angry]

STILES: Right. Well, we were trying to gently persuade him to pull over...
SCOTT: [nods] Yeah!

[The scene cuts to a FLASHBACK to a short time earlier, where the driver of the van screams in terror as Scott, fully wolfed out, rears back his clawed hand and scratches the paint of the hood]

DRIVER: [panicked] DEMON!

[Back in the PRESENT TIME, Scott and Stiles continue to look at the Sheriff sheepishly as Scott tries to explain why they did what they did]

SCOTT: ...He was getting away?

[The Sheriff gives them a look]

SHERIFF: He got away.

[Stiles mistakenly believes that this statement justifies his actions and continues to try to defend himself and Scott]

STILES: Right! Because obviously he's some sort of criminal mastermind, Dad!
SHERIFF: [skeptically] Uh-huh.

[The Sheriff leads the boys around to the back of the van, opening the doors to reveal that the back is full of large gas tanks]

SHERIFF: You want to guess what the stolen merchandise is? Hmmm?

[Scott sighs and sheepishly looks down at his feet when he realizes that they got it wrong, but Stiles is still hoping that there is a chance that they were in the right and answers genuinely]

STILES: Critical life-saving medical equipment?
SHERIFF: [shakes his head] No.
STILES: ...Poison gas?

[Stiles, realizing that he and Scott have made a mistake, starts to deflate a little]

STILES: ...Filled with drugs...?

[Sheriff gives him an exasperated look before he finally reveals the answer]

SHERIFF: Helium.
STILES: Helium?

[Sheriff nods in confirmation, and both Scott and Stiles blush in embarrassment]


[The scene cuts to a short time later-- Scott and Stiles are in the Jeep, where they are driving away from the crime scene. Scott can tell that Stiles is disappointed about their misstep earlier and tries to make him feel better about it]

SCOTT: This could be a good thing...
STILES: [scoffs] That we saved helium?

[Scott can't help but chuckle at Stiles' sarcastic remark]

SCOTT: I mean...

[Scott hesitates before continuing, knowing that Stiles isn't going to like what he has to say]

SCOTT: That... They don't need us anymore.

[Stiles scoffs once again and rolls his eyes]

STILES: Okay, well, they need us. They just don't know it.

[Scott, sensing Stiles' anxiety about the future, tries to gently remind Stiles of the reality of their current situation]

SCOTT: We're all going off to college soon... so, Beacon Hills is gonna have to survive without us.

[Stiles gives Scott an exasperated look]

STILES: Beacon Hills will burn to the ground without us!
SCOTT: [sighs] Stiles... They don't need us.

[Just then, Stiles' phone starts to vibrate, and when he sees who is calling, he becomes excited and holds the phone in front of Scott's face so he can see the Caller ID-- the call is from Sheriff Stilinski]

STILES: Oh, they need us!


[Sheriff Stilinski is in his office at the station with Alex, the young boy who was found in the otherwise-abandoned car. Scott and Stiles, who have just arrived, are lingering outside the door while they wait to figure out what they will be doing next. After a moment, the Sheriff hesitantly approaches Alex about what is currently happening]

SHERIFF: Alex... You know we're having trouble locating your parents. And, since you can't remember anything, we have a method-- an unusual method-- that might help you remember. But, I need you to be okay with it.

[Alex looks both scared and hopeful, and Sheriff pauses for a moment before he continues]

SHERIFF: I also need you to know that it's probably gonna hurt...

[Alex sets his jaw and looks at the Sheriff with a determined expression]

ALEX: I don't care. I just want to find my mom and dad.

[The Sheriff nods in understanding and turns back to look at Scott and Stiles, who look unsure about this but are otherwise willing to help. The boys walk into the office as the Sheriff begins closing the blinds so no one can see what they're about to do. Scott kneels in front of Alex, who is still sitting on the couch, and pats him on the shoulder affectionately as he looks him in the eyes with a reassuring expression]

SCOTT: You ready?

[Alex nods in confirmation, and Scott nods again before moving his hand to the back of Alex's neck so he can surreptitiously flick out his claws. After a moment, Scott firmly shoves his claws into the base of Alex's skull, and Alex gasps in pain as they both close their eyes and focus on his memories]


[Alex and his parents are driving down the back roads of Beacon Hills after having seen a movie. While his parents talk, Alex looks out the window at the trees they're passing]

MRS. TURNER: [sighs] I told you we shouldn't have taken him to an R-rated movie.
ALEX: [indignantly] I wasn't scared!
MR. TURNER: [laughs] Well, I was terrified. Maybe we shouldn't take me to R-rated movies...

[The two parents laugh, and after a moment, Mrs. Turner turns around to look at Alex]

MRS. TURNER: You're weren't scared? Not even a little?

[Alex makes an embarrassed face]

ALEX: ...Maybe a little.

[Just then, Mr. and Mrs. Turner turn their attention back to the road, where they're shocked to see a man in a long leather trenchcoat and cowboy hat seated on a horse in the middle of the road. All three of them gasp in shock as Mr. Turner hits the brakes and screeches to a halt. The rider rears back, causing his horse to stand on its hind legs as it neighs loudly. Thunder and lightning rumble and strike overhead as the rider jumps down from his horse and makes his way toward the car, causing Mrs. Turner to look at her husband with a panicked expression as Alex's lip quivers in fear. Mrs. Turner gasps when she sees the rider pull out a handgun from the holster on his hip]

MRS. TURNER: Will, drive!

[As the rider slowly walks with his gun aimed at them, Mr. Turner attempts to put the car into reverse, but it won't work, as though the rider is influencing the machinery]


[When the attempts to flee from their mysterious assailant fail, Mrs. Turner, looking panicked, turns around to face the terrified Alex]

MRS. TURNER: Get down!

[Alex does as he's told and hides on the floor between the backseat and front seats while Mrs. Turner whimpers and clutches Mr. Turner's arm. Once the rider is a short distance away, he pulls the trigger of his gun, releasing a bullet with a greenish-blue glow that shatters the windshield entirely. Mrs. Turner screams in terror as the Ghost Rider leaps onto the hood of the car and yanks her husband out through the now-shattered windshield. A second later, the rider appears next to the car and demonstrates immense superhuman strength as he rips the passenger door off of its hinges and tosses it aside. Mr. Turner is nowhere to be found as the rider yanks Mrs. Turner out of the car as well, leaving Alex behind to soon be found by Hayden and Liam]


[Both Scott and Alex break out of the memory-manipulation ritual with a gasp as Scott staggers backward]


[Stiles rushes over to help Scott get his bearings while Sheriff Stilinski checks on Alex]

STILES: [concerned] What'd you see?

[Scott shakes his head slightly in disbelief before he answers]

SCOTT: I saw a guy on a horse...
STILES: [incredulously] Horse?
SCOTT: He had a gun.

[Sheriff looks both confused and concerned by this revelation]

SHERIFF: Okay, a guy with a gun? That sounds like my department, not yours.

[Stiles keeps his attention focused on Scott, clearly eager to learn all the details of the memories Scott read]

STILES: What about his parents? What happened to them?

[Scott screws up his face in concentration for a moment in an attempt to jog his memory of what he saw before he frowns in disappointment]

SCOTT: I don't know. That's all I remember. But...

[Scott inhales sharply before he continues]

SCOTT: I got this feeling...
SHERIFF: What kind of feeling?

[Before Scott can answer, Alex speaks up, looking scared]

ALEX: They're coming back. They're coming for me.


[At the Sheriff's Department's impound lot, Lydia has just approached the Turner family's car and gets inside, settling in the driver's seat and gripping the steering wheel in hopes of using psychometry to get a premonition of what happened. She looks up at the rear-view mirror and stares at her reflection for a long moment before speaking]

LYDIA: Hmmm.

[A shadowy figure in the backseat flails awkwardly before sitting up. It's Stiles, who was examining where Alex hid from the Ghost Rider before Lydia startled him. He looks at her with an eager expression, clearly expecting a revelation of some kind]

STILES: What????

[Lydia, still staring at her reflection, holds up her left hand and brushes her fingertips along her cheekbone so she can compare the mint green nail polish she's wearing against her skin tone]

LYDIA: This is a perfect shade for me. I forget the name.

[Stiles looks at Lydia with a mix of incredulity and exasperation]

STILES: Can we please stay on topic?

[Lydia sighs and wraps her fingers around the steering wheel again, concentrating for a moment in hopes of her Banshee senses picking up a clue before she sighs and gives up]

LYDIA: I'm not getting anything.

[Just then, Stiles, Lydia, and Scott (who had been examining the outside of the car) hear a coyote howl in the distance, and Lydia wastes no time getting out of the driver's seat to greet her, grabbing a bundle of clothes from the passenger seat as she does so. A moment later, a familiar-looking gray coyote with glowing blue eyes jumps over a stack of tires and trots over to Scott, Stiles, and Lydia before shifting into the body of a teenage girl, revealing that Malia has learned to actively full-shift into her coyote form. She is completely naked as she stands in front of her friends, who seem neither bothered nor surprised by her current appearance as Lydia tosses her clothes toward her so she can get dressed. Lydia then begins to give her a run-down of her thoughts on the matter at hand while Malia starts to put on her shorts]

LYDIA: I don't think they're dead.

[Malia gives Lydia a skeptical look as she pulls her shirt over her head to finish dressing]

MALIA: They're dead. Probably torn apart. The only thing I don't get is why there's no blood.

[It's clear by the look on Lydia's face that she disagrees with Malia's assessment]

LYDIA: They're not dead. If they were dead, I'd sense it.
MALIA: If they were alive, I'd smell it.

[Scott, who has been silent as he listened to the girls argue, looks grim as he interjects into their conversation]

SCOTT: Yeah, I'm not getting anything either.

[Stiles, who has just gotten out of the car to join them, jumps into the conversation as well]

STILES: [exasperatedly] Scott, what are you talkin' about? You were in his head for four minutes! I timed it.

[Scott shrugs, at a loss for options as to explain the evening's events, shrugs tiredly]

SCOTT:' Well, it's not an exact science... And he's a kid. Maybe he's too freaked out to remember?

[Malia seems confused about the purpose of their debate and frowns]

MALIA: Why does it matter if they're dead?
STILES: Dead is dead, okay? If it's just a robbery, we can't help them. And, if it's something supernatural, my dad can't help them.

[Lydia gives Stiles a stern look]

LYDIA: It sounds like you want it to be supernatural...

[Stiles, looking slightly embarrassed and uncomfortable, shrugs and starts to stammer as he defends himself]

STILES: [shrugs] It's been, like, three months since anything's happened...
LYDIA: [exasperatedly] Yeah, and once a week, you drag me out of bed like I'm some sort of supernatural metal detector!

[Stiles looks offended by what Lydia is implying]

STILES: Okay, it is way more often than that.

[Lydia rolls her eyes and gives him a look, but Stiles continues to argue]

STILES: You can't tell me that you think this is just some series of impossible coincidences?
LYDIA: What I'm saying is maybe that wouldn't be so bad.

[The scene cuts to some time later. Lydia and Malia seem to have left, and Stiles is sitting in the driver's seat of the Turner's car, staring at where the windshield used to be. After a moment, Scott walks over to him and leans against the driver's side door]

SCOTT: You're staring at a broken windshield.
STILES: [sighs] There's something wrong with it.
SCOTT: It's broken. And it wasn't a magic bullet. It was a regular bullet... that blew out a regular windshield.

[Scott gestures around at the other cars in the impound lot]

SCOTT: Just like that one... And that one...

[Scott lowers his voice to a dramatic whisper]

SCOTT: ...And that one...

[However, Scott and Stiles seem to realize that something is different about the Turner's windshield and share a wide-eyed look. Stiles looks ahead and plucks one of the broken shards of glass from the frame as he notices something strange about it]

STILES: Magic bullet...


[It is yearbook picture day at school, and Sydney is in charge of taking the photos. Malia is sitting on a stool in front of the photo background while a line of students wait their turn, and just as Sydney is about to take Malia's picture, Stiles rushes up to her]

STILES: Malia, so--

[The flash goes off, and when Malia realizes that he messed up her picture, she gives him a look that causes him to back away apologetically]

STILES: My bad! Sorry, go ahead. Look pretty!

[Malia sighs before smiling and preparing to get her picture taken a second time, only for Stiles to once again interrupt and try to update her, inadvertently getting in the frame just as Sydney clicks the button]

STILES: Once-- oh!

[Malia groans in annoyance and glares at Stiles]

MALIA: Ugh, that was a good one!

[Malia tries her best to get the picture right on the third and fourth tries, but Stiles once again steps in both times just like before. The students in line begin to get impatient and start to grumble loudly about how long it is taking as Malia snaps at him]

MALIA: Stiles!

[Sydney gives Stiles an impatient look as well]

SYDNEY: You're still in the photo.

[The chattering from the people still waiting in line gets louder as Stiles looks at them with a guilty expression]

STILES: Sorry...

[Finally, Malia loses her patience and groans once again as she gets up and drags Stiles to the picnic table outside where Scott and Lydia are waiting for them]

MALIA: You ruined it!

[Stiles balks at this accusation]

STILES: Why would I want to ruin your yearbook photo?

[Malia shoots him a stern look]

MALIA: Maybe because you haven't signed up for your own photo yet?

[Stiles smiles smugly as he digs into his pants pockets]

STILES: Yes, I did!

[Stiles pulls out a folded up sheet of paper and unfolds it before showing it to Malia, though he doesn't look at it for himself. When Malia sees that nothing is filled out, she looks at him in annoyance and confusion]

MALIA: It's blank!

[Stiles frowns and looks at the paper, and it's clear by his surprise that he thought he filled it out. After a moment, Scott, who is so busy with his own schoolwork that he doesn't immediately look up at his friends, pipes up with his own observation]

SCOTT: Or maybe you're sublimating the stress of graduating by avoiding key milestones?

[Lydia and Malia share a confused look before turning to stare blankly at Scott, and when Scott notices the silence, he looks up at them and gestures toward them with the pen in his hand]

SCOTT: Psych paper.

[Malia and Lydia nod in understanding]


[Stiles, trying to redirect Scott, Lydia, and Malia to the task at hand, gesticulates wildly to get their attention]

STILES: Hey, the deputies searched the car. No slugs, no exit hole. And, the address Alex gave my dad? It's an abandoned house.

[The three look at Stiles as though they don't understand where he's going with this, and when Stiles sees their questioning expressions, he starts to lose his patience as well]

STILES: Come on! Missing parents? Suspicious guy on horseback? Magic bullet? Who's coming with???

[Scott, Malia, and Lydia all seem completely unenthusiastic about this endeavor]

MALIA: I have to retake my photos.

[Lydia makes a face at Stiles]

LYDIA: Yeah... not interested...

[Scott is the only one who looks at all guilty about being unable to accompany Stiles]

SCOTT: I cannot miss any more classes.

[Stiles looks very disappointed in Scott and continues to protest as Scott tries to explain himself]

STILES: Scott--
SCOTT: I missed thirty-eight last semester.
STILES: Scott--
SCOTT: And Lydia's mom is the only reason I'm still in school.

[Scott's expression becomes kinder as he tries to compromise with his best friend]

SCOTT: I can go after school.

[Stiles, offended by the three of his friends declining his request to skip school and investigate the disappearance of Alex Turner's parents, immediately backtracks]

STILES: You know what? Forget it. I'll take Liam.

[Stiles turns to the left to find Liam so he can invite him to investigate, only to sigh when he finds Liam passionately making out with Hayden on a nearby park bench. After a moment, Scott, Lydia, and Malia look over and see them kissing as well, though the only one who looks surprised and annoyed by this is Stiles]

STILES: Yeah, I'm not taking Liam.

[Scott hums under his breath and shakes his head]

SCOTT: Mm-mmm.

[Just then, Sydney approaches them with her camera in hand and smiles at them]

SYDNEY: Can I get a candid?
STILES: Uh, no--

[Before Stiles can fully decline, Scott and Lydia pull Stiles down so he's sitting between them on the picnic table bench, and Malia, who has been sitting on the table, scoots over so they're all in the frame. Stiles pulls the shard of glass he found in the windshield the night before out of his pocket and hands it to Scott]

STILES: Okay, fine-- if you can explain to me why this is blue, I'll let it go.

[Scott looks stunned by the revelation that the glass has turned a translucent greenish-blue color, but before he can ponder how this happened, Sydney snaps him out of his reverie]

SYDNEY: Everyone smile!

[Scott tucks the shard into his pocket and looks up at the camera as he, Lydia, Malia, and the reluctant Stiles smile and allow Sydney to take a photo of them]


[The new science teacher, Garrett Douglas, has just finished drawing a cat on the blackboard with colored chalk as Liam, Hayden, Mason, and Corey sit in the same row of their physics class]

GARRETT: Shrödinger's Cat!

[When Garrett turns around, all of the girls (as well as Mason and Corey) stare at him dreamily, making it very obvious that they find him attractive. Garrett seems to notice this as well, but tries to make a joke to lighten the tension]

GARRETT: Ah, I can see I impressed you all with my artistic abilities.

[Hayden giggles loudly, and Liam, starting to get jealous of her attraction to their teacher, gives her a look as Garrett chuckles under his breath]

GARRETT: Schrödinger puts his cat in a box with poisonous food. Now, until he opens that box, the cat is, in theory, both alive and dead. But, when he opens it, it's either "Hello, Mittens," or "Goodbye, Socks."

[Once again, Hayden giggles loudly, along with several other girls in the class, which only makes Liam more exasperated as Garrett continues their lecture]

GARRETT: Putting aside the potential animal abuse here, what does it have to do with physics?

[All of the women in the class raise their hand, including Hayden, causing Garrett to call on her to answer the question]

GARRETT: Yes, Hayden?
HAYDEN: It illustrates the concept of quantum superposition. Light is both a particle and a wave until it is observed.

[Garrett smiles at her proudly]

GARRETT: Yes! Excellent answer. Very impressive.

[Garrett looks around at the rest of the class to continue on with the topic of discussion]

GARRETT: Does observing something change its behavior? Or alter its outcome? That's the question of today's lab on page 117. Break into groups of four.

[The class does as they are told, and, naturally, Liam, Hayden, Mason, and Corey all form their own group. As they do so, Mason, who is looking at something on his phone, frowns in concern]

MASON: Have any of you guys noticed that phones can't geolocate today?

[Mason holds up his phone, showing them the compass app he's pulled up on his screen, and when Liam sees the needle pointing to their right, he looks confused]

LIAM: Looks like it works...
MASON: Yeah, but that's not north.

[Mason points behind them, toward the chalkboard]

MASON: That is.

[Corey, who has pulled out his phone, joins the conversation]

COREY: Mine's doing it, too.

[They sigh and think about this for a moment before Mason finally speaks up]

MASON: Mr. Douglas has a compass.

[When Corey realizes what Mason is implying, he smirks and puts his hand on their work table, allowing himself to become invisible. He then quietly walks over to the nearby cabinet, slowly opening the door and taking out the compass, which he makes invisible by touching it, before closing the door again and walking back to the group. When he lays his hand on the table again, he becomes visible, and he looks proud of himself as he lifts up his hand and reveals the compass is under it. Mason picks the compass up and lifts the lid to find that the arrow on it isn't pointing north, either]

HAYDEN: What are you gonna do with it?

[Mason shrugs, looking excited about the prospect]

MASON: Follow it.
COREY: Seriously? Where do you think it goes?

[Mason shakes his head]

MASON: I have no idea... But we won't find out 'til we open the box.

[Hayden smiles, recognizing the reference, while Liam and Corey just frown in confusion]

HAYDEN: Schrödinger's Cat.

[This explanation does nothing to help Corey and Liam understand this concept of physics, and they continue to look at Hayden and Mason blankly]

COREY: I... I still don't get it.

[Meanwhile, Scott has brought the bluish-green shard of glass from the Turner family's car windshield to Mrs. Finch, who is examining it and sharing her theories with him]

MRS. FINCH: A chemical interaction could cause a tint...
SCOTT: What about the muzzle flash of a gun? Could that be blue or green?

[Mrs. Finch considers this question for a moment]

MRS. FINCH: A muzzle flash is created by super-heated gases leaving a gun.

[She pauses again to gather her thoughts]

MRS. FINCH: Um... It's possible that the gas could include copper, barium, cesium-- those can burn blue and green.
SCOTT: Can that tint the glass?

[Mrs. Finch looks at Scott with a mixture of confusion and concern]

MRS. FINCH: You think a gun did this?

[Scott, not wanting to share too much, answers the question vaguely]

SCOTT: Maybe...

[The scene cuts to after the meeting, where Scott has just caught up with Stiles in the hallway. He has apparently caught Stiles up on what he just learned from Mrs. Finch, and the two are quickly walking toward the door to leave]

STILES: Thirty-nine?

[Scott nods in agreement that he will be skipping yet another class as they leave the school. However, just as the double doors have closed themselves, they're opened again by Scott and Stiles as they're shoved back into the school by Natalie Martin, who is clutching their shoulders tightly and steering them through the doors with a stern expression]

NATALIE: Neither one of you are going anywhere. Thirty-eight classes, Scott. I had to beg the superintendent!

[Natalie lets go of the boys' shoulders as they stop in their tracks and try to reason with her]

STILES: Mrs. Martin, Scott is the sworn protector of Beacon Hills!
NATALIE: [unimpressed] He can protect it at 3:30.

[Stiles sighs as he and Scott turn to walk back to their class. Natalie watches them as they walk away from her, and Stiles lowers his voice to whisper into Scott's ear]

STILES: We're not waiting 'til 3:30.

[Scott shakes his head in agreement with Stiles as they head back to their history class]


[Scott, Stiles, and Lydia are sitting in a history classroom, where they're watching a documentary on a television that is clearly boring all of the students. Scott and Stiles are staring at the clock, and after a moment, Stiles squints strongly at the clock and gestures with his fingers, as though he was trying to use some kind of supernatural power to make the clock move until it read 3:30]

NARRATOR: [on video] ...Shattering the goal ninety minutes before H-hour, combat teams, each on a schedule, continued their unloading into assault boats. There would be little time before the first assault wave at the second...

[Suddenly, Lydia starts to hear a thunderstorm, although it is perfectly clear outside. After a moment, she starts to hear a female voice quietly humming and singing along with the rumbles of thunder and rainfall]

FEMALE VOICE: Killer on the road...

[Lydia frowns and seems to sense that she's having a Banshee premonitions, but doesn't quite know what it means]


[Sheriff Stilinski has just returned to his office, but when he sees that it's completely empty, he frowns and walks out into the bullpen]

SHERIFF: Clark, where's the kid?

[Valerie frowns for a moment before responding]

VALERIE: He was in there a second ago...

[Sheriff seems appalled by the fact that Alex was able to slip out of his office so easily without them knowing]

SHERIFF: This is a Sheriff's station. You-you don't lose a child in the Sheriff's station! Everybody stop what you're doing-- let's find the kid.

[The scene cuts to the holding cells, where Alex is sitting in the bench in the farthest cell. Sheriff Stilinski eventually finds him there and uses his keycard to open the door as he looks at the boy incredulously. After a moment, Valerie follows the Sheriff inside the room and waits outside the cell]

SHERIFF: Alex, what are you doin'?

[Alex, looking agitated and on edge, stands and rushes over to the door, clutching the bars as he desperately stares the Sheriff in the eyes]

ALEX: Can you lock me in?
SHERIFF: Well, you're not under arrest, and you're a minor...

[Valerie steps toward the Sheriff with a concerned look on her face]

VALERIE: Sir, we're required to call Child Protective Services.

[Alex only becomes more upset as he frantically gasps for breath]

ALEX: Please don't. Please let me stay. Please.

[Sheriff, both out of a desire to comfort the boy as well as to try to protect him from whatever took his parents, nods in agreement]

SHERIFF: We're leaving him here. Post a guard outside the door.

[Valerie seems confused by this decision, but doesn't question him]


[In history class, Scott, Stiles, and Lydia continue to watch the documentary on the television. It's clear that Scott and Stiles are still eager to get out of school as soon as possible so they can investigate the disappearance of Will Turner and his wife, and Lydia, who is still hearing the thunderstorm and the unknown female singing in a Banshee premonition, becomes more and more concerned]

NARRATOR: [in video] ...Smashed up the enemy's gun batteries farther inland. Yet, so ingeniously...

[Suddenly, the bell rings to conclude classes for the day, and the students stand to their feet and prepare to leave. Lydia is still distracted by the Banshee premonition, so it takes her a little longer to gather her things. When she finally stands and gets ready to leave, she's distracted by the sound of pouring rain and thunder, as well as the unknown female voice singing quietly throughout the storm]

FEMALE VOICE: [sings] Riders on the storm...

[Lydia looks at the big-screen television and frowns at the sight of the static on the screen, seemingly determining that the static is causing her to use sound divination for this auditory Banshee premonition]

FEMALE VOICE: [sings] Riders on the storm... Into this house we're born... Into this world we're thrown...

[When Lydia reaches out to touch the television, she's suddenly struck by a bolt of lightning and falls backward onto the floor, grimacing loudly as she does so]

LYDIA: Ahhh!

[Suddenly, a loud rumble of thunder is heard overheard as the scene cuts to the present, where Lydia is standing right in front of her desk in the classroom. The fluorescent lights are off, and she looks backwards and sees the teacher opening the blinds on the back wall of windows, paying no attention to Lydia's brief trance. The fact that all of this seemingly occurred while Lydia was unconsciously having a Banshee premonition seems to unnerve her, and, confused about what this premonition means, Lydia starts to walk out the door when she hears the unknown female voice singing indistinctly through the white noise once again]

FEMALE VOICE: [sings] Killer on the road...

[Lydia frowns in confusion and pauses for a moment before she continues walking out the door]


[Scott and Stiles have just arrived at the Turner family's house in Stiles' Jeep. The two depart the vehicle and walk up to the front steps to the house, which looks completely abandoned and disheveled. Stiles and Scott frown at the sight of it as they consider what they're dealing with]

STILES: That's not creepy at all.

[The two walk inside the house, and Scott turns on a flashlight in his hand as they look around. Just like with the exterior, the first floor of the inside of the house is completely empty and looks like it has been vacant for decades; everything is covered with dust and cobwebs, and there are no personal belongings to be seen. The floorboards creak under their feet as Scott and Stiles walk into the dining room, where two plates, two water glasses, and two wine glasses are sitting on the table, which like the foyer and living room, is covered in dust and bits of dried up leaves. After visually examining the room with the flashlight, Scott looks at Stiles with a concerned and confused expression]

SCOTT: You wanna split up?

[Stiles looks at Scott as though he's lost his mind]

STILES: Uh, absolutely not!

[After a strong gust of wind from outside causes the upstairs floorboards to creak as well, Scott jerks his head toward the staircase before he leads Stiles toward it so they can investigate the upstairs as well. Like the rest of the house, the staircase is rickety and covered in cobwebs, causing the boys to walk up the stairs slowly to ensure that they don't break anything. Upstairs, Scott and Stiles peek into every room they pass; while the rooms are completely free of furniture, decorations, or other personal belongings, they are at least clean and free of dust and cobwebs, unlike the downstairs. Confused, Scott and Stiles start to discuss what they have found so far]

SCOTT: Maybe Alex got the address wrong?
STILES: [grimly] Or he lied.
SCOTT: Why would he lie?

[Scott and Stiles make their way down the hallway, passing several more empty rooms, until they reach the end, where a chipped white wooden door is shut. The two share a hesitant look before Stiles, looking uneasy, steps forward and reaches out for the crystal doorknob, twisting it to open the door. When they walk inside, they are shocked to find that the room is clean, bright, and full of furnishings typical of a pre-teenage boy. It is clear by the photos on the wall that this is Alex's bedroom, and both Scott and Stiles are stunned by the confirmation that something supernatural is truly going on]

STILES: He didn't lie...
SCOTT: [shocked] Why didn't the cops say anything about this?

[Stiles shakes his head before answering Scott's question]

STILES: They don't know its here. They can't come here without a warrant, and there's no owner of record to serve a warrant to... So, unless there's some kind of threat or imminent danger, they wouldn't come in.

[Before Scott and Stiles can ponder this further, Scott freezes in place when he suddenly hear footsteps and creaking floorboards downstairs. Stiles becomes alarmed when he sees Scott frown in confusion and concern]

SCOTT: ...I think I heard something.

[Scott hesitates for a moment before he turns and walks out of the room to investigate. Stiles follows after Scott to accompany him, but on his way to the door, he becomes distracted by the photos hanging on the wall next to it. He steps over to get a closer look and frowns when he sees that every photograph is solely of Alex with no other people. Upon closer inspection, Stiles notices that one of the photos is in a frame with "#1 Dad" printed on it but does not feature Alex's father anywhere; it soon becomes clear that Alex's father has somehow been erased from the photo when Stiles notices that Alex appears to have his arm propped up as though he had rested it on his father's shoulder. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blows behind Stiles, startling him so much that he gasps]

[Meanwhile, Scott, still holding a lit flashlight, makes his way down the stairs and back into the completely empty living room. He then enters the dining room, once again making note of the empty plates and glasses set on the table until the sound of footsteps nearby causes him to look alarmed and uneasy. He's about to follow the sound when he glances back at the table and realizes to his shock that the plates that were just on the table have vanished; had it not been for the circles left behind in the thick layer of dust where the plates and glasses were just sitting, one would not know they had even been there]

[Back upstairs in Alex's room, Stiles sees that the bedskirt is seemingly blowing in the wind, and he kneels down on the floor next to the bed to see if the source of the wind is under it. However, when he peers underneath the skirt, he sees two horse hooves step into view, both of which are splattered with human blood. Horrified, Stiles backs away from the bed and looks up, expecting to see a horse standing behind the bed, but there is nothing to be seen]

[Downstairs, Scott is walking through the dining room toward the kitchen when he hears floorboards creaking near the foyer, causing him to rush toward the sound in hopes of finding who is in the house with them. However, as soon as he turns the corner toward the door, he runs straight into Liam and Mason, both of whom gasp in fright before realizing it is just Scott. All three of them catch their breath for a brief moment before speaking]

LIAM: What-what are you doing here?
SCOTT: This is Alex's house. What are you doing here?
LIAM: This is where the compass led us.
SCOTT: [frowns] What compass?

[Mason steps forward and holds out his right hand, which is holding the compass they stole from Mr. Douglas' cabinet at school. Scott frowns when he looks at the compass and sees that the needle is spinning around, seemingly of its own accord]

[Up in Alex's room, Stiles is so terrified by what he just saw that he rushes out of the room and slams the door shut, leaning his body against it for a moment to catch his breath. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind starts blowing dried leaves through the hallway, just as they did the night before when Alex's parents were taken. Stiles looks uneasy as he searches for the source of the wind, and he's visibly startled when he turns back to see the cowboy from Alex's memories standing in the hallway behind him]

[Back downstairs, Scott, Mason, and Liam are still watching in confusion and fear as the needle of the compass spins around]

SCOTT: ...Why's it doing that?
MASON: I have no idea.

[Liam pulls his phone out of his pocket and looks at the screen before holding it out for Scott and Mason to see. The compass app has been pulled up, but the needle on it is also spinning around, with a "??" in the center where the direction should be indicated]

LIAM: They're all doing it.

[In the upstairs hallway, Stiles is staring at the cowboy in horror as he removes his pistol from his hip holster and aims it at him]

STILES: [horrified] Wait!

[Despite Stiles' pleas, the cowboy walks toward him and pulls the trigger of his gun, causing bluish-green energy to be discharged at him. Stiles flails as he ducks down, causing the bullet to hit the door behind him right above his head, and as the man continues to shoot at him, Stiles flattens himself on the floor and covers his face with his hands]

[Suddenly, the compass in Mason's hand spins so hard that the glass face shatters, startling Scott, Mason, and Liam, who had been watching the compass intently. When they hear a thumping noise upstairs, they run up the staircase to find Stiles recovering from the shock of being shot at by the mysterious man, who has since vanished. Stiles is in the middle of standing to his feet when the other three finally catch up with him]

SCOTT: What? What happened?
STILES: He was here. He shot at me!

[Stiles points at the bullet holes in the door to Alex's room It was one of the guys you saw in Alex's memory.

MASON: The guy who took his parents?
STILES: No, no, no... They weren't just taken-- they were made to disappear. That's why there's no furniture, that's why they weren't in any of the photos... They were erased.

[Scott and Stiles share a terrified look before Stiles turns and runs toward Alex's room. As soon as he opens the door, they are all stunned to find that the room is completely empty-- every piece of furniture, every photo, and every toy has vanished]


[Night has fallen, and Stiles and Lydia are walking together outside of the high school as they discuss what Scott and Stiles just learned. While they walk, Stiles flips through an old book as he skims the pages]

STILES: I keep feeling like it's familiar, you know? Like I've heard it before.
LYDIA: Pensée a civage? It's French for "a lingering thought you can't reach."
STILES: [frustrated] Okay, well, is there a French word for "feeling an overwhelming sense of urgency and impending doom?"

[Lydia rolls her eyes and shrugs]

LYDIA: Féminine un fille phantom? It's French for "Banshee."

[Stiles stops walking and gives Lydia an exasperated look]

STILES: Okay, what-what does your Banshee intuition say this is?

[Lydia sighs and looks Stiles in the eyes]

LYDIA: That you don't have to figure it all out right this second?

[Stiles' expression softens, and his voice gets quieter]

STILES: But this kid... this kid's got no one, you know? And... There's a reason why. There's gotta be.

[Just then, Lydia frowns as she once again hears thunder rumbling overhead, despite the fact that the sky is totally clear. When she begins to hear the woman's voice faintly singing again, Lydia looks confused as she repeats the words]

LYDIA: Give this man a ride, sweet family will die... Killer on the road...

[Stiles frowns when he recognizes the lyrics to the song she just quoted]

STILES: "Riders on the Storm?"

[Lydia jerks to attention as though she's just been broken out of a trance]

LYDIA: What?
STILES: [confused] That's the song? "Riders on the Storm?"

[Lydia's eyes widen when she suddenly gets an idea]

LYDIA: That's it!
STILES: ...What's it?
LYDIA: The Ghost Riders! The Wild Hunt. They come by storm, riding horses, and they take people.

[When Stiles realizes that this fits exactly what has just happened to the Turner family, he becomes excited]

STILES: Lydia, you're so smart I could kiss you right now.

[Lydia makes a face and pulls away from him]

LYDIA: Do not kiss me.

[Stiles seems torn between listening to her and teasing her and decides to compromise by kissing her quickly on the cheek and running away before she can object]

STILES: Did it anyway!

[Lydia watches Stiles as he runs away and smiles despite herself]

[Meanwhile, inside the school, Hayden and Liam have just finished their respective sports practice when Mason runs to catch up with them]

MASON: Hey, guys! Wait up!

[He finally manages to make it to them and holds out the compass, whose face he has messily repaired with super-glue]

MASON: I fixed it.

[Liam and Hayden share a look before Liam attempts to be supportive]

LIAM: [nervously] Uhh, perfect! Looks brand new.

[Hayden looks at Liam and Mason as if they're crazy]

HAYDEN: He's going to notice.

[Mason shakes his head with confidence]

MASON: Nah, he'll never notice. We'll just put the compass back and figure out a way to help Scott.
HAYDEN: [confused] Or, just put the compass back...
MASON: We can't leave it all to Scott.
HAYDEN: Why not? He's the Alpha?

[Liam looks nervous about the fact that Scott will be leaving for college soon]

LIAM: Not for long...

[Hayden continues to look skeptical]

HAYDEN: Who's gonna take his place?

[This comment clearly hurts Liam's feelings, though he tries not to show it]

LIAM: You don't think I could be the Alpha...?

[Hayden, realizing that she inadvertently offended Liam, starts to backpedal]

HAYDEN: No! No, I wasn't saying that. It's just... Magnetic anomalies and guys on horseback stealing people?
LIAM: We can't just stay out of it...

[The thought of doing their jobs without Scott and the other older members of the pack starts to visibly worry the three of them, especially Hayden]

HAYDEN: [stammers] What's gonna happen when Scott graduates? When there's no one here to figure things out?

[Liam, now obviously insecure about Hayden's comments, nervously tries to argue his case]

LIAM: I can be the--

[Mason and Hayden give Liam a look when his voice is unnaturally high from his nerves, and he clears his throat and clicks his tongue before he continues in a deeper tone of voice]

LIAM: Um... I can be the Alpha.

[Mason, seeing that his best friend needs his back-up, jumps into the conversation]

MASON: He can be the Alpha!

[Liam looks grateful for Mason's support before turning back to Hayden]

LIAM: Yeah.

[Hayden looks exasperated for a brief moment before she catches a scent and turns her head to try to determine the source of it. Liam frowns, thinking that she' doubting him, before he, too, catches the same scent and tries to figure out where it's coming from as well. Mason looks alarmed and knows that something is up]

MASON: What is it?
LIAM: It's blood.


[Scott, wearing his work-out gear and carrying his lacrosse bag and stick, is walking away from the field when Stiles runs toward him with news of what he's figured out]

STILES: Scott? Scott! Hey! Hey, it's called the Wild Hunt. It's a myth... Only apparently, it's real, like every other myth in this town that should just really remain a nightmare.

[Scott, realizing what Stiles is talking about, stops walking and looks him in the eyes]

SCOTT: The guy on the horse?
STILES: Yeah, they call them Ghost Riders.

[Stiles is momentarily distracted from his explanation when he sees a group of lacrosse players walking through the tunnel, one of whom is wearing a jersey with the number 24 on it]

STILES: Hang on one second-- hey! That's my jersey! Where'd you get that?

[The lacrosse player with Stiles' jersey doesn't even stop walking to respond]

LACROSSE PLAYER: Coach gave it to me at practice.

[Stiles looks at Scott exasperatedly]

STILES: We had practice?! Why doesn't anyone tell me anything?

[Scott sighs before steering Stiles back to the task at hand by putting a hand on his shoulder]

SCOTT: Why would the Ghost Riders want to take Alex's parents?
STILES: Because that's what they do. They take people, okay? They run around, collecting souls, and once they take you, you're gone.

[Scott pauses for a brief moment as he considers this]

SCOTT: But it's not just you-- it's everything about you.
STILES: Yeah, like how they took Alex's room.
SCOTT: [concerned] Does that mean Alex is next?

[Scott and Stiles share an alarmed look]


[Lydia is sitting alone in a dark, empty classroom, deep in thought, when Malia walks through the door toward her, holding her cell phone in her hand]

MALIA: Got your text. You said you needed my help?

[When Malia gets closer to Lydia, she sees that Lydia has pulled up a web page on the Wild Hunt on her laptop, and when Malia realizes she's trying to figure out a Banshee premonition, she groans]

MALIA: Oh God-- that kind of help.

[Lydia looks at Malia with worry]

LYDIA: Something terrible is going to happen.
MALIA: [sighs] Okay... What is it?
LYDIA: I don't know... That's why I need your help.

[Meanwhile, Hayden, Liam, and Mason have just met back up after searching the school for the source of the blood scent, having had no luck]

LIAM: I can't find the source.
HAYDEN: It's like it's coming from everywhere.
MASON: [frowns] How is that possible?
LIAM: Maybe it's coming from more than one place.
HAYDEN: [worriedly] In more than one piece.

[Suddenly, Mason gets an idea and looks up at the ceiling]

MASON: If it's in the air, could it be coming out of the vents?

[Hayden and Liam join Mason in looking up at the ceiling, where air is billowing out of the vents]


[Alex is still sitting on the bench in the holding cell, looking worried, when suddenly, a strong gust of wind begins to blow dried leaves across the cement floor]


[Liam, Hayden, and Mason are outside of the exterior door to the school's boiler room, where Liam is preparing himself to barrel toward the door with his body]

LIAM: [anxiously] Stand back.

[Liam takes a deep breath to prepare before launching himself toward the door with a battle cry. However, Mason, knowing the door is unlocked, opens it before Liam makes contact with it, causing Liam to run through the entrance and run into one of the metal shelves. Judging by the clattering sound that follows, Liam has hit one of the shelves and knocked it over, causing Mason and Hayden to share a knowing look]

MASON: It's open.

[Hayden and Mason follow Liam into the boiler room, not realizing that a shadowy figure (Garrett Douglas) is watching them from the catwalk outside. Inside the room, the three make their way past all of the machinery as Liam and Hayden track the scent to a closet in the back of the room. Liam reaches out his hand to grab the doorknob, looking backward at Hayden and Mason for moral support before twisting the handle and opening the door. Despite their assumption that there was a dead body in the closet, they still gasp in shock when they find the helium truck driver from earlier, Nick Mazzara, slumped on the floor of the closet. His body falls over and lands at their feet, revealing that his skull has been cracked open, much to Hayden, Liam, and Mason's horror]


[The gust of wind blowing around the holding cells gets stronger and stronger as Alex looks up to see where its coming from. He's alarmed when he sees the ceiling begin to crumble in the center as a hole forms and ducks down into the corner in hopes of protecting himself from the falling plaster. Suddenly, lightning strikes, and Alex's eyes widen in fear as the ceiling opens up, revealing swirling blackness as though it has become a portal of sorts]

[After the break, Scott and Stiles rush into the holding cell area, followed by Valerie Clarke, who looks confused when the two stop in shock upon seeing that Alex's cell is empty and turn to her for answers]

STILES: Where's the kid? What happened to him?

[Valerie frowns in confusion and looks at Stiles warily]

VALERIE: What kid?

[Stiles looks exasperated by the fact that Valerie has forgotten about Alex]

STILES: Alex? The kid from the car wreck? The kid whose parents went missing last night?

[Valerie looks dumbfounded by this line of questioning]

VALERIE: Who's Alex?

[Stiles starts to lose his patience and sighs as he tries to jog her memory]

STILES: Clark, listen to me-- he was here, okay? You met him.

[Valerie looks at Stiles and shrugs as though she doesn't know what else to tell him, and Scott decides to change the subject due to the time-sensitivity of their current situation]

SCOTT: Where's the Sheriff?

[Valerie looks relieved to actually have an answer to this question]

VALERIE: He got called out to the high school. They found a body.

[Noticing the confusion on Stiles' face, Valerie returns to the original topic]

VALERIE: No one's been in lock-up all day.

[She reaches behind her and grabs a nearby clipboard before handing it to Stiles]

VALERIE: Check for yourself.

[Stiles quickly skims through the sign-in sheets while Scott examines the now-empty holding cell, which bears no signs of the hole in the ceiling through which the Ghost Riders traveled. Both boys look horrified when they find no sign of Alex's presence]

STILES: He's not on here.

[Stiles is so shocked that his voice drops to a whisper]

STILES: They took him.

[Scott looks at Stiles with wide eyes]

SCOTT: I shouldn't have left him alone.
STILES: He knew they were coming for him.
SCOTT: What if they're coming back for everyone else who was on that road?
STILES: [grimly] Then we already know who's next...
SCOTT: [horrified] Liam and Hayden.


[Scott and Stiles have just returned to the high school, where Sheriff's deputies are examining the crime scene as a result of the body Liam, Hayden, and Mason found earlier. Police cruisers are in front of the school with their lights flashing red and blue as Scott and Stiles run as fast as they can through the main entrance, which is full of people being questioned by police and waiting for news. They skid to a halt when they see how many people are milling around, and Scott looks at Stiles with a worried expression]

SCOTT: I'll check the quad. Let me know if you find them, and see if your dad knows anything.
STILES: Yeah, okay.

[Scott starts to jog toward the quad when Stiles, looking anxious, stops him]

STILES: Hey, Scott, wait...

[Scott immediately turns around and jogs back to Stiles, who seems to be concerned that he will be taken and attempts to say his last goodbyes just in case, though he struggles to find the right words]

STILES: Um, I-I just, uh... I wanted to say, um...

[Scott, unaware of Stiles' fear of being the Ghost Riders' victim and intent to return to the task at hand, speaks up when Stiles is unable to finish his train of thought]

SCOTT: Tell me later.
STILES: [anxiously] Yeah, all right...

[Stiles looks hesitant, but doesn't stop Scott as he once again runs away. This time, Stiles does the same by running in the opposite direction, but nearly bowls Natalie Martin over in the process]

NATALIE: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
STILES: Sorry!
NATALIE: Slow it down!
STILES: Sorry, Ms. Martin, sorry. Hey, have you seen, uh, Liam and Hayden? Actually, forget that-- have you seen my dad?

[Natalie looks at Stiles with a puzzled expression]

STILES: My dad? He's here because of the body?

[Natalie's eyes widen in surprise and concern at this statement, and she lowers her voice to a whisper]

NATALIE: How do you know about the body?

[Just like before with Valerie, Stiles becomes impatient and exasperated at how difficult it is for Natalie to understand what he's talking about]

STILES: ...Because my dad's the Sheriff? Ms. Martin, are you okay?

[Behind them, police officers are wheeling the body of Nick Mazzarra out of the school, and Natalie is unable to conceal her nervousness before she rushes toward them]

NATALIE: Uh... just wait here.

[Stiles watches Natalie walk toward the police officers for a brief moment before he turns and rushes in the opposite direction toward the back doors of the entrance hall]

[Meanwhile, Malia and Lydia are still in the empty history classroom, where they are researching the Wild Hunt on Lydia's MacBook and discussing how their presence could affect things]

MALIA: When did you have the premonition?
LYDIA: I was with Stiles. We realized it was the Wild Hunt. The Riders, the horses... [She sighs] Souls getting swept up...

[Lydia turns her laptop so Malia can see the page on the Wild Hunt that she pulled up, and Malia leans over her shoulder and reads a sentence aloud]

MALIA: "Those who see the Wild Hunt, beware, for you are already lost."

[In a stairwell around the corner from the entrance hall, Stiles is walking around aimlessly until he finally sees Mason and wastes no time rushing over to talk to him]

STILES: Mason! Mason, hey! Where's Liam?

[Just then, Liam and Hayden, both of whom are still in their workout gear from when they had lacrosse and soccer practice earlier, turn the corner to follow Mason and are instantly accosted by Stiles as well]

STILES: Liam? Okay, there you go. Liam, Hayden, perfect. You two-- you two have to listen to me right now.

[Liam, Hayden, and Mason all look at Stiles with gaping mouths and wide eyes, clearly alarmed by his behavior, though Stiles takes no notice of this and instead barrels ahead with his explanation]

STILES: Alex is gone, just like his parents, okay? The Ghost Riders took him, so you guys, you can't be alone. You gotta stick with Scott or with me, because I can see them.

[The three of them remain silent and look at Stiles with concern and alarm, causing Stiles to become impatient and frustrated]

STILES: ...Why the hell are you looking at me like that?

[Hayden, dumbfounded, struggles to come up with an appropriate response to Stiles' question. After a moment, she leans to the side and whispers in Liam's ear]

HAYDEN: Do we even know him?

[Liam, keeping one eye on Stiles, whispers back in Hayden's ear]

LIAM: I don't even know if he goes here...

[Mason, overhearing their whispered conversation and clearly worried about Stiles, addresses him with a patient and kind expression, assuming that Stiles needs some kind of psychological help]

MASON: Do you go to this school?
LIAM: What's your name?

[Stiles is visibly horrified by the fact that his three friends and packmates, just like Natalie, don't seem to remember he exists, and when he thinks about it more, he's transported into several flashbacks from earlier in the day]


[The scene cuts back to earlier, during yearbook photographs, when Malia, Lydia, and Scott sat at a picnic table, where they discussed Stiles' reaction to their impending graduation after interrupting Malia's yearbook photoshoot]

MALIA: You haven't signed up for your own photo yet.

[Stiles, looking smug, reaches into his pocket and pulls out the yearbook form]

STILES: Yes, I did!

[Malia opens the folded form and rolls her eyes before showing it to him]

MALIA: It's blank'!

[Stiles snatches the form back from Malia and is horrified to find that somehow, the information he recorded on the form had been erased]

[The scene cuts to a few hours earlier, when Stiles was informing Scott about how they were dealing with the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt. As they're walking through the tunnel on the way back to the lacrosse field, they're passed by a group of young lacrosse players, one of whom is wearing a familiar-looking jersey with the number 24 on it]

STILES: Excuse me, that's my jersey! Where did you get that?
LACROSSE PLAYER: Coach gave it to me at practice.


[Stiles gasps in shock when he realizes that he, like Alex and his parents, is being targeted by the Wild Hunt]

[Sheriff Stilinski, who has just finished updating his deputies about the case, has turned to walk down the hall when Stiles rushes toward him, looking extremely anxious and scared]

SHERIFF: Son, you okay?
STILES: [sighs] Oh, thank God!

[Stiles instantly dives forward to give the Sheriff a big hug]

STILES: Thank God! Okay...

[Stiles takes a deep breath as he pulls away from his father, though he keeps his hands on his arms to focus the Sheriff's attention on him]

STILES: Everyone's forgetting. Everyone is forgetting everything--

[The Sheriff, looking concerned, holds up his hands to indicate Stiles should stop what he's doing]

SHERIFF: Okay, okay, slow down, slow down. We'll figure this out together.
STILES: [pants] Okay.

[Stiles seems somewhat relieved for the Sheriff's help and nods as he catches his breath]

SHERIFF: Now, why don't you tell me your name?

[The shock of this reaction causes Stiles to immediately yank himself out of the Sheriff's hold before backing up and running away, absolutely devastated that even his father does not seem to remember he exists. Tears fill his eyes as he rushes away, and the Sheriff looks both confused and concerned about Stiles' behavior]

[Stiles has stopped in the entrance hall, where he pulls out his phone and shakily dials Scott's number. After several rings, Scott answers it, and Stiles doesn't even give him a chance to say "Hello" before he blurts out his name]

STILES: Scott?
SCOTT: [on the phone] Hey--

[Stiles, in his fear and desperation, cuts him off once again]

STILES: Scott, where are you? Where are you right now?

[Scott pauses for a long moment before he finally speaks in a confused voice]

SCOTT: Who is this?

[Stiles begins to hyperventilate as though he's about to have a panic attack, and he absentmindedly drops the hand that is holding his phone as he's transported into flashbacks to earlier that day]


[At the SHERIFF'S STATION, Valerie looks at Stiles and Scott with confusion as they try to check up on Alex]

STILES: Alex? The kid from the car wreck? The kid whose parents went missing last night?
VALERIE: Who's Alex?


[Back in the history classroom, Lydia has just come to a shocking conclusion about the Wild Hunt, and her eyes widen in horror as she turns to tell Malia what she's figured out]

LYDIA: Horses-- he saw them. He saw the Wild Hunt!

[Lydia jumps to her feet and prepares to leave as she looks Malia in the eyes]

LYDIA: Where's Stiles?

[Malia frowns in confusion before she responds]

MALIA: Who's Stiles?

[Lydia only becomes more horrified by the revelation that even Malia doesn't remember Stiles]

[Meanwhile, back at the entrance hall, Stiles has come to a similar conclusion and mutters to himself under his breath]

STILES: It's me... I'm next.

[The camera quickly pulls away from Stiles as Megan Washington's cover of "Riders on the Storm" begins to play once again]


[Stiles has just run through the double doors at the entrance and is headed into the parking lot when Lydia, running as fast as she can, chases after him in an attempt to get his attention]

LYDIA: Stiles!

[Stiles is shocked to see Lydia as he rushes toward her and lightly grips her arms]

STILES: Lydia? You know me?

[When he realizes that she does, he sighs in relief]

STILES: Oh, thank God! You know me!
LYDIA: I know you... But I think everybody else is forgetting.

[Though Stiles already knew this was true, the confirmation that everyone else he knows has forgotten him clearly hurts him. However, when he glances over Lydia's shoulder, he sees that the wind is blowing dried leaves across the parking lot toward them. As he looks around for the source, he sees another Ghost Rider on a horse standing several meters away from them and looks horrified]

STILES: Hey, do you see him?

[Lydia, looking worried, turns to follow Stiles' line of sight, but she is unable to see the Ghost Rider staring at them]

LYDIA: See what?
STILES: The guy on the horse...

[When Lydia realizes what Stiles is talking about, she turns back to face him with a scared look on her face]

LYDIA: Stiles, if you can see them, they're gonna...

[Stiles cups Lydia's face in his hands and tries to soothe her worries despite being terrified himself]

STILES: No, I know. I know. Okay, they're coming for me, so you have to get away from me right now, okay?

[Lydia looks at him as though he's crazy]

LYDIA: I'm not leaving you!

[Stiles sighs in exasperation and gives her a look before putting his arm around her and pulling her in the opposite direction of the Ghost Rider]

STILES: [sighs] All right, come on! Come on!

[Stiles grabs Lydia by the hand and pulls her toward the parking lot as he shouts instructions in a panicked voice]

STILES: This way. This way. Come on!

[They're about to keep going when suddenly, another Ghost Rider on a horse appears, forcing them to change directions once again]

STILES: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, this way. Keep going.

[When they turn to go another way, Stiles stops them once again upon seeing a third Ghost Rider on horseback blocking their path. The three Ghost Riders trot closer and closer to Stiles and Lydia, leaving Stiles at a loss for options as to how to get away. Lydia pants for breath as she looks at Stiles with a fearful expression]

LYDIA: [pants] Where are they?
STILES: They're everywhere.

[Realizing that they're close to his Jeep, Stiles puts an arm in front of Lydia and steers her away from the Riders before quickly pulling her in between two of them in order to make a bee-line for the vehicle]

STILES: Come on! Come on! Come on! Lydia, don't look at them, okay? Don't try to scream-- they'll take you, too. Just do not look at them.
LYDIA: I won't. I won't!

[The two climb into Stiles' Jeep as fast as they can, slamming the doors behind them before Stiles fumbles with his keys in an attempt to start the engine so they can leave. However, when Stiles puts the keys in the ignition, he looks up and sees that the Wild Hunt has surrounded the Jeep, causing him to hesitate. hesitates in turning the key in the ignition, Lydia looks at him with worry and incredulity]

LYDIA: What are you doing? We need to go!

[Stiles hesitates for a moment and pulls the key out of the ignition before looking at Lydia with a defeated expression]

STILES: There's no time.

[Stiles turns in his seat so he can grab Lydia's hands and squeeze them as he looks her in the eyes]

STILES: Lydia, I'm going to be erased, okay? Just like Alex. You're gonna forget me.

[Tears fill Lydia's eyes as she shakes her head frantically]

LYDIA: I won't! No, I won't. I won't!
STILES: Lydia, you will. Just try to find some way to remember me, okay? Remember how you were the first girl I ever danced with?

[Lydia's lip quivers as she tries to keep herself from crying, and Stiles looks scared and worried despite his attempts to hide it]

STILES: Or how I had a crush on you freshman year?

[Lydia can't help but smile despite herself and nods her head as she remembers]

STILES: ...Sophomore year? ...Junior year? Remember how you saved my life?

[Lydia's voice is quiet and scared as she nods in agreement]

LYDIA: You saved my life, too.

[Stiles squeezes Lydia's hands as the Ghost Riders get closer to the Jeep and he whispers quietly to her]

STILES: Just remember... Remember I love you.

[Before Lydia or Stiles can respond further, the Ghost Riders yank the door to the Jeep open and pull Stiles out as Lydia gasps in shock. The Ghost Riders then vanish as the Jeep door telekinetically shuts itself. After a moment, Lydia's face goes blank, and she mutters to herself in an effort to hold onto her memories of what just happened]

LYDIA: Remember... Remember... Remember...


[Lydia walks into school the next day with her books in hand. Students are milling around in the entrance hall, and ahead to the right, Liam, Mason, Hayden, and Corey are standing next to the row of lockers as they talk. When they see her, they all smile and wave at her, but it's clear by the confused look on Lydia's face that something doesn't feel right to her as she watches the students walking and talking around her. After a moment, Malia walks into the hall and stops with a frown when she sees Lydia standing with a confused expression on her face]

MALIA: You okay?
LYDIA: I have this feeling that I was supposed to do something...

[Scott, who has just walked into the hallway himself, joins Malia and Lydia in front of the double doors and looks confused himself]

SCOTT: Do what?

[Lydia looks concerned by her lack of memory]

LYDIA: I can't remember...


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