"What if there is no stopping it? What if it doesn't end until we're all dead?"
"Then let's send a message. Let's make something perfectly clear to anyone with a copy of that list. It doesn't matter if they're professional assassins, hunters, or an amateur with a gun: anyone who thinks they can hunt and kill us for money is gonna be put on another list-- our list. They get to be a name on our Deadpool."

Monstrous is the tenth episode of Season 4 and the fifty-eighth episode of the series.

Synopsis Edit

Scott and Kira protect the remnants of Satomi's Pack while Malia and Stiles team up to uncover the origins of the Deadpool.

Recap Edit

Kira saves Brett Talbot and another werewolf named Lori from a team of hunters who are after them due to their prices on the Deadpool. Scott races to the Clinic, reunites with Kira and meets Satomi and her pack. Stiles and Malia reconcile and discovers that the tape left by Lydia's grandmother was made at the boathouse. Meanwhile, Lydia tries to get Meredith to talk, but Meredith says that she will only talk to Peter Hale. After realizing that Meredith knew him while he was comatose, Peter uses the werewolf ability to read minds in order to find out how. Lydia discovers that during her stay in the hospital, Meredith was placed in the same room as Peter. She involuntarily listened to Peter's thoughts, particularly a mad raving where he plotted to hire the assassins of the Deadpool to kill off the supernaturals of Beacon Hills and create a stronger breed in his image, and was influenced by those thoughts. When Meredith heard Lydia's scream at the moment when Allison was killed by the Oni, she decided to carry out Peter's plan; she used Brunski to steal Peter's money from the Hale vault, and hired the assassins to eliminate every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills except Peter. The hunters track down Satomi's pack and Braeden, Chris, Derek, Kira and Scott fight them off. During the fight, Scott further transforms into a new form during a frenzy, but is able to regain control when the hunter he was fighting surrenders. Stiles and Malia discover a room filled with old computer servers behind the wall of the soundproof study at the lake house, which house the deadpool. Thanks to Lydia's instructions, they are able to shut down the computers, deactivating the deadpool and terminating all of the Benefactor's contracts. With their contracts terminated, the remaining hunters withdraw. Peter meets with Kate and, despite being rattled by his encounter with Meredith, continues with his plan to kill Scott and steal his Alpha powers.

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Continuity Edit

  • The Deadpool hit-list is finally shut down by Stiles and Malia. The Deadpool assassinations began in Muted after the theft of the $117 million dollars of bearer bonds from the Hale Vault in 117.
  • Scott transforms into a more monstrous Werewolf form than usual for the first time in this episode. It is unknown if this is due to him temporarily losing control while fighting the assassins or if this is actually his True Alpha form.
  • It is revealed that while Meredith Walker was technically The Benefactor (with help from Brunski, her accomplice), she actually got the idea from Peter Hale while they were hospitalized together in the years after the Hale House Fire due to Meredith's curious connection to Peter's mind while he was in a coma.
  • The fallen members of the Beacon Hills Packs are referenced by Scott in a conversation with Liam.
  • The surviving members of Satomi Ito's pack appear in this episode for the first time, including Brett Talbot's little sister Lorilee Rohr. The other members of the pack were killed by The Chemist using his modified canine distemper virus in Orphaned.
    • Brett also appears in this episode. He was last seen in Orphaned.
  • Kira returns in this episode after having been in Palo Alto at the hospital with Noshiko since the end of Time of Death.
  • Peter's flashbacks reveal that he knew the Argent Family would be coming for the Hale Family prior to the Hale House Fire. The Hale House Fire occurred roughly six years before the events of Wolf Moon.
  • Stiles and Malia rekindle their romantic relationship in this episode. They "broke up" in Weaponized after Malia learned that he and Scott had lied to her about Peter being her biological father.
  • It is finally confirmed in this episode that Peter and Kate are working together, and that Peter intends to kill Scott. Peter first offered his assistance to her in Orphaned.
  • Stiles references his last MRI when Melissa McCall insists that he needs a CT scan to make sure he didn't get seriously injured by the concussion he got from being hit by Brunski in Perishable. The MRI he is referring to was performed in Riddled.
  • The reemergence of yellow wolfsbane occurs in this episode when Chris Argent steals a large plant of it from a wolfsbane growhouse. This will not come back into play until the Season 4 finale Smoke and Mirrors and Codominance.
  • It is revealed that though Lorraine Martin was on the list of Eichen House patients killed by Brunski that was uncovered in Perishable, she wasn't actually killed at Eichen House, but in her Banshee study at the Martin Lake House.
  • Peter performs the memory-sharing ritual on Meredith in this episode, which has not been used since Season 3's De-Void.
  • Sheriff Stilinski references the first time he let Peter walk away after killing someone in The Benefactor when he is forced to let Peter go again in this episode. He then says that there won't be a third time, possibly foreshadowing the fact that the McCall Pack and their allies will eventually stop him at the end of the season.
  • Meredith references Peter's quote from the end of the Season 3A finale Lunar Ellipse after he killed Jennifer Blake on top of the Nemeton-- "I am the Alpha. I have always been the Alpha!"

Trivia Edit

  • The title refers to Scott's brief monstrous transformation, Satomi and Argent's conversation about Werewolves being violent creatures, and Lydia and Meredith's conversation, where Lydia stated, "Not all monsters do monstrous things."
  • It was discovered that the old-fashioned computers that run the Deadpool were hidden behind the wall in Lorraine Martin's study at the Martin lake house, which Stiles and Malia were able to shut down with a key hidden in an old wine bottle.
  • It was also discovered that Lorraine predicted all of the deaths of those on the Deadpool prior to her death, which is why she left the computer code, Mountain Ash, and other clues for Lydia to find near her eighteenth birthday.
  • Lily Bleu Andrew, who plays Lorilee Rohr, is the sister of Claire Bryétt Andrew (who plays Sydney) and the daughter of Tim Andrew, a director and executive producer of Teen Wolf.

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Soundtrack Edit

  • "Echoes" by Eliza Hull
    • Malia and Stiles rekindle their relationship at the hospital with a kiss.

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