Nathan Pierce is a character being introduced during Season 6 of MTV's Teen Wolf. According to a recent interview from TVLine[1], he is a sexy new member of the lacrosse team who doesn't believe in the supernatural.

History Edit

There is currently nothing known of Nathan's life prior to his introduction into the series.

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

Season 6Edit

In Superposition, Nathan and Malia Tate had sex in her room. After settling down, Nathan tried to get comfortable by spooning with Malia from behind. However, it quickly became clear that she was uncomfortable with being the "little spoon," so she flipped him over in order to be behind him instead, wrapping her arms around him tightly in the process. This act in turn made Nathan uncomfortable, but when he tried to suggest they switch positions, Malia, visibly tired, simply shushed him without opening her eyes.

As Nathan tried to adjust to their new sleep arrangement, he noticed a carpet bag full of chains and restraints she used to use for full moons laying in the corner and became even more unsettled. He attempted to bring up the chains, but Malia cut him off, stating that it was "nothing" before shushing him and trying to go back to sleep.

In Sundowning, Nathan sent out a mass text to the entire school in order to announce and invite his fellow students to a "start of the lacrosse season" party at his house that evening, a party that would be including a keg and a live DJ.

That night, when Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt, Hayden Romero, and Corey Bryant managed to get the party relocated to the McCall House in an attempt to use its built-in mountain ash barrier to protect their fellow classmate, Gwen, Nathan became furious. He went on to confront Liam at the party, shoving him against the wall and accusing him of "stealing" his party before demanding to know if Liam intended to steal lacrosse captain from him as well. Liam, not wanting to reveal his supernatural nature, stammers that he didn't think Nathan would take it so badly, and when Nathan asked him how he thought he would take it, Mason appeared behind him and retorted, "In hundreds" before giving Nathan two hundred-dollar bills. Nathan, mollified by Mason's payoff, lets Liam go before taking the cash and returning to the rest of the party guests to brag about the money he just received.

In Relics, Nathan is informed by Liam that he should skip the game and come to an underground bunker as the Ghost Riders are coming to erase his soul. Nathan doesn't believe he's in any danger, saying it was just a man in a hat with a gun, he suggest that this is just an attempt for Liam to steal his place as team captain. Mason tries something more threatening, he says the guy is coming to shoot Nathan in the head, to which he finally agrees to go with Liam. After arriving at the bunker, Nathan accidentally fires off a taser by mistake, Chris Argent tells him not to touch anything. However, he does not head Argent's warning as he later finds one of Argent's sonic emitters and triggers it.

Nathan manages to escape the bunker through a vent in the ceiling, he races throughout the tunnels, hoping to find a way out. Malia and Argent aren't far behind but they can't seem to catch up, Nathan escapes, in the process breaking the Mountain Ash seal that was keeping the Ghost Riders out, they take Nathan and erase him.

Physical Appearance Edit

Nathan is a tall, lean, handsome young man of Asian descent with olive skin, straight black hair he wears tousled with gel, and dark brown eyes. He dresses in a trendy yet casual fashion with designer jeans, t-shirts, and jackets with boots. He is also often seen wearing his lacrosse uniform during games.

Personality Edit

Little is known about the extent of Nathan's personality, but at first impression, he comes off as a somewhat cocky and arrogant jock who lives for popularity. He also is not afraid to get physical if he has to, as evidenced by the fact that he shoved Liam up against the wall when he thought that Liam had stolen his school-wide party.

Skills Edit

Not much is known about the full range of skills Nathan possesses, but he seems to be quite proficient at lacrosse, as he is in the running to become captain of the Beacon Hills Cyclones.

Etymology Edit

  • Nathan: Nathan is an English masculine given name that is derived from the Hebrew verb נתן (Natan, Nussen, or Nossan), which means "he gave," usually interpreted as "God has given." In the Old Testament, this is the name of a prophet during the time period that King David reigned, during which time Nathan chastised David, both for his adulterous affair with Bathsheba and his involvement with the death of Uriah the Hittite. Ironically, David and Bathsheba also had a son named Nathan. A related Hebrew name, Elnathan, means "Gift of God," and people named Elnathan appear four times in the Hebrew Bible; one in 2 Kings 24:8, and three in Ezra 8:15-20. Nathan has been used as a Christian given name in the English-speaking word since the Protestant Reformation. Variants of the name include Jonathan, Nathaniel (English); Natan (Hebrew); Nosson (Yiddish).
  • Pierce: Pierce is an English surname created from the personal name "Peter," which was a Medieval English variant of the Norman French name "Piers," a name brought to the British Isles during the Norman Conquest of 1066. Peter derives from the Greek petros, meaning "rock," and was the name given to Simon by Jesus as a name to symbolize his solid and steadfast faith. Another popular bearer of this name was St. Peter, who was very popular in the Middle Ages, contributing to the subsequent popularity of the name.
    • Variants of this name in other languages include: Bedrosian, Petrosyan (Armenian); Petrov (Bulgarian, Russian); Petrić (Croatian); Petrović (Croatian, Serbian); Pedersen, Petersen (Danish); Peter (Dutch, German, Hungarian); Pierre, Perrault, Perreault, Perrot (French); Peters (German); Petri, Pietri (Italian); Pedran, Petrescu (Romanian); Perez (Spanish); Petersson, Pettersson, Persson (Swedish).

Trivia Edit

  • Nathan seems to be in a friends-with-benefits relationship with Malia Tate following Stiles being captured by the Wild Hunt and erased from the memories of those who know him, including Malia herself.

Gallery Edit



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