"Gentlemen! Take a look at a rare sight. You wanna tell them what we've caught?"
"An Omega."
"The lone wolf! Possibly kicked out of his own pack, or the survivor of a pack that was hunted down. Maybe even murdered. And possibly alone by his own choice. Certainly not a wise choice... Because, as I am about to demonstrate... An Omega rarely survives on his own."

Omega is the premiere episode of Season 2 and the thirteenth episode of Teen Wolf.


When Lydia goes missing from the hospital, werewolves and hunters alike begin a search to discover not only where she is, but what she's become.


Jackson rises from water in the woods with a large, bloody bite mark on his torso. As Scott runs through the woods, he has a flashback of Chris holding a gun to him while threatening him. Allison successfully convinces her father, Chris, to spare Scott's life. The pair later make out in Allison's bedroom when her parents aren't home. Stiles is asleep in the hospital waiting room as Lydia goes to take a shower. Scott uses his wolf hearing and hears Allison's parents arrive home. He manages to leave just before Allison's mom, Victoria, enters her room, drops of Allison's dress for Kate's funeral, and checks for Scott. Lydia sees black liquid from the clogged drain in her shower. The liquid is actually thick, black hair. She just begins to panic when a blackened, burned arm reaches from the drain and grabs her. She screams, and her father, Stiles, and Melissa run in to the bathroom, only to find the window open and the tub full of clear water with no sign of Lydia. Scott hears Lydia scream. Scott, Allison, and Stiles go search for Lydia before the Hunters can find her first.

Isaac is in the cemetery digging a grave for Kate. The backhoe he is using is knocked over and he falls into the grave he was digging. Somebody lifts up the backhoe that was blocking the opening of the grave. The man who did it is revealed to be Derek. While Scott and his friends are searching for Lydia, Scott accidentally gets hung upside down after stepping into a trip wire on accident. Chris and some fellow hunters approach him. Chris threatens Scott again. Jackson leaks black liquid from his nose and rushes to the bathroom to take care of it. Derek arrives and watches the scene. Jackson starts leaking the black liquid from other parts of his body, and Derek, looking concerned, explains that Jackson's body is fighting the bite. Derek leaves, unsure of what to do next.

Gerard arrives to Kate's funeral, breaks parts of Matt's expensive camera, and introduces himself to Allison. We learn that Gerard is Allison's grandfather. Scott and Stiles are spying on the funeral, only to be caught by Sheriff Stilinski. While in the police car, they hear a report on the police radio that something got inside of an ambulance and tore up the patient inside. Scott and Derek watch as Gerard, going against the Hunter's code, cuts an omega werewolf in half. Gerard says he isn't going to go by the code because he wants to avenge his daughter, Kate.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Guest Cast

  • Doris Morgado as Reporter #1
  • Tommy Kane as Reporter #2
  • Jamila Thompson as Rebecca Harlowe
  • Anna Enger as Student
  • Robert Crayton as Hunter
  • William Gerber as Lacrosse Player
  • Will Jeziorski as Lacrosse Player
  • Eli Walker as Student
  • Loren L. Baker as Pointing Protester (uncredited)


  • Melissa McCall remarked that Stiles Stilinski spent the entire weekend at the hospital, indicating that the timeline for the new season began only two or three days after last season's finale.
  • It is confirmed that Lydia Martin neither turned into a Werewolf nor rejected the Bite and died, beginning the mystery as to what supernatural creature, if any, she is. This was first implied in Code Breaker when she didn't quickly heal from her Alpha bite, and this mystery will continue throughout Season 3.
    • Additionally, Chris Argent warns Scott that if Lydia did turn into a Werewolf, they would have a problem, because he already made an exception for Scott and would not be able to make a second one for her. This exception was made in the flashbacks in this episode.
  • It is revealed that there is a Werewolf rank lower than Beta known as Omega, which is the rank given to lone wolves who do not have a pack. Because they don't gain strength from an Alpha and fellow Betas like wolves in a pack do, they are considered to be weaker and easier to kill by Hunters and other Werewolves. This episode marks the first appearance of an Omega in the series.
  • The episode marks the first appearance of several new characters:
  • Kate Argent's funeral is held in this episode following her death at Peter Hale's hands in Code Breaker.
    • However, it is revealed in The Divine Move and The Dark Moon that Kate was resurrected at some point between her death and the full moon that occurs in Shape Shifted as a result of how deeply Peter scratched her when he clawed out her throat while he was still an Alpha. This scratch triggered her transformation into a Werejaguar, though whether or not Gerard knew this when she was supposedly buried in this episode remains unknown.
    • At some point prior to the funeral, Araya and Severo Calavera went to the morgue to make sure she was dead, and upon learning that she was transforming as the full moon approached, they took her body and brought her back to Mexico with them.
  • It is confirmed that Jackson Whittemore was in fact bitten by Derek Hale in Code Breaker a short time after Derek became the Alpha.
    • However, he begins bleeding black blood from his nose and ears in this episode, suggesting that he may be rejecting the Bite (though it will soon be revealed that Jackson is instead transforming into something else entirely).
  • It is also implied that Isaac Lahey was bitten by Derek Hale in this episode, making him the second person Derek has bitten and turned since becoming an Alpha in Code Breaker.
  • Allison and Scott are shown sneaking around to make out and spend time together as a result of a deal Allison made with her parents, where they would agree not to kill Scott so long as they broke up and didn't see each other anymore. Scott and Allison will continue to sneak around through most of the season.
  • Gerard cuts the homeless Omega's body in half with a broadsword, which is traditionally how Hunters kill Werewolves in order to ensure that they won't heal from their wounds. This was first revealed to be their tradition in The Tell.
  • Lydia has her first of many supernatural phenomena in this episode, hinting both to Peter's haunting her as well as her newly-manifested supernatural identity:
    • She goes into her first-ever fugue state in this episode, where she unconsciously walked in a trance to the Hale House where Peter was buried, the first hint as to her supernatural identity. This will become a regular occurrence through the rest of the series.
    • She screams for the first time as an active Banshee in this episode, which Scott can hear all the way across town. This will also become a regular occurrence in the series.
    • She also experiences her first-ever hallucinations as a result of Peter Hale's spirit influencing her mind, which will continue throughout the season.
  • This episode marks the beginning of Adrian Harris' especially-mean behavior toward Stiles Stilinski in retribution for how Sheriff Stilinski treated him when he was being investigated for his involvement in the Hale House Fire, when he gives Stiles after-school detention. Harris' trouble with the Beacon Hills Sheriff's Department occurred in Season 1's Wolf's Bane.


  • The title refers to the Omega Werewolf who came to Beacon Hills looking for the Alpha in this episode, and the fact that his arrival marked the first introduction of Omega Werewolves to the series.

Body Count



  • "Christine Part II" by We The Committee
    • Scott and Allison make out in her car in flashback
  • "Run With The Wolves" by The Prodigy
    • Scott runs through the woods on all fours as he heads to the Argent House
  • "Kill of the Night" by Gin Wigmore
    • Scott and Allison make out in Allison's bedroom while her parents are out
  • "Golden Hair" by Kram
    • Scott and Stiles walk into school together. Jackson pulls into a parking spot in his Porsche and nearly runs over the homeless Omega
  • "Paint the Pictures" by of Verona
    • Matt and Allison talk while Allison is preparing to leave for the funeral
  • "Hold On" by Echoes de Luxe
    • Scott consoles Allison about Kate's death before the funeral