Something's different with me and my friends. With all of us. Something's changed, and I think it's because of me. And I don't know how to fix it.

Ouroboros is the eighth episode of Season 5 and the sixty-eighth episode of the series.


Scott and Malia set out to rescue their captured friends, and Deaton makes a horrific discovery about the Dread Doctors.


Dr. Deaton and Vadim enter a fenced in area at a plant with radiation warning signs posted in Russian. Deaton comments that his companion doesn’t believe the stories about the radiation, and the man says the location is not a nuclear plant.

Inside there is graffiti over a sign in Russian that reads, "They come. They come for all of us." The story Vadim heard about this abandoned facility was that there were men with masks who never took them off, and that they were even rumored to not have faces underneath. Vadim also explains that the "ouroboros," or "snake that eats itself" is their symbol.

Deaton finds a door with the symbol and inside they find a laboratory with several skulls and a fetus in a jar. There is also a very large tooth. Deaton explains that they are failed experiments, some of which were performed in utero.

Deaton decides they should flee but his companion is shot before they can do so. A brunette woman appears with an assault rifle and tells Deaton that though she's aware of his fight skills, she knows she can shoot faster than he can hit. When she asks him if he knows who she is, Deaton replies that he knows what she's called-- the Desert Wolf.

Scott runs through the woods. He stops on the edge of a cliff and howls. Malia catches up and Scott says there is no scent, no way to track Liam and Hayden. Malia points out that Liam can howl back. Scott says he can only if he heard him in the first place.

Melissa has called the Sheriff to deal with the dead body in her kitchen. She asks him to leave his badge outside meaning he needs to deal with this as her friend and not the sheriff. He hesitates but decides to do as she asks.

Once inside, the Sheriff asks if anyone has seen Kira. Melissa ponders if the murder might be some sort of message to Scott. The Sheriff radios dispatch and says they have a homicide. Melissa slaps him hard across the face.

Melissa says he knows Kira isn’t responsible. He says it is a murder and is his responsibility to handle it within the parameters of the law. She says their kids are always dealing with things outside the law. He counters that they are not above the law.

Kira is walking down the middle of Highway 115. Deputy Clarke finds her and talks her into getting into her patrol car. Kira says she came out to the road to remember something. Clarke handcuffs her and radios in that she has the suspect.

Theo turns StilesJeep upright. They hear over the radio that Kira is under arrest.

At the Dread Doctors’ lair, Liam is still on the floor. A device is attached to his arm with a thick tube running Wolfsbane into his system through his blood vessels. Hayden is face down on an operating table as the Doctors work around her. An alarm sounds and The Pathologist walks to a large liquid-filled cylinder with a body inside, takes a syringe and removes some of the liquid.

At the examine table The Geneticist uses a light to examine Hayden’s skin. A scale pattern glows blue under the light. The Surgeon says “her condition worsens.” Liam screams at them to leave her alone and wolfs out. The Pathologist kicks him in the face.

Deputy Parrish, covered in ash, is taking a shower when his phone rings. He wraps a towel around his waist and answers it. He says it’s four in the morning but is told that the Sheriff has called everyone in because of the latest murder.

Kira sits cuffed to a chair at the Sheriff’s station, her bloody sword is on the desk in front of her. The sheriff orders the cuffs removed saying if Kira was involved it was self-defense. Ken Yukimura arrives and claims the sword is his. Kira protests that it isn't, not wanting her father to take the fall for her. Mr. Yukimura claims he was attacked at home and grabbed a replica sword from his collection and defended himself. The sheriff wonders aloud how the body ended up at McCall HouseNoshiko Yukimura says the girl apparently wasn’t completely dead when she was stabbed.

The sheriff asks if they’re really going with that story. Noshiko asks if he is prepared to tell different story.

The Pathologist dumps Hayden on the floor near Liam and the liquid-filled cylinder. He crawls to her. She has a black goo covered wound on her abdomen. He grabs her hand to try to take away her pain. It doesn’t work because he hasn't yet learned how to use that ability.

Scott and Kira discuss the fact that her dad confessed to murder and will likely be arrested. Kira says she remembers nothing of the night except waking up in the road. Scott says he has to go find Hayden and Liam but that he would stay with her otherwise. Kira asks Scott if he thinks she killed the girl and he claims he does not.

Scott storms into his house and goes straight upstairs to where Mason and Lydia are coaching Corey (Lucas' boyfriend) through The Dread Doctors novel. He says he’s having a hard time getting through it and Scott says they don’t have time for it. He inserts his claws into the back of Corey’s neck to extract his memories.

Hayden tries to help Liam removing the large tube from inside his arm. Black liquid pours from the tip once it is removed.

The Pathologist shows up and injects Hayden in the neck while the Geneticist aims a needle at Liam's face.

Melissa has turned in her official witness statement about finding the body. The Sheriff is incredulous that she told the truth describing the body as a “monstrous Chimera” and going into detail about WerewolvesBanshees, and Kanimas. She says she forgot about the Dread Doctors and takes the statement back and sits at his desk to write.

Deputy Clarke rushes in with details of the 911 call from the school library . She’s run the key cards of the students who accessed the library that night and found Stiles and Theo Raeken were there.

The Sheriff says he will deal with it saying he will no longer bend the rules for anyone. Melissa says “Maybe you should learn to bend a little before someone breaks.”

Theo, Stiles, and Malia join Lydia and Mason upstairs at the McCall house as Scott taps into Corey’s memories.

In Corey's mind, Scott sees the Dread Doctors dragging him through the hospital. They are then underground with pipes running along the walls. Then he sees the Dread Doctor’s lair.

Scott breaks contact and quickly sketches out the entrance to the lair in a notebook.

Stiles and Lydia recognize the drawing as the Water Treatment plant. Stiles says he used to skateboard there until his dad caught him and told him never to go back.

Hayden and Liam awake in a new location-- the abandoned house from Creatures of the Night, which the Dread Doctors are using as a holding cell for the Chimeras. There is a doorway blocked by chain-link fencing. Liam grabs the fence and gets a shock. There is another teen in the room. He says his name is Zach. He also says he is an experiment just like them before asking them to look at his back because the “guys in the masks” removed something, but they left part of it behind because he can feel it. When he lifts up his shirt there are bloody stumps sticking out of his shoulder blades. They twitch back and forth like hummingbird wings.

Stiles is urging caution as Scott heads out to find Liam and Hayden. Stiles says Mason shouldn’t go because he doesn’t have any “wolf powers.” Scott says he could use the help since Stiles isn’t coming. Stiles says he has to help his dad because they’re going to try to make sure no one takes the body this time. Malia suggests they take Theo but he says he should stay with Corey in case the Dread Doctors come back.

Lydia wants Scott to slow down. She points out that he could have really hurt Corey with the memory thing. Scott ignores her saying he has to find Liam. Stiles ask that they text him for anything. Malia says she’s got it. She, Scott, and Mason leave the house. Corey, Lydia, Stiles and Theo remain behind.

The Sheriff is moving the body through Beacon Hills Hospital with two deputies on either side. All are armed with shotguns. Deputy Clarke takes up a position in front of the entrance to the morgue.  The body is placed inside one of the cooler drawers and closed in. Deputy Parrish is assigned to stand guard in front of the cooler.

Liam tries the gate again and gets another shock. Zach laughs and says they’re never getting out. Hayden scolds him and says he could try to be optimistic. Zach says it’s hard to be when you watch three other people get dragged out screaming. Zach says the Doctors said the others were failures.

Zach then describes his experience. “First you forget. You don’t know who you are or what you’re doing. Then you get violent. I watched two of them almost kill each other.”

He says one of the others had a nasty looking cut just like the one in Hayden’s side.  It is still covered in the black goo which Zach says is okay. He says it’s not really over until you start bleeding other stuff or it starts turning silver. The mercury is a sign that you’re “really a failure.”

Liam wonders how many more failures there will be. Zach wonders what a success would look like. They wonder what they’re turning into.

Scott, Mason and Malia arrive at the water treatment plant and begin descending into the pipe-lined tunnels below. Malia calls out for Liam. Scott says there are too many chemicals in use for him to catch a scent.

At Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, Stiles is on the phone with his mechanic who claims his jeep spontaneously combusted when it flipped. The mechanic says the gas tank didn’t rupture and nothing electrical was burned.

Sheriff Stilinski takes Stiles’ phone and demands to know what he’s doing at the hospital. Stiles tries to convince his father to leave the body and let whoever is taking them come for it. The Sheriff demands that Stiles go home but he refuses.

Stilinski catches a glimpse of one of the Doctor’s ID badges as he is boarding the elevator, “Dr. M. Langford, Attending Physician” and it reminds him that Stiles school ID was scanned in at the library the night of the 911 prank call.

He tells Stiles about what Deputy Clark found out and asks if all students have after-hours access. Stiles says they do. He then lies and says he lost his keycard “a couple weeks ago.”

Kira is still trying to read the Dread Doctors novel but is still having trouble focusing on it. She throws the book across the room as her mother enters. Kira says she is the only one who hasn’t finished reading it. Noshiko says if the language is confusing the fox then Kira should stop trying to understand it. Noshiko recommends that Kira read the book backwards.

Back in the basement, Zach’s nose begins to drip silver and The Pathologist comes and drags him out. Liam tries to get up to help but is held in place by some unseen force and is unable to rise.

Scott, Malia and Mason rush back and forth through the tunnels but have no luck. Scott hears a buzzing sound and begins to track it.

Corey’s neck has healed. He’s pissed and wants to leave but Theo recommends that he stay. He then explains that Lydia is a Banshee and can sense when someone is close to death. He then asks her what happens is Corey leaves. Lydia lies and says “it’s bad, very bad.” Corey says he’ll take his chances and heads for the door.

Theo believes he must remember more about where the Dread Doctors held him. Corey says it was the hospital, then the tunnels and that’s it. Theo presses for more and Corey relents admitting that he remembers he was in a basement of an old house and there was a wall with a big hole in it “like a bomb went off.”

Theo remembers Parrish’s account of the Belasko attack and Lydia says it was exactly the same.

Kira manages to read the book backwards and begins to remember. She was sitting in the traffic jam on Highway 115 with her parents when the Dread Doctors took her from the car, threw her on the hood and then stuck a device into her eye. Lightening seems to strike the device for a moment and Kira opens her mouth to scream and light pours out.

Stiles sit’s in the waiting room at the hospital holding his School ID. The words SENIOR and “M. STILINSKI” are visible along with a picture of Stiles. He holds it for a moment before dropping it into the trashcan.

The sheriff and his men are standing guard over the body. It is apparently hot. The sheriff asks Deputy Clark to check on the air conditioning but as she is heading away the pipes in the ceiling begin to groan. The sheriff notices that water is beading up on the sprinkler head in the ceiling and manages to pull a deputy clear just before the device explodes in a stream of super-heated steam. The other sprinkler heads follow suit and the hallway is filled with thick hot steam.

A soot blackened figure begins taking out the deputies one by one as the steam continues to pour down.

Scott, Mason and Malia are still running around in circles. Scott begins to have an asthma attack and then begins to blame himself for all that’s happened. Mason says they just need to keep looking and offers his hand to Scott. They continue on down the tunnel right past the Ouroboros symbol on the tunnel wall.

Liam and Hayden hear the doctors returning. They stand and hold hands. Instead Theo rushes in and right into the electrified fence.

Once he comes around, he grabs the gate with both hands, the electricity courses around his body but he manages to force the gate open in a shower of sparks.

At the hospital, Parrish (still in uniform) seems dazed as he tells the Sheriff that he saw the suspect. Stiles shouts to his father from down the hall and Parrish says “Go get your son sheriff,” in an emotionless monotone.

Stiles comes around the corner and they both enter the morgue to find the body is gone.

Theo drives Hayden and Liam away from the lair. Hayden’s wound is not healing and she says that means she is a failure. Liam kisses her and takes her pain away. Liam says he doesn’t know how he did it.

Theo watches them kiss in the rearview mirror.

Scott returns home. Liam and Hayden are on the couch. Scott hugs Theo for a long time.

Later, Kira explains her recovered memory to Scott and says she has to leave Beacon Hills to “fix it.” She also says, without a body, the Sheriff had to let her father go. Scott doesn’t want Kira to leave but she says she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Scott says she won’t but she asks him to look at her with his “other eyes.” He does and sees her aura.

It’s pouring rain as the Yukimura’s load into their car. Scott and Kira kiss goodbye. As the car pulls away all the streetlights explode into sparks.

Melissa McCall finds Scott sitting on the floor of his room. He explains that something has changed between him and his friends and he believes he is to blame. He says he doesn’t know how to fix it.

Stiles has Parrish’s nametag and shows it to Lydia saying Parrish is the one taking the bodies. Lydia says she thinks she knows where he’s taking them.

Parrish approaches the Nemeton with the latest body.

Deaton, bruised and battered, is tied to a chair in the Dread Doctors old lair. The Desert Wolf is asking about Malia saying she heard a rumor that her daughter was still alive. Deaton says he knows nothing about a daughter.

She says she hopes Deaton is telling the truth because if her daughter is still alive then she’s going to have to kill her again.


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  • This episode marks the first present-day appearance of the Desert Wolf. She was first mentioned in Season 4's Time of Death.
    • It is also the first confirmation that she intends to kill Malia Tate.
  • The Dread Doctors' history is very briefly explored when it is revealed that they previously had a laboratory in Russia. This fits with Gabriel Valack's remark in A Novel Approach that the Doctors were "ancient" and had found ways to extend their lives, as the nuclear facility appeared to be from sometime between World War II and the end of the Cold War.
  • Kira is arrested for the murder of the Chimera whose body was found at the McCall House with her katana-belt through her chest. The Chimera was killed in Strange Frequencies.
    • This also marks the second person Kira has killed in the series. The first was William Barrow, though she didn't intend to kill him; he was electrocuted by the foxfire she released when he tried to shock her with a live wire in Galvanize.
  • Theo and Stiles discuss the deaths of Donovan Donati and Josh Diaz.
  • Noshiko Yukimura confirms Mason Hewitt's theory that Kitsune have difficulty with language, which he made in Required Reading. She then helps Kira read Valack's novel The Dread Doctors, making her the last of the McCall Pack members to read it.
    • She was also the only member of the pack who had a flashback-hallucination of her time with the Doctors, confirming that she was experimented on by them during the events of Creatures of the Night.
  • Sheriff Stilinski decides to take a hard line when it comes to following the law with regards to the supernatural crimes occurring in Beacon Hills. It was first hinted that he would do this in Condition Terminal.
  • Stiles finally figures out that Jordan Parrish has been taking the bodies of the dead Chimeras after Parrish's name badge was left behind in the morgue where the body of the Chimera Kira killed was stolen. It was first revealed that Parrish was taking the bodies of the Chimeras in Condition Terminal.


  • "Ouroboros" is a Greek word that means "tail swallower," referring to the snake swallowing its own tail. Its origins were in Ancient Egypt as a solar symbol that represented the travels of the "sun disk." In Gnosticism, it is associated with the sun god Abraxas and symbolized eternity due to its circular shape. It is associated with other cultures as well, such as the serpent Jormüngandr from Norse mythology, the Aztec serpent God Queztalcoatl, and alchemical dragons from Chinese folklore.
    • On a more relevant note, the ouroboros symbol represents the spirit of Mercury, an element that signifies continuous renewal, the cycle of life and death, and the harmony of opposites; this is because the snake is often used as a symbol of resurrection or rebirth due to a snake shedding its skin.
      • This could be a reference to the modified mercury used to turn genetic chimeras into pseudo-supernatural ones, the fact that the Dread Doctors' green serum that can be used to renew dying cells and resurrect the dead, or the Chimera nature itself, which involves components of two separate supernatural species within one individual.

Body Count




  • "Cut The Rope" by Charlotte OC
    • Hayden worries that she's a failure because she's not healing, and Liam kisses her, unintentionally taking her pain when he does. Scott, Mason, and Malia return to the McCall Pack to find Hayden and Liam sleeping and home safe thanks to Theo's rescue.
  • "I Found" by Amber Run
    • Scott comes to the Yukimura House to find Kira packing up a suitcase. She asks him to look at her with his werewolf eyes, and he sees her fiery Kitsune aura. Scott watches sadly as the Yukimuras drive away, a streetlight shattering as they leave.

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