Pain Absorption is the altruistic ability to absorb another's pain to aid in their recovery or to comfort them. Supernatural and unnatural creatures can possess this power, and despite its altruistic nature, this ability can have costs such as Alphas losing their alpha spark or even risking their lives. In a dark usage, this power can be used to steal another's power by mortally wounding them and then siphoning their pain and life.

Species that can siphon pain


The majority of Chimeras who are part werewolf have the ability to siphon pain, just like true Werewolves and Werecoyotes. Not all of them were capable of this though, as Tracy Stewart, a part Werewolf/part Kanima Chimera did not possess this power.


Werewolves can siphon the pain from presumably any animal that can feel pain, heavy use of this ability takes a toll on the user and can result in loss of life or loss of power if the user is an alpha.


Werecoyotes are capable siphoning pain just like Werewolves with there presumably being no difference in their capabilities in comparison.


  • If the person trying to absorb pain does not care, or struggles with empathy, then they will be unable to siphon pain. This is best shown by Theo Raeken failing to siphon Mason Hewitt's pain. However, if they start to care, then they will be able to siphon the pain, which Theo was able to do for Gabe.

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