"And what if I let someone into my pack? Like another Beta?"
"I would normally say no... But, I'm starting to wonder if maybe the rules to our supernatural world aren't as rigid as I once thought. Or maybe someone's trying to change those rules."

Parasomnia is the second episode of Season 5 and the sixty-second episode of the series.

Synopsis Edit

Stiles is suspicious of a new classmate, and Lydia helps a student with night terrors.

Plot Edit

Deaton informs Scott that the claws of Belasko, the mutant werewolf, were actually the talons of a harpy eagle, and warns him that someone may be trying to change the rules of the supernatural world. Stiles investigates Theo , as he's convinced that Theo is up to no good. Liam reveals his true nature as a werewolf to his best friend Mason , and tells him about the supernatural world. Lydia and Parrish try to help a girl named Tracy, who has been suffering from hallucinations and night terrors. Tracy later wanders into the lair of the Dread Doctors , who inject her with a serum that turns her into a werewolf.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Supporting Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • John Duff as Twins' Alpha
  • Elise Robertson as Mrs. Raeken
  • Nadia Buer as Stephanie
  • Kevin Symons as Mr. Raeken
  • Claire Bryétt Andrew as Sydney (uncredited)

Continuity Edit

  • Tracy Stewart is the second person revealed to have been turned into a Chimera by the Dread Doctors, though she will be mistakenly believed to be a Werewolf until the end of Dreamcatchers and will not be officially referred to as a Chimera until Condition Terminal.
  • Ethan and Aiden were referenced by Theo Raeken. Ethan was last seen in The Divine Move, and Aiden was last seen in the form of a hallucination in Creatures of the Night.
  • Hayden Romero makes her first appearance as a childhood friend of Liam Dunbar and Mason Hewitt. It is also implied that Liam and Hayden have a negative history that dates back to the sixth grade.
  • Alan Deaton examines Belasko's talons and identifies them as belonging to a harpy eagle, the biggest bird of prey. In Condition Terminal, it will be revealed that they're actually from a Garuda, a mythological eagle shapeshifter from Hindu mythology.
    • Deaton also reveals that the only person who should be able to take a True Alpha's power is a Beta of their own making, suggesting Liam Dunbar is the only person who can take Scott McCall's power. This will come into play for the rest of Season 5A
  • Mason Hewitt finally learns the truth about Liam being a Werewolf and the supernatural world in general after he saw Liam wolf-out.
  • It is revealed that Theo Raeken can full-shift into a wolf in this episode. It will later be revealed in Status Asthmaticus that he can do this because he is a Werewolf/Werecoyote Chimera, and the Werecoyote ability to full-shift into a coyote merged with his Werewolf shapeshifting ability to allow him to fully transform into a wolf.
  • Malia Tate begins having flashbacks of the car crash that led to her accidentally killing her adoptive mother and sister, which seem to be triggered when she's driving in a car. The fact that Malia was in this car accident was first revealed in Anchors.
  • Liam and Stiles find a hole dug in the woods, which Liam falls into. This will continue to be important through the next few episodes.
  • Peter Hale and Derek Hale were mentioned by Scott and Stiles in this episode. They were both last seen in Smoke and Mirrors.

Trivia Edit

  • The title refers to "parasomnias," which does not just mean night terrors-- in reality, it is a medical term for an entire category of sleep disorders, some of which have already been referenced in the series. This category breaks down further into non-rapid eye movement (NREM) parasomnias and REM parasomnias.
    • The former category includes confusional arousals (awakening in a confused state), sleepwalking (also known as somnambulism), sleep/night terrors (like that experienced by Tracy Stewart in this episode), teeth grinding, restless legs syndrome, sleep sex, and sleep-related eating disorders.
    • The latter category includes REM sleep behavior disorder (during which the person acts out their dreams due to a lack of muscle atonia), recurrent isolated sleep paralysis (like Stiles Stilinski experienced while possessed by the Nogitsune), and catathrenia (breath-holding and expiratory groaning during sleep).

Body Count Edit


Locations Edit

Soundtrack Edit

  • "Last Days of Dancing" by Maja Francis
    • Scott arrives at school for his first day of senior year and last first day ever. Kira joins him, and he puts his arm around her as they head to class.
  • "Take It To Reality" by Alison Wonderland
    • Scott, Lydia, Kira, and Sydney sit down at their lab tables in AP Biology
  • "War of Hearts" by Ruelle
    • Theo tells Scott and Stiles the story of how he was supposedly bitten by an Alpha
  • "Wild Ones" by Bahari
    • Stiles angrily punches his Jeep, and Scott takes his pain until it no longer hurts at all
  • "Hold Me Down" by Mansionair
    • Scott and Kira talk and make out in Kira's bedroom

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