It took them four days to find Maddy's body. And then it took decades to figure out how Lorraine knew. She started with parapsychologists, like the Ph.D in their name made it more scientific. They built the study in the lake house according to every pseudoscientific theory they could find. None of it worked. So, then she started going to more extreme occult, things like mediums and psychics. All of them were failures... Until she found Meredith. They found her in Eichen House, this fragile girl who didn't understand the things she heard. They brought her to the study, and they almost killed her. She was hospitalized for over a year. She... never really recovered. My grandmother drove her insane, and I drove her to suicide. And all she ever wanted to do was help. My grandmother created the code for the Deadpool. I think she's the Banshee who put the names on it in the first place. She left me this message in the same code.

Perishable is the ninth episode of Season 4 and the fifty-seventh episode of the series.

Synopsis Edit

An assassin targets Scott and Liam at the lacrosse team's annual bonfire. Lydia uncovers a family secret. The Benefactor's identity is revealed.

Recap Edit

Deputy Parrish is attacked and burned alive by his partner, only to survive completely unscathed, which brings him into the supernatural world. Scott, Derek, Lydia and Parrish realize that the deadpool is available to anyone with access to it. Lydia explains her grandmother's history; after predicting the death of her girlfriend, Lorraine spent many years researching numerous different subjects in an attempt to learn how her powers worked. One of her subjects was Meredith, but the tests seriously injured Meredith, forcing her to spend a year in a hospital; she never fully recovered. Realizing that her grandmother could be the key to identifying the Benefactor, Stiles and Lydia figure out that the coded message written by Lydia's grandmother was another list of names, including Lydia's grandmother; with help from Parrish, they realize that all of the names on the list belonged to deceased patients at Eichen House who committed suicide. Stiles and Lydia go to Eichen House to look through the files, but are attacked by Brunski, the head orderly, who is presumed to be the Benefactor. Scott, Liam and Malia attend the annual lacrosse bonfire, but it turns out to be a trap; the music distorts their senses and makes them sick, allowing the guards (who were working with Parrish's partner) to ambush them. Derek and Braeden rescue them, and Parrish saves Stiles and Lydia from Brunski, having realized that he pronounced all of the patients on the list dead. Parrish shoots Brunski, killing him, only for Lydia to realize that he was not the Benefactor. Meredith Walker enters the room, still alive, and reveals that she is the Benefactor.

Cast Edit

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Continuity Edit

  • It is confirmed that Parrish is a supernatural creature after Deputy Haigh attempts to kill him by setting him on fire and he manages to walk away without a single injury. He was first mentioned to be supernatural in [[I.E.D.] when his name appeared on the second third of the Deadpool hit-list.
  • Meredith Walker is revealed to be The Benefactor. The Benefactor was first mentioned in the episode of the same name.
  • Scott, Liam, and Malia are targeted by associates of Deputy Haigh's who attempt to kill them for their Deadpool bounties.
    • This is the third Deadpool assassination attempt against Scott so far in the season. The first was by Violet in I.E.D., and the second was by The Chemist in Weaponized.
    • This is the second assassination attempt against Malia after The Chemist attempted to kill her in Weaponized.
    • This is the first assassination attempt against Liam.
  • An updated version of the Deadpool list was released to numerous regular Beacon Hills citizens, including Bobby Finstock, the Stilinski Family, and the Dunbar-Geyer family, showing that the list had been disseminated even further than just known assassins and hunters. The lists had the names of the targets who had already been killed scratched off.
    • Additionally, Derek, who was originally worth $15 million, was removed from the list, presumably due to the (ultimately incorrect) assumption that he had lost his powers. His Deadpool bounty was then added to Liam's original value of $3 million, making him now worth $18 million, as well as the third highest valued target on the list after Scott and Lydia.
  • Scott informs Derek that his name was discovered to be the cipher key for the last third of the Deadpool list. This was discovered by Lydia in Orphaned.
    • Additionally, Derek confesses to Scott that he's losing his powers, which was first confirmed in I.E.D.
  • Part of Lorraine Martin's backstory was revealed, including the purpose of the soundproof study in her old lake house. She was first mentioned in The Benefactor by Kira.
  • Jackson Whittemore is referenced by Scott and Derek. He was last seen in Season 2's Master Plan and last mentioned by Coach Finstock in Muted.
  • Kira does not appear in this episode. This is because she is in Palo Alto at the hospital where Noshiko is receiving treatment for the injuries she sustained from Kate's Berserker in Time of Death.
  • Liam begins to have nightmares and hallucinations of the Berserkers as a result of the stress of his and Kira's recent battle with them in Time of Death, implying he may have some form of acute traumatic stress disorder.
  • Braeden masquerades as a U.S. Marshal for the second time in the series. The first time was in Muted, when she did the same in order to obtain The Mute's file to help Derek find Kate Argent.
  • It is revealed that not only can Werewolves, Werecoyotes, and presumably other shapeshifters with supernatural hearing abilities be affected by ultrasonic emitters like the ones the Argent Family uses (first seen in Fireflies), but they can also be affected by subsonic noises. This was evidenced at the lacrosse bonfire, where the subsonic noises hidden within the dubstep music played at the party caused Scott, Malia, and Liam to first start to feel almost like they were drunk before experiencing weakness, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, vertigo, and an inability to transform, which left them vulnerable to attack by assassins.
    • It is also confirmed that these same shapeshifters cannot get drunk due to their accelerated healing ability, which was first implied by Scott in Season 1's Lunatic.
  • Malia references the revelation that she is Peter's daughter, which she first learned in Weaponized.
  • Brunski references Stiles' time as a patient at Eichen House, which occurred in Season 3's Echo House.

Trivia Edit

  • The title refers to Jordan Parrish and how he was able to avoid "perishing" in the fire set by Deputy Haigh. It also refers to the attempted burning of Scott, Malia, and Liam.
  • It is confirmed that Mason is gay in this episode when he mentions he's looking for a gay or bisexual lacrosse player to date.
  • Parrish is finally told about the supernatural world by Scott, Derek, and Lydia.
  • Lydia is able to crack the code her grandmother Lorraine left her using the cipher key "ARIEL," as a reference to both Lydia's favorite book as a child (The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen) and the fact that Ariel was Lydia's nickname. This key opened another this, this time with names that have no values. It is revealed that all of them supposedly committed suicide at Eichen House, but were really killed by Brunski, who acted as an "Angel of Death" by killing the patients he believed needed "release" from their conditions:
    • Tamra Johansen
    • Alice Duffy
    • Paula Brasch
    • Trey Lockhart
    • Josh Morris
    • Elisa Chin
    • Peter McElroy
    • Taylor Freeman
    • Terrance Shuman
    • Lorraine Martin

Body Count Edit

Locations Edit

Soundtrack Edit

  • "Iulius" by Justin Nozuka
    • Stiles and his father talk about their financial situation in the hospital
  • "Paris" by Magic Man
    • Coach talks to the lacrosse team about the bonfire that night, where Scott notices how anxious and panicked Liam is about his Berserker hallucinations
  • "Bootie In Your Face" by Deorro
    • The lacrosse bonfire is kicked off when a member of the team light the bonfire with a torch, causing the flames to form the shape of a cyclone to signify their team's mascot
  • "The Buzz" by New World Sound & Timmy Trumpet
    • Mason and Liam talk, and Liam makes clear his intention to get drunk
  • "I Work Hard For The Luxury" by Matt Andersen
    • Brunski listens to music in his office while Stiles and Lydia offer him a bribe to see Eichen House's medical records
  • "Don't You Feel Me" by Damon
    • Brunski flips his mixtape over, and both Lydia and Stiles realize that his tape is exactly the same brand as the tapes The Benefactor sent out to assassins with instructions on the Deadpool
  • "Starlight" by KENSHIN
    • Malia suddenly starts to feel drunk, despite the fact that werewolves can't become intoxicated by alcohol, due to the subsonic frequencies
  • "Controllin' Me" by Hyper
    • Scott checks Malia's flask to make sure she hasn't been poisoned
  • "Twerk" by Heroes X Villains
    • Scott starts to feel woozy as a response to the subsonic frequencies
  • "Rave Life" by Savant
    • Scott tries to disable the music, but the DJ turns the subsonic frequencies to a louder volume in order to weaken him enough to be captured by the security guards along with Malia and Liam
  • "Blackmail" by DallasK & Henry Fong
    • Mason stops the music, allowing Scott to neutralize the security guard long enough for Braeden and Derek to help rescue them

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