Power Nullification is the ability to nullify another's powers through either supernatural means or even through artificial methods. Certain events can result in a nullification of supernatural power.

Natural users Edit

The Oni were able to stop Lydia's Banshee Scream simply by holding its hand out in front of her mouth.

Unnatural users Edit

Hunters frequently use electricity at a certain level to disable a werewolf's powers, some werewolves such as alphas with strong will power can overcome this.

Other Edit

A lunar eclipse will nullify a werewolf's power, rendering them human until it ends.

Ghost Rider guns can temporarily neutralize a Hellhound's powers, forcing them into human form. Impalement in the chest is capable of forcing a Hellhound back into human form as well.

Mistletoe can disrupt the Glamouring ability of a Darach.

Psychological and emotional moods such as extreme guilt can prevent a werewolf from using its powers, specifically their accelerated healing.

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