"Is this real, or is this in my head?"
"I think you know what a Banshee premonition feels like."

Premonitions are a by-product of precognition and allow users of this power to foresee specific events before they come to pass. How exactly this power will manifest can vary based on the power-level of the user; it can come in the form of dreams, visions, or sounds that the user may incorrectly believe are hallucinations, as well as simply just a feeling or instinct that something is about to happen.

This power is shown to be possessed by Banshees and Hellhounds, who, as harbingers of death, experience visions of deaths that may soon come to pass. Premonitions can be experienced in conjunction with other powers, such as Clairaudience, Sound Divination, Death Sense, and Extra-Sensory Perception. In some cases, this power can even be used to experience past events rather than ones in the future.

Known Premonitions

Users of Premonitions


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