Mason: "You told me you were leaving!"
Corey: "I had to."
Mason: "You lied!"
Liam: "We all did."
Mason: "So this was the plan all along?"
Scott: "Sorry, Mason. My dad had to believe we left Beacon Hills. Everyone has to believe it."
Mason: "Then what happens next? We fight back now, right?"
Scott: "What'd you think we were gonna do... Run?"

Pressure Test is the fifteenth episode of Season 6 and the ninety-fourth episode of Teen Wolf.[1]


When Scott and the others struggle to protect two new Werewolves, an unlikely ally joins in the fight.


Theo Raeken and two other Werewolves from Satomi's pack are being tortured via electrocution by the former Eichen House orderly Schrader, whom Theo recognizes. After seeing that the electrical current is melting the zip-ties binding them, Theo purposely baits Schrader into electrocuting them harder so that he can eventually break free. The three tie up Schrader and leave him to be electrocuted while Theo, Jiang, and Tierney debate what to do next, with Theo eventually agreeing to take them to Scott McCall. However, just as they are about to leave in Schrader's car, Sheriff Stilinski and several of his deputies arrive and arrest the three for murder despite Theo's protests.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast



  • This episode was the second part of a two-part episode aired on August 20, 2017, along with the preceding episode Face-to-Faceless, due to the MTV Video Music Awards airing in its time slot on August 27.
  • The actress who plays Tierney, Ellery Sprayberry, is the younger sister of Dylan Sprayberry, who plays Liam Dunbar. Interestingly enough, they both play Werewolves, with Liam a golden-eyed bitten Beta of the McCall Pack, and Tierney a newly-blue-eyed Beta of Satomi's Pack.
  • It is revealed that a Werewolf's healing ability is strong enough to survive a gunshot to the head in this episode after Quinn is shot by the evil Deputy Vargas.
  • Nolan is shown to have some kind of past history with Jiang in this episode, as they remarked that neither had seen the other in five years.

Body Count

  • Satomi Ito - killed by unnamed hunters (off-screen)
  • Many unnamed hunters - killed by Jiang and Tierney (off-screen)
  • Schrader - electrocuted to death, killed by Theo Raeken (presumably)
  • Unnamed male deputy - committed suicide via hanging (under the influence of Anuk-ite)
  • Deputy Morrow - committed suicide via shooting herself (under the influence of Anuk-ite)
  • Jiang - shot with shotgun; killed by an unnamed hunter
  • Tierney - shot with shotgun; killed by an unnamed hunter



  • "Monster" by MILCK
    • Scott agrees to his father's compromise with the Hunters, and Tierney and Jiang are arrested for murder.
  • "In Cure" by Ed Tullett
    • Scott packs up his bags while he talks to his father. Malia arrives and the two hold hands for a long moment before they leave. Corey says goodbye to Mason and asks him to allow him to protect him for once. Jiang and Tierney are killed by Hunters.



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