A projection is something that is conjured, either by something supernatural or as a side effect of a supernatural event such as the wild hunt. Projections are similar to illusions but differ in how real they are. Illusions are merely a trick of the mind and perception and are not actually corporeal whereas projections are not only "real" but their existence can alter events and the memories of others, but despite the seemingly reality of a projection, it is an unstable existence and may fade if true events are remembered.

Known Projections Edit

  • The Desert Oni: The Desert Oni was a manifestation willed by the Skinwalkers, it seemed to physically exist and was able to wound Kira. After defeating it, Kira held the mask, a physical relic of its existence.
  • Claudia Stilinski: After Stiles was erased, Claudia was unwittingly projected into reality and her presence rewrote memories of true events.
  • Lenore's son: After the wild hunt had taken Caanan, Lenore unknowingly projected her son, which she assumed had been brought back. Lenore and her "son" remained in Caanan for decades. Unlike with Claudia, Lenore's son wasn't normal looking, being perpetually wet with water.

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