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It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. It's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first love, the first person I've ever loved, the person I'll always love. I love you Scott..... Scott McCall.

The relationship between Werewolf Scott McCall and Hunter Allison Argent

The relationship between Scott and Allison is one that started the moment the two first met each other. Scott was able to overhear a phone conversation between Allison and her mother using his newly acquired supernatural hearing, before she stated that she forgot to bring a pen. The she sat down in class, Scott was quick to offer her a pen, which she happily accepted. This was the start of their relationship, which would carry on the the reminder of the season. Their Chemistry grew heavier, as the Season continued and slowly the pairing became fan favorite.

It wasn't until later in the episode when Allison arrived at the animal clinic where Scott worked that the two would take the first step and begin dating. Scott asked Allison if she really had family night during a Lacrosse afterparty - which she told Lydia Martin when the latter asked - to which Allison replied was a lie and she would go to the party with him. During the party, despite Scott being nervous due to his new werewolf abilities starting to manifest, Derek watching him, and in the long-run having to abandon Allison due to the foremost, this began the relationship between the two characters that would span for the rest of Season 1 and the better part of Season 2.

Throughout Teen Wolf

In "Wolf Moon", Allison has just moved to Beacon Hills with her family in the middle of sophomore year. Allison calls her mother and tells her she forgot to bring a pen. She is clearly embarrassed, especially since she is new in town. Because Scott has just acquired werewolf powers after being bitten, he has super hearing, and over hears the conversation between Allison and her mother. He turns around and offers her a pen. She thanks him. Allison's immediately intrigued by this kind boy who somehow knew that she needed a pen. After class, she smiles at him in the hallway.  Allison comes to lacrosse practise. She sits next to Lydia. She sees Scott in the goalie's position and notices he's pretty good after catching several balls thrown in his direction.

1x01 Allison and Scott

That night, Allison is driving and she hits a dog on the road. She takes it to the animal clinic where Scott works. She is clearly upset and in a panic. When she opens her trunk to show Scott the dog, it barks, and she seems scared. Scott stays very close to her and asks if she's okay. She nods. They take the dog inside the clinic and Allison is wet from the rain and is shivering from the cold. Scott tells her he has a shirt in his bag and lets her have it. She goes out of the room to change but he is able to see her back as she takes her shirt off. He tries not to look, and even tells the dog, "What? I didn't see anything.."

In Omega, it is shown that Scott and Allison have a secret relationship since the Season 1 finale.



  • Scott and Allison's relationship is one of the most primary relationships throughout the show.
  • It was revealed by Jeff Davis in a 2016 interview[1] that before the death of Allison - due to the departure of actress Crystal Reed - the Scott/Allison pairing was intended to be endgame.
  • Their relationship lasted 6 months
  • They were both each other's First Love.
  • Allison died in Scott's arms, on their last appereance as a pairing (3X23:Insatiable).
  • Scott had Sexual Connections with Allison eleven times.(According to Tyler Posey's interview, who plays Scott McCall in 2012.)
  • If Crystal Reed (Allison Argent) didn't leave the show, which was her clear decission, the plot of 3X23 would be different. Allison would get stabbed by the Oni, but instead of dying, Scott would have bitten her and the plot of Season 4, would focus on the new realitionship of Scott and Allison, as an Alpha and his first Beta.



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